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Guest chapter 19 . 2/5
Are you really updating at the end of this month? I'm so excited and happy. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm so looking forward to it.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/4
Finally an update!I'm reading it with tears in my eyes。it's been forever!
Moozanna chapter 19 . 2/2
I know! I know! I'm terrible. Awful. I'm only a week shy from being a whole month late to review. I'm bad. I'm SORRY :(

The review:-

I was genuinely worried during the 1st scene. That was pretty scary and the fact that you made me actually and truly feel it tells you how well it has been written.

Glad we are back to having regular Nate and Serena inclusions.

I really really REALLY wish Blair had been there to 'truly' see Cate to school but ... well, it was Chuck's decision to make.

My heart is broken into a million pieces for Blair. Poor BB. and I'm guessing the appearance of a certain villain is not going to make things better.

Who is Hues Graham?

A Nate and Chuck showdown Interesting and I really enjoyed Nate's tactics. Smart moves. the boy has learnt from the best.

Jack is BACK! Oh no! Oh no! Ohno! This looks BAD.

She hasn't even left the country and there's already trouble. Will she actually end up leaving... that is the question. but I remember in the last review I wished that she would not actually leave, so... will my wish come true? :D

Serena going to meet William... I hope she does not end up hurt and cut as she was on the show.

Yay! At least Chuck self said it out loud to him self. Now he just needs to say it to her and all will be well with the world. Well, almost.

OMG! That Chuck and Cate scene where he proclaims he is getting back Blair is Sweet, cute, nice, touching, heartwarming and all things nice. LOVED it! You totally nailed that scene (among others).

Chuck Back on a motorcycle *SWOON*

Crap! Jack's presence is really worrisome. I knew he would eventually turn up but It never really hit until now. Hope a hero and heroine can survive the storm about to hit them.

I look forward to the next chapter and so glad that you plan on posting once a month. Glad that you are planning on finishing the story this year but also sad the that the story is reaching i's end very soon.

Overall: This was a GREAT chapter. One of the best you have written to date.

Till Next time :)
anthOo chapter 19 . 2/2
Noooo, please don't let chuk jump to conclusion, i want blair to stay, update soon please
CarolinaGirlGG chapter 19 . 1/28
I think I was living the dream with Blair. So descriptive. I can't help but think this is foreshadowing something bad. Something to do with Jack...hopefully not as dark as this particular dream, but something dark nonetheless.

Those dreaded panic attacks. I love that you write this in. I know her panic attacks have a direct source that you can trace back to. But I think it's nice to read about this sort of thing. We don't talk about disorders of the mind near enough. You also do a pretty great job in putting them down to paper or to screen, lol.

Speaking of paper...Do you ever write any of this down on paper first? Not really completely on topic, I know. When I'm writing a paper I still have to actually put it on paper first. It's just how I work, I guess. It doesn't turn out as well if I don't. I wondered if there was anyone out there that's the same way and doesn't do it all on the computer.

He stayed the whole night, but was gone in the morning...Oh, Chuck. :( These two are so incredibly messed up. I hate how Blair puts up a she continues on with plans when she has to know deep down that's not the way it's supposed to be. But it's so very Blair.

I toyed with where she was going at the next part. I had two guesses. Well one really, but two versions of it. She was going to see Cate at school, but would she get out or not? Oh how I wished she would be getting out.

And as always I love the Serena/Nate parts. My heart is breaking for them too. What is it with these four? They can never get it together. :)

The image of Chuck and Cate had me tearing up. Cate always breaks my heart. She loves Blair SO much! I think Arthur's glance gave me a bit of a smile. By the end of their conversation outside the school I was near sobbing. And is like a blink. Time goes by way too fast. On a lighter note, he is the best daddy. He's so wonderful. I love their interactions...even the heartbreaking ones. The part where Blair is watching them...I'm full on sobbing. The line that starts "A stab of pain hit deep" and ends "few glimpses she would ever get." That completely broke my heart. And I'm screaming at her in my mind to 'get out of the damn car'. Oh Chuck, Blair, and Cate... Blair snapping the picture thinking she would never see her again...I'm holding back tears just thinking about it. I wish she would stop torturing herself. Cate's life flashing before her eyes...yeah you got me again. This part of the chapter was so incredibly tough to get through. Even knowing that in the end everything works's very hard to read them like this. Mostly because you're writing is so incredibly great that you feel everything they are feeling and you experience their experiences.

I laughed at S forgetting her bra. Then when Blair wouldn't tell Serena what happened and Serena went through her list of reason why Blair no longer needed/wanted her. Ugh. My heart breaks for both of them. Why is Blair so doggone stubborn. I thought S was a little harsh at first, but I also get it. I get how she arrived at this point and she's not in a good place herself really. I thought maybe the harshness was an attempt to get B to snap out of it, but by the end I wasn't so sure anymore. At least she was there though.

I LOVED Nate pushing Chuck. I loved that conversation.

Well I knew Jack had to return and of course it had to be now. I'm dreading this. Completely dreading it. I know whatever it is has to happen, but I'm so not ready for it.

Serena cleansing her room of Blair...yeah I have no words. I'm happy that S has a new starting place, but I'm so sad to see her in such a dark place as well. It seems everyone is in a dark place in this chapter. :(

Chucks internal dialogue while on the way to pick Cate up...oh my gosh. It was perfection. And as always I could picture him perfectly. You don't know how happy I was with his conclusion. Thank you Nate for pushing him. Thank you for making him realize he can't live with her being with someone else...that he can't live without her.

Oh Nate...sacrificing so much including a relationship of some sorts with Serena just to get her a job.

I may have temporarily lost my breath when he told Cate he was getting Blair back. I really smiled during their conversation. Especially about breaking the piggy.

Chuck better stand by his words to Cate, because he's not about to like what he's going to walk into. He better bring her home no matter what. I'm counting on him to stick to his words to his daughter, lol. By the way...what is that going to be exactly...what is he about to walk into? ;) I have about a million different theories of what happens once he gets to the airport. The only thing I do know for sure is that Blair will do absolutely anything to protect Cate and Cate/Chuck together and that scares me quite a bit.

So I thought this was amazing chapter. I love reading the inner struggles of the characters. You write them so heartbreakingly well. Overall this chapter was so hopeless for each character. Until the end of the end I have hope and I'm so happy with Chuck realizing he can't live without her. Of course at the same time I'm concerned about Jack and yes that overshadowed the hope a bit, but I know we are going to get there eventually.

I wonder if when its finished and I read this story in its entirety if this will be the most heartbreaking chapter, or will it be B's last day with Cate, or Chuck finding out about the miscarriage (because that still has to happen, right?), or maybe something I have no clue is coming like whatever is going to play out with Jack? What I do know is that this story is beautiful from chapter to chapter and I cannot wait to read it from start to finish one day to take in the beauty of it all over again. Thank you so much for continuing to write. You could take years between updates and I'd still be here to read.

Sending this without proof excuse any mistakes, please.

And I don't know how many times I've begged for a chapter with this particular story...I try not to do that often because I know what goes into writing and putting out a new chapter...but please, please, please, update soon...I have to know what happens next..even if it's not particularly happy.

Until next time,
k.o.soul7 chapter 18 . 1/24
Ah you gem! I always forget how well you write but it's always so refreshing, storytelling at its best. Anyways, loved the chapter. Blair and Cate in the same dress melted my heart to bits. It did break the same heart to see Cate so sad that Blair is leaving, why was she leaving again? As for Chuckles, they just couldn't resist each other It was perfect.

Nate and Serena should just give into their feelings already. S is a hot mess throwing up and everything but he still loves her for it. Hate the husband killer naturally.

Everyone should just stop fighting and just go with it. Favourite scene was definitely them singing Cate goodnight, sooo sweet! Okay, I'm moving to the next chapter but amazing as always!


Hayley chapter 19 . 1/21
Oh god does Jack know about Blairs baby?! If he does please don't let him tell Chuck, it need to be Blair!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/19
Please update again
Guest chapter 19 . 1/18
Oh my! The anticipation is killing me!cant wait for the next chapter. Thank you for the update really o how
I miss gossip girl
Guest chapter 19 . 1/17
Thank you for posting! This made my year :). I'm excited to see how you'll do Chuck's great romantic gesture coinciding with another Jack/Blair meeting. Pls let the end of February be fast enough. Hahahahha. Well, good luck!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/16
Please update soon and re unite chuck and Blair love the story OMG
narsuess chapter 18 . 1/15
Ok, it's official, you are the queen of dramatic moments! You made me cried few times down the road, and yet you kept me going.

What can I say? The whole CBC scenes, and I mean ALL are so good, like coffee when you need a kick to your lazy ass in morning on weekdays or like hot chocolate when it's cold outside, you get my point right? The whole scenes scream how good you are as writer, you bring me,the reader, experience what they/CBC experience and that's why I feel like I feel their feelings.

I feel so sorry for Cate, poor Cate, so young yet has to go through heartbreaking moments like that. I want to lock CB in a small room for days until they agree to end this and start building life together for Cate. I Hope they'll come to their senses soon for Cate's sake (and mine).

The sex scene is like icing on top of my fave cupcake, so delicious.
I wish you make B pregnant as the result, ha!

Thank you for answering my question on your reply to my review. I really appreciate it ;)
stilettomafia chapter 19 . 1/14
Finally! These 2 love sick nincompoops are getting on the same page. Let's get Jack in and out. I loathe him! I just hope Chuck doesn't run into him and Blair and get the wrong idea.

A million thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/14
I can't wait to read more ! This is so good. I thought Chuck would catch Jack and Blair together. I hope he won't. I love what Chuck is doing rn ;)
review chapter 19 . 1/14
no no no no no no have no idea how desperately i have been waiting for this update and have read it thousand time...but seriously I really wanna have a long chat with you...I mean common after such a long time Chuck came in his sense but when he reaches the airport he will find Jack and Blair together will have a misunderstanding and will go away without trying to know the actual situation. ...and than do something stupid. ...why can't you have something without drama...with all things said I love the part where Cate offers her piggy bank for the Plane. please update soon. ...don't keep us waiting for the next update. ...Thanks for this one.
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