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rainbowlovemonkey chapter 1 . 4/20/2016
Awesome one shot, I like bed it! Such a great version of a more shy Severus, which I think is often not written enough. Thank you for sharing your work! :)
LilyLunaPotter2002 chapter 1 . 4/18/2016
abe1234 chapter 1 . 2/17/2014
*smiling like crazy* - and what's with the strawberry scented lubricant?! That was *almost* too much.
You are amazing at catching the slytherin/gryffindor charactors! I love it!
Sister of Mayhem chapter 1 . 9/25/2013
You know your way around words, that's for sure.
And around Snape, it seems. Though he's not entirely comparable to the Snape in the books, you still nailed him down pretty good. You've perfectly captured his snarkyness and the way he talks. It would be a tough nut to crack to try not to like him.

The interaction between Snape and Harry in class produced a delicious batch of chemistry, or at least, eventually...

You know your way around aching sweetness too... :-)
KneazleGriff chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
I'm ashamed to say that I have only JUST NOW read this! ESPECIALLY since I read the first once months ago! What was I thinking?

Ah, well... maybe it's better that I waited until now to read it – being that it's just a couple of weeks until Valentine's Day. Much more appropriate this way. :)

Anyway, gorgeous story... just like 'Turn Around to Receive Your Gift'. So sweet and fluffy. Loved it. I have a huge smile on my face and my heart feels light.

I love how you portray Severus here... his vulnerability and self-doubt. My goodness, he is so lovable. How does he not know that? But luckily, he has Harry to remind him just how worthy of love and devotion he is.

I do hope the dour Potions professor survives Madam Puddifoot's though. I have a feeling he'll suffer through the garish affair if it means he'll get to try out that strawberry scented lubricant later. LOL!

Thanks for this lovely story. Now I'm properly ready for Valentine's Day. :)
patolozka chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
*Smiling* Another lovely story:-) Severus is seriously desperate bastard, sometimes. He needs Harry for breathing:-) Thanks!
SoLeo chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
I particularly like him deducting points for ever minor infraction. From everyone. He can be such a curmudgeon. and holy low self-esteem batman. If Harry doesn't give him daily reminders that he's worth love and affection he seems to wallow in self-loathing Good thing they have a date the next day *nudge, nudge. wink, wink*

Maybe he'll put his school-boy reactions of Potter to rest (or not, they're cute).

Very cute and fluffy. Just the kinda of sweetness perfect for a Valentine's fic.
Vine Verrine chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
As nostalgic as when I read it for the first time. You know how much I like nostalgia.

"A man worth knowing... isn't quite the same as a man worth loving".

-_,- That one is a tear :(

"Alfred Lord Tennyson is wrong - it is not better to have loved and lost".

This one gets. Me. Every. Single. Time * broken sigh*

Tender, soft and hopeful, what else do we need? Nothing!

Just to say I'm sorry for not reviewing it before. But I have an excuse...*trails off*

Do you plan to make a third story following this? I don't think you've told me.
noxiel chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
I love how you kept Severus in character. I relly liked it and you made me laught by the ending. Good work and thanks for writing it
pheecat chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Severus really seemed to be backing himself into a corner...actually that seems pretty in-character, destroying what he really wants in an attempt to protect himself. It was very sweet that Harry moved forward in spite of it...and pretty funny how Severus rebounded at the end, getting back some of his confidence. This was a different way of looking at their relationship, but an enjoyable one as well.
Brookie cookie17 chapter 1 . 2/15/2012
I love this story
Kare29 chapter 1 . 2/14/2012
aaawwww Yen, nice! I like the way you write about them! I am really getting interest in the Harry/severous relationship!

I look forward to the date cap.

Happy Valentine's day!

take care! Kare
animaven chapter 1 . 2/14/2012
Severus as a bashful lover is not so hard to believe. His sneer is just self-defense. Touching story.
Arithmancy Master chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
This was amusing. I'm not really "into" valentine's day, and had even forgotten that it was tomorrow until you reminded me.

Snape was great, loved all that insecurity. I know seven weeks is not a long time, so can forgive him for thinking that Harry might no longer be interested. I expect that quite a few relationships do end just before Christmas or Valentine's Day, maybe because one person can't be bothered to think of /buy a gift. However, that is pure speculation. (And no, my other half will not be expecting a gift.)

I suspect that their relationship was known about, as everyone seemed surprised when Snape started to yell at Harry and deduct points.
Schattengestalt chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
Cute! Sweet! Amazing! Wonderful! Fantastic!*faints in delight*

Ah, now Im feeling better, again.*smiles* Really, you should put a warning above every of your stories, so that everyone knows that they are going to read an absolutely awesome fiction that will warm every heart.*sighs in delight*

I loved Severus before, but I get the feeling that I love him even more, after reading a chapter of TMS or one of your OS with him… so, well if Severus has to endure even more in some of my future fics, he might blame you for it, because you made me love him even more.*winks at Severus* His sarcastic thoughts and his obvious denial was absolutely wonderful to read. No, of course he doesnt give a damn if Harry is going to present him something for Valentines Day or not. All right, thats probably the exact reason why he has given it so much thought what he wants to give Harry as a gift.*chuckles* You know, he could give all three presents to Harry, if he decides to firstly read poems to him, then feed him with chocolate and in the end… try if he still remembers how to use the lubricant.*giggles*

Have I ever told you that I like it very much when Severus is so uncertain? Its very obvious in this OS that he cant believe that Harry really wants him or that he is allowed to claim him as his. I assume that his greatest problem is that he still hasnt forgiven himself for what he has done in the past. Severus doesnt consider himself lovable and so he cant understand why Harry wants to be with him. Another reason for his uncertainty is obviously the large age gap between Harry and himself and he is afraid that he cant be the lover a young man like Harry might want. I dont think that Harry will find anything lacking at him… he is too innocent to have someone to compare Severus to.*grins at a blushing Harry* Ah, it was so sweet when Severus tried to convince himself that Harry hadnt fooled around with others. I assume he didnt just think about that, because of his own uncertainty, but also because he was jealous.*hides from the killing glance thats directed at her*

Ah, Severus how can you do that, hurting Harry like that?*tries to shake some sense into him* I know, Severus had just managed to convince himself that his relationship with Harry was doomed from the very beginning and his cruel comments were just a sort of self-preservation. Severus has been hurt so often in his life that he was afraid to open his heart again and get hurt again.*hugs him and his shoved away roughly* Nevertheless, he should have thought before he acted… he almost behaved like a Gryffindor in this moment. He didnt think, but snapped at Harry, before he could help himself.*shakes head disapprovingly* Of course, he had to treat his class badly afterwards, so that everyone forget what he said to Harry at the beginning of the lesson, but he also had to work off some of his anger and frustration. He really shouldnt eat or drink anything, he gets from a student for the next few days… unless its from Harry.;)

Just by the way, I dont think that Lily would be angry with Severus. If she had known that her son loves Severus and his happy with him, she wouldnt have stood in their way, because Severus had also been one of her closest friends and she would have been all too happy to see him with the one he loves.*nods at her* And for Albus… well, I dont think that he would mind all that much. After all, Harry is already seventeen and considered an adult in the Wizarding World and he cares for both of his “boys”, so I think he would turn a blind a to their relationship… and try to take a few pictures of them to blackmail them in the future.*accepts lemon drops from Albus*

Im so glad that Harry isnt as stubborn as Severus is. Ah, but that shouldnt be a surprise. After all, he is a Gryffindor and he loves Severus, so its only natural that he doesnt give up, just because Severus was so cruel to him.*hugs Harry* I assume that after Harry had a few moments to think about everything he realized that Severus only acted this way, because he was afraid that he will get hurt again. I mean, Harry has seen beyond the obvious before and he knows that Severus isnt as coldhearted as he seems. I just wish I could have been there to witness their kisses and urge them to other activities.*coughs* I know, it will probably still a while until then… or maybe not, if Severus wants to try the lubricant.*winks at a blushing Harry*

Madam Puddifoot's Teashop… I have to see that!*hides a wide grin* Please, I want to see Severus in this teashop, trying to look like the evil bat of the dungeons, while pink confetti is thrown at him and pink is the dominating color around him.*laughs* And when we are already at it, you also absolutely have to write a OS when Severus gets to use the lubricant. Im curious if Harry likes the strawberry scent or if he prefers a different one for the next time.*whistles innocently*

So long!)

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