Reviews for Sister of Games
FicReader chapter 58 . 6/20
Nice to see you back!

Lately, I feel Airi is not herself in a few chapters. Probably has to do with all the stress that has happened and what's going to happen in the future too. But seeing how she danced with Siegfried to make Kaiba a teeny bit jealous made a bit mischievous and not so serious back now. And we see Yami's jealously flash when he intentionally slipped the pink haired guy. Who knew his astral form can be solid?

Can't wait to read the next chapter and see Airi dueling!
JimmyHall24 chapter 7 . 6/20
Remember kids. In an Anime. Women are practically useless.
JimmyHall24 chapter 5 . 6/20
So this OC is here to just be paired with Kaiba? Great.
ShiningAura chapter 58 . 6/14
Hehehe. Nice one Yami. No one messes with Airi and gets away unscathed. Even if he did just trip him. All caught up now. I look forward to the next chapter.
ShiningAura chapter 54 . 6/13
EEEEEEEEEEE! THEY CONFESSED! I'M SO HAPPY! that I got that out of my system, awesome chapter.
ShiningAura chapter 53 . 6/13
Ahhhhhh! The Yami/Airi fluff! It burns, but it's the good kind of burn. The "Oh my god this is so cute!" kind. Time to show Dartz what happens when you mess with the Mutos!
ShiningAura chapter 49 . 6/13
Hi, remember me? Sorry I've been gone. Life happened, but I got into Yugioh again and remembered this fanfic. (and also remembered why I support Yami/Airi) I reread the story and am now reading blind again! :D Things are getting heavy now. Anyway I've got some catching up to do so on to the next chapter!
lcoro528 chapter 4 . 6/11
It seemed okay, but what really happened between Kaiba vs. Yugi was different. Some things matched, but it might be better if it matched.
Dark Yugi chapter 58 . 6/3
Keep up the awesomely amazingly wonderful job.
Guest chapter 58 . 6/2
Over protective sister alert. This should be good. Keep up the awesome stories.
Anony-mouse chapter 58 . 5/29
The best thing about Airi is when she goes all "Protective Big Sister" on Yugi's more irritating fans/rivals. I can't wait for the next next chapter. I hope Airi absolutely destroys Vivian!
RavenMichaelis chapter 58 . 5/30
Oh snap XD Can't wait for the next chapter to see Airi wipe the floor with Vivian! Lol
Nobledragon Magician chapter 58 . 5/29
Guest chapter 57 . 5/27
When the next chapter gonna update?
AnimeGmr101 chapter 58 . 5/28
I'm so excited it's been a while since I saw Airi duel!
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