Reviews for Good High School for the Performing Arts
StariaJackson36 chapter 86 . 18m
Love your story! You should keep it going! I'm getting very interested and curious. Bye : D Please update!
Fri0003 chapter 86 . 47m
Ahhhhh. What. What shall happen to hazel. My little fangirl heart is beating so hard with worry. Can't wait for more. Thanks.
jk just Keegan chapter 86 . 1h
Uggggg no more cilfs!
Annabeth616 chapter 86 . 2h
Hazel is so awesome! Random thought. I fell backwards on my chair while reading this cause I was tiling of. I don't have much to say about this chapter but I like to review every time.
NeverBetAgainstGirls chapter 86 . 2h
Who are these people? I'm so intrigued! Anways I loved the whole match as a group idea. Please update soon!
cassiopea chapter 2 . 6h
Just one thing your spelling is not that great

but other wise THUMBS UP
Zone stars chapter 85 . 23h
Fri0003 chapter 85 . 7/4
I love this. Can't wait for more. Who was driving? Was it said or not. If it was said then sorry I must have lost track.
Guest chapter 61 . 7/2
Bout time they got together I'm not a huge thaileo fan but u made it work. Next could u not put fay stuff in here like that sing take me or me but other than that great story
solangelolover chapter 79 . 7/1
The rap was cool. If you want ideas, you should watch the Epic Rap Battles of History on youtube by nicepeter and epiclloyd if you don't already.
Wishfulwriter5510 chapter 85 . 7/1
First of all you are an amazing writer! You really describe things from the characters point of view so well it's almost like you are them (if that doesn't sound too weird) I love the way this chapter ended and although I'm excited for the next one take your time. I love percabeth and Thalia and Leo is really cute. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE double chocolatey chip frappechinos! And your song choices in both stories are amazing. I also have a question. Are Nico and Hazel brother and sister in this story? I know Hazel is in a foster home so they could easily be and the scene with the piano leads me to think they are but I'm not sure.
ForevaFangirl chapter 85 . 6/30
Really great chap. UPDATE!
Guest chapter 34 . 6/30
Let me be the first to say I Luv victorious and I knew u were gonna use that song to get Luke back.I also love how Thaila broke his leg I'm a huge fan of this story best story ever and I'm amazed how commited u r to this story most authors go to 13 or 30 chapters bit u and ur awesome self made 85 fucking chapter Thanku.
Guest chapter 85 . 6/30
AWESOMEEEEE ive been waiting for this and ASSFFHAJSK this fanfic and the feeels and ddomenskM. Youre so good dont stop ever!
solangelolover chapter 2 . 6/29
Did you get the name Connect 3 from Camp Rock and the Jonas Brothers? If so, I love it. Camp Rock is one of the best Disney Channel movie before it went downhill with Teen Beach Movie and Starstruck.
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