Reviews for Lost Boys and Golden Girls
Passionworks chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
How come it is that Team Rocket rarely sees a shining fic like this on FanFiction? Why are there too few Rocketshipping writers capable of such genius here on this site?

You literally hooked me at the first word, or lyric, I should say. I'm not myself a Meat Loaf fanatic, but I respect his work as an artist and as a singer. I'm a twenty-two-year-old who is a fan of older artists (The Carpenters, Heart, Sheena Easton, etc.), and like seeing writing that incorporates older artists instead of dull and mundane modern singers. It was just that extra bit of goodness!

On the whole, as a written piece, what gripped me most was your low-key imagery, especially in Butch and Cassidy's introductory scene in the piece. You didn't use their names; you replied on the power of creating a visual picture for the reader, and that is one of the most difficult and most rewarding things one can do in a body of work.

A lot of writers tend to make sexual scenes graphic or overly intense for sake of reviews, but you withdrew that entirely, using that right dash of subtle with a massive dose of power in your storytelling. You didn't have to say too much, but the story created the scene. It's masterful, even if it is hard to explain!

Wonderful work, my friend. An amazing read that conveys sheer talent. You are an incredible writer.

delete this profile its unused chapter 1 . 2/15/2012
Love this! I love how you gave equal attention to both Rocketshipping and Neoshipping, since so often Neoshipping gets overshadowed! Great, keep up the good work!
pokemypoke chapter 1 . 2/15/2012
Wow! I must admit that I don't listen to Meat Loaf regularly, though he has a phenomenal voice, but my...if I had known lyrics such as this existed that are so touching and short yet earth-shattering, I would have become a fan of his long ago. The song choice is straight on point for these two couples. Song fics can turn into a disaster if not done right, but this fic - this beautiful little snapshot into the couples' balancing acts - is proof that it can raise a fic up and beyond the mere words. It's as if you were merely adding stanzas to the song. Brilliant, brilliant choice and execution.

Adored the image of James staring at Jessie from the campfire. I really like how you play with color imagery throughout their scenes. It's such a sad, lonely opening and yet it's in-character in a way that really brings James's human side out.

And the Butch and Cassidy section is so perfect that I can't even wrap my mind around it. I want to quote some sentences from it, but I'd end up quoting the entire thing. XD It seemed so in-character for them...they really don't pop up in the series often and though we get a glimpse of how they are together, it's admittedly not the same as Jessie and James. This made me want to see them so much more...Butch trying to figure out Cassidy with his head cocked to the side...their passion being a "chore"...the bed or wall comment that I will *never* stop loving. This is truly a testament to Neoshipping. As much as I adore Rocketshipping and *your* Rocketshipping, I'm dying to see you write more of Butch and Cassidy from your sheer fluidity. You owned them here and it's so fitting with the song and so emotional to read. The end just does it for me. Neoshipping just belongs to you after this.

I know I'll be visiting this over and over. Truly a delightful read. Next time I think I'll turn on Meat Loaf with it, though. Too into this to ignore such a beautiful song. Lovely, lovely work.