Reviews for Adventures of a Harry Potter background character
Quaternary chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
I get that this was humor, but the tone just fell flat for me. Maybe a more serious story would better fit your inclinations? At the end, you said you're foggy on your Harry Potter knowledge. Rest assured that your readership is not. I'd suggest acquainting yourself more with the canon if you're going to write stories about it. It only takes one completely out of place line, or a glaring oversight as to what's canonical to have people hitting the back button.

What most amused me about this was trying to decide whether this was serious. Like I said, I get that this was humor, but it should be common knowledge, or easy to find out, when the stories took place. If Caroline is in Harry's year, and she's in her fourth year, this would make your story guilty of several painful flaws in canon. Being a fourth year, and from a magical background from the looks of it, it's not possible for her to not know who Harry Potter is. Then there's the prefect thing-fourth years can't be prefects, and another prefect can't invite them to be a prefect.

But perhaps the most amusing thing about the story was the use of the word hipster. I chuckled nervously when I read that, since it pretty much cemented what I was in for with the rest of it. Your story takes place in 1994, a decade and a half before that word picked up the meaning you're using.

Overall, I'd say you should seriously rework this.