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alix33 chapter 1 . 9/21/2012
"Gibbs looked up from Kelly's drawing to see Jenny slide into the booth next to Shannon. "Hello." "Hello Jethro," she replied. "You really call him Jethro?" Shannon asked. Kelly giggled. That wonderful sweet giggle. "On occasion." Jenny smirked." - That must have taken prodigious courage, for Jenny to have come over.
"Shannon and Jenny stood a short distance away chatting. Both women laughed aloud. They glanced over at him. And both laughed again. "I can't tell you how scary this moment is," Gibbs said. This time Kelly joined them in the amusement. Jenny leaned over to whisper in his ear, "I'm sorry. I couldn't watch her die. I love her as much as you do." "I know," he replied. "Momma Jen." "Smart ass." She kissed his temple. "See you later Jethro." - AW! I do wonder what Jenny and Shannon said to one another before laughing, though.
"And there's your team. Your KIDS. You saved them. Gave them a father to look up to. To be proud of. To have proud of them. Something several of them would never have otherwise. You are their rock. Their anchor. Their rudder. In this chaos of a world. They still need you." - AW!
"Palmer slid a finger under his tie and pulled. "Is it supposed to be this tight?" "Yes," Ducky replied. "Stop playing with it." "I can't breathe." He gasped. "God. I can't do this. What if I faint? Or puke? Or forget what I'm supposed to say?" Gibbs took him by the shoulders. "Stop. You're fine. Breathe. That's it. Again. Just breathe easy. You are not going to faint. Or puke. You are going to stand there. Stand tall. And wait for Breena. Once she's with you, you'll be fine. You'll remember everything. And what you don't, she will." "Thanks Agent Gibbs," Palmer sighed as he relaxed. "Just Gibbs, Palmer," Gibbs patted his cheek. "And that tie is a little tight. Come here." - AW!
Yay! for Tim and Abby.
"Gibbs caught Palmer in a firm embrace, "Congratulations Daddy. It will be the most amazing thing you ever do." Palmer gripped him tightly. "You'll be around, right Gibbs? I can check in with you sometimes? Make sure I'm doing things right? I've never even changed a diaper." "You'll learn. I can teach you. And you know the best part?" "What?" "Babies don't remember the first few years of our massive screw-ups. First time I had to change Kelly, I went through seven diapers before I finally got one to stay on using duct tape. I was so proud, for about a minute and a half. Then she loaded the damn thing and I had to start all over again." - AW!
"Tony sneaked a quick kiss to Ziva's lips. But when he leaned in for a longer one, Gibbs gave him a firm head slap. "I knew you were going to find some way to do that today," Tony smoothed his hair back down. "I knew you were going to do something that made me," Gibbs retorted." - Hehehe.
"Tony answered. "We took the home test things late last night." "One test?" "Five actually," Ziva rolled her eyes. "Five?" "Well they come in packs of two. So I bought one then started thinking if one says positive and one says negative, which do we believe. So I went back in and bought one more. But still that leaves the option of two and two. So one more gives us the option of best out of five." Tony paused to take a breath. "I think we need to change pharmacies now." Gibbs shook his head, "How in the world did you have enough pee for five sticks?" "I aim very well, Gibbs," Ziva smirked. "And I consumed a large quantity of juice. Which is still working its way through, excuse me." - Hehehe.
"Boss?" Gibbs stood as Tim stepped into the doorway. "Abby's fine. She would like you to….come meet your grandsons." Gibbs grinned broadly. x Abby was reclining back in the bed. Her face pale, eyes shadowed. But she was smiling. "Gibbs." She reached for him. He leaned over and hugged her gently. "You OK?" "I'm great. I'm tired. But I'm… I am amazing. Did you see what I did?" "Not yet," Gibbs turned as Tim advanced holding a baby in his arms. Gibbs stepped back and sat down in the chair. Tim bent down to hand over the baby. "I would like you to meet Samuel Thomas McGee." The baby peeked out of one eye, then snorted and settled in to sleep in Gibb's arms. "And," Tim returned with the other baby. "Brian Jethro." "Oh you didn't" Gibbs moaned as he took the second baby in his arm. "I am so sorry kid." - AW!
"I need to go." "Jethro will drive you," Ducky said. Gibbs nodded once. "DiNozzo, scene's yours. Get McGee some coffee. And don't let your wife lift anything heavier than a notebook." He took Palmer's arm. "Let's go son." - Hehehe.
"Gibbs and Ducky were led in by Palmer. She smiled warmly as she relinquished her newborn son. "Hey guys." "Dr. Mallard, Gibbs," Palmer walked over with his son. "I would like you to meet my son. Jason Donald Palmer." Ducky's mouth fell open. "Mr. Palmer?" "It's OK right?" "I am honored. Truly. Honored." - Yay! for grandpa Ducky.
"They were down passed Norfolk." - "down past Norfolk".
"The slippery small form was laid on her chest and began to cry. Tony's hand shook as he reached to stroke the baby's back. "Hello Benjamin." "Benjamin?" Gibbs smiled. "I like that. Benjamin DiNozzo. Welcome to the World Benji." Tony kissed Ziva gently. "Thank you. I love you." "What's his middle name," the nurse asked. Ziva and Tony looked at each other. "Gibbs." They said in unison. Gibbs just groaned." - Hehehe.
"They quickly became known as 'The Quads'. The four Gibbs kids. And usually they were very well behaved. But this day they were wreaking holy terror on the base day care center. Sam, Brian, Jason, and Benji were running around, screaming, when Gibbs walked in. "HEY!" Gibbs voice snapped through the room. "What do you think you are doing?" All four boys froze in place. Four sets of eyes went wide. Four thumbs went into four mouths. Gibbs walked through the room and over to the far corner. Four small boys followed him silently. He stooped down to their level. "You boys know the rules. It's OK to run and have fun. But when your teacher tells you it's time to calm down. You. Calm. Down. Understood?" Four heads nodded. Gibbs reached over and pulled each one's thumb out of his mouth. "Now. I have a few minutes." Gibbs took a book off a nearby shelf and sat down on the floor and began to read aloud. All four boys settled on the floor around him. Benji and Sam scooted up next to him." - What is grandpa Gibbs reading them?
"Jennifer. Jennifer Tali DiNozzo." Ducky smiled. "Let us hope that the names pass on the legacy of the women who had them before." - What a sweet name.
"His attention was caught by Amira entering the room with little Jennifer Tali DiNozzo by the hand. Jenny's lower lip poked out slightly and she went to him and lifted her hands. Her curly dark hair was pulled back in a ribbon. "Mommy says I'm underfeet." "You are? Well we'll just sit here out of the way," Gibbs replied. He carried her to the sofa and settled in. Jenny sprawled across him with her head under his chin. "My birthday is soon." "I know. I remember. I was there." "Yeah," she was flicking her finger against her chin. "You breathed my life in. Daddy says that's why we're connected." Gibbs smiled against her hair. "My birthday. I want a boat." "A boat?" "A little boat. For the bathtub. And the pool. But not a plastic one, they're yucky. I want a little wooden boat with a canvas sail. Can you make me one Grandpa?" "I think I can manage that, little bit." - Bossy little thing, she probably takes after her American namesake a fair bit, hehehe.
"Gibbs took both women by the hand and lifted them to kiss each one. "You guys are all OK. My girls. My girls are here." "He's still a little loopy from the drugs," Ducky explained. "Any chance we could requisition a supply of them for emergency situations?" Tony asked. It was a weak head-slap. But a head-slap none the less. "Thanks Boss," Tony's voice cracked slightly." - Hehehe.
"He was back after two weeks. Well he was there. Confined to desk duty. Half days only. And Ducky had the authority to send him home at any point in time. That was the deal. But he didn't resent it too much. He had wood work to do in the basement. Rocking chairs. Three of them. One for each mommy. Cradles. Four of them. Just in case the twins did come to be. Rocking horses, little wooden cars, boats that float in tubs and pools. Preparation is the key to survival." - OK, so Gibbs plans on surviving in a big way.
"((Rule 72 – Some things, Some people, are worth breaking all the rules for.))" - A fantastic new rule.
"Boss I'm a bit confused," Tony looked down at the card. "Rule 12, DiNozzo," Gibbs sighed. "No I got that part of it. And you know – Thanks. It's just… when did we move into the seventies? I finally had the forties and fifties down pretty good, kinda hit or miss on the sixties but now you're into the seventies?" - I like a confused DiNozzo.
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
alice-in-wonderland-22 chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
i love the addams family movies! Wednesday is my favorite.
twilliams1797 chapter 1 . 8/29/2012
You, my friend are one heck of a writer.
I loved this, as painful as it was.
I can truly appreciate how Grandpa Gibbs feels.
TheFairChild chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
rebecca-in-blue chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
This is a great story with such a sweet ending. I wish the 200th episode had played out more like this!
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
u feeling well enoff "You'll still be waiting, right? Waiting for me?"

She nodded, "I will. But Kelly's got a job to do."

Gibbs turned his head and Kelly was on his other side. She leaned in and laid her face against his. "They need to get started Daddy. I'm going to be a guardian angel for her. But she comes last, so I need to wait. So they need to get started. Mr. Ari, Miss Jenny and Tali, they get their charges sooner. But I need to wait for little Jenny Tali to be born. So get them started Daddy, OK?"

that is funny
Rae chapter 1 . 2/12/2012
This is what I expected the 200th episode to be. I love this story. It's so dark and heartbreaking ... and beautiful. Nice job.
Zoyarose chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
Now, someone needs to email this off to Gary Glasberg so he knows what the fans want. Excellent job on story! :-)
gotgoats chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
WOW! Amazing job! This is really great! :)