Reviews for An Unexpected Turn of Events
Josh chapter 11 . 11/25
The way you right your stories is amazing you should see if you could be a auther .
creeperking chapter 24 . 11/22
Wonderful story, really well written. So sad its not even longer. :'( *****
anonymous chapter 9 . 11/17
this is, what my third time reading this? i lose track its so good! my favorite part, besides all of it of course, is those last few lines! everytime i read it i practically scram from how cute it is gosh! you're amazing lol
Guest chapter 14 . 11/10 have now destroyed artemis fowl. Wow.
that1guy chapter 24 . 11/9
just gotta say... so much lemon...

you took a few lemons
made a lemonade stand
took the money you made selling lemonade
bought a lemon farm
started selling lemons
and used the profit to corner the lemon market
and you now own every freakin lemon in the world

thats how much lemon this story had
A fan chapter 24 . 11/7
Truly a amazing from start to finish really enjoyed.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/29
Btman chapter 24 . 10/27
i saw your motes about having taken the story down for a while for personal and religious reasons, and i just want to say i respect that. i personally think its good for people to try and follow their personal moral code, and if you have issues in your life and you need to find yourself, as it were, then thats alright. honestly im not sure if i have found myself yet.

as for the actual story itself, im sorry to say i have not read past chapter 7. and i will not continue. its not because i object to you or anything, i just think that the story is made of 70% sex, 10% the original characters, and 10% your interpretation of how they should be, and 10% something else. im not against you putting sex into the story if thats REALLY how you think it should go, but putting it in almost every chapter? and making it take up 1/2 or more of each chapter? having it occur multiple times each chapter? thats just a little to much in my opinion

also, i think the characters were a little off. i dont think Artemis would be ruled so easily by emotion, control was always important to him. i also dont think most of the characters would act as rashly or impulsively as they did in this story. i understand its a fan fic, but i always thought that most fan fics take characters and turn them into something else completely. its ok for you to change them a bit, but they just all seemed a little to far off for me.

finally, i wish you good luck in your work on the squeal. just because i dont like it does not mean it was a bad work. its just not my general read. typically i read stories with more action and adventure, with a faster plot. like i said, yours was mostly sex, with a little bit of plot in it.

however, it was well written, and parts of it looked like they would actually be right out of an artemis fowl book. so good job, and good luck
Dom chapter 14 . 10/12
Finally Juliet get it!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/8
YI love the story
Pelvic thrust chapter 2 . 10/5
10 ota 10
Pen island chapter 2 . 10/1
Guest chapter 24 . 9/18
Great story! I was wondering if you would post some updates on your sequel? I look forward to reading it
AverageHat chapter 1 . 9/7
"On an entirly unrelated note..." made me giggle like a madman. Great story, probably the best explict rated story there is.
Phil Deering chapter 24 . 8/29
Wow that was great! The story was engaging the characters were spot on enough to be comparable to the actual books and the originality of the cultural additions fit in perfectly. The only criticism is I didnt like how you tied up some of the characters at the end like Juliet( who I can't imagine as new mistress ko) and A.J I though wouldn't be a jock. I really liked the fairies giving humanity a chance and going up top.
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