Reviews for My Light
KennedyHarlow chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
My Light is certainly an interesting story. I had one problem with it initially, which is that it was confusing to tell who was talking (writing). This is a simple fix and only requires slightly clearer labeling.

If I am reading this story correctly, I think it is full of subtlety, and I love that. The letters may say one thing, but the reader can look beyond the mere text to learn more about what is going on. For example, I thought it was interesting that L writes often but Light does not. Perhaps we as readers only see some of Light's letters, and are not meant to assume that he rarely responds. However, I think it is a fair assumption to speculate that their dynamic is a little one sided.

I also wondered if L was meant to be an 'unreliable narrator' (We talked about this in one of my classes a long time ago; I think its when the narrator provides his perspective, but the reader is supposed to realize that it is somehow not an accurate representation of the facts. The reader is supposed to use the narrators account and what they know about the narrators personality to figure out what is correct and what isn't.) L seems very… enamored, and I wondered if we are supposed to be suspicious that his feelings are coloring his perception of the situation. This was further suggested by Light's tone in the break up letter. He seems to imply they are not on the same page, when he says, "What has happened up till now in the last few weeks was yet another turning point in our lives and sadly it does not bring us any closer. People have been falsely saying that we have drifted apart and it is true. You have changed and so have I. Why didn't you notice this L? It was so apparent to everyone else."

Regardless of whether we are supposed to accept what L says at face value, there is also an undeniable range of emotion expressed in the story. The interactions through the letters are very sweet of course, but there was a line in the last chapter that I thought captured the story perfectly: "His wrists had been tightly bandaged and Light examined his nails. They had been filed down to the tips of his fingers and were so blunt that they would be useless to scratch anything with it. Anger bubbled to the surface. Dammit."

When Light wakes up with his wrists bandaged and his nails filed down, we know that L has intervened, probably out of some sort of affection. Light fails to detect the selfless kindness he has been shown- which overall, he probably doesn't even deserve. Instead he can only focus on the fact that he is irritated. That makes for a truly bittersweet moment.
g chapter 4 . 4/28/2012
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Ethan chapter 4 . 4/9/2012
I am glad to see that you are updating the story again. There is a new streak to it now. Something I hadn't expected. The story of these two characters has so much to tell and you are potraying it to its max. A lot of points in the story I found things that I could relate to. Things that give a deeper understanding of how things are around us. I have to say that you are a very mature person with the right sense of things. I learn so much from reading your stories. The feelings you describe, they feel so real. I couldn't help but imagine every bit of the pain. Some of the lines are absolutely beautiful. The part about his desire to not lose was amazing. I was so amazed by the perfectness of the way you captured that. When I read your writing it is always intoxicating and binding on my mind. It is only while reading your stories that I regret not being able to read fast as the turns and sheer descriptions of each detail is awesome. I could see the exicement and pure vigour you must have had while writing this. Its very hard to tell exactly what you want to in stories. There is always a rift between what you want to tell and how the ppl interpret it. I always try to look at stories from both the points of views. What you wanted to tell is beautifully put and just perfect. Its wonderful that you can use words in that kind of a way. I am impressed by how you use your vocabulary. Its an absolute pleasure reading your stories. Keep writing.

Lost in the thought of your light,

-Your greatest fan
Ethan chapter 2 . 2/17/2012
This story brings an unseen, unheard but familiar touch to the characters. These words are truly what I expected there to be between the characters. But thanks to you I got to read them in such a simply put yet not undermining the complexity of the feelings of the characters way. I hope the people will read this story and get a deeper understanding of the characters and enjoy your beautiful writing like I did. These letters feel very natural. I wonder how you do that. You have such a good understanding of emotion. But another part that compliments that skill is your way of putting forward things. The way you write and make it seem effortless is simply amazing. You really are a true artist. Keep writing. I will always read your fanfics.

-Your greatest fan