Reviews for The Thirteenth Rider
Guest chapter 8 . 5/24
MsSadie chapter 27 . 5/20
Loved it, glad to see Sarah come into her magic.
The Prince's Phoenix chapter 27 . 5/20
Fantastic story! I just love you attention to detail!
FlowingSilverDreams chapter 27 . 5/19
Positively fabulous story. I am in love with every twist and turn, and I implore you to begin a sequel. Absolutely brilliant.
The Prince's Phoenix chapter 1 . 5/18
Wow, what a beautifully written poetic beginning.
Zayide chapter 27 . 5/14
Incredible...fantastic finale!

That was definitely a worthy ending!

Thank u so much!

I would like your permission to and if possible a pdf file of the story for my records. I have a new hobby of makin a paper copy of the fanfiction I like and making a cover, as if a real book to store it in my shelves. Maybe even one day have u sign it for me?

It would be awesome. If u have suggestions as to the cover, I would certainly grant it.

I was thinking of making it look like an old leather and wood bound book.

Images can me added inside as art pages...
SirenWrage chapter 13 . 5/13
I love the action and suspense. You write it well
SirenWrage chapter 9 . 5/13
Very suspenseful. I love it
SirenWrage chapter 8 . 5/13
I knew Luc wasn't all he was made out to be but jareth's pops? Cool
SirenWrage chapter 3 . 5/13
Your Story is very interesting. And your author's note in this chapter is pretty funny. You're absolutely right, though. Honestly, why are you reading Fanfiction if you're going to be a stickler for "facts" lol
VampireMafiaQueen chapter 1 . 5/12
Wow I can't believe this story is over. It started in a really good time in my life and has ended in a really crazy mess time of my life. Over this last year reading this story has kept me company during some lonely hard nights. I am sad and happy it is over but it is like a old friend to me. Thank you for sharing this story it really has been helpful to me. I can't wait to read more of your work. 50 Shades of Fey is awesome as well. :)
Wynni chapter 27 . 5/12
Definitely going in my faves list, though you just kept me guessing till the end.
Angeliquefhagerman chapter 27 . 5/11
Beautiful ending!
arynwy chapter 27 . 5/8
I'm glad that it was Sarah that got to take him out. She really deserved that opportunity to show that she's not going to be a victim. Oscar still makes me smile. And, yes - I wouldn't mind an additional story that addresses unsnipped threads, especially if we get to enjoy a bit more of interaction between Jareth and Sarah.
comical freaka chapter 27 . 5/7
Bravo! Bravo! You had me on the edge my seat. Such an exquisite piece of work! Thank you so much for this story.
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