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Count Mallet chapter 31 . 9/28/2012
Seeing a half-out of body Padmé conversing with Ahsoka is creative, surreal, and a bit morbid all at once. Our heroes may not know it yet, but soon Padmé will be a full part of their world. I can only wonder what will happen once the three of them are together for eternity.

I can't be too harsh, though. If my AU gets as developed as I'd like, the living will have a brief conversation with the dead in a key hopeful scene.

I have a feeling the next chapter might just very well be the most gut-wrenching for Ahsoka if it is what I think it is.

- Count Mallet -
spikala chapter 31 . 9/28/2012
Even knowing how the story ends doesn't make this any less heartbreaking. It was great to see more of Padme though, the movie just jumps over her reaction to Anakin's betrayal.

Oh, was there a particular reason for choosing copper & cerulean for Luke & Leia's auras?

I have a feeling I know where we might be for the next scene is *bites nails*
Kelana-ti chapter 31 . 9/28/2012
that line, 'the end of all things,' did you get that from the Lord of the Rings? Because I know that phase is used for the song after Frodo and Sam destroyed the ring... anyway, I think that's pretty cool. Poor Padme. D:
laloga chapter 31 . 9/28/2012
Amazing work, once again. Really enjoyed the imagery of Mustafar, especially in contrast to Lola Sayu; for some reason the mention of Ahsoka breathing very deeply because she didn't have to worry about being choked by the smoke caught my eye. Very nice! :)

*It was just over twenty-four hours since they last checked in with Padme.* It's so scary, how quickly everything changes in the movie, and you did an amazing job illustrating the plummet, here. Throughout the chapter, I could sense Ahsoka's rising desperation to find Anakin even though she knows that what she's going to find is going to be really bad.

But she can't let it go, and I don't blame her. One of Ahsoka's bright qualities is her faith in others. Even when faced with the evidence of Anakin's transformation, I don't think she'll actually, truly *believe* it until she sees him, herself. This line was a wonderful example of that: *Anakin didn't want this. He was out of his mind, the Son had gotten to him, the Chancellor had turned him, it wasn't right, it wasn't right!* She wants so much to believe that she's mistaken, that it's not Anakin's fault, that he was compelled or forced into these actions, somehow, even though I know that she knows it's a baseless belief.

Loved the moment when Padme was able to speak with Ahsoka; it was bittersweet, because - as is stated - it's been so long since Ahsoka actually spoke with her friend, but these circumstances are horrific.

One of my biggest issues with the PT is how Padme dies - of a broken heart, so we're led to believe - so I have to say, I *love* how you handle that matter, here: "The man I love is changed. The Republic I love is dead, and the people cheered when it died. What do you do, when evil is believed to be good?" It's not just that she lost Anakin; everything is gone, her life's work, her Republic, everything, and it's a bit easier for me to accept that these combined horrors were just too much for her to survive. I suppose the movie never really explained it well enough, at least to me, but again, I think you did a great job illustrating it here. :)

Loved how Padme begged Ahsoka to help Anakin. There is good in him. Sigh. Such an epic line...excellent job including it.

*One hand holding another. It was such a small gesture, holding hands, but it meant so much.* Love how you keep coming back to this, how Rex and Ahsoka provide each other with strength and stability throughout all of this turmoil, and how it was contrasted with Padme holding Ahsoka's hand.

As strange as it may sound, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, because I can't wait to see how you handle such a pivotal portion of the story. You've done a tremendous job with some very tricky material (RotS isn't the strongest movie, imo), and injected so much heart and soul where there wasn't much. Bravo! :D
Jess Marylin chapter 31 . 9/28/2012
At least Ahsoka managed to help Padme hold on a little bit longer... Sad, sad chapter.
Patiently awaiting your next update!
DoubleEO chapter 30 . 9/26/2012
Awww, Poor Cody. :( I hope he makes the right decision. I love Ashla and Chopper. :) So cute. I can't wait to see what's coming next!
AliAngel97 chapter 30 . 9/24/2012
I really love how your story is progressing. It is very well written, and I can't wait to read more of it! In fact...I made an account just so I could continue reading :) Keep it up! Your writing is beautiful!
Sarge1995 chapter 30 . 9/23/2012
This was a solemn chapter once again, but it's definitely not as dark as the past few. Cody's beginning to doubt the orders of the now-Emperor, Ashla's going to Shili, Shaak Ti might just change her destination...anyways, excellent work!
The-Ironborn chapter 30 . 9/23/2012
So sad you couldn't include Barriss' scene. It would have been nice to contrast her with Cody, since they had their moment. Cody/Barriss has become one of my favourite pairings for Clone Wars lately, and Rex and Ahsoka's little 'set-up' for them was amazingly written.

I really like where this is going so far, particularly where the relationship between Rex and Ahsoka is concerned. You've done a really great job illustrating their realization of their own feelings for each other. A lot of fics assume that relationship, but don't actually generate it. The best part of your descriptions of their relationship is definitely your descriptions of their auras interacting.

Your prose reads very beautifully and reverently. Our ghosts have ethereal dignity to them. Perhaps they will meet some of the recently deceased in their travels? Or find a way to reach out to them as they pass into the afterlife?
LongLiveTheClones chapter 30 . 9/22/2012
Hmmm... so curious if you followed canon and Barriss lives or dies, especially considering all the references you make in this chapter to her relationship with Cody.

Love the depth that you give Cody's character here compared to canon.

I really liked this line:

Victory was not supposed to be quiet. Hard won victory was sometimes subdued, but it was never this ghostly silent.

And, I love that Cody is pleased that Kenobi is not dead, because it always BOTHERED me that Cody shot at Kenobi and then appeared to show no remorse over the fact:

He shouldn't be pleased that the probe droids didn't find Kenobi's body. Cody knew Kenobi well enough to know that if there was no body, the man simply wasn't dead, as unlikely as it was. He shouldn't harbor a feeling of relief for a traitor. It was wrong. He was better than that.

This was just a funny line:

"I could have sworn I survived the battle," Cody said tiredly, and Rex's lips quirked temporarily into a smile.

Love how Rex is forcing Cody to think for himself:

"Your gut's telling you it's wrong Cody. Give your head a bit of time to understand why."

Rex has gotten very eloquent and truly has become the voice of the clones:

"There is no more Republic." Rex was looking at him evenly, and he straightened, removing his shoulder from where he leaned up against the wall. "There is no more Republic, Cody. Right now, on Coruscant, the Chancellor is declaring himself the head of the Galactic Empire. The evil at the heart of the Republic wasn't the Jedi. It was the Chancellor."

Such a great line:

Cody sat alone in the room and began to doubt.

I predict great things from Cody coming up.

This made me smile:

Four clone troopers, protecting a Jedi. A week ago, that would have been simply understood. Now, though, it was a miracle. Those that the former Chancellor would call traitors, she would, instead, call heroes.

What a choice to have to make?!

Felucia, and a possible revolution - or Shili, and a single Padawan?

Amid the silence and the streaming light of space, Shaak Ti leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes, and chose.

Wow! Great cliffie!
Lady Lisette chapter 30 . 9/22/2012
Cool that we get to enter other characters' heads at this point - most interesting. Especially Cody and Ashla. It's very sad :(

Oh boy! I can't wait to see what happens on Mustafar!
Count Mallet chapter 30 . 9/21/2012
It's always interesting to see how you intertwine your story line with canon plot. Interesting to see Ashla being taken back to Shili. While it's yet to be seen if she seeks a tribe to accept her or looks for a new life in the city, you definitely have the reader wondering what does happen to her.

And a cameo with Shaak Ti. Yay! I always get an enigmatic vibe about her... like she has an interesting back story that has never been revealed. I always wonder how she can be so serene when Togruta are know for being fierce in battle.

Bummer about Barriss being cut, but even great movies have to make cuts here and there. *grin*

Looking forward to the final chapters.

- Count Mallet -
Sandd chapter 30 . 9/21/2012
Too bad Galen meets her later on Felucia. :/
Lionheart Rising chapter 30 . 9/21/2012
I loved this chapter.
Oh, Cody. He just wants to do what's right, and when orders interfere with what's right he's lost. Nice little Barriss/Cody insert there. Have you had Barriss die in this fic? Just curious.

I also loved the Ashla/Chopper interaction. She's a clever little thing, lying about Chopper being her step-dad. And Shaak Ti's conversation with Ahsoka was also very nicely written.

Very good, keep it up!
Jess Marylin chapter 30 . 9/21/2012
Cody desperately needed Rex's advice, and I'm glad that he got it.
Ahsoka and Rex showing themselves to Ashla was perfect. She needed to know that she wasn't alone.
I'm hoping that Shaak Ti goes to Shili. I don't like Ashla being separated from the four clones, but she needs a master. I hope the boys will be okay too.
Patiently awaiting your next update!
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