Reviews for Infinite Stratos: Cake eater
Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov chapter 2 . 4/22/2016
Wow, I didn't expect that Ichika would be so strict. That even Chifuyu was afraid of Ichika, well, it's an interesting way to see it. I have never seen him like that. Good thing.
If he could only handle his canon harem like that.
As what else to say? I'd guess you lost interest in this fic looking at the date.
Well, those things can happen.
Fireminer chapter 3 . 7/11/2013
Interesting idea, I say! Hope you update soon!
P/S: could you include Madoka?
Kaze chapter 3 . 7/3/2013
I was sort of expecting more of Ichika given that the character indicated is, well, Ichika according to the story search used by . In a way, based on the chapters thus far, it's quite misleading. Hopefully it would change in future chapters, or at the very least the search parameters be changed so to make it more reliable.

Don't get me wrong though, I like the story and it's quite entertaining.
reven228 chapter 3 . 6/30/2013
I'm stilllllll in a dream! Cake Eater! Du Du Du DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... cake eater...
Velshard chapter 3 . 6/18/2013
An entertaining/amusing chapter but this one some how does seem to blend well with the previous two. I can't quite put my finger on what it is but there is something dissonant about this chapter, be it how it was written or simply the setting and events. Regardless it was still very well written, though I would kind of like more information on this universe and how everyone knows each other and what their up to, particularly Ichika's situation.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/18/2013
Oh god, dat comedy :D

I love this story!
Prodigal Priest chapter 3 . 6/15/2013
I'd have to say there will be documentation (and photos!) of Chifuyu and Maya's IS exercises lol.

Nice :).
sleepycrawler1 chapter 2 . 6/12/2013
Dude I'm laughing my ass off on this please update more this is the best I read!
Old Testament chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
This story so far has a decent start, keep it up.
Lenille Dragonborn chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
Hehehe, very imteresting also funny. This is a new side of Ichika I never imagined
NobleSquince chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
LOL! I love the bit where he goes all 'if u don't show table manners, I'll bitch slap u from here all the way 2 the pther side of the world'
RecklessBaka chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
Haha, hilarity ensured.

But in this story does Ichika know how to pilot an IS? what about his harem?

Really would love to see the next chapter.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
This story looks like it has a lot of promise. The plot is something that I haven't seen in any other IS stories, and the humor was well-written. I hope you continue with this.
Oslight chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
Hahaha, this is great!
Prodigal Priest chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
You can tease him, bop him on the head with an attendance book all you like, even set his spare underwear on fire, but God help you if you show any disrespect for the sanctity of the morning meal served by Ichika!

Nicely done.
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