Reviews for Turbulence
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2018
A detective IS who deeks is i love that he stuck to his belief he can blong at NCIS without having to change his title.

Detective Marty Deeks sounds so much better the agent Marty Deeks to me.

Infact unlike everyone else i think deeks being a detective makes him BETTER then them because his the only one who can think out side their box and come up with good ideas Because his not lived of their silly training
Divergent338 chapter 1 . 8/8/2016
*weeps over how perfect Deeks' characterization in this story is*
Wow wow wow wow wow, in just a one shot, you managed to PERFECTLY describe both of them individually, together, their partnership, sorta relationship, and every vivid emotion they have for each other.
You are a goddess who has blessed mortals like myself with your words.
God, this is so extraordinarily beautiful, I want to live in this story so these emotions never leave me.
RhondaLara chapter 1 . 9/5/2015
So Good! I love how the conversation goes from one person to another.
Lydian Stone chapter 1 . 9/19/2013
You are so very gifted at insight. 'He doesn't question her, though; he does, however, silently muse on just how much of their relationship – partnership – seems to be based on touch. It's oddly intimate, he thinks, but at the same time, it feels right.' That's just one of countless observations that breathe life to the situation.

They definitely have crossed the line between complicated and impossible. Turbulence indeed!
dreambigkt chapter 1 . 7/25/2013
That was superb! I liked the dialogue and the thoughts.
Jelly 4 chapter 1 . 7/12/2013
Red! Like the burning fire of desire and passion between them! lolilol, I’m starting to sound like a soap opera.

“"You would know, wouldn't you," he murmurs. It's not a question; rather, it's the first time either of them has acknowledged the night he spent in the hospital. The night that Kensi had sat by his side until the early morning hours…early morning hours when Hetty had appeared and demanded that she go. She's never admitted to staying with him…and he's never admitted to knowing that she'd stayed with him. At least, not until now.” Awww overload. Cuteness. Sweetness. Beautifulness – lolilol wut? All the threes in the world holding hands and making a chain of love!

FUSCHIA AGAIN! And quoting of da awsum. “He wants her.

He wants to kiss her, right now.

He wants more than this partnership.

And that…that's what is truly dangerous about it all. That's what makes everything just a bit more complicated, because rather than thinking through all the pros and cons of leaving the LAPD behind for NCIS, he's instead much more preoccupied with thoughts of her. Her lips on his, his fingers in her hair, her hands clasped in his shirt as they kiss and kiss and kiss….

His stomach tightens at the thought, and that's the moment he knows he's failed: he's got it bad. On one side, he's got the LAPD and everything he'd always aspired to do, all the good he'd always wanted to bring to those growing up as he had; but on the other side, there's NCIS, there's something more, and then there's her. And that…that's truly what complicates everything.

It's only the strength of her walls that keeps him from seeing that she's just as far gone. But Kensi…she blames it on the altitude. The altitude and the exhaustion; the thinness of the air several thousand feet up; the quiet darkness filling the cabin around them, making them feel as if they're the only ones in the plane despite Callen and Sam both dozing just mere feet behind them. The combination of all that has to be what's dizzying her, clouding her mind, making her desires scream so much louder than her much more rational thoughts.

It has to be the altitude, because it can't – can't – be the realization that he might actually choose to go back to the LAPD that's making her want to take hold of him and refuse to let go. It can't be that, because that would mean that Kensi's broken one of her simplest rules: never get attached.

She's certainly not attached to Marty Deeks.

And she's sure as hell not attracted to him.

Not one bit.

No way.

It has to be the altitude that's making his eyes look so damn blue, turbulent as a stormy sea that she can't help but want to drown in. It has to be, because she's just about certain that, were they secure on the ground, her fingers wouldn't be itching to sift through his messy blonde hair, tousling it even more; she's certain her lips wouldn't be tingling with the desire to feel his mouth against hers, kissing her even as he whispers that he couldn't possibly walk away from this.

That's it, she reasons. It has to be the altitude and the exhaustion and the utter stress that's got ice water pulsing through her veins at the thought of losing him.”


Vivid grass green! “For all of her pushing before, Kensi quietly accepts his answer. "We're complicated," she murmurs.

It's the understatement of the century, and the sideways glance her partner shoots her way lets her know exactly just how much. "Complicated is simple compared to us," he quips, grateful for even the slightest break in the tension between them. "We're more like…impossible, I think."

Kensi chuckles softly, then draws in a deep breath, still waiting for her heartbeat to settle. Once it does, she shuffles closer to him, adopting the position she'd awoken from earlier – gingerly, she lays her head on his shoulder, feeling him stiffen for merely a second before relaxing once more. "I don't know if it means anything," she begins, her voice no more than a mere murmur, "but, uh, I want you to stay. With us."

He sighs. "Kensi…"

"No. Don't," she says, closing her eyes. "I – I'll let it go. It's just…that's what I want, okay? I want you to stay. I don't…I don't want another new partner."

I want you.” Opzaihefrdjlkebhrjfkdldaqfgb SQUEALS UNTIL THE END OF TIME OMG. She doesn’t need to say it, he knows! And she finally is acknowledging it! Oh Lord, Hell must be freezing over. Why isn’t it raining Martys? It’s Miracle Magic Marty Day! ! ! ! !

Cerulean! “She doesn't have to say it for him to hear it loud and clear.

He wishes he could give her the answer she wants to hear.

He wishes this decision was truly as simple as choosing what he wants, because what he wants is undeniably this. Her. Them.

He wants this so badly that it hurts.

It's just…not all he wants, and he's never really been good at making sacrifices.”

I’m gonna repeat this because of reasons: “He wishes this decision was truly as simple as choosing what he wants, because what he wants is undeniably this. Her. Them.”

Oh dear God, this image! You have the nicest visuals ever. “For now, he loosely drapes his arm around Kensi's shoulders and gently rests his head atop hers…”

And I yellowed the ending! “When they land, they wake together to merciless teasing from the other two members of their team. Her head still foggy with sleep, Kensi can't answer with any more than a coy smile and the slightest blush in her cheeks.

And when she turns to him, her hair tousled and dark eyes sparkling, he knows that's it for him.

He may not turn those papers over to Hetty right away. He might not even be consciously certain yet of which side he wants to be part of in the end.

But then, on some level, his decision is made before his feet even touch the pavement.

All his turbulent thoughts aside, what Deeks really wants is just as clear as day.”





Sam and Callen being trolls. The way he drapes his arm around her. The cuteness. Tousled her and sparkling eyes. Love and care and sweetness and questions still unanswered, but a bit less shadowy and difficult and scary. Perfection is perfection. Coy smile and blushy cheeks and ALL HIS TURBULENT THOUGHTS ASIDE, WHAT DEEKS REALLY WANTS IS JUST AS CLEAR AS DAY.

I will never stop quoting this because this is on my top 6 favorite sentences of yours.

Jelly 3 chapter 1 . 7/12/2013
Love love love how the conversation turns serious here, filled with tons of underlying tension and emotions. LOVE IT. You’re brilliant there, as always! But even more there!

“"I've never been in charge of anything; why would anybody start letting me make my own decisions now?"
She doesn't really have an answer for that. Instead, she shrugs and points out the obvious. "You chose to come with us, didn't you?" Her mind drifts back to that one moment back at the mission, just the four of them facing Director Vance. "You're not NCIS, Deeks. You could have walked away when the rest of us laid down our badges," she says, and by the way Deeks stiffens next to her, she's certain he knows exactly what she's talking about. "That move that made so much sense at the time? It was actually pretty reckless, and it could have ended all of our careers. It could have ended with any of us not making it home alive."

Pausing, Kensi shifts even closer to him, pulling her legs into her seat and tucking them beneath her body. She's not sure if he's aware of just how minute the space between them has become, but she certainly is. Tells herself, though, that it's because of the need for quiet in such a conversation – not only are the other members of her team enjoying some much needed rest, but this is a conversation that, were it Kensi, she wouldn't want it broadcast loudly to the world.

She adamantly refuses to believe it could possibly be anything else, least of all that she enjoys this proximity to him. And she refuses to let the thought even cross her mind that the idea of him not choosing to stay with NCIS fills her with dread. It's not something she even wants to think about. "I guess what I'm saying is," she continues cautiously, feeling her stomach twist in an inexplicable knot, "is that I think maybe you've already made your choice. You chose to follow your team leader. You chose to lay everything down to bring Hetty back home. You chose to back up your team. Those are some pretty big decisions for someone who doesn't plan to stay with that team."”

YOU WENT THERE! “…that's what colors it in shades of grey rather than in a simple black or white.”

“"I…didn't exactly do it for the good of NCIS, Kens," he admits softly, and for the first time, he meets her gaze completely. His ocean blue eyes lock with her dark ones, and when he sees hers widen with realization, he knows he need not say anything more.

It wasn't for them.

I did it for you, Kensi.”” EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! There’s a reason why this song is on the KD playlist!

And here I love how realization downs on her. “That knot in her stomach suddenly twists so tightly that it almost hurts as the weight of what he's saying crashes into her. And it should scare her. It should terrify her. It should have her throwing her walls up and locking every possible way in. It should serve as a warning to her that, for at least one of them, that line between them is growing more and more blurred. It should be a warning that, all teasing aside, this thing they have is turning into something they can't just ignore, and that's something Kensi can see in his blue eyes. She can see it there, and feel it in the pounding of her own heart. "So – so if I'd put my foot down and refused to go," she begins quietly, slowly so as to better control her voice because otherwise she's certain it would wobble, "you wouldn't have followed your team leader?"

His answer is immediate. "He's not my team leader."


"What do you want me to say, Kensi?" he asks, an unmistakable note of exasperation in his voice. He knows damn well what she's asking for, but he also knows that the moment he says it, that's the moment she pulls away from him. He's learned that about her by now – get too close, and she closes down. Distances herself. So he's been keeping some small measure of distance between them himself – toning down his flirting with her while turning it up with other women in front of her, spending less time with her off the clock, not sharing why Hetty had wanted to speak to him (until now). As it is, he feels as if he's shared too much anyway and he can't figure out why she's still pushing.

He reaches up, rakes a hand through his messy hair. "At the end of the day," he says finally, realizing she's not going to break the silence herself anytime soon, "you're my partner. You're the one I look out for. If I'd stayed behind, and something had happened to you over there…" Deeks trails off, shaking his head. "I went for every reason that all the rest of you went, sure. But mostly…mostly I did it for you, Kens. I did it for you."

"Then do something else for me," she says quietly, her dark eyes suddenly wild. She knows what she's about to ask him is more than just a little bit selfish of her; knows she's taking his words and using them to manipulate what seems to be a very personal decision for him, but right now, that's not what she's worried about. Right now, she's worried about landing back in LA and losing her partner, the first person in a damn long time that she's trusted this much. "Pick NCIS, Deeks," she breathes, and damn if it doesn't sound like she's almost begging him to stay. "Pick NCIS."”

PICK NCIS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I’m pretty sure that I quoted this line in my first review, but I will always quote it because that’s such a huge thing coming from her – and when I say huge, I’m talking about sword-huge. Really. Like, she’s just understood that he made this decision FOR HER, and she accepts it; it sinks in, and her reply to that is, “Then choose me. Choose me.” She can say, “Pick NCIS,” all she wants, her real words are, “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” YOU THIEF, MEREDITH SAID IT FIRST!

And the paragraph before that, his declaration… swooning with the threes until the end of time.

Golden! “"Because you know we'd do the same for you." She swallows hard, struggling not to lose herself in his eyes. That, she quickly finds, is a battle she's going to lose, especially as the heat begins to crackle in the air between them, a full year's worth of tension and flirting and badly hidden feelings floating to the surface. The pounding of her heart echoes in her ears with a warning - this is getting too dangerous too fast, but Kensi can't stop. She's not going to let him add himself to the list of people she's lost. "Because we'd fight for you."” BECAUSE I WOULD GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR YOU TOO, JUST LIKE YOU JUST DID FOR ME MARTY. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, DAMMIT. DAMMIT, KENSI – SAY THE DAMN WORDS AND KISS THE MAN!
Jelly 2 chapter 1 . 7/12/2013
And here goes the rest of the blue era, followed by pink! ;) This file is a fucking rainbow.

“It's not something he's sure he wants.

He's spent his whole life trying to find something he's good at.

He might not have made many friends during his time on the force, but in the end, he's good at the job. And being asked to walk away from that…well, Deeks isn't sure it's something he can do.

He's a cop, not an agent. His lack of those advanced skills was what got him shot. The ease of going after him was what nearly got his partner killed that same day. Add to that all the quips about being a lousy liaison, the "best they could do," "the temp," all the teasing he endures when an op doesn't quite turn out the way he'd envisioned…all of those little comments he'd taken in stride (because that's what Marty Deeks does), they're coming back to him now as anything but playful and he'd be lying if he tried to say that's not playing a great deal into his hesitance.

In the end, he knows he's a damn good cop.

He's not sure he could ever be a good enough agent to compete with this team.

And he thinks with a choice between the two, the answer should be obvious, because he can't just throw away the one thing he's ever been good at.”

No, baby. Don’t think like that. :’( God, I have that they made him feel like that, that all the barbs reawakened the insecurity and feeling of failure that he carries. I hate them all! Kensi, hug him!

“But what should be such an easy choice is marred with complications…one of which is sitting right next to him now.

Their cozy little airplane isn't the only thing struggling with turbulence right now, suffice it to say.” Oooh. :’( My poor baby, he’s so lost. He needs to know how much he’s wanted and needed – Kensi must tell him! Show him. Prove him.

“And this…this is truly the greatest problem they have as partners: the playful ridicule goes so far between them that neither of them realizes where the line is until it's already been crossed.” Exactly this. This is something that needs to be acknowledged on the show. I want a scene where he calls her out on this so bad. How she might just be teasing, but that once you add up all the barbs, she does spend more time mocking him or complaining about him than actually being nice or letting him know how much he means to her.

“When he finally speaks again, Deeks sounds a little too much like Kensi – his voice is far too practiced, almost as if he's rehearsed the words in his mind…just as she's been known to do. "It's nothing," he says evenly. "I'm fine."” This? The sound of my heartbreak, and all the threes weeping on the floor.

"Talk to me, Deeks." INSERT UGLY SOBS AND ZOEDFIUHDKLSQDNFJAZERGTHKOVFKCDXJN because because sweetness! I love it. I love this, when the roles get reversed and she’s the one pushing. Because that’s what they do. They’re here for each other. They push and probe and get under each other’s skin like no one else has done before, and like they have never done with anyone else either. And I love this, because this care and concern is truly the essence of them.

Touché! ! ! ! Awww! That’s their new thing – beside the swording thing!

And this segment is blue again. Blue like Marty’s gorgeous eyes! “Kensi nods again, but still says nothing. Without even realizing it, she lets her touch drift absently to his arm once more – this time, instead of her knuckle, it's the tips of her fingers that she lets drift along his skin. It's just…natural. Instinctual. She doesn't even realize she's doing it. If she did, Kensi would also realize that she's easily crossing one of the many boundaries they've spent so damn much time dancing back and forth over through the past several months.” DAMN YOU, BOUNDARIES. Who cares? No one! She loves him and she can’t take her hands off of him! Squeals!

“… and it's just on the tip of Kensi's tongue.” YOU DIRTY. You know why!

“It speaks of desperation, of fear. But more than that, it speaks of a need that she feels bubbling up within her, one she doesn't like at all because it makes her feel more than just a little bit weak. It's a need for him to prove her wrong here, because she's not ready to give up yet another partner.

No, she corrects herself forcefully. She's just not ready to deal with another new partner.

That's all it is.

She pointedly ignores the voice that tells her she was right the first time; that the uncorrected statement is the one she actually means.”


And here we go with the green era!
“"I'm not what?" he probes, drawing her (thankfully) away from those thoughts. "Being fired?" Deeks smiles then, his gaze dropping to her fingers as they continue to dance along his arm, slowly, soothingly. It's…nice; he has to admit.

It's that moment, though, that Kensi finally realizes what she's been doing for…she has no idea just how long. Somewhat embarrassedly (and already putting her mind through hoops for things to blame it on should he question her), she pulls back and instead clasps her hands together on the armrest between them. She murmurs a quiet apology, forcing herself to shrug as if it were nothing.

He doesn't question her, though; he does, however, silently muse on just how much of their relationship – partnership – seems to be based on touch. It's oddly intimate, he thinks, but at the same time, it feels right. Of course, that's nothing he'd ever dare admit because that's the point, he thinks with a smirk, where touch becomes a punch to the shoulder.” ZOEIJFHBGNFLDMZDKJGAZERTYUIKKJHGOCDS. SQUEALS FOREVER. This is adorable. The gentle caresses just like the not-so-playful punches. They never get tired of touching each other! And it’s nice and soothing and adorable and and and I’m swooning!

ORANGE! “"Oh." She won't lie; she kind of hates herself for the sheer amount of relief that floods her at his clarification. His words had left her heart pounding and it's only now that she realizes she's drawn in a breath and had yet to exhale. So she does, slowly, and it's then that the true weight of his words clicks for her. "Oh."
"Oh, indeed."” Oh is the old “okay”, right ?!


He knows exactly why that particular badge is so very important to him.

For so long, it's been the only thing that's grounded him. The reasons behind why he became a cop are simple – he'd wanted to help people. He'd wanted to bring the innocent justice. Those were the reasons behind his brief stint in law as well, though quickly Deeks had grown weary of the unscrupulous side of it all. It'd been too much money and bribery, and not enough actual justice, and that…that hadn't been good enough for him.

So he'd left behind his stellar law school grades and his mastery of the state bar exam for the less glamorous life of an undercover cop. And that…that's where he'd found his niche. For the first time in his life, Deeks had felt as if he'd belonged to something. He might not have made many friends on the force, but that matters very little to him.

What matters is that he gets the job done. What matters is that he's good at it.

What matters is that, for the first time in his life, he feels as if he's making a difference.

And, for someone who's spent all of his life fighting the odds, struggling to prove that he's good enough…well, it's not that easy to surrender it all. It's not that easy to walk away.

He doesn't know if he can walk away.”

This man. Standing ovation (except for Kensi who is kneeling under his desk) for this man. This man wants to help people and he’s damn good at this and and and everybody should tell him how good he is so he wouldn’t be afraid to turn down the LAPD badge to embrace a NCIS one because he’d know he’s wanted and skilled and fucking damn perfect.

Lilac now! Like Kensi’s panties last night! “He thinks of his mom, standing between he and his angry, drunk father, taking the beating that was destined for him. He thinks of himself at five, at seven, at ten, cowering in his room at night, too terrified to fall asleep lest he be woken in the night by his father's fury. He thinks of his teenage self – lost, alone, clinging to jokes and sarcasm to hide the darkness within, the scars of his childhood that would never quite fade.

And then he thinks of the hundreds, thousands, maybe millions just like he and his mom, the ones not quite strong enough or brave enough to fight back. He thinks of all the lives broken by all the same things that had broken his own family...

And those are the reasons he became a cop.

If he can do anything to save any of them, to stop any of them from living the horrors he'd lived as a child, then he can sleep at night knowing he's made a difference.

If he didn't have that…if he was no longer Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD, he's not sure who he would be.

It's not everything that he is.

But at times, it's been everything he's had. The only thing he's had.” Insert sadness and ugly sobs and heartbreak. You’re so much more than that and you deserve so much more, baby! And if you weren’t Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD, you’d still be Marty Deeks, Kensi Blye’s one and only!

Quiet, gentle murmur of his name! ! ! Aww!

FUSCHIA! “There are a million and one ways he can reply to that. A million and one ways to let her see what's plaguing his mind, to let her in where he's never before let anyone else. But for every reason he has to let her in, there's also a reason not to. He may already be closer to her than he's been to anyone else for quite some time, but that doesn't mean he's ready for her to see all of his scars. He's not ready for her to see the shame, the pain, the secrets he carries with him day in and day out. The last thing he wants is to give her a reason to pull away.”

SHE WOULD NEVER! Because she loves you!
Jelly chapter 1 . 7/11/2013
TURBULENCE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! aka da masterpiece, or almost 8k of awesomeness, brilliance, genius and gleaming unicorns! (don’t judge me; a gleaming unicorn is awesomely badass.)

I have to say that I consider this canon. Always have, always will. First, because it’s amazing and beautiful. Second, because I have a hard time believing that Kensi is not aware of the existence of those papers, or that they’ve never discussed it – whether because Deeks told her about the NCIS application, or just because they talked about it one night on her couch. You know, one of those nights when the plan was to watch the game and have a couple burgers, but in the end they end up sharing things they’ve probably never told anyone. So this is why I like to think that this really happened. And, of course, that this would have been Kensi’s thoughts about the issue.

Anyway, on with the story now! Or, more precisely, the huge 7k of it that I highlighted to comment – I am not even kidding. Okay, maybe there’s only 6k, but still, this is gonna be a labor of love!

“Even Kensi Blye is not immune to everything.” She’s not immune to her partner’s charm, or his hypnotizing ocean blues, or the fluffiness and silkiness of his hair. Nor is she immune to the low rumble of his voice when he whispers in her ear, telling her exactly what he’s going to do to her. Marty Deeks is the exception to her every rule.

#sorrynotsorry for giggling at this: “It had crashed over her like a wave…” What had croshed over her like a wave, may I ask? ;) hehe, I had to.

“ Other than that, she makes no effort to move, not even bothering to lift her head from her makeshift pillow – a makeshift pillow that, in actuality, turns out to be her partner's shoulder.” WHY WOULD SHE? Would you move if you had that sexy man as a human pillow? Hell no! :P And aww at the cuteness of this image!

Sleepyhead! ! ! ! All the Neighborhood Watch feels coming back to me here! Awww. And she nuzzles against him! Don’t try and deny it, Kiki; that’s exactly what you’re doing! Because he smells good and his body is warm and his arms are your favorite place on Earth! So many threes hugging each other tightly in a sleeping bag.

And I love just how ridiculously cute they are here, with the banter about snoring and bony shoulders and how she watches him while he sleeps because he’s so pretty and boyish and she thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. And he calls her Princess! ! ! ! ! ! ! Insert all the exclamative loophole in the world!

And here starts the quoting because of reasons – including cuteness overload and my heart melting over just how adorable they are here, while still being them, you know? They’re cute, and I could see this happen on the show, and at this particular moment in time. Back then, back to where they stood in Lange, H., this is perfect. And I want moment like this in the show so damn much. It has a ending scene of The Job vibe. It’s cute and shows how far they’ve come and how they’ve grown as partners and friends, with this banter and flirting that is so characteristically them. Love love love it. And Monty!

“Deeks chuckles, initially surprised that she'd mention their current, rather cozy position at all. "I don't see you moving, Princess." With that, he stretches slightly, careful not to jostle Kensi again. "But I can understand that. This is very cozy, yeah? Feels very…post-honeymoon bliss if you ask me."

His teasing grin is audible in his voice and Kensi can't help but snort again. Lazily she lifts her left hand, waving it in the general direction of his face. "Funny that I'm still not seeing a ring here."

His reply is immediate. "Just wait til we land, sweetheart," he smirks. "I'll get you one out of one of those quarter games – you know, the ones with the spinning, clucking chicken and the plastic eggs with prizes inside. Might take a few tries to get one with a ring in it…but you're worth the extra quarters."

"Now that is romantic."

"What can I say? I'm a charmer."

"Uh-huh. How I ever managed to fight off all those other girls swooning over you is beyond me," she deadpans.

"Let's just say you're the lucky one, my sweet."

"Lucky. Right."

"You love me."

Kensi laughs out loud, quickly lifting a hand to her mouth to stifle the sound. "Yeah, yeah," she forces out, hoping he doesn't realize his cocky proclamation caught her slightly off-guard. It doesn't take her long at all to recover though and then she's throwing a retort of her own back at him. "Same way I love Monty."

He's a step ahead of her. A devious grin on his lips, he turns his head just enough that his playful words dance just over her slightly tousled locks. "Is that so? Well, can't say it surprises me – I knew you wanted me in your bed."

"Uh, not quite," Kensi retorts, trying desperately not to envision the image of Marty Deeks in her bed – she blames her fatigue for the fact that such an image sends a shiver dancing down her spine. "I have a strict no-flea policy when it comes to my bed. Monty's fine, but you get the floor."

"Ouch," he grouses, laying a hand over his heart. "Now that hurts."

She just shrugs. "Well that's what they say about the truth, right?" Realizing that just stretching is doing nothing for her aching muscles, Kensi finally sighs and stands gingerly – maybe working the kinks out of her muscles will help her at least manage to doze a bit. "Besides," she continues, stretching lithely, pretending not to notice the way his eyes travel the length of her body, "you walked right into it."

A soft hum of pleasure slips from her lips as she stretches, her muscles protesting the movement yet appreciating it all the same. If there's one thing she should splurge on once they get home, she thinks, it's got to be a good massage. A good massage, a hot bubble bath, lots of chocolate…yeah, it's been a while since she's treated herself quite like that and after the past several months, Kensi thinks she deserves it.”

A good massage performed by her partner, in that bath! Kensi devouring chocolate while Deeks sits behind her, his hands moving from neck to shoulders to lower back, and the moans that she lets out then are not only candy-induced.

Loving this banter about Wikipedia and turbulence!

“Kensi scowls slightly at his know-it-all tone – who's Wikipedia now? "I have flown before," she retorts. "I know what turbulence is."

(…)"We just busted down doors in a foreign country, guns blazing, completely unsanctioned, not knowing what the consequences would be…and a little bit of turbulence is what I'm scared of."

(…) "But it's okay if you get scared, Fern. If you want me to, I can, you know, hold you…"

He's reaching for her even as he speaks and Kensi can't help but snort as she slaps away his hand. "Please, Deeks. That little rambling spiel you went on right as we were taking off makes me think you're the one who wants to be held."

A devilish glint flickers through Deeks' eyes. "Maybe I do."

Kensi doesn't miss a beat. "Awesome," she replies with a bright smile. "I'll just go wake up Sam for you, then."
Deeks cringes, though it's more in response to her attempt at humor than at her suggestion itself. "Still needs work, but glad to see your humor isn't as quite as lame as it was."

Kensi grins sweetly. "Oh, that wasn't humor."

"Wasn't it? My bad, then. It's hard to tell with you, since everything sounds the same."” Bahaha, Deeks 100, Kensi going down… Oh oh, you dirty! I can hear you!

I giggled at this: “ You and your little all-you-can-eat gelato party." Don’t ask me why, but Kensi Blye mocking someone about candy is just the funniest thing ever. Come on, Kensi, you dare pretend you wouldn’t have been made, mouth full of chocolate and vanilla and strawberry, fingers sticky with sugar? *I’m judging you*
“She's teasing; that much is clear in her voice. It's not unlike the banter they always share; at this point, it's almost like a sport to them. An unforgiving, no-holds-barred sport where the sharpest tongue always wins. In the end, though, it's all meant quite harmlessly.” *cocking an eyebrow at you, Jess* Because come on. Sport sharpest tongue? Really? You invented swordplay before the writers.

Plenty of quoting, purple and blue of nature. Actually, the blue part will be cut in two or my review will be cut out and I’d hate this!

“It's the thoughts that have been plaguing Deeks' mind for the past several days though that are anything but harmless, and Kensi's playful barb inevitably reawakens them now. And Deeks, despite knowing better, allows them to take over. Truth is, he knows he got made – he'd even let the admission slip once from his lips. He knows that, on this team of strong, skilled individuals, he's the weakest link despite years upon years of undercover work for the LAPD. Deeks may be good, but he doesn't have the same training the agents have. He was trained as a cop and though he's gone through a handful of aliases and managed to pull himself out of a number of sticky situations over the years, it's more than just apparent that his abilities are of a completely different skillset than what this team of agents possesses.

Which brings him back to the question he's yet to find an answer to: why? Why him? He's been around long enough to know that Hetty had handpicked every single member of this particular team, and, as far as he's concerned, each choice makes sense. A former Navy SEAL; a man with the skills to go as far as to disappear completely from the edge of the earth if necessary, only to reappear later as a completely new person; his own partner, who could play the most tempting seductress one moment and then have her suspect bleeding on the ground before he even knew what hit him; an intelligence analyst with what he'd suspect to be the highest IQ in the entirety of NCIS; a computer guru who can hack his way into literally anything without leaving even the slightest trail…and then there's Deeks. Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
F Maurice chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
Very good, really! I loved the transitioning of thought between Kensi and Marty, especially the uncertainty that Marty feels about his decision. Personally, I hope he chooses NCIS eventually.
BellaVictoria chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
3 3 3
Melby2002 chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
Now I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed this story. Complicated is exactly right.
effie214 chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
This is a really interesting piece, both on its own merit and also having read your other pieces in short succession. We know you do introspection well, but here Deeks takes the lead and there's a quiet approachability to his vulnerability; it's not termed or framed in a "this is the biggest decision of my life"/"I SWEAR I'LL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN" melodrama, but in the reluctant necessity of having to approach a situation in which there is no good solution, or at least choices you're not entirely thrilled with. This is probably your most subtle piece to date, and I think it's also the most unresolved one, which is something I don't see nearly enough of in any fandom, let alone this one. Everyone is always so occupied with starting the romance that they shy away from avenues of exploration that may in all likelihood turn into dead ends. I also very much appreciate the truth to Deeks' dilemma; I know from personal experience that cops are SO defined by that badge, and in a different way than federal agents, so I love seeing the delineation there. I like that this isn't necessarily an exploration of how the parts move but instead an evaluation of the parts themselves, if that makes any sense. It's more of a "step back and take stock" narrative for me, which is just a really cool new way to look at a relationship about which I've already read so much.

"He's spent his whole life trying to find something he's good at." And here we have Jess describing in twelve words what Shane Brennan had taken two seasons to establish.

"And that leaves him doing nothing more than hesitating. He still has no clue just how Hetty stumbled upon him, or why she felt the need to draw him into her team. He's not sure he'll ever have the answers to most of those questions…but that's not the problem. The problem…that would be the questions he does have the answers to. He knows why he became a cop...It's not everything that he is. But at times, it's been everything he's had. The only thing he's had." Again, I love that hesitancy and uncertainty. It's so very real and human, and it grounds everything really well.

"She doesn't have to say it for him to hear it loud and clear. He wishes he could give her the answer she wants to hear. He wishes this decision was truly as simple as choosing what he wants, because what he wants is undeniably this. Her. Them. He wants this so badly that it hurts. It's just…not all he wants, and he's never really been good at making sacrifices." Wonderful continuation of the realizations from the paragraph above and expanding them to Kensi. You really do a great job expanding and including your protagonists and their movements, both physical and emotional, to the people and world around them. It makes for a really great and complete picture.
ZBBZL chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
That fear of losing him awakening things she didn't want to acknowledge until now, uh ?

"Then do something else for me," she says quietly, her dark eyes suddenly wild. She knows what she's about to ask him is more than just a little bit selfish of her; knows she's taking his words and using them to manipulate what seems to be a very personal decision for him, but right now, that's not what she's worried about. Right now, she's worried about landing back in LA and losing her partner, the first person in a damn long time that she's trusted this much. "Pick NCIS, Deeks," she breathes, and damn if it doesn't sound like she's almost begging him to stay. "Pick NCIS."

GOD KENSI, GIRL UP AND DO THAT FOR REAL IN THE SHOW (crazy person, the return)

And I don't even mention the whole exchange above. Hello, stubborn girl, everything he does is for and about you, revolves around you, is meant to make you happy... Stubborn and blind much!

(I'm not quoting you because I'd sound even crazier)

But actually, just take that whole piece, and you'll have my favorite quote.

On a lighter touch, I just loved the way they wake up much closer than what daytime would allow, and the guys' teasing about it after. I loved that she mocks him for being a bad pillow and that he makes her realize that she did seem pretty comfy anyway.

And Kensi with a coy smile is just about the cutest thing for our dear Deeks, like the one she made at the end of Blye, K. at their desks.

And I'm rambling even worse than Deeks so I'm gonna stop !

Obviously, I forgot to say many things, or quote many perfect moments.

But, hey, I think you dazzled me once again even if you didn't want to, so, am I forgiven ?
ImpactedJudgment chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
Hi, Jess :)

It's Brenda... I dont know if I wrote you a review on this one with my other account, but I'm sticking to this new account now and as another review wouldn't hurt, here wer go!

I'll let you in on a secret. Sometimes when fics are too wordy, I skim through the narration to get to the juicy stuff, as it were. But with you, even the narration is the good stuff!

I think Deeks has a hard time deciding to go with what his impulse leads him to do, which is sign, because he'd mostly be doing it with

Kensi in mind.

And, honestly, as much as that seems to be an awesome reason, in the end, he's gotta do it for him.

Tough choices our scruffy guy's facing. And how very brilliant of you to nail it all - including Kensi's side of the equation - right on the head.

Work on chapter five of Stolen Moments going well? ;)

(Oh, ya, did you get the private message I sent you under this account? )

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