Reviews for A Fine Romance
excessivelyperky chapter 42 . 7/27
Uh-oh indeed. Rose is in SUCH trouble...
excessivelyperky chapter 41 . 7/21
After this bombshell about the childrens' potions, there will be parents that would kill or die for Severus Snape (and if he had created an anti-colic potion back in the day when we needed one, my husband and I would be among that number). Certainly, he and Hermione will be busy brewing till the cows come home with all those orders.

And dear Rose is going to be needing one for her stomach fairly soon, I see.
Saissa chapter 47 . 7/20
Great story. I really loved it.

Finally someone tells the truth of that nasty ginger billious fellow. I never did like him...
excessivelyperky chapter 40 . 7/3
Lovely place, that Unterwelt. And Snape may as well get his speech over that next day and have the rest of the time to enjoy himself talking shop and showing Hermione and Rose around the place.
excessivelyperky chapter 39 . 7/1
What a lovely story! And yes, the reality of Squibs needs to be faced by the WW. The Weasleys have a Squib cousin who is an accountant, that nobody ever talks about (not sure Ron even knows he exists, actually). And Filch doesn't care let anyone know he's a Squib, or the students would eat him up alive.

Rose? Who knows what Rose can do?
excessivelyperky chapter 38 . 6/27
I'm glad that Snape has such a good neighbor; you hate to think of him as totally isolated the way he seemed to be in canon. And I hope Dotty didn't have to run into Pettigrew when the rat was staying there (one hopes the room he stayed in has since been steam-cleaned).

How nice that Rose can see the tree for what it truly is; but perhaps Squibs can see more than Muggles can.
excessivelyperky chapter 37 . 6/24
This is great! Severus never really learned how to play that much in most of the rest of his life-and it's good to see him learning now. His godsons took things in pretty good spirit, considering that it really was Rosie that got him to wanting to play.
excessivelyperky chapter 36 . 6/19
I love the idea of a talking book all about chickens and eggs and sex. I wish I'd had it for my kids! But Rose is absolutely correct about all of that.

And the chocolate muffins.
excessivelyperky chapter 35 . 6/15
Wonderful chapter, with grace notes of chocolate muffins. Snape has learned a lot about forgiveness, and the lack of it, along with realizing that St. Lily had unexpected shallows. He would have done so earlier, if she had lived (remembering that she didn't really care if he'd almost been eaten by a werewolf, after all). Now, Hermione does have her ruthless spots-ask her parents and Marietta Edgecombe-and Snape is in danger of idealizing her as much as he did Lily.

I do love how Rose finally decided to forgive him, though.
excessivelyperky chapter 34 . 6/5
"And when she was bad, she was horrid." Snicker. I love the Babbity story, and the Obvious Bribe that Rose is exacting for her forgiveness. I bet it'll be a good story, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 33 . 5/28
Oh, I adore Gildylocks as a dress shop manager! Since he does have exquisite taste, why not?

And I love how the merchants of Diagon Alley rallied behind Hermione the way they did.

I don't blame Rose for feeling conflicted. After what she went through from 'Bilius' she is understandably reluctant to be around someone who is like him, even if it's only one time.

I suggest cuddles and drawings, for both her and Snape.
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 5/27
Yes, money is going to be a bit tight for a while, but with both of them working on the business, things should pick up.

And besides, Severus would give up his vault for love, after having been without it for so long.
excessivelyperky chapter 31 . 5/23
Yummy lemons! And I'm so glad that Hermione got Snape over his 'nobody loves me' routine and he got her over her "I'm so ugly and useless!' routine, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 30 . 5/17
I'm glad Hermione had the courage to confront Severus like this. As for the Loo Floo, that's canon since it's how you get to the Ministry (and the way to get out of Harpsichord Hell in Breath of Fire II, but I think you have to be old to remember that one).
excessivelyperky chapter 29 . 5/17
Oh, dear. Snape wants them safe, even from himself.

Can Luna do an exorcism?
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