Reviews for The Lost Element
ShadicZX chapter 58 . 6/18
Hmm what will lift up this sad mood hmmm. But first have you heard of under tail?

The game to lift up moods or sadden them I would say mass effect or dragon age.(both hard yet path choosing, the good path have good yet bad endings which will work)
Bronze Shield chapter 58 . 6/14
Man, you could just cut yourself on this edge. Honestly, this self insert keeps getting worse and worse.
aniox chapter 58 . 6/2
hope for a more detailed pregnant sex chapter later on.
Nateyred chapter 58 . 5/28
Thanks so much for updating this bc it really allows me to enjoy and let loose in a story but please try to include fewer lemons in the story, please and thank you from my deepest regards for this story. If you wanna respond to me just send me an email at
g.m.s chapter 57 . 4/15
great ending cant wait to hear what happens next with starlight.
Guquiz-deed chapter 57 . 4/10
I have a feeling that, in due time, Gladesong will get a half-sibling.
Guest chapter 57 . 3/17
Oh plz do love sex scenes for the other four and maybe a love scene with Celestia and Nightmare Moon
Guest chapter 32 . 2/20
I could find like two or three video game references in chapter 32. Either oblivion or skyrim and deadpool off the top of my head.
anonymous chapter 57 . 2/20
yay pregnant sex! I hope there's more in the future p.s. if it's not too much trouble could make the chapter when fluttershy final has her foal a home birth?
WarHusky2000 chapter 57 . 2/20
oh! I love pasta! It's been a while dear ol' friend! Keep the good work!
epiclawls chapter 57 . 2/19
The amount of detail and effort that you put into your chapters still baffles me to this day.

After waiting for weeks for a new chapter to be posted, I'm always fast to click on a new chapter from you, and still, you never seem to disappoint me with what you come up with. Your prowess with remains unmatched in my books. The crazy amount of detail that you put into a single chapter is simply amazing, especially with such a sexually oriented such as this one.

Please, never stop writing.
billykilly chapter 57 . 2/18
Oh yeah... now this was an awesome one! XD. You did a good job with this one :P. Keep up the good work.
R3active Paladin chapter 2 . 2/12
Oh come on that's so unrealistic, I mean we all know that the should buttons on the DSI don't work very well if at all
Pizza rolls are bae chapter 1 . 2/11
I've read a few chapters, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The plot is the most solid human in Equestria plot I've ever read, and thankfully isn't about a warlord or something equally dumb. You probably already have a main plot planned out, but as a small conflict, a vegetarian diet lacks zinc, which can only be found in red meat and oysters. Lack of zinc can cause loss of taste and hearing. (but not complete loss of these senses, so such a case wouldn't be tragic) I'd also like some help on the uploading system for this site, could you give me a step by step tutorial?
Anon chapter 12 . 2/8
I just wanted to say I appreciate your work keep up the good work️️
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