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just another fan chapter 25 . 7/31/2016
This fan fiction has to be the best most thorough story based off a movie I have ever read in my life. This is the sequel the bourne series deserves, unlike that disappointing jason bourne movie. Thank you so much for completing my life with this fiction and finally answering the question of why it was difficult for her with jason ; )
nickyparsons chapter 5 . 7/30/2016
All your base are belong to us that was too good
Guest chapter 2 . 5/8/2016
I just imagined Matt Damon doing a Schwarzenegger impression and it's hilarious in my head.
libbyg1980 chapter 25 . 6/9/2013
This story was awesome! It was so good that I was able to overlook the grammar, spelling and occasional missing word. I hope that you continue to write. I love the story and how you kept me guessing right up until the end!
Irishbrneyes chapter 25 . 5/30/2013
Loved it! Thank you for writing this awesome story! I'm new to the Bourne fandom, and I'm loving Bourne/Nicky! Ever since I saw Identity I knew that there had been something between them, I just knew it, and then to have it confirmed by Nicky in Ultimatum! Let's just say I had a huge f_in' smile on my face! I really love your work! Anything new? Huh...huh? Wink Wink ;-)
Frust-sheep chapter 25 . 11/25/2012
"(I couldn't find this one) There is one where Jason hears her Violin and breaks into her apt thinking something is wrong because the music is so sad and she hurls something at him."
I read a violin idea in "Time Immemorial" chapter 6 and the Author is Beringae
Maybe it is the ff you read.

First THX for the info's and notes in this chapter...

I did not know the "Donald Landers IV - The Bourne Identity alternate ending" version until now and yes, it's really creepy.

I'm so glad about the ending we got in your ff. ;D Really, really glad. :)

"I would've liked them tying the movies together at the end somehow..."
I have so to agree and as I already wrote in a review for "The Bourne Outcome" » by StBridgit (BTW: Really fabulous ff, too. But I think you read that ff already.)
Anyway I copy what I wrote in a review there, because this fits for your ff, too:
I REALLY LOVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR FF and I'm really impressed by it and you have my high respect for it, too!
...the writers of the next Bourne movie will have a really hard job to do to top your and her story! *lol* That I will take your story to be my at least (head)canon, if we will not hear in the movie version, that Nicky was assassin trainee. *lol*
Anyway I was so so glad, that "The Bourne Legacy" was ambiguous and that there can be so much more to explore in this series. I think after Bourne 4 now, there has to be at least 1 more movie, if not more. *lol* I think it just screams for more Bourne, but please please I want Jason Bourne & Nicky Parsons in the next, too. Yep, I'm selfish here, I need and want closure. *lol* ;)

Anyway again, thank you so so much for your ff. I loved and enjoyed every line so very much. :)
Frust-sheep chapter 24 . 11/25/2012
Love Jason's and Michaels meeting.

""Four women: Ma, Avery and Veronica?" he said questioningly.
"Nah, Avery is in her last semester of college" -Please, let that be a good sign... - And yes, it was a very good sign. :D

Jason with jealousy and Nicky used Michael as a stand in. I really like that somehow. :D *lol*

*LOL* to "Great, I love surprises…"

Hello Albert. But I'm still not sure, if it's nice to see you. *lol* I like to see you now with Bourne. :D But the line about Parsons should have gotten killed by now Albert is really not beneficial...

This line is awesome brilliant: "When did they take the intelligence out of the CIA?"

Oh Albert, what did you and other doctors do. :O *shakes head*
The whole stuff what Hirsch told Jason, I just can say OMG... and I'm so aghast, too. Yeah, what humans do to other humans can be indescribable gruesome and horrible sometimes.
But OMG is YOUR PLOT fantastic brilliant. I like your solution and Hirsch's "… sorry…I…failed…you…son" is really interesting as well. ;)

I have really a tear in my eyes as I read this:
"[In the chest; please make it painless…]
[Pardon? I'm looking for my mama…]" Ahhhwww.
Heidi and Abigail with papa and auntie Avery...awww again. *sniffle sniffle* And *lol* to Uncle Michael. :D
"The girls made him find you" Oh really good girls. ;) *lol* Not only JB was surprised, that they have two daughters. *lol* :D I had not thought of that and that with this plot. *shakes head* *lol* And *lol* also to sign language. ;D

I love the "'Nicky's-pissed-o-meter'" and the "Bourne Jerk-o-meter" :D Love their whole clearing intermezzo and of course the "biological terrors" they created and how they/you talk about "'the Wonder Twins'". Those two girls are so adorable. :D "a huge mistake on my part" Oh yeah, JB tricked then of 5 year olds. *LOL*

Oh I'm so so sorry for Reina. :( She is/was a really unique character.

"Don't even think about it Heidi Marie…"- Really nice little tribute. ;)

So sweet with the eggs benedict ;) of course "when was the last time Constance?" *ROFL* :D Oh yes, I really love "Bourne…!" "…again?!" :D

I find the intermixed ending is perfect. I think again you found really the right balance with this wonderful ending.

Anyway I really, really LOVE this story. It has all, what you can want. At least I got want I wanted from a story and so much more. :D
A really brilliant plot, which fits perfectly in the Bourne fandom. Humour, Emotions, Drama, Sex, fantastic dialogues, a amazing description, sudden surprises and really unexpected turns I think all this with a really perfect writing! Again I can only say, you always says the right words to the right time. It is really a pleasure to read this story. I already know now, that it was not the last time I do it. :D

Your story really blew me away. :D Thank you so much for this fantastic brilliant ff! It is really perfect brilliant entertainment! :)
Frust-sheep chapter 23 . 11/23/2012
Love his speech about the handling of this situation. Again the speech was so spot-on like everything. :)
Really sweet scene with Clairisa. Oh, these damn reeducation...

I wonder what a flashback Jason had. So good, that he remembered he is now in a team :D and I love this sentence:
"I do learn however," he said as he raised his gun for the kill shot. :D

I'm really worried about Nicky now. :O

Teeth pulling with Reina. *lol*
"flung himself headlong out the window" I think somehow Jason had a déjà vu. Very often his enemies prefer the window instead of him. *lol.*

"Jesus, no wonder she got us armor." Yes, you can place reliance on sparrow. :D

I hope he can make it. Loved his and sparrows communication and understanding. :)

Ok, just WOW for that flightscene. Really, really AWESOME!

Hello Pam. :)

"he is still alive" That is a really good line, but not the lines after that. :/

"It's Mrs." she said causing a raised eyebrow from Landy." :D and this:
"Miriam?" Nicky laughed.
"Bite me Constance…" is Priceless again. *lol*

You did not forget Simon Ross too, I like that, but oh, poor Professor. :( But this was really a surprise altogether.
*lol* to Reina with her taxes and to the Women's studies. :)

"global conglomeration of people at different levels of government and industry that shape the world" I think that is a really brilliant idea!

"he knew how Jason Bourne felt about Nicky Parsons now" And this I think is the right direction.

Love Reina's preplanning too and that you said she and Paz would follow suit. :D

"When she returned she watched him dress and hugged him for a long time before he left" and the stuff after that. NO, please no... *CRY* *CRY*

Oh Constance letter is so heartbreaking...also Davids part *CRY* But Missouri sounds good to me somehow. ;D

In the last chapter: Please, don't frust-(sheep)-rate me. *lol* ;)
But I don't think you will do that. :D

(I will respond to your pm's tomorrow)
Frust-sheep chapter 22 . 11/22/2012
Here they come! Anyway fabulous entrance! :D
Also I think it is a fabulous move that you wrote for everyone of the
fab 5 their own story of the landing ...

Yeah, Paz is in a different league CIA goon. Uh, so the cleaning goes on...

Oh yes, now it is really not easy for him, to made Nicky left his mind. *Aww, love* ;D
I guess Jason's female target would really love to be in the other team now. Hm sad, too late. ;)

Ouch, poor Nicky. At least it was the right leg. :/ But OMG this woman is clever.
Oh no, to silence...

Oh she knocked Magpie to her knees. :D Yep next time Magpie, don't be so insolent. But I have to say, lucky Magpie, that she is still alive. *lol*

I already worried about him and thought the worst. :/ Oh I'm so in suspense.

Anyway it is so awesome too, that we can read, what each team member say during this time.

Ahhh *cry*, I just have only 3 chapters left... :( Hm, can I control myself or am I weak...
Frust-sheep chapter 21 . 11/22/2012
Love the "get out of Treadstone free card". :D

Aww to "she… they…" and their little time at the beginning, before she bellowed. ;) Of course I love especially her and Jason's tension here after their tiff. ;D Wonderful written.

Yeah, really good question. What happened... Ah the insurance policy, this makes sense. I'm glad to see that Nicky took that job ;) and this time without Conklin present. ;) Her joke was rich. *lol*

So Castel wanted already to fight with Bourne, ok or Nicky. ;) *LOL*

Love especially the part with: "He doesn't know that it's me?" *Aww* :)

She really goes through so much for him and her. First the drive to Zurich, Jasons little "tracking" surgery and then that confrontation with Conklin. But she really thought that through. Respect and I have to say really brilliant approach of the 'local attachment' author! Love her speech again. :D
Good that she had a little help from Reina before. Always really helpful...also her advice for the next time. ;D

"You do understand you spoke more to me in the last five minutes than the last two years?" Alexander has such a awesome detection. *LOL*
Frust-sheep chapter 20 . 11/22/2012
N, J, R, P, K :D The possibility of a "absolute hell storm". *lol* Yay to the fab 5! :D

Love the "code in" :D that R is with JB's latest bromance there. *lol* :D
Reina's "can't believe this" says all, that she can not wait to meet "that sow". *LOL* Oh so much love between these two. ;) *LOL*
Love the whole talk about who can be trust worked always alone and the little part about Roy was really great to read, too.

Aww to the lines were N & J talk, who they will do first. *lol*

The teenage punk scene: Yep, that was not a very good decision teenage punk. *lol* And yay to Reina again. *lol*

Nicky - planes/flying :D But Baby respect! Nicky is so badass, too. Female Power :D Also she and JB in a Mig. AWESOME scene and yep, so so much more fun! :D And "I'm not afraid to fly if I'm the pilot. I just don't trust other people…" is really reasonable. *lol*

Oh, where Reina tell the others about the persons, that survived the programs...So sad again, but I have to say I really love that you did not leave Aaron Cross behind to mention. :D

Also loved to read the scene, where Nicky kissed Jason's forehead of course her whole captain speech. :D Priceless again. :)

I really love that woman ;) and the whole ending of this chapter. "Who do you trust more, me or some asshole at Garmin?" Oh yeah who do you trust more JB? ... Right answer, good boy. ;D *lol* Ok and I have to say it *aww sniffle sniffle* :)
I find it amazing how you write, that Bourne has really competition with Parsons in this ff. :D

Expected? Ui. *chains up to my seat* *lol*

Yup, brilliant chapter as always! :)
Frust-sheep chapter 19 . 11/21/2012
Oh still to chapter 18:
Yes, it is really complicated with N&J. *lol*

chapter 19:
No Michael. *lol*
And yep, I can only agree with Nicky here again. Nice, safe, wonderful family. ;D Good decision, that she let them know...

Nicky & Abigail is a very lovely scene. Also the scene with Nicky & Michael. :) I really love how you portrayed the whole family and their different characters! Really lovely insight.
The ideas with the music copies of Pink Floyd and with the song names as a sentence are so sweet. :D *sniffle*

The action sequence was absolutly excellent and so gripping. :D
Nicky was really at her best...again and this all with contractions :D also Avery and Michael were awesome. Jason's twin made a really great assassin *lol* and is so funny. Brilliant performance Michael! I grinned like crazy. ;D

Oh Abigail, that was not really a wise move.
"We appreciate your understanding during this trying time" "...I get grumpy when I'm hot." *LOL* Priceless! :D

Abigail and Nicky's "talk" at the infirmary. Ui, it almost was like Abigail becomes an Assassin. *lol* ;) Of course I can not say that I like Nicky's intention, but Abigail give her a break, please. Anyway I really don't think, that Nicky will do it and gives their baby away. Ok, at least not to others then the family. ;) It's just my assumptions of course, but we will see...
The part with Nicky and Danny was really great, too. ;)
I would say to this chapter: Fabulous entertainment again!

You really think on everything everytime. :D I have somehow the impression that I always just repeat myself. *lol*
Frust-sheep chapter 18 . 11/20/2012
Excellent writing style to use the last chapter in association with this chapter.
The really brave Danny Zorn. *impressed*
*LOL* to Paz and Nicky here.
I'm really surprised about the first time he had ever seen her and omg WOW about the part after that. :O
Really? Really, now you let me no choice as to say: Scratch, that I took back the word: mean *LOL* ;)
Yeah, mean! ;) *oh sniffle sniffle sniffle* And I somehow have the feeling that will not be the last time. Hm... ;)

Anyway yep, a so brilliant chapter as always. :)
Frust-sheep chapter 17 . 11/20/2012
I love to see the meeting between these two women.
But I think after 17 chapters now, I don't need to wonder, that you let us see what happened with their get-together.
But really honestly, how can you do make it so perfect between them? Because it is really perfection again. :) I really love Nicky and Marie in this chapter and again I think, I have never read a get-together of them in a other ff.
(if someone can enlighten me, please tell me, if I missed something, THX.)

I think Nicky's action and the reasons behind it are really the best, what she could do for him. But omg, how hard the whole situation (not only the meeting with Marie) must be for her. *sniffle sniffle*

Loved the word-use of "complicated"! :D

As always in this chapters so far I love every sentence and I doubt, that will change in the other remaining chapters. *lol* And I'm already sad, that there are only some chapters left. *cry*

Really brilliant chapter.
Frust-sheep chapter 16 . 11/19/2012
She got not only Jason. *lol* But yeah I think Nicky is right, he earned that one. *lol* So you can scratch again the word: mean. ;)

I like Paz. Great scene with him and also great idea with the bar. *lol* Effective! ;D

I love again what he remembers. For example sweet detail with the necklace.
Beautiful, that you described lovely, funny and sad memories...
Also the name part find I very important and on a important and right situation written. Also I find it really interesting how you work out the distinctions and varieties of David/Jason. That was really quite interesting, too.

Really, really wonderful and fabulous are the whole counter and especially bedroom moments written. Very delicious again and riddled with so much more meaning. *Aww* *sniffle* And yep, you forget nothing. You give answers to the many upcoming questions.
Everything, really every specification is interweaved in this story. I love that so much, because this makes it so much more expressive.

Ok and yay for more pink! ;D
I needed tissues again in this chapter. :D
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