Reviews for Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex Are Dead
impoeia chapter 40 . 3/16/2013
I can't help but keep being amazed at how well you peg these characters, though by now I should be used to it. The choices you have illustrated for Gus and Jesse were perfect. These two, more than CHooper and Tup, were dedicated to the ideals of the Republic, though of course, their characters led them to value different things and to take different approaches. As such, the choice of Gus to become a cop was as perfect as Jesse's to become a rebel. Gus has that love for order and and the courage to protect and to see things done right that a cop needs. Jesse has the adventurous and rebellious streak that all freedom fighters and spacers need and that helped him become part of that rather interesting mission on Umbara.

The fact that now all of these brave men have a destiny of their own creates a deep sense of satisfaction, though I also feel a bit of sorrow over the fact that they broke up. But I guess, that is all part of growing into an individual and separate from the enforced closeness of the army. And i must say, as a final chapter, this was perfect. A bit of nostalgia for a time past and things lost, but so much hope for the future. Loved how you brought in Clan Skirata, the serum and how you brought Jesse, Cody and Barriss together. Those three would make a very well-balanced unit in the struggle against the Empire.

*Sigh* I never like it when a great story comes to an end, but this is an ending I could look forward to. Loved it and each and every chapter afterwards. The entire story was riveting, well-written, wonderful in plot and character. I'll miss it.
Kelana-ti chapter 40 . 3/15/2013
Oooh, fun. :D Too bad it's over... bittersweet, ya know? Honestly, I want to read about the cure, and Clan Skirata, and Rebellion, but oh well. I guess I can see how this could be an end... but it seems more like a begining! Hmmf. Anyway, really enjoyed this story, and how all the characters survived and had guardian angels watching over them. A fun read.
Jess Marylin chapter 40 . 3/15/2013
Gus will make a really good cop. :) And Jesse will find that person who'll strengthen him just like Ahsoka strengthens Rex. This was a really good story and you did an awesome job!
Queen Ceilidh chapter 40 . 3/15/2013
Everyone is now settled into their new lives. Thank-you for always writing something wonderful, whether it made me laugh or cry, I always love reading your work. Who were the two other clones with Cody and Barriss? Was it Mereel and Ordo? Do you have any plans for any new stories?
AngelAxexinf chapter 20 . 3/9/2013
I don't know hwy it's taking me so long to finish this!
impoeia chapter 39 . 3/7/2013
I really like Chopper's introduction to civilian life. He has been such an outcast for so long, even among other clones, that it is good for him to realize that, while others may not share his exact experiences, they can share a similar pain. This is particularly important to realize for a clone who is no longer living in the protective circle of his brothers. Chopper has finally come to realize that the world of a clone and the world of a civvie aren't that different, or rather, aren't that completely alien and incompatible to each other. I can see how this will make living outside of the GAR a lot easier for him and will give him what I think he has been looking for: not just a different style of living, but a sense of belonging as well.

I like the way you build up the group dynamics between Chooper, Tup, Gus and Jesse. How they are not really close, like brothers by choice, but friends out of necessity, out of shared experiences and because they are all they have. It's a little sad, but quite realistic. Personality wise, these four are not the most compatible, though together they make up a balanced group. Which is why it makes sense that the group would fall apart, once one of them decides to actually leave. Chopper's rather solitary decision to leave is sad, but in his character. Figures he would just get up and disappear one day, but it is also within his character to at least promise to try and stay in touch, once he realizes that they are worried for him, as a friend and brother. I think he often does not quite grasp just how much people care for him, and that concern is for him and not because they believe he can't take care of himself.

Noula is a great character. She's quite mysterious, which is perfect for a Theelin and her contrasting appearance and character are quite intriguing. Such a colorful person considering her quiet and restrained character. But she is perfect for Chopper because of that. He needs someone who can understand pain that is more than physical, but who has learned to work through it in a different manner. Both Chopper and Noula, it can be argued, have chosen an artistic approach (if you consider making droid fingers into necklaces artistic), but Noula, I think, is a little further than Chopper. She's already come to grips enough with pain to understand it and to want to help others with it. CHopper, I think would need someone to show him the way a little, but someone who can do so without making him feel like he is being berated or lectured. Noula has the perfect personality for that.

The smile at the end is wonderful. It doesn't promise too much, but it lets the reader hope for something good for Chopper and Noula, though the future is, certainly, unclear. Not a happily ever after, but the promise of something a little more lasting and a little sweeter than either of them has had before.
impoeia chapter 38 . 3/6/2013
I'm really glad you did a bonus epilogue focusing on Tup. He's such an interesting character and I liked him from the first time he was introduced in the Umbara arc. For a shiny, I thought he had a lot of good sense.

The way you developed his character in this fic is a very nice extension of what we know about Tup from the series. He comes across as a very capable soldier, but you never get the sense that he enjoys the fighting a lot, or even that he feels very comfortable on the battlefield. And having gone through Umbara, that would probably not have improved. So the idea that he, of the four, would be the one most wanting a life that is different from either the GAR or that of the fugitive/ mercenary makes sense.

I particularly like how you used the rather meaningless death of the Toydarian as a jumping off point for Tup to leave the group. I think Chopper, Jesse and Gus are old enough, and have spent enough time in the war that, like Rex, they recognize such violence as something unavoidable. Tup though, is still young enough to be jarred by it. Also, you always get the sense that he is a lot more sensitive to these things. I'm not sure why; maybe because of the way he speaks, or just because of that tear drop tattoo. Somehow, that just speaks of a deeper sensitive streak. And his loyalty to the group before that reminds me of how he was willing to stick with Dogma, not so much because he liked ratting out Jesse, Hardcase and Fives, but because he was loyal to a brother and a certain way of life.

Then there's the fact that he ends up with Cut. I don't think there could have been a better hiding place for him. Tup and Cut have a lot in common. They both decide to leave behind the military life and their brothers, because they can no longer tolerate the senseless violence that dominates their lifestyle. Both want something totally different, to experience a new and more open way of life and certainly farming, growing things, is about as different as a soldier's life as you can get. Having Tup live with Cut and Suu just feels fundamentally right.
impoeia chapter 37 . 3/5/2013
*Sigh* So much to love about this chapter, so where to start?

First off, I think that you really hit the nail on the head with Cody worrying himself into a migraine with both guilt and loss. The man's identity is so entangled with his role as Commander that, no matter what, he would feel guilt over leaving behind the others, as well as for abandoning his post. Add to that the unresolved issues created by Order 66 and you have an emotional mess that can easily have physical consequences. And just as it is in Cody's character to get himself worked up into this state, so it is that he would not complain about it, but rather try and endure, because that is what he would do as a person and as a superior officer.

Then there is Barriss' analysis of the situation and the way you described her using her Force abilities to ease Cody's pain. I am always wowed by your ability to balance physical effects and imagery without loosing the mystical elements of the Force. I smile when I read Barriss sounding like a healers manual, while basically acting as a mystical aspirin. She sounds so perfectly serious and concentrated, that it's almost silly, but at the same time, you can't help admiring her professionalism and her skills. I guess that's why she and Cody make such a good couple. He's a lot like that as well, when he starts thinking in terms of tactics and regs.

The apology scene was, I think, my favourite. Not just because Cody apologized, but because recognizes the fact, that she can accept and forgive him (and perhaps other clones) because he is not as completely a stormtrooper as others. The fact that her feelings would be different if he had killed Kenobi, just makes her so very human and shows just how much she has come to remove herself from the ideal Jedi image she once tried to be. She's recognizes her own preferences, her own weakness of character. I think in that moment, she reaches a clarity of insight that truly does justice to those diamond tattoos. Ironic of course, that she reaches such a state when the tattoos are no longer visible and the galaxy itself has become rather unclear and chaotic. But then again, we often recognize more about ourselves and others in time of strife, then in time of prosperity.

You can really see how much Barriss has grown, how she has come to recognize the need for change within herself and the promise of a growing relationship between her and Cody are both sweet and realistic. These two wouldn't hasten into a relationship and this promises just the right amount of pacing for these two to build a strong and mutual relationship. They really do mesh well together. (Apparently physically as well as mentally and spiritually. Spooning in the priory. Ha!)
Arrowhead1996 chapter 39 . 3/2/2013
Wow. That was so great, and so sweet. Beautiful. Next?
laloga chapter 39 . 2/19/2013
Very nice! Loved the descriptions of the seedy underbelly of the planet, (was it left unnamed on purpose, or did I miss it?), but my favorite had to be the way that Noula's voice was written. *Her voice was like sandpaper, rough and hard; but like sandpaper, it produced a smoothness. Her voice was like smoke and whiskey, rich but with a burn that he suspected would linger long after her song was done.* Absolutely love that description. :)

It was good to see Chopper following his own path, even if he's still working on finding happiness. Love the idea that he finds a place among other "different" folks, other outcasts, which is how he views himself. Great job getting inside of his head, and working the Chopper we met on the show into the man that he's become now.

Noula was intriguing. I love the idea that she and Chopper are similar in that they each have a past they're running from, and that she finds an outlet for her emotions in song. (And I love both singers you mentioned, so I could definitely imagine how Noula's voice sounds.)

I'm short on time, I'm afraid, so this can't be much longer, but again...wonderful job! :D
ZabuzasGirl chapter 39 . 2/16/2013
Update immediately, please!Update immediately, please!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
Update immediately, please!
Kelana-ti chapter 39 . 2/16/2013
Ahh. I'm getting quite fond of Chopper. It's nice to see him happy.
Lionheart Rising chapter 39 . 2/15/2013
I've always liked Chopper, and you portrayed him excellently. I also like Noula Vaai a good deal. One qualm though, and I think this is just me, but it's always weird to me when there's a clone by himself, with the exception being Rex when he's by himself. Still though, very good.

Will you be writing about Jesse and Gus as well?
Keep it up!
Count Mallet chapter 39 . 2/15/2013
I can only hope Noula isn't living quite the wild lifestyle Amy did.

I'm getting the impression here Chopper is a bouncer or other bar type worker. Nice to see Rex & Ahsoka taking time to express their concern for his well-being. I'm surprised they didn't ask him about his singer companion.

Glad to see a new epilogue. I wasn't sure if we were complete here yet or not.

- Count Mallet -
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