Reviews for Take The Tumble
GirlWithTheRedSoxCap chapter 1 . 5/22
Rereading for the third time!
Abbs chapter 67 . 5/7
I can't express how much I LOVE this story. I must have read it over a hundred times and every time I fall in love. I hope one day you could do another Scorose fic because no one writes them like you. Every review on this is deserved!
Joyytailnote chapter 67 . 4/16
Ahhhhh I've loved this so much! You are such a brilliant writter, and they are so cute!
Soon17 chapter 67 . 4/13
This is my first scorp-rose fanfiction,and I love it!The story is so sweet!
lilymalfoy12 chapter 67 . 3/4
Antici chapter 64 . 3/2
inuyashademons14 chapter 67 . 2/16
I absolutely loved this story! has become one of my all time favorites on here, was so hard to put down to go to bed haha!/
Guest chapter 67 . 2/15
And then rose wakes with a shock startled and dizzy her head pounding and in bandages it must be the middle of the night for the fact she can barely see her surroundings she notices through the faint light from the window that she is in the hospital wing the. Lose she made must have startled maidem pomfrey and she came to her side telling her to take it slow she dosent want to cause any more damage. "What the hell is going on" rose blurts out. You don't remember takeing a bludger to the head in the first quiditch match of the season you nearly died a couple months into your 6 th year I tried to have scorpious molfy suspended from playing for such a cheap brutal shot on you but mcgonagal wouldn't have it. Youv been unconscious for about 2 months

My alternate ending to your outstanding story
AquiViva chapter 67 . 1/25
I loved it. I think I say that about every story of yours, but it's true. You're an amazing author.
I think I need to read a whole bunch of Scorp/Rose stories now.
LoveLoganNiallGrey chapter 60 . 1/6
I know that it's too late but I think it would be best if u make a oneshot about what happen to scorpius and rose after Fred's gone and the other's reactions to it
Critic chapter 1 . 12/30/2016
Don't you think it should be a bit more balanced? I mean 'Rose gets top grades, she's better at quidditch, she goes pretty low with the death eater thing and she started the fight!' Why would you write one of the main characters to be such a BITCH!?
grimgoo chapter 1 . 12/8/2016
This is the best "enemies to lovers" story i have ever read!
Covered in Bruises chapter 42 . 12/7/2016
Hermione never thought she fancied Draco, that's just ridiculous. Hermione is quite clear on the subject and exactly what she think of him in canon.

Why do so many Scor/Rose fics insist on turning Hermione into an insipid Draco fangirl instead of letting her be who she actually was?
Guest chapter 67 . 11/27/2016
Can we have a sequel please ?
Guest chapter 67 . 11/11/2016
OMG! That was AWESOME! Make a sequel now or I might just explode and frame you for cruel and unusual punishment by not writing, and you will be responsible for my young and untimely death.
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