Reviews for Rebirth
normanelson chapter 38 . 9/29
i hope you continue with this story its great
Guest chapter 38 . 8/4
I absolutely love your story and the way you are handling this pairing. Your writing is brilliant and so convincing.
Please continue this pearl
mistyARfan chapter 38 . 7/3
Such a great story. I can't wait for the next update!
nycforme chapter 38 . 6/17
Wow. This story blew my mind. Its so well written with so many wonderful details and so beautifully in character. My heart is absolutely broken that there isn't more for me to read! Please, PLEASE update. This is a wonderful story and I would be thrilled if you shared your talents some more (or at least let us know how it was meant to end-hopefully happily.) Best to you, my fingers are crossed!
aliduck chapter 38 . 6/7
Really enjoying your amazing story, eagerly awaiting your next update!
Elli chapter 38 . 6/6
Omg i just can't stop reading your fanfiction.I dropped everything in order to read it! I love it! Please continue!otherwise I might die! I love the build up between Hermione and Lucius's relationship.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/3
I really love this I hope got out alive and they will join back up please write more
Idon'twriteIleak chapter 38 . 5/6
I hope you plan on finishing! I love the story!
prose.titute chapter 38 . 4/13
You really are the best kind of literary tease with the way you end your chapters. On the topic of chapters: please, please let it reach 50! It won't be too long. It will be perfect! The only other 50 chapter Lumione fic I've ever read is "Eden" by obsessmuch... What a masterpiece of a first-person fic tho.
prose.titute chapter 36 . 4/13
"He felt like home." OHMYGOD How do you write this fluff minus the fluff? :O SO sweeeeet. I nearly squeed!
prose.titute chapter 35 . 4/13
Yes, yes YESSSS hot wallfucking in a library, yes yes it was luscious to read. The whole dance without music part was very erotic. There's this Hindi film called Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and one of it's iconic scenes defines eroticism in Bollywood films: watch?vIxnUHB64NcU - even though the male lead "fakes" some music, your scene here SLIGHTLY reminded me of that.

I'm glad nobody caught them! Particularly Kingsley or Harry. Oh my God, I feel bad for Ron but I honestly ship Lumione so hard for this slow burn story.
prose.titute chapter 34 . 4/13
Oh my Goodness it finally happened - they had 'the talk' ... about what side Lucius is on ... again ... finally ... :/ It was different this time. He is not used to this espionage life like Snape was forced to be by Dumbledore. And Snape didn't have a son that he loved... he didn't have a Hermione... aww poor Lucius. I really feel for him. So much conflict.

Oh I really do hope the Weasley-Potter union doesn't reach George RR Martin levels. :O
prose.titute chapter 33 . 4/13
GURLLLLL YOU SLAY ME WITH THESE SMUT SCENES Lucius going down on Hermione with her resting on his dining table is EXACTLY the kind of oral scene I like to read but can rarely find. I love the idea of Lucius being a generous lover with his tongue. *sigh* Oh what I wouldn't give to have a Jason Isaacs/Lucius Malfoy look-alike take things down that path with me...

The last line of this chapter made me smile so damn hard! :) YAAAS Lucius is picking it up with his Order responsibilities.
prose.titute chapter 30 . 4/13
Dammmmnn you wrote that sex really well (well I've never had sex but I felt really turned on while reading this and that's the only basis of judgement I have for whether it was a good sex scene). Job well done! I skipped your AN when I came to this chapter so when Hermione was healing Lucius I was wondering if she might kiss him, or he her... If I'd read the AN I would have known straight away haha. Hermione stayed back for a booty call. ;)

I think this is the first time I've ever read about a wand being used for increasing nipple/clit sensitivity - it was really a good touch. I feel grateful to Lucius for thinking of it.

I feel like Lucius loves Hermione already even though his grieving from the earlier chapters seemed to be handled well... and I cannot deny Hermione seemed attracted to Lucius and cared for him many chapters before this... but does she love him? I cannot tell...

Aww I'm scared I'll read the remaining chapters and then I'll see no update for ages :(
prose.titute chapter 22 . 4/13
NOOOOOOOOOO :O I can't bear Lucius being attacked and wandless. Nooooooooooooo DRACO CAN'T BE PART OF VRS aaaaaaaaaahhhh
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