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Cbird28 chapter 10 . 12/17/2021
Ooh, Penny would make a good Inara, I think. And obviously so cute that she and Sheldon would go to a Halloween party dressed as Firefly characters! Oh, even better! The whole group is dressed up together! Okay, I'm going to make a quick guess as to who the rest of the group will be. I'm thinking with Penny and Sheldon as Inara and Mal, Howard and Bernadette will be Simon and Kaylee. Maybe Raj as Shepard, Leonard as Wash, and Amy as Zoe? Though I could also see Howard and Bernadette being Wash and Zoe... Now I'll read on go see what you decided! :)
Wow, I nailed it! I guess great minds think alike! ;) Oops, I forgot about Jayne! Sorry Jayne... Probably because he's not my favorite. He's kinda annoying. But I definitely should've remembered because I watched the first episode of Firefly tonight, so the characters should be fresh in my memory. Unlike Jayne, I did know I left out River, but I just figured they didn't have her because there weren't enough girls in the group. Oh well... I tried. Lol.
Okay, didn't see that coming, but should've! Of course Sheldon knows the fanfics for Firefly. Lol!
Not surprised that even after a year, Sheldon doesn't understand "the look". He has to keep his innocent naivety! Ending with quoting Firefly (Mal specifically, I believe), was so good! Loved this fun story!
Cbird28 chapter 9 . 12/17/2021
I forgot to say this right at the end of the last chapter, but I'm going to venture the guess that it was a good kiss from both perspectives ;)
Aww, it makes me happy that Leonard is happy with Amy! I could see them getting along quite well too. Ha, that k you Sheldon. You're so right- "Would I be working on it at all if it were unimportant?"
Love how Leonard thinks he's totally off the hook about his night at Amy's place, but at the last moment, Sheldon stops him and asks if they had sex lol! Then followed by asking permission to pursue Penny. My goodness, Sheldon is a treasure.
Love the connection you made with Penny and Sheldon and Mal and Inara! Oh my goodness, that whole paragraph of Sheldon's inner musings comparing himself to Penny's further boyfriends and getting upset thinking about the term "train wreck"- so funny!
Penny and Sheldon is so interesting partly because Penny is usually a very physical/touchy-feely person and Sheldon is very much not. Just makes for an interesting dynamic!
Cbird28 chapter 8 . 12/16/2021
That kiss and vomit was totally hilarious! Obviously she threw up because of the alcohol, but it's still funny. Their interaction and conversation here is so sweet. I love that Amy knows how she misreads signals and just asks what their status is. Very IC.
Gosh, I can feel Sheldon's confusion and agitation as he tries to figure out what to say to Penny! It's kinda fun to see Sheldon so agitated and rambly since he's usually in control. And I'm not surprised Penny is keeping up with it. It's probably way easier to understand then when he goes off explaining away something science-y lol. Gosh, of course Sheldon would just come up with the idea to experiment by having her kiss him, ha! Also loved this line "Clearly, Penny infuriating him was strangely good for his nerves." Lol! Probably because it's so familiar and normal! Oh, you left off on a cliffhanger! Glad I'm reading when this is done so I don't have to wait! :)
Cbird28 chapter 7 . 12/16/2021
I love how into this discussion Howard and Raj got. Their list of reasons for Sheldon to date Penny is too funny! Also, the fact that their initial reason for coming to see Sheldon was to invite him to battle kites- that's amazing and hilarious. Yep, Sheldon would turn to math/science to try to logic his feelings. Lol.
I love how you phrase this! "that he made allowances for Penny that no-one else was allowed," It's so true! I think that was even true in the show, though to a lesser extent, of course.
Oh, interesting encounter between Leonard and Amy! I can totally see Amy being able to detach herself from the situation and decide she's mostly jealous of Penny's ability to get any guy. That seems very in line with her character. I had totally forgotten Amy and Leonard went on a "date". Goodness, it's funny imagining Amy throwing herself at Leonard! Are they going to become a thing too? Hmm...
Cbird28 chapter 6 . 12/16/2021
I'm glad Amy forgives Penny. It is cute to me how much Amy looked being friends with her. I do not remember Stuart at all! I'm guessing she's looking for the Firefly comics that Sheldon mentioned, though. Yep, getting the comic. Totally awkward but funny that Stuart indeed did pretend to love Firefly and Penny basically called him out on it.
Oh my gosh, I always love Sheldon's overreaction to things and jumping to conclusions instead of letting Leonard finish! "Have you been speaking in derogatory terms about trains?" so funny! I also like Leonard's thought process about how he could explain why he did what he did, but Sheldon wouldn't understand, so he decided not to bother. Again, very in character thing for him! Oh Penny... I'm so curious where this will go! With Amy being her "bestie" and Sheldon being himself, Penny is in a precarious spot with crushing on Sheldon! Sidenote: the Firefly theme song is so good! I just had to relisten to it :)
Cbird28 chapter 5 . 12/16/2021
I don't blame Penny for her internal rambling at all! The whole situation does seem quite ridiculous! Sheldon being more willing to hug Penny than Amy makes me think of another character and show I like. It's called The Good Doctor, about an autistic surgical resident, and he's very not physical, but he has one neighbor/friend who he's gotten to the point of feeling safe and comfortable around and he does hug her!
Hahaha, Amy arguing with Sheldon about the hugging is just too funny. I can totally see it happening, especially Amy's comment about how Sheldon would stiffen in panic not erection LOL! I must say yet again, poor Amy. She's quite the innocent hurt party in this unfortunate situation.
I knew this next part was going to be a movie or something like that! And it's a dream. Of the movie. Lol. Was that dialogue at least partly from the movie? It feels very familiar when Penny says "To hell with that, I'm gonna live." I love Penny's reaction to the dream. It's perfectly in character for her to think she's crazy for starting to have feelings for Sheldon. I feel like she acted this way when she started getting attracted to Leonard too
Cbird28 chapter 4 . 12/16/2021
Oh, poor Amy. Leonard is totally using her to show up and burst in on Sheldon and Penny. This is bound to be awkward and Amy is probably going to end up hurt! Even though she's quite emotionless in general, she does have a soft spot for Sheldon.
I kinda reacted the same way as Penny when Shepard died. Sad, but relieved it wasn't one of the others. When Wash died, however, that was traumatizing! I LOVE Sheldon awkwardly comforting Penny. It totally reminds me of that time Luke super awkwardly hugged Rory when he heard she got into all the ivy leagues. So precious.
Oh, yikes! Bad image to walk in on! At least Penny knew how it looked. Of course Sheldon was completely oblivious. Poor Amy! I'm curious how this will pan out!
Cbird28 chapter 3 . 12/16/2021
Some people might think Sheldon is OOC, but I think he's IC :) Amy and Sheldon have the best conversations. They're both so logical generally and so blunt that their conversations are always entertaining! You recreate it beautifully!
Oh, Penny and Leonard can be so harsh to each other! I remember the intelligence difference between them was always a touchy issue. Mostly because Leonard can be so thoughtless. Academic intelligence certainly does not imply social/emotional intelligence! In that aspect, Penny is most definitely smarter.
Aww, lol, all it took was a stupid argument with Leonard for Penny to finally decide to watch Serenity with Sheldon! I love how happy he got. Sheldon can have such childlike happiness sometimes! It's adorable.
Cbird28 chapter 2 . 12/16/2021
What? There was a third fandom you mentioned last chapter? Totally missed that...
Ha, the friends would totally be gossiping next door about why Sheldon and Penny are watching Firefly! So funny. They're aren't wrong about it being crazy that Sheldon would forget about their vintage game night! He's usually so on top of those things. But when you discover that your friend has a secret love for your favorite show... Sheldon would forget something as trivial as game night ;) Sheldon was perfectly condescending when Howard questioned him losing track of time lol! Seriously, you have this group dynamic down! Howard and his suggestiveness, Leonard being the peacekeeper between Sheldon and the others, and Raj being... Raj. Lol. Interesting that Amy is around, but pre-girlfriend.
Aww, wow! Comparing Sheldon to River is a good connection! I totally agree!
Ha! Of course Penny would refuse to watch Serenity because she doesn't want to accept that someone dies. And of course Sheldon is forever logical about it and thinks of her as whimsical lol.
Cbird28 chapter 1 . 12/16/2021
Okay, I know I was going to start on OUAT, but I got sidetracked! Lol! Loving this so far!
This line is so true it made me laugh out loud. Sheldon is my favorite. "He seldom if ever paid any mind to what others were saying when what was going around in his own head was far more interesting and/or superior, which it usually was." And the fact that he offered to help, but he was still on the topic of her Mandarin, not helping with the groceries... Lol! Over-emote is a great word!
I love their whole conversation about how Penny discovered Firefly. Of course Sheldon has 4 sets of it lol. SO CUTE imagining Penny and Sheldon watching and quoting Firefly together! Gosh, this makes me want to rewatch Firefly! Maybe I'll do that while I figure out how to keep watching HoD.. :)
novelreader chapter 10 . 9/24/2021
ooh, I wonder how that will go. I think it took 3 years or 4 for Amy to get Sheldon to have sex with her and apparently I'm told even then the circumstances were just so OC... but then we know Sheldon and Penny have this chemistry going on and she's the only one who seems to be able to get him to naturally open up without manipulating him so who knows maybe she's succeeded. After all we see the attraction between them and Sheldon is definitely affected by Penny prior to the start of the relationship so it started with both acknowledging their attraction to each other so my guess Penny might succeed.

This was a great fic! I love how light it was! It definitely fits the light comedic tone that Big Bang generally has. I do find Leonard a little OC because I mean his possessiveness and obsession to Penny just became such a core thing in his character in Big Bang. I do like the portrayal of his and Sheldon's friendship. It was pretty realistic and matched the tone of the show of how their friendship is portrayed. Both it's toxic and sweet nature. They're complicated and you show that very well. Still unsure if Leonard really would give his blessing but that's neither here nor there. I do think Leonard cares about Sheldon. It's just Penny brings a side of him that's just not likable.
novelreader chapter 4 . 9/23/2021
In Sheldon's defense, he couldn't see that Amy took their relationship as a girlfriend/boyfriend level while he was still operating on a friendship level... I've actually been there. I'm not good with recognizing signs, clues, or reading body language and tone or whatever. If something is happening you'd have to tell me, be honest with me. Don't operate like I know what's going on. I'm as socially inept as Sheldon.
ALRYM chapter 9 . 6/9/2021
Okay, the Mandarin curse hat me loling quite hard. It's also a perfect circle - bringing it up at this very point: Very Awesome!
ALRYM chapter 2 . 6/8/2021
I enjoyed this chapter!
FadilShameer chapter 10 . 8/17/2020
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