Reviews for Head over Feet
BellalovesJacob chapter 18 . 8/11
Very abrupt ending to this story. It leaves the reader hanging, I almost feel cheated as you deem to have just stopped 1/2 way through writing it then just decided you were done. Why not leave it incomplete instead of stamping it as done.
BookwormLoversz chapter 1 . 7/15
I love this story! It was so cute and sweet and yes Edward for loving the weirdness we all need men like that. I wish there was more. I need more!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7
This does not get to be the end of the story! No fair I want more! I'm just going to have to carry on binge reading all of your stories... x
Ailee H chapter 18 . 6/1
Lol these two! And how cool are Esme and Carlisle haha!
Ailee H chapter 16 . 6/1
These weirdos are so adorable. I love how they balance each other out. And how they became boyfriend-girlfriend, absolutely heart warming and just cute. Thanks for sharing this! There seems to be two more extra chapters and I can't wait to read more of these two!
Ailee H chapter 14 . 6/1
AWWWWWW finally, Bella boo!
Ailee H chapter 10 . 6/1
Seems like Edward has had his eye on Bella for a while now.
Ailee H chapter 8 . 6/1
Ailee H chapter 6 . 6/1
Oooooh, Edward.
Ailee H chapter 5 . 6/1
That's so cute. Things are changing.
Team Marylou chapter 15 . 4/1
Awesome story!
Happybok17 chapter 18 . 2/1
Please update soon.
NeeNee246 chapter 16 . 12/15/2016
Well, I still love them...I know that they are fun loving, balls of cuteness and bantering, BUT I am so not happy with the way Edward handled things with Bella meeting Lauren. I think that was a bit mean and insensitive of him and the way he treated her. She really let it go too easily. :/
NeeNee246 chapter 15 . 12/14/2016
NeeNee246 chapter 14 . 12/14/2016
OMG! I love this! All the cuteness! I can barely contain my smile! ;)
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