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Chang-Tong chapter 16 . 8/11/2013
Haaahhh... what can I say? It's the end of the game and the forth book of the series. I actually believed that this will be the last book of the series too... but nope. You just HAD to leave yet another cliffhanger, don't you? XD Even despite the teaser fic for Control, I... actually forgot about the Spectral Knights until the ending of this chapter.

Warm and fluffy feelings all around, you actually got this far despite your full-time job! I applaud you on finishing yet another book in the Shattered Mind series!

I always assumed that Trevor would end up going back to Earth... so I was surprised indeed that there seemed to be no solution in doing so. Well, scratch that, there IS a solution that's already been mentioned, but it's due to lack of knowledge on how to do it properly and the risk of another person's life that Trevor would not be willing to do it. Poor guy... he won't see his dad and his friends again, and he'll never be able to reconcile with Nicole... as well as do things he always wanted to do while still on Earth. But being as optimistic as he is, Trevor wants to make the best of his new life on Gaia. Kind of a happy ending, but at the same time, bittersweet, eh? I have the feeling that Trevor has yet to FULLY realize this, or he's merely putting on a happy front.

Ah, Amarant... you know, if you told Garnet, or maybe even Zidane of what had happened during his time as a guard for the Auction House in Trenor... he could get the bounty lifted off of him, and he wouldn't be worried about being recognized and have mercenaries or money-desperate people coming down on his ass. But then again, this is Amarant we're talking about, so he PROBABLY refused to do it out of pride alone, even if it would save him the trouble in the future. XD

Seki and Freya have been reunited! Now Seki can go on and on about how awesome and wonderful Trevor is and further cement Freya's thoughts about how she's wrong about him the entire time!

Oh, I'm quite sure I mention this already, but if you forgot, let me tell you this: I'm still a firm shipper for the pairing of Trevor/Seki. *gets shot* XD WHO CARES IF SHE'S A BURMECIAN!? It's the heart that matterrrsss! And she already has kids too, so I can see Trevor practicing the role of a father with them.

Garnet, Zidane, Steiner, Eiko and Quina's final roles are all expected... although I'm surprised to see that you chose to keep Vivi alive and not even mention his clones at all. As much as I love Vivi and how much of a favorite he is to me in terms of character... why? How? There's no explanation given for his survival at all. Other than Trevor and Kaiten's presence and the former dying once, and Damian getting out of Trevor's head, I can't think of anything either of them did that made a difference to his life span. It feels like you pretty much hand-waved the explanation away. That's the only thing so far that's making me figuratively scratch my head in confusion.

YES! Trevor and Kaiten as mercenaries! That's a more exciting lifestyle than the one of Guardian of the Kingdom for Trevor. I'm so glad Kaiten has accepted his new life on Gaia too. All's well that ends well, right? ...Spectral Knights preparing to attack notwithstanding.

Speaking of which, the prediction I made in my review for Control's teaser still stands. I still believe that Hart Innural had done something to them before waking them up that would make them not act like themselves: a failsafe, so to speak. I mean, with the intelligence that's been shown so far on his part, there's no way Hart would risk awakening the people he gleefully murdered without having a back-up plan. That's my prediction... that would also why they're acting kind of... off in this final chapter. As Knights sworn to protect, they should be aware of the importance of the lives of innocents, even if they're not Terrans. Risking the lives of innocent Gaians just to get back at the people "responsible" for blowing up Terra and to save Kaiten still seems sketchy no matter how you look at it. Fishy, right? But it's also clear that they also did not get the full true story, but even so...

Ahh... one could only wait and see how everything maps out.

Overall, CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING CONTROL! Looking forward to see how the ride for Clarity would pan out!
Chang-Tong chapter 13 . 8/11/2013
Once again, I apologize profusely for not being around back then to read and review the latest chapters when they come out. Hahhhh... Oh Life... sometimes I wish you don't keep me busy so. *sobs* Plus, I would have voted for who I wanted to see in the final battle too.

Hoooooo boy! You made Necron a realistically serious motherfucker to battle! You actually made me worried to the edge of my seat and wonder what the hell needs to be DONE to WIN! AARRGGHH!

Ahem. I bet you can imagine the hair-pulling your readers would WANT to do when they have to wait for a month for the second part. Bad Krims.


I loved how you made the other half of the party give up their strength to the others. And I love love LOVE how the chosen fighters inherited the others powers and abilities! That's seriously unexpected, but in a good way, because I was CHEERING! It's like, "Yes! They might actually have a real chance now! Yes, gooooo guys and get that MOFO!"

The emotions... how it went from determined to frustration to hopeless despair to rejuvenated hope to victorious elation... ugh! The feels... hit me straight in the heart.

Also... I'm not sure if the floating ability everyone has was explained, but I believe Kuja helped them out with that along with the teleportation skills? The entire time they were flying, I was sure-fire convinced that it was Kuja helping them out.

I wrote all that, but there are no words. I could only sum the feelings the best I could into words. Another favorite chapter/s from you to me. Hahaha!
Chang-Tong chapter 11 . 8/11/2013
WOOOOOOOOO EPIC SHOWDOOOOOOWWWWWWWN! Kuja's just so frickken badass here. He did the best he could against 9 people. Yet ANOTHER favorite of mine from you. Holy shit man, you did Kuja's final fight JUSTICE! I was PUMPED reading it!

It's not completely action-packed either! You again made Kuja interact with the party, namely Zidane. Kuja's fear was prominent too, as well as his complete meltdown as the chapter goes on. His dialogue goes perfectly with canon, in that he's pretty much mad with fear. Gah, I always kinda felt bad for Kuja, but him willing to destroy everything made me not cheer for him to win despite my feelings for him. I always liked Kuja's character development and overall character, since he's one of the more well-rounded and deep game antagonists. I don't believe Kuja's a flat character at all. Just like you did Garland, I'm happy you delved deeper into his personality instead of just writing him as the typical bad guy that's a jerk.

Chang-Tong chapter 10 . 8/11/2013
Oh my goodness, the teamwork between Trevor, Amarant and Eiko is one of the most fun things to read in the series. I love how you incorporated all three of their abilities into a sound strategy to get them the win against Clone Kuja Number 2. I'm reminded of how much you seem to enjoy writing war strategies and battles with this. Also liked how you wrote Amarant and Eiko here: they're pretty much on-spot!

The title calls their teamwork strange, but I think they blended well together considering the circumstances. Again, I also love the original dialogues you wrote for them.

Heh, Amarant, while there seems to be no lie with his annoyance for Eiko, I know that with his character, he as a grudging- and I add emphasis on GRUDGING- respect for her summoning abilities and her spunk. Think about it: how many kids would dare to look up at giant Amarant and scream and yell and tell him off constantly? XD If there's something Amarant would have to admire about Eiko besides her powers, it's her spunk and guts. Eiko... she's still young, so it's forgivable of her to take Amarant at face value. XD

This is one of my favorite chapters as a whole from you, Krims!
Chang-Tong chapter 9 . 8/11/2013
It is not in my nature to not review a chapter... or chapters that I have missed, because doing such a thing feels so cheap when you think about all the work the author has put into it. So with that said, as apologies for being so busy with life that I couldn't review, expect a line of reviews from me here on out to the latest chapter now that I FINALLY have the time... though I doubt you'd be complaining. Heh.

I really enjoyed seeing the party's reaction to Trevor's explanation about the incoming battle, with their incredulity and horror. It gives you the sense of what was about to come being REALLY hammered into their heads, and they have to wonder if they're coming out alive, before Zidance, being the true natural leader he was, stepped up to give one heck of an inspiring pep-talk. I love their encounter with Kuja and how you added dialogue between them and him, and how Kuja verbally cut them down arrogantly. Shocked to see Damian as Deathguise, and I really hope that that's the last we see of him. Whew! One heck of a battle between him and Trevor and Kaiten!

Five Kujas!? HOLY CRAP! That's unexpected. Gotta give you points for taking liberty with your creative license though. Considering that this is part of the final battle, I applaud you for doing something different to make it more epic. Our heroes sure got our work cut out for them this time, and it's cool to see Kuja is gonna go down fists a-swinging.

The image of Freya spinning Trevor around with her lance and then flinging him at Kuja for him to glomp onto for dear life as they spin through the air makes me laugh hysterically on the inside. Easily the best part of this chapter.

Freya and Trevor's cards are finally on the table, and it's great to see them FINALLY reconciling with each other. Even when they teamed up, I can still get the sense of unease between them. As funny as Freya throwing Trevor towards Kuja was, she's pretty much all, "Hey, you ready for this crazy plan of mine? No? Too bad! Woosh!" when it happened. XD I know they have to win, but still, Trevor's burnt pretty badly when that happened. By the end of the chapter though, I get the sense of forgiveness and acceptance between the both of them. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! XD
Jj David Lee chapter 16 . 7/11/2013
I was so late. So fucking late to review this and I know it and I just hate myself for that. Prepare for my long rant. I hope this will cover everything so far.

Just want to let you know, Krimson, I literally grew up along with this story of yours. Final Fantasy IX meant so much to me as does Shattered Mind. I got so emotional reading the last of the chapters in Control. I cried. And I cried so hard. Trevor's momentary death. Their battles with the Chaos Guardians (especially the ones with Marilith and Tiamat). The five Kujas (I was thinking 'Shit just got real' about that). Necron.

I don't know. Everything just became so emotional. And I glad you didn't kill off Vivi like he's supposed to in the original story or I will fucking break down into tears (or are you planning to do so in Clarity considering your evilness?).

This last chapter. When Zidane and Dagger reunited. I can literally see the entire scene in my mind. I can hear them voices. I can see them people. Heck, even the music "Towards That Gate" got real all of a sudden. And I thought I can finally give my adrenaline some rest but there's still that first chapter of Clarity I have to read!

Krimson. I just wanna thank you for bringing Shattered Mind to me and to every reader out there. I've learned a lot from your writings and rants. And you were what inspired me to start my own SI fic years ago (though I'm having problems with it). And one day, I hope I can accomplish what you did, and finish my own story too.

Thank you. For all the tears and laughter and adrenaline rush Shattered Mind brought me. Just so you know I'm still a bit overreacting from this final chapter. I'll definitely be looking forward to Clarity and your other works!

Until next time.
Blaze Shadow chapter 16 . 6/17/2013
... the cliffhanger shouldn't have surprised me, it really shouldn't, but your writing is of a quality that I forgot you enjoy doing that to your poor, poor fans.

But in all seriousness its been great to see the story complete its fourth disk, so rare for ff9 fics to do that and you did it with class and style (and of course cliffhangers). Glad to see everyone get their good ending so far, and for Vivi to survive as well.

Find the other spectral knights a bit crazy in their thought train though. Though they might not know it was Kuja's fault, and really messing with Gaia isn't going to solve a problem, still hoping they don't do to much damage (even though I've read your trailer for it and know they likely will).

Anyway its been a great story so far and hope to see you keep up the good work in the next part, and if possible tone down the cliffhangers.
Hikari No Aijou chapter 16 . 5/21/2013
Oh, you sneaky little bastard...You've been planing this for quite some time. Damn you and your cliffhangers! You deliberately planned this! How many hate messages have you wound up getting so far? XD I bet your inbox is full of them after this stunt. XD Okay, I'm done with my rant. I was actually about to throw a huge hissy fit about the ending of your series before realizing this wasn't the end of your series. I was all like..."That's it? THAT's his epic ending to this epic series? No way!" Just because the question regarding the Spectral Knights had never been answered, and I was expecting this great big reunion between Kaiten and his team. But I know you're continuing the series. _ That leaves me happy. By the way, just because I reread the first book, is the dude in Cleyra ever gonna come hunting Trevor for the damages done to his inn? XD I just HAVE to see you add that in because I think it would be utterly hilarious.

Anyway, I look forward to your next book! Can't wait! And thanks for the shoutout! Glad to know I'm appreciated! XD And now comes the wait for the next book...DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!
Wyxlan Lonestar chapter 16 . 5/14/2013
I have to say, congratulations on finishing this wonderful and awesome story. You have created one of the greatest stories I've ever read. I just had to review because it was the end and it's been a while since I reviewed. This last chapter is truly a great way to end the story of Trevor, and Kaiten, within the Final Fantasy IX universe. They found themselves a place to call home at the end. It was just beautiful and awesome.

Side note. This must be the first SI story I've read that reached the end. I'll go to Duelist of the Dawn and Dreylen since you said that they did that too.

And I say, I knew there was going to be another cliffhanger at the end. I called it before reading it, and there it was, a cliffhanger. And what was it? The Spectral Knights returning and about to wage war just to rescue Kaiten. Dammit man, why must you use cliffies like their toys! But then again, I got excited about you starting another Shattered Mind story.

Good job on ending a wonderful story and about to start another. May you get better at your work and never lose your dedication.
Aliva-Valxia chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
That an amazing way to end control and I'm stoked for Clarity! Fantastic job and can't wait to read more! )
Anderjay chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
Not gonna lie bro, i had a bit of a fangasm when i read that you were making a new shattered mind. for a long tine i havmd been dreading this final chapter and now, at least for a while, i can relax. ive been following this story since destruction, and i must say that you are very talented. thank you for the continuation (i started to get peeved due to not seeing the spectral knights :p)
Paigetheblackmag chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
Hey, hey Krimson.
Guess what?

Yuleen75 chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
Well, this is the end.


I didn't keep reviewing the fic since I always read it from my work or through the cell phone, so it was kind of tricky to write a review. But, this is the exception! (and I have three minutes before the end of my break).

There's a lot of people that will say how much they like the story (a lot!), their favorite scene (I don't remember) and how they want you to make a sequel or to make another fanfic (ehh...). But I'm going to do something a little bit different.

I started reading this fanfic when it has 18 chapters in the first book. I only have been around one year in the university when I found it and I thought that I was an idiot for not reading it before. In that time I was drawing a lot, so I took a lot of inspiration from Trevor and started to draw him everywhere. Also, each time that I read a new chapter, I would go to my friend and tell her everything that happened, what I thought was going on around and what I wished to see. Good old times.

But a lot of years has passed since them: I graduated, i got I boyfriend and got my first nephew, but I still was reading Shattered Mind. Is just a fic, but is one of those things that make you look back and make you happy to find that every single time, I was login in to see if there was an update.

I love this fanfic, I love your writing style, I love Trevor and Kaiten and I love Final Fantasy IX. You accomplish something wonderful today, since is not everyone that get to finish a fanfic and is less the people that really get to purse their career as a writer. I hope that you succeed in your path as an author.

Thanks for the beautiful experience. You're just awesome.
Ezakiel chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
God damn it, man, you did it AGAIN! A cliffhanger at the end of a story? Does your malice know no bounds? I expected one last surprising plot twist – and got it, more on that later – but not THIS! Geez, now my butt hurts, because I sat on a chair this time. I'll somehow find a way to hold you responsible for this...

On a more serious note... AWESOME! This was a very worthy "end" for a uniquely worthy story. You finally finished the game. But not only that, the entire problem that Trevor and Kaiten had, namely finding a place in this new and – somewhat – unknown world, was solved beautifully. Of course, now that they have found it, they have even more reason to protect it.

Also, there WERE a few typos, but who cares ;-)

I had to laugh out loud when I was acknowledged in your notes, especially about the lawsuits-line. Makes me want to review even more and longer. Wait, was that a review-review? Reviewception? Gotta stop thinking about it before it starts making sense. Anyway, thanks a ton for that! Reading Shattered Mind and reviewing it has always been fun for me. Heck, it always WILL be, which leads me to the next point.

The big reveal. Honestly, throwing that punch after thanking all the reviewers was a huge surprise, and the cause for the current pain in my rear. Seriously, how do you do it? I KNEW that the spectral knights were back and I STILL didn't see this coming. Them becoming "villains" was farthest from my mind.

I can only imagine what's in store for us readers now. In fact, scratch that, I probably can't. I mean, you surprised me time and again with a story that I mostly already knew. That was actually what I found most amazing about your story and your writing style. You took an existing world that just about all the readers knew – after all, who would read FF9-fanfiction without having played the game? - and still managed to make it all fresh and exciting and... new! It takes a lot of skill to cause such anticipation for every chapter when everyone mostly knows what'll happen. Of course, those brutal cliffhangers you peppered us with played their part, too.

Just thinking about what you can do with this well-established world when you have no canon to hold you back makes me jumpy. I already read a very well written novelization of FF8 and the completely original sequel to that, and it blew me away. But having read your story, I'm sure you can outshine even that. Shattered Mind: Clarity is now officially my No.1 Most Wanted.

This is everything for now (like I haven't rambled enough yet). I originally planned to write some parting words, but thanks to the sequel, I can lay that off for a long time. Thus, all that's left to say is this:

Keep up the MIND SHATTERING work!

Till next time!
OverlordBossk chapter 16 . 5/13/2013
Great job with the ending - definitely worth the wait! As others stated, was curious how you could leave the SK's out after bringing them back - can't wait to read the next story arc!
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