Reviews for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows
Melissa chapter 20 . 5/2
It’s been so long since I last listened to an episode of The Pit, it felt good. Your Denise Nickerson is spot-on! It’s that good. The toilet-flush for the first time, I burst out laughing. It was perfect.

The Barnabas/Maggie scene was just beautiful. You weaved together the whole Chris dilemma, Chris’ plight and all the romantic sweetness that they say to each other. I think it’s your best Barnabas-voice yet. [Less groping] You were wise to do so. I sound like a broken-record, but I can hear Jonathan saying these lines. “Anytime you desire a kiss from me I am ready to drop to my knees to bestow it to your lips.” Oh my God! (If he’s on his knees how is he going to reach her lips?) He’ll find a way. It can be done! And it’s so lovely how contented they are.

Throughout the DS show Maggie has these short bursts of memory but she’s unable to connect them, because they’re so random and randomly spaced. Is she going to put it together? Is she going to make it connect? Is wearing the earrings and going to The Old House going to trigger something good or bad or both? But just the mood that you create when they are together is just beautiful. And the way she says, “I always need you, Barnabas.” This man, who adores her and is completely, emotionally available and emotionally-naked when he’s with her.

Captain Gregg and Sarah are SO adorable! What a cute s-c-e-n-e! ! ! [We established by episode 10, Sarah and Captain Gregg have met.] It was wonderful they have a scene. Just the two of them, it was so sweet. The way Gregg comforts Sarah and says: don’t be jealous of Amy’s friendship with David. And naming all the people who love her, it was just so sweet. I mean, that’s the kind of daddy-love that she never got from Joshua. Along with the love for her brother and the love for her mother, she desperately needs a father-figure and Captain Gregg is the perfect guy for that.

When Captain Gregg says a disparaging remark about Willie, Sarah gets all defensive! She gets mad, the way she defends him! [“That dastardly Willie Loomis fellow.”] She knows she has friends because she’s defending who they are; exactly. And he is so nurturing. So nurturing. It’s just precious. [Sarah worries about people forgetting her.] After Sarah springs Maggie from Wyndcliff and Julia erases Maggie’s memory and then Sarah shows up at the Evans Cottage, that’s when Sarah makes the complaint, “You’ve forgotten about me. We were friends and you forgot about me,” as only Sharon Lentz can do. You nail Sarah perfectly, Daryl.

I love the way you incorporated more of Colbert’s music in the episode: When Maggie says to Chris, “You’re a werewolf, aren’t you, Chris?” DUM-DUM! Ha ha ha!
vis a vis chapter 17 . 2/14
I think you’re absolutely right to have based Willie’s rehabilitation/return to life (if that’s not tautology) on a child and calligraphy, rather than on a romance. Given that Willie has been pushed around, used, and exploited by various adults, it seems to me that a woman to ‘take him in hand’ is the very _last_ thing that would do him any good. A child (even a technically dead child) would be in a similarly powerless position in society to poor Willie, so they would be on a kind of equal footing, and as Sarah is younger than him, Willie might even feel protective of her.

The calligraphy is a sort of occupational therapy and a meditation at the same time, something that Willie can do and take a pride in, that takes his mind off all his troubles while he’s concentrating on it. At least that’s what I think, so I applaud you for ignoring the “bellowing” for romance and following your instinct to the truer option.
off-the-grid chapter 21 . 12/30/2020
Love the drunken sailor song – sounds real old-worldly. Yea, really – how DID Victoria potty?! :) Also thinking maybe Bill is happier to be a ghost to have these moments with Liz that he never would have had. “Too much on your mind to see an oddity in a loved one.” : We take them as they are. Surprise, Liz! You’re related to Maggie! (No, Collinwood ghosts don’t follow rules – too true! Never know what to expect! Therein lies a tale. :D )

Dog droppings? An original idea! Never saw that detail before… and of course the waitress wasn’t from Collinsport – of course she was doomed! (Brut! HAH!)

HA- Adults never do things right – life is so immediate and mystical for kids and they always feel like they alone know anything and this is the opposite of “too much on your mind to see an oddity in a loved one”. “No one really cares what their children are doing either online or otherwise.” Now that’s the scariest thing happening so far, isn’t it!? Good dig.

Poor Barnabas. As “powerful” as he/vampire is, he’s still caught in the tide with everyone else – just another pawn, no master of his own life or others…

W & W: “Most unnatural flow”, “I didn’t know you as a beast” :D Love these two together, they may be “servants” but they are important to the story. Enablers of Collinwood insanity. :)

Stokes (heart) Hoffman! Interesting how you add the fountain pen info in there. “Spirits willing” – Yeah, for real! “Strange behavior” – how can you TELL? ? “As the strange nature of this place”… “Obvious supernatural proportions”. Love how you do all the voices at once: “We ALL know it!” Yeah, really – dog poo vs. murder. Only in Collinwood! (Neat how they try to deal with the problem instead of throwing up their hands or freaking out. They’ve learned to deal with it organically.) “It comes clearer when I’m not trying so hard,” TRUE.

I always disliked Darrin. Always so controlling and disapproving. But then men used to be that way! (Culture.) He should be glad the witchy stuff is away from home than there. I DO like how you made him so understanding – that was something that needed to be “FIXED”. I always liked Sam’s “Well…” Good grief, Darrin always talking business, controls his life, yet Sam not allowed to have hers. Darrin – supernatural to “fun/commiserate”. HAH! But it works! “Fishing… no laughing matter, no matter how fishy it all seems” You have fun, don’t you!

“Guess who’s watching the children?” … “NO ONE!” gasp! Kids are sure fascinated with the West Wing. Kids love to explore. :) I would too! Ha, David, “I don’t know who lived in this room” – lived there long enough to be cautious. Uh oh… Quentin – King Werewolf. “Ah oooo – Werewolves of Collinwood!”

Must be nice to have family book. Like all the genealogy stuff… “Family history stuff” … “Isn’t it always”! The world according to Roger. :) AH HA HA! “Goodnight Johnboy”! Tee hee!
Lotta smooching going on! :D Lotta healing. (heart) LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!
MichaelNesmith chapter 1 . 10/15/2020
"We all deserve respite from evil, and it is this constant that is worth pursuing towards a permanent, enduring peace."
AlexOsheen chapter 20 . 8/6/2020
So, here is my review of Episode 20–I do hope to put together an email message to you soon, too.

I really enjoyed the extra growl-y, gutteral howl-type noises during the audience’s applause for our hosts at the beginning–the audience noise this time seemed extra enthusiastic and heart-felt! I could completely see Dr. Hoffman’s face and the expressions she would be making as she spoke with Carolyn. It sounded utterly like her. David, also, sounded completely like himself.

I love the “How very Zen of you” comment. Also, “You’re a werewolf, aren’t you, Chris?” Absolutely great to hear something said so utterly point-blank and without prevarication in a Dark Shadows setting.

I very much enjoyed the sequence of Sarah and Captain Gregg bonding over his complaint about people in his house trying to remove his belongings. Sarah’s jealousy of Amy was very well done. It was completely believable and appropriate, while not diminishing Sarah’s sweetness of character.

I loved the comment about the usual obnoxious interruption of someone else showing up–that is so, so painfully true! Very fun line: “Some Collinwood spook might hear you and get jealous.” “You always know when I’m thinking of you” is a wonderful line, wonderfully performed.

And I loved hearing “I’ll Be With You Always” playing in the background there in the Blue Whale. It was such a nostalgic experience!
Warren Freeman chapter 20 . 8/3/2020
I do want to compliment you on the intro, the reference to “50 Shades of Grey” and the term “POLITE DEMONS” and “MISCHIEVOUS ANGELS”

1 Opening: Wonderful, Insightful, Snappy (ENTIRE SHOW EXCELLENTLY WRITTEN) Nothing they COULD surprise me because the writing is so “TOP NOTCH”. Your writing is so good it reminds me of my late wife’s writing it is SOOOO GOOOD! ! ! ! I’m ENVIOUS of BOTH your talents! I love the term “POLITE EVIL”!

2 David and Amy’s interaction as well as Carolyn and Doctor Hoffman’s and Amy’s, I love the discussion of something supernatural in the woods, alluding to a romance but conveniently just touching on it then moving on. And segue way into David and Amy’s discussion of the “WEST WING” being HAUNTED. It fits together soooo well. (CUTE TOILET EFFECT.)

3 I like the discussion of the closed off FORBIDDEN section of the Collinwood House.

4 Gomez and Peter: I loved the train play. I like the connection of LIGHTENING and EXPLOSIVE TRAIN PLAY. 18th Century and present meet in discussion. I like Gomez’ discussion about Morticia (HOLD and HOLD and HOLD). Gomez’ talk about “WALKING DEAD” airing out grievances, discussion got (A LITTLE) strange but we’re talking about Gomez Addams so that’s not unusual. Peter Bradford finding an empty coffin and needing to find a document to prove who he is.

5 Barnabas and Maggie/Josette. Nice segue way back to Amy, Carolyn, Doctor Hoffman discussion. Also nice tie-up of empty coffin.
6 Maggie and Chris Jennings: Allude to Chris’ uniqueness nice reveal of Chris being a werewolf. Makes me anxious for NEXT chapter. (NICE CLIFFHANGER)

7 Nice conversation between Sarah Collins and Capt. Gregg worry… (SARAH: that cousin David forgetting her) I like how you bring up Willie Loomis and Wadsworth casually.

8 You already established Chris Jennings is a WEREWOLF. Nice pistachio joke. GOOD DISCUSSION THOUGH. Good set-up of (CLIFFHANGER)

9 Smooth swift to Maggie and Carolyn discussion. Reveal about Barnabas being a vampire nice link to info from movie. GREAT RAPID FIRE DISCUSSION (LOTS OF INFO IN DISCUSSION)

10 Nice David, Amy, Chris interaction in WEST WING. Would have liked MORE David in discussion but it’s a good scene. MORE CHRIS (WEREWOLF). I understand, smooth move to next scene.

11 Chris, Carolyn and Tony in bar in Collisport. I love how you move from scene to scene so smoothly. Whole Scene in Blue Whale FUN.


13 Nice pentagram (FORESHADOW) NICE, TACTFUL, END SCENE, LOVE THE “OZZY OSBORNE” Wrap-UP. Can’t wait for EPISODE 21 ! ! ! ! ! Even though title and foreshadows allude to ending, it still comes a pleasant surprise, “GREAT JOB” ! ! ! ! ! It shows what TALENT you have ! ! !
off-the-grid chapter 20 . 8/2/2020
Loved it! Thanks! Can’t wait until the next one is done. Yay- I’m in “grassroots” club! And the reward is: “POUDS is its own reward” and you can quote me. :) Tee hee! “50 Shades of Grey” smirked at! Tee hee! Love how you pull in all kinds of cultural references into this. The Simpsons is real good at this too! My daughters may not catch all the Simpsons references I do (I have to explain) but they still enjoy it all. You’ve mastered that too.

Tee hee, brandy bottle! Following in her uncle’s footsteps! (HA! A toilet! Must be nice!) That’s something you won’t see them wasting time with on the show, but ya know “everybody poops!” (Cultural reference: kid’s book! Tee hee!) Also noticing that Amy stopped the werewolf. :)

Amy asked the question everyone wants to know: about the house! Would *love* to explore it! Have you ever heard of “Urban Explorers”? There’s a lot of cool postings about it on youtube/videos of abandoned asylums etc. Would be neat for an “explorers club” to come to Collinwood. I only saw things like this as an idea but not requesting or requiring it. :D Just musing with a friend :) for whatever you come up with is *perfect* because it’s from your imagination. (Or kids forming “explorer club”.)

Gomez is funny with his trains. (I’m from a railroad family – my grandpa always loved train things.) Funny that Gomez understands alternate lives/previous lives. Peter’s all freaked, but Gomez is so matter of fact. But what a thought: digging up your own grave! Nice thought to be able to have 2nd chance to fulfill life’s purpose. 170 years experience: HAH!

Maggie plus Kitty both equal Josette. Talk about body hopping! “I am myself several times over.” :D If he drops to his knees, he can’t reach her lips, hee hee! [Trusty old Wadsworth!] The mausoleum: great idea, Daryl! Perfect! I love how you find all the things you need right in the story and don’t deter from the DS line even with adding all the rest, you still hold the line!

Chris only has to be away from Amy once a month! And she stops him anyway. Good for Maggie to just jump right in, instead of taking 2 years or seasons to go through every facial expression and to “think about it”! :)
Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 20 . 7/31/2020
Love the 50 Shades reference! Well, Carolyn's assessment of the animal being supernatural is definitely not a surprise here. I busted out laughing at the toilet flushing direction XD You gotta love Gomez Addams! His enthusiasm in helping Peter was thrilling. I could imagine his eyes widening as he readily assist Peter in securing his permanent identity. The scenes with the kids and Barnabas and Maggie were endearing, and Chris needs to get over himself and admit that he is, in fact, a werewolf. And of course, werewolf-like ending, which was great! Great episode, Daryl!
off-the-grid chapter 19 . 1/14/2020
Finally! Here it is! Enjoyed this! Looking forward to #20! :) Great storylines! Many stories at once. Great choice of characters. (Heart: Lily, Heart: Endora, Heart: Samantha! Roger is just too hilarious!)

Victoria already ‘haunts’ Collinwood – Don’t you feel it? Feel her absence? Very peppy intro and upbeat. All kinds of music in the Netherworlds. :) They (you) are becoming comfortable in their roles – a bonus for long running series. Actors ‘become’ their characters. With Roger and Carolyn, strange to imagine the house without people! But the ghosts are still there! I know what Roger means about coming and sheltering in all this “madness again” – I’m living it! ‘Home’ is always a part of you, you can’t escape. ‘We all became vampires and killed each other ‘ – tee hee! Great stuff!

Maggie’s words, “Everyone changes the world…” TRUE. I always imagine that ‘front desk’ outside diner where Maggie works at the Inn! Plus Jason McG’s room! Plus imagine: being a vampire (Barnabas) “catching up on his reading” – imagine all there is to catch up to, and all the new stuff too! (LOVE Wadsworth!)Sneaky Sherlock reference :)

I LOVE Endora! ! Ha! Angelique *won’t* be ignored! Yeah focusing Endora on a different mortal – witch relationship. :D Oh I hate needlepoint : ( Boring to do. But “Bless Our Broken Circle” :) (Angelique’s Comeuppance!)

Sounds like the sound of filing nails (the writing) : ) Yeah – targeting a little girl. : ( Endora bored means “Uh oh!” Not a good thing – but totally entertaining! She gets bored easily. Darrin will be happy to have her focus off of him! :)

Remember censoring? Wow, nothing is censored these days. A shame – a lot of it SHOULD BE. I hate that kids are growing up to this as common place. Immune to war and suffering and romance. Where is the world going to? Scary thought, isn’t it?

“Happy Hour In Hell”! HAH! FUNNY! Hysterical concept. Ha ha, Voldermort. (He who must not be named.) “Don’t contradict me!” Tee hee.

I like the echo in “bad boy’s” (Diabolos’ ) voice. Or I should say the bass in his voice. Oh yeah “Egad” was a take on “Oh God” wasn’t it? A BUSBOY! OH you are evil! Tee hee hee! Barrister to Barista: HA! Baristas equal much better! :D

You do the ghostly voice (Captain Gregg) VERY WELL! I like the effects. “All’s well that chastens us to better conditions” EXCELLENT PHRASE! Thinking – I love watching Lily in her Munster kitchen. I love the Munster kitchen and the house!

I like that they talked about “class” and Carolyn laughed at being considered high class. But you know in the ghost world all is the same. (Including on Earth – those places ghosts inhabit supersedes earthly interests. Funny the Victoria – Victory name. Fun that Elizabeth left Carolyn “in charge”. I bet Roger loved that!

LILY! ! LOVE HER! LOVE HER! “Not troubles, Lizzy, hopes!” Sometimes all you need is a shift in perception. Ha – the U.S. “staying out of war” – how things change! These days countries exchange dirty looks and the U.S. is there and blowing things up, for “U.S. Interests” on FOREIGN SOIL! :) England has a lot of ghosts. NO JOKE! And ah, Elizabeth would have chosen Bill – he was too low caste! “Not our type of people, darling!” Hindsight is always a false hope to make you feel better about choices, can’t have both ways…

“My name is Amy Jennings…” :D

I like the ending song! Let me know more about it. I have to say I LOVE this CD player! Love that I can pause and come back to it easily after writing thoughts or doing chores. Doing this I’ve had some chat, loaded wood for the coming storm, made tea, this CD player is a sports car – great performance! THANK YOU!
off-the-grid chapter 18 . 1/8/2020
Listened to 18 on a trip. Wow a lot has happened in this one. Really enjoyed it. You’ve been a very busy podcaster! :) Bill Malloy being back, no one ever leaves. Must be nice to live in the same world with the same people forever… never have to say goodbye. Captain Gregg and Sam in the car: Old friends on a new journey. You had Samantha down real good and then when Endora kicked in, loved it! Not just different voices you do well, but *different* *personalities*. Glad that Cap’n Gregg and Endora finally got their dance! Better late than never! (Will they date now?) Looking forward to Angelique being fettered. Go Endora! Team Endora always! :)

Oh, at first I was thrown by Wednesday’s girlish voice as she is always so dour. But then I realized that I was thinking of the movies; but in the 60’s TV show (which you referenced) Wednesday’s voice was girlish. So once again you prove you know your stuff! :)

With Chris and Wells: “Ah-oooo!” (Howls at moon.) Sam and Mr. Wells enjoying a cup of coffee together: Comfort for old friends and acquaintances.
Melissa chapter 19 . 9/19/2019
Hi D,

Loved ep. 19. Here are highlights: Roger calling Collinwood a "mansion of madness" LOL As always a touching Maggie/Josette and Sam/Andre conversation. Your David Ford is spot on.

Simon Milligan: The world of awesome blondes never seems to end! LMAO!

You do a great Lara Parker and that elaborate incantation - the way she gives 200% throughout. Yeah, how did the Luciferian incantation get past the censors? ? ? ?

Hilarious with Bowie's 'Let's Dance" in the background as Happy Hour unfolds. Angelique: "Happy Hour" enhances the place." LOL! Diabolos' "Nicky Boy" reference. LOL! The big chorus of "Nicholas!" Diabolos condemning Nick to a, "fiery term as a busboy" What a riot! The way you weave in Cobert's music of shock and horror.

Your Joan Bennett is great. You nail her somber, aristocratic delivery. Poignant scene with Bill's ghost.

Your Denise Nickerson is so on target. Sweet how Carolyn welcomes Amy into Collinwood.

It's another superb episode, D! Thanks so much for this wondrous gift.

Love always,

Osheen Nevoy chapter 19 . 9/13/2019
Here I finally am! It had actually been such a while since I was on that I had a moment of doubt as to whether I remembered my password, but it turned out that I did. On to the review ... That line of Roger's about the cannery practically running itself really made me say, "Ouch!" and think about what Bill would make of that comment. (He, I think would neither approve or nor agree with it.) I like the phrase "queer supernatural concoction no one can describe." Once again, Roger's line about being "tired of having nothing to do"-I can again imagine Bill having some pointed things to say about Roger's work ethic in response to that. Going through the family history and poking fun at each other ... now, that does sound like a good Collins family activity. I was very struck by Sam and Maggie's voices this time, by how effective and accurate they are, and of course by the very successful and accurate contrast they have to each other. Great comments by our witchy ladies about Angelique's escapades. "That's going to be a several-part miniseries," "I have to go write this down"-fun putting your own experiences researching Dark Shadows into what the ladies are doing. "If she didn't have a touch of humor, I'd call her completely hopeless"-yes, that's a good evocation of Angelique. Very good line: "Mortals automatically die." You did a great job with Angelique's voice and her conjuring; it was as accurately ridiculous as ever with all the "charred and darkened stars that reigned at my beginning" nonsense. I don't remember right now in what context the line "Girlfriend!" was used, but I know that whatever it was, I enjoyed it! Great conversation here: "Don't contradict me!" "How can I tell you what happened?" "I was being dramatic." Martha's voice is great; it is exactly her. I really appreciated the line about "so much more sense than I'm used to hearing." The "pack up your troubles/hopes" lines were very effective. And of course, I loved hearing Liz say, "You, Bill." (I have a little heart icon and smiley face scribbled in my notes at that point.) Great intro text with the "great house of Collinwood knows a terror it has never known before" ya da ya da stuff-it is so perfectly like the real (over-used) episode intro texts that they actually used. Also great sound effects for walking in the woods; again perfectly right for what's used in the original episodes. So, there are my notes, two weeks late. Apologies for any potential incoherence in them! Oh, and yes, as I think I said when you first announced the episode, I love the title "Happy Hour in Hell." And, in fact, why didn't I comment on that? I did enjoy the titular happy hour in which Diabolos and Angelique partook!
May chapter 19 . 9/4/2019
I will not hesitate to say the phrase:

"No shit, Sherlock!"

HCB chapter 19 . 9/2/2019
Okay, with that background music, I feel that Freddy Kruger should pop out. Roger, *smh* talking about Liz abandoning the house. And he is right, the cannery does seem to run itself without them. And they still make money in spite of it! Roger needs a life :D Uh oh! Roger dreaming about "House of Dark Shadows". That was a very cool aspect of that segment. Mr. Wells saved by Sam from Wolfman Chris! Yes, Endora, you do have a reserve when it comes to Darrin. "Bless Our Broken Circle"-ooohhh! I just thought about this: why didn't Angelique use the love spell on Barnabas? Well, Angelique loved Barnabas, but she kept dying and coming back ._. Ah, the Angelique dramatic voice! I'm already picturing her invoking now. Yes, destroy her! Voldemort?! Well, I guess getting her drink at Happy Hour is okay, too XD I see the Dark Lord wearing that Hawaiian shirt with a towel over his shoulder and wearing a bar apron. I want to know about Natalie DuPres' lovers, too! Oh, man! Nicholas could be a good dj... Busboy! The dreaded job that dear old Nicholas had avoided until now *snicker* Carolyn is saved by Amy! You know, the rustling in the bushes reminded me of Snoopy going through the pumpkin patch when Linus thought that he was The Great Pumpkin! This was a good episode, Daryl! -HCB
PP2K chapter 19 . 8/30/2019
Thank you for choosing Planchette Points to K for your ambient and incidental audio needs. If you need something really gross I recommend a jam called 'Pork Noodles'. It's disgusting, really really gross. It may make your listeners vomit. That is what the public wants though, because it shows that they are creative as well, even if it is simply vomit that they are creating.

The show sounds like it's moving along nicely. Pretty cool! Not much news over here except my neighbor called me "Bill"?! She definitely hasn't been opening my mail! I guess I could try being Bill for a while. Why not!
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