Reviews for Contextually Speaking
Blergh70 chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
I really like this :)
chartwilightmom chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Kourt17 chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
YAY...*chants* call her call her. *waits by the phone*
LoveMeSumEdward chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
OMG! I love it! I can totally relate to this Bella.
Veewchick chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Gahhhhh I'm so in! I love it already, and I totally can't wait for more, man you never EVER disappoint :). I can't wait to see what happens next... Do they get to meet in person? Can't wait for the rest, I'll be checking my email all day:)!
melfin80 chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Okay, I'm so not going to be able to get anything done because I'll be constantly checking my email hoping for an update! :)
Shlly45 chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Hum...Loving this so far...looking forward to reading more...much more
Kourt17 chapter 3 . 2/8/2012
His words make me flaily...and and...he needs to be in my pants RTFN...and yessssss Beautiful needs to call him.
Crimson.Inked chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
It ended. Boo. Haha, can't wait for more. When I read the summary of this in my inbox I was intrigued when I read it, it made my day! ;)

I'm waiting for the call!
Siobhan B. Masen- Fraser chapter 1 . 2/8/2012
It is really sad how happy I am to see an update or new story from you! But that's a good thing for you tho, right? Trust me it, is! Cause I love you with words that aren't even big enough to tell you how much I love you!

Moving on to the next chapter!

Till next time...

DaniBanani78 chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
omg.. She needs to tell him her real age.. {bites nails} I can't wait to see what happens when he calls her.
detroitangel chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
I find this oh-so-creepy and yet, I'm laughing at the whole situation.
CLWN chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Oh he's gonna call her! Can't wait.
KimberlyAnnT chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Hot damn... You better answer the phone Bella.
justwanttoread chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
It's official - I LOVE THIS!

Thanks sparklnfade for the Rec
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