Reviews for Swapping The Cage
GoingGone chapter 17 . 7/14
Mainly for blatant pandering and favoritism.
fireball900 chapter 13 . 7/7
Seem that Inoichi found out that 'Naruto' is the Kyuubi
pikachucat chapter 18 . 6/20
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 17 . 5/29
Oh, man... Now I really want to see a Kuushou vs. Hidan fight. Especially if Hidan manages to trap him in his ritual! Let's see who's immortal NOW, eh?
Heh heh...
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 15 . 5/29
Ha. Only Kuushou would scoff at the Death God. Only Kuushou...
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 10 . 5/28
...Did you really kill him? Is he really gone for good? REALLY? *dazzled*
If he is, then for that alone you may have just become my favorite author... I FRICKIN HATE THAT IMMORTAL SNAKE SONOFABITCH. Just DIE already, you PERSISTENT! LITTLE! SHIT!
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 8 . 5/28
You have given me a new appreciation for so many characters with your stories… Sarutobi, Danzo, Anko, Hizashi, Hinata, Tenten, ITACHI… and many more I'm probably overlooking at the moment. Sociopathic characters like Kuushou can also, as you've demonstrated, be extremely fun and interesting to read about. Even if their actions can occasionally be disturbing...
A teensy grammar note: I've seen you use the expression "far be it for me to…" a few times in both TEC and here, but if I'm not mistaken the correct expression is actually "far be it FROM me."
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 7 . 5/28
I'm still trying to figure out exactly when Kuushou swapped universes, with regard to the TEC timeline. It seems like it happens between the academy graduation, or slightly before, and the Chuunin Exams, but I can't make it any more specific than that...
Assuming that you do have a concrete point of departure in mind, could you maybe add a note somewhere mentioning roughly which chapter of TEC this diverges from? It's not that important, obviously - I just prefer to have a specific anchor for things like that, so I know exactly what Kuushou has and has not yet discovered when this story begins... (Perhaps you already mention this somewhere, and I just haven't been able to find it.)

Specific to this chapter: Your Hinata is beautiful. Her anger is so realistic and fits so perfectly with the rest of her character that as soon as I read it, it entered my head as canon. It was like the final puzzle piece I never even realized was missing before, but now Hinata seems unacceptably flat and incomplete without it.
I also find it both amusing and slightly disappointing whenever Kuushou gives one of these grand, inspiring speeches... and then I find out he's only being manipulative again and doesn't really care about the things he's saying.
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 6 . 5/28
I think your interpretation of Sasuke's motives is spot-on... and a Sasuke who craves challenge is also much more interesting/satisfying/plausible to read about than a blindly arrogant and delusional Sasuke.
His eagerness to learn at the end of this chapter is genuinely sweet. It's comforting to see him like this, instead of as the bleeding-eye maniac plot-device he became in canon...
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 5 . 5/27
Um, I'm sorry... Sarutobi says WHAT about Kurenai in canon?!
I can't say I remember that... Maybe I blocked it out.

On another note, just to reiterate: You are an Extraordinary writer. I am burning up with envy...
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 4 . 5/27
I confess... I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in stories where the protagonist is way more powerful than he has any right to be, and people are constantly awed by his coolness.
Shallow wish-fulfillment? Probably.
But fun...
Auto Cerebral Star chapter 2 . 5/27
This is the one and, thus far, the only portrayal of Danzo I have ever enjoyed... Granted, he only makes a small appearance, but it was immensely entertaining to see how well he and Kuushou got along!
Loner Kid chapter 3 . 4/24
I dont get the end, what do u mean 'eyes widening as she realized why he was asking'.
Loner Kid chapter 2 . 4/24
i hope this naruto will not distant himself from the leaving konoha or something like that...
Loner Kid chapter 1 . 4/24
that's interesting...i wonder if you're gonna make canon naruto wake up in Kuushou's world? also why do u choose the name "Kuushou"? And lastly, I wonder can Kuushou do any yamanaka clan techniques?
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