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swan girl chapter 55 . 12/1
Does this mean that you're doing the Kaiba land tornament?
0shiva0 chapter 55 . 11/25
i spent week to read this amazing story oh god you don't know how much i cry for fangirling sake hahahahha for Kaiba / Airi
don't get me wrong i love atem but there is something special between seto and airi relationship it's unique like they fighting disagree and all at the end inside of their heart they love each other sooooooo ?! what do you think about seto x airi ?
P.S : my english is sucks i knooowww but couldn't help myself i must comment to tell you you are amazing writer
Guest chapter 55 . 11/21
I'm unbelievably excited for season 5
FicReader chapter 55 . 11/21
Ah, a fitting ending to the dragon arc. Airi and Yami's relationship is so platonic and fitting for the both of them. Makes me sad to know that the Pharaoh will have to move on soon. I'm expecting a nice surprise for Yami once everything is over, but i'll just have to wait and see :)
Ayumu Hai chapter 55 . 11/16
Can't wait for the nextchapter!
kaia chapter 55 . 11/13
keep going! you've done an awesome job so far!
Aziza Love chapter 55 . 11/12
Omg I love it!
Thank u so much for updating:)
And hope u will update soon!
Guest chapter 55 . 11/10
Please airi x yami for ever kiba is a bich
Guest chapter 55 . 11/9
There has to be some way airi and yami can be together. I don't really want her to be with kaiba, not that there's anything wrong with him, its just that if you've seen the darkside of dimensions he is really obsessed with wanting to duel yami again. And would do anything to make that duel happen. So yeah, don't really want that for airi. Besides she and yami look really in love. I hope they can have a happy ending with eachother.
Dark Yugi chapter 55 . 11/9
Keep up the awesomely amazingly wonderful job.
LadyEllesmere chapter 55 . 11/10
O.o i love itt
AnimeGmr101 chapter 55 . 11/9
Moongirl847 chapter 55 . 11/9
Love, love, LOVE this chapter! I love AiriXYami, but I need some more AiriXSeto action here! Keep up the good work! :)
ZeroFaced chapter 55 . 11/9
1) I love your story!
2) I hate your story! (jk :P) It just frustrates me whats happening with Airi and Yami! They can't be together! I could never be with a guy that looks like my brother, that's insane! It's also insane to pick someone over Seto Kaiba - the guy has it all. xD
MarylandAngels chapter 55 . 11/9
Awesome chapter!
I really loved this one, it was emotional and amazing. And I was wondering if you were going to do capsule monsters. That's an interesting one.
I can't wait for your next chapter! Keep up that amazing work!
See you!
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