Reviews for Lifted Up
Bhoddisatva chapter 10 . 7/26
I enjoyed this chapter a great deal! I hope to see more soon.

I have to say that Kon has slowly been growing on me as he sheds his old annoying persona and grows into a mature person. This chapter is the first time I've seen Kon as a legitimate rival for Rukia's affections rather than a intrusive sub-plot. Congratulations for making me think this of *KON*!
dispair17 chapter 10 . 7/18
Ulquiorra seems to be oddly petty. His emotions make sense, I just hadn't expected them from someone as stoic as he is. Also, really looking forward to seeing Benihime in action. Thank god for you sticking to this while cannon drops the ball through another four stories. You've written everything cannon should have been but wasn't.
fazed343 chapter 10 . 7/13
Yay I always look foreward to these chapters, so much to digest but most importantly to me the possible return of Mayuri, he's one of my fav characters ;D

"Urahara A word If I may"
should be Ukitake
a barking dog chapter 9 . 6/13
I really want this to continue, I want to see when all the reveals of "hammered down" come in to play

Sailor Pandabear chapter 9 . 3/14
oh wow. this fanfic is very good
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/29
part 14

“And it wasn't even the craziest imaginary romance she had going on.”

I do wonder who else Michiru has a crush on since the statement above makes it seem as though she has quite a few imaginary romances going on.

“Well, Kon, obviously, but he was much more up front about it than she could ever hope to be. That kind of confidence was something she could only envy, no matter how perverted.”

SO I take it Kon his been quite open about his crush for Rukia, since he is “more up front about it”. I do sort of wonder what gestures Kon has made towards Rukia, besides that time when he had been carrying her bridal style.

“What could she lay claim to up 'til now? Nothing important ever happened to her.”

I do feel for Michiru, she must be feeling like Tatsuki did at the beginning when Tatsuki was left out of supernatural part of Ichigo’s and Inoue’s lives. However, Michiru should be careful complaining about how nothing important ever happened to her. I am sure that even though Tatsuki is now included in discussion about the supernatural, she did not like one minute being kidnapped, nor did she like feeling powerless of now being involved more but not being able to do anything to help. Which led to her making a bad decision in helping Ulquiorra.

And finally Byakuya is in a scene. And what a scene it was.

Since they arrived in a limo, can I assume that Byakuya and the elder, were in Gigai?

It is nice to see how even though they are in Gigai, Byakuya still wears a kimono, not caring about blending in.

And I love how the elder introduced him as His Highness.

And it is nice to see that Byakuya hasn’t lost his touch in making women (in this case a teenage girl) speechless with his beauty.

Wonderful description of Byakuya by Michiru. Must be the author in her.

“She could have watched him cut coupons and it would have been the greatest event in human history.”- I feel this way towards Rukia. And to a lesser extent “Hammered Down”!Aizen. I always enjoyed whatever moment he had in “HD”

And am I glad that Michiru broke out of the spell briefly to recognize Byakuya’s last name.

Well it is nice to see that even though she had a bad time in her club activities, that Byakuya mere presence was able to make her day better.
I have to wonder what Byakuya was thinking as Yuzu served him refreshments.

He gave her a nod of approval after he examined the aroma of her tea, so perhaps he is making a comment that one of Ichigo’s family is good at something. And at least one has manners to offer refreshments.

He hasn’t meet Karin yet so he can’t speak on her. And depending on whether Isshin and Byakuya knew each other before Isshin came to the human world, well Byakuya probably believed the entire kurosaki brood to be uncouth individals with no manners.

“Then as one the high-schoolers all withdrew to slump to the floor with a chorus of identical ecstatic moans.”

Byakuya Kuchiki: able to induce pleasure with just his presence.

“When he opened his eyes, the lord of Seireitei found he was now surrounded by several kneeling human females all staring at him with a pronounced intensity and some very brittle twitchy smiles.”

I have to wonder if Byakuya is used to this reaction from females.

I want to say yes, because my goodness Byakuya can’t be that oblivious to his good looks.

However, then when thinking about it, yes, the man can be that oblivious to his good looks and their effect on women.

There doesn’t seem to be any women in the sixth division, and I have to wonder if it is because when Byakuya was made captain, women Shinigami couldn’t function around him and therefore he sent them to other divisions.

Or because there was an unofficial rule that was enforced by Yamamoto, that women Shinigami couldn’t join the sixth division after Byakuya was made captain.

I would like to think that Shinigami women have better control over their reactions towards Byakuya, but even Isane, a woman who is over 1000 years old, seems to find herself reacting to the man’s beauty.

I do wonder what could be going on to Byakuya’s head- “In response, Byakuya simply picked up his tea and took another slow, thoughtful sip.”
zombieigrl22 chapter 9 . 2/29
Part 13
I have to admit I was quite worried there for a minute, and I believed that Michuri’s fanfic was a flashback concerning Gin’s mother, seeing as how Minagi’s last name was Ichimaru.

And then I remember that Gin had lived during a different era, and therefore his mother couldn’t be in a school uniform.

I had been trying to wrack my brain to see if I had missed anything in “Hammered Down” and trying to see if the shinigami’s description matched any of the characters.

I felt quite dumb when the Shinigami mentioned Zombie, and realized I was way off in my thinking and that this was a fanfic within a fanfic.

Though I know that Michiru is no doubt drawing inspiratation from what she experienced, I also have to wonder if the inclusion of this fanfic into the story, has a bigger purpose, other than just showing more of Michiru’s character. I know the prophecy mentioned dreams and it made me wonder if Michiru’s dreams could have influenced her writing.

And it is almost as if Michirui is basing her characters off Ichigo and Rukia’s first meeting. With Minagi taking the role of Ichigo, and the Shinigami taking the role of Rukia.

I would love for Gin to tell the President of the Writing Club, exactly what kind of name Ichimaru, and that is a name that should be feared.

I can imagine how some of the criticisms that Michiru’s fanfic receives are some that some author’s on this site receive. It takes skill and determination to write a story, and takes guts to post it for others to read.

I certainly hope that Tomas has never received such criticisms concerning Tomas’s masterpieces, and I certainly hope my reviews never came across in that manner as well. If at any time my reviews have seemed like that, then I apologize, for that for that was not my intention.

Your writing if anything has made my literary world, and my vocabulary expand. For which I am grateful. Perhaps I should tone down some of my ramblings in future reviews.

I am glad to see action has been taken to ensure that those with lesser powers are being taken again.

I don’t know why but I love Kon’s creative nickname for the club, and I love how he asks Michiru what happened, and how when Michirui did not want to talk about it, he didn’t press.

So Yuzu is in a Paranormal Activity Club. I wonder if her club will ever do investigations, and perhaps stumble upon Ulquiorra in his little hide out.

“Everyone else in the Karakura Otherwordly Paranormal Society had their own appointed guardians to make sure no Hollows came sniffing around.”

Reading that reminded me to ask, is Keigo’s sister part of K.O.P.S? And if she isn’t, is it possible that she is the 9th person who had been given the taint?

I need to go reread, but didn’t they threated Don Kanonji with telling his sister what he did, which means that she knows of the supernatural.

And I swear, I am beginning to get suspicious of Orihime, and her complicated ladder game system she used for the roster.

Almost as if Orihime wants to make sure she has everyone where she wants them, and she knows where they are at all times.

I could be paranoid, and Inoue is just being protective, but I don’t personally trust, especially after the comment of Orihime claiming it just popped into her head.

I looked up Sephiroth and it does look complicated. For it to just pop into her head sounds very suspicious to mee.

The girl ranked quite highly in school, she isn’t dumb, no matter how much others think she is. Her silly nature does make people often forget she is quite intelligent.

So no I don’t trust her at all.

I feel for Michiru, putting so much work into her story, and the others picking her apart for it, causing her to lose motivation for the story.

Perhaps what Michiru needs is not to find another group, but to find another a much older and supernatural audience.

She should submit her stories to the seireitei communication.

And I have a few suggestions on what K.O.P.S can do for the talent show, even though I know it isn’t important and Michiru didn’t ask:

-They can perform a magic show, where perhaps they can convince one of their Shinigami friends to help levitate or move things, or mess with the lights on something, with their non supernatural audience not being aware that there are spirits on stage with then.
-If the talent show allows movie submissions, perhaps then can submit a short paranormal documentary of a supposed haunted house. Once again using their Shinigami friends to make a house haunted.
-One of them can pretend to be psychic and do a séance, or talk to the dead in front of the audience. Once again, using their Shinigami friends to help out.
-They can just have Byakuya (not that he would) come to their talent show in a gigai, and just stand there. I am sure if the judges are all women, and maybe some curious men, they would win automatically.
-I doubt that they convince Yoruichi to participate, but perhaps they can have some ventriloquism thing going on, but instead of a talking dummy, a talking cat.

Just silly suggestions that popped into my head when Michiru mentioned a talent show.

I take it Yuzu watched the movie “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” Someone should recommend her the movie “It” or the book if she prefers to read.

“Namely, that several of the characters were modeled after people she knew in real life.”

Well I can see why submitting to seireitei communication would be a bad idea now.
shikome kido mi chapter 9 . 2/26
I enjoy seeing this series continue. We can already see how allowing Unohana's name to be whitewashed is going to bite someone. Nice horror vibes to the section with Renji at the beginning.

It's rather amazing how you can keep Soi Fon both extremely sympathetic and horrible.

They really must have been picking on Michiru that prose wasn't grossly purple, just slightly overwrought.

Frankly, I'm surprised Chizuru didn't just declare Byakuya effeminate enough to be an honorary girl.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/25
Part 12-

So I take it the contempt in Soifon’s words when she said father, means she still holds a grudge towards Byakuya for cutting off her arm.

I know that he certainly isn’t in her good graces for getting her lady pregnant, and certainly not for allowing Rukia to do whatever she wished and for not punishing Rukia for her being a “traitor”.

I have to say I love how protective Noboru is of Rukia and of his father, even though he hasn’t met the man yet- "Say something about my family again!" he snarled.

If I didn’t love the aunt/nephew relationship the two had, I would almost be tempted to ship them.

And Yoruichi has perfect timing. I can’t help but smile at her words “Ah, it warms my whiskers to see the young people bonding!" I really love your Yoruichi. Another complex individual.

I also love the relationship between mother and son, and how the two seem to be quite open with one another.

I also love how the love between mother and son is evident. She loves her son enough to not let him take the easy or comfortable way when it comes to his training, something that will no doubt save his life in the future. And how words of “I’m proud of you.” Manages to make him smile quite brilliantly.

I also love how Noboru doesn’t want to leave, and how he likes it with Rukia, Ganju, and Kon, showing how they have made up their own family unit of misfits.

And I love how he states he loves living with Rukia.

I also must say I love how Noboru immediately says no when Yoruichi brings about marriage and he automatically assumes that it means that Rukia will marry that “carrot-headed ogre”. I am a fan of your Ichigo, but I must say I like Noboru’s insult to him.

And even though I know that Ichigo isn’t dumb or ugly, I love how Noboru’s statement has to do with Noboru’s over protectiveness concerning his aunt and really nothing to do with Ichigo’s character. I am sure Noboru would have said the same about Renji, should Renji and Rukia being dating, Uryuu if Uryu was dating his aunt.

If Ichigo wasn’t dating his aunt, I am sure that he and Ichigo would more than likely get along.

I love how close he is with his aunt that he seems to think that he has a say in marriage prospects concerning her. As if she isn’t a few years older than him.

I love the quick think her is, quickly knowing she wasn’t talking about him.

I also love how he tries to get his mother on his side, and to help him convince Rukia that she could do a lot better than “Numb-Nuts Kurosaki”.

That nickname right there had me laughing quite hard that I almost choked.

I wish Byakuya would have been present to hear his son call Ichigo that.

I can see him reacting in one of two ways: his jaw dropping at the language his son uses (the were-cat is a bad influence on their son) or Byakuya actually laughing at the name. Which is quite scary, I don’t believe I have ever seen Byakuya laugh.

You know, I was joking earlier about when I said I was almost tempted to ship Noboru and Rukia together due to his protectiveness of her, but Noboru’s statement of- “Then I'll marry her!", might change my mind on that.

The snort Yoruichi gave in response makes me wonder if for awhile there Noboru was channeling his father, in terms of his haughty reply, as if his idea solved everything, and was absolutely correct.

Noboru does bring up some interesting points about how the two are really related, and how there isn’t that much of an age difference. I am sure that the age difference between Yoruichi and Byakuya is a lot wide that the age difference between Rukia and Noboru, and I love how serious Noboru is about marrying Rukia.


Tomas is torturing me and catering to me at the same time. Which I am grateful for. I thank Tomas for putting that small tidbit in this chapter, my Mayuri/Rukia shipper heart is forever grateful to Tomas for that.

I have to wonder what stopped Byakuya from beheading the captain, though I assume Yoruichi and maybe even Nemu had something to do with.

I also wonder if Rukia ever got wind of Mayuri being one of her potential suitors.

And whether or not the 12th squad knew about it as well.

If they knew about it, I am sure they were happy with the prospect of Rukia becoming Mayuri’s wife. Surely her presence whenever she visits the 12th division does make Mayuri his version of happy.

Not because Mayrui was in love with her. my shipper feelings haven’t dragged me into that rabbit hole of delusion, thinking that Mayuri was in love with Rukia. But with Rukia visiting, maybe Mayuri didn’t dissect as many people as he usually would. Mayuri being allow to research and invent would no doubt make him happier to be around. We saw how Mayuri beat Nemu after the Central 46 looked down on him and believed him to be crazy and insane and insufficient.

With Rukia around complimenting him on his work, surely that would serve to make Mayuri happier and easier to be around. I mean sure he would still be sadistic, but the man would be less stressed knowing his funding wouldn’t run out, and he sure wouldn’t mind hearing compliments from Rukia, someone who has shown faith and appreciation for his work and intelligence, no matter how trivial they may be.

So I can see the 12 Division hoping (even if they knew that Byakuya would never agree), that Mayuri’s proposal would be accepted. I can even imagine them helping Mayuri plan out the proposal that he would take to Byakuya. Mayuri not having been in a relationship before, much less having any experience in going to an individual with the proposal of marrying said individual’s daughter, I can see the 12th division helping Mayuri anyway they can.

Perhaps even then running a mock scenario/roleplay to get Mayuri comfortable enough to go ask Byakuya to accept his proposal for Rukia.

I do hope Tomas gives more details about that.

And I feel like I am going to be late for work again. What with Yoruichi’s revelation about Noboru and Byakuya meeting that same day, I don’t think I will be able to leave for work without reading Byakuya meeting Noboru.

Yoruichi's statement about it being an early birthday gift makes me wonder when Noboru’s birthday is?
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/25
Part 11

It is certainly nice to Noboru and Soifon’s training. However by the looks of it, the two don’t be seeming to get along as well.

And I can’t help but think that Noboru’s behavior and feelings reflecting Byakuya’s own behavior and feelings when Byakuya was his age- “His humiliation threatened to choke him. He was winded and wounded, and very much wrathful.”

Which makes me wonder if Byakuya and Yoruichi’s mentorship at the beginning, when Yoruichi first began training him, is similar to the way Noboru’s and Soifons’s relationship is now.

I am sure there are differences, because Soifon is very different from Yoruichi. But I can’t help but wonder if there were any similarities between trainings. Which makes me wonder if Noboru and Soifon will end up in a relationship like Byakuya and Yoruichi did.

And I am glad for the revelation that Noboru;s gray eyes have the gold ring around them. I always assumed them to be completely gray like his father’s eyes, but I am glad his eyes do have some part of his mother.

I do love their hate filled interaction. Not because I am glad they hate each other, but because their conversation says a lot about them.

Even though Noboru is Yoruichi’s son, doesn’t mean the Soifon will adore him like she adores his mother. Being her son, doesn’t mean that Soifon will go easy on Noboru.
It shows how Noboru still needs a lot of growing up to do, shown when he speaks without thinking, and saying he will boot her out of the clan when he becomes lord.

Which makes me wonder, if Byakuya ever booted out anyone from his clan after he became Lord.

The fact that he blames Soifon for tricking him, shows that Noboru still has a ways to go to become a mature man.

It is understandable that his actions are like that, he is still young.

I like his immature behavior, because that means I can watch Tomas craft Noboru’s development in the future, and I am excited to see what Tomas has in store concerning Noboru growing in terms of character development. And who Tomas has in being influential in that development. His Aunt Rukia no doubt. Kon as well.

And by the looks of it Soifon will have an influence as well with her words- "If I were able to manipulate you into behaving however I want, I would choose to have you act like a prince, not a spiteful brat too untutored to admit when he is wrong."

It is also nice to the action scenes between the two. Wonderful job on that Tomas. What a wakeup call Soifon had in store for him, it is good that Noboru gets the lesson not to fight in anger.

I have to wonder what Rukia and Byakuya would say if they knew that Noboru behaved in such a manner- “He had once told her to hold still so that he could grab her ass again. She conceded, and he had taken a malicious pleasure in squeezing the shinobi's tight tush.”

At least Noboru stopped taking pleasure in the squeeze when he saw her face.

You know for a minute there I almost thought I was watching a couple who partakes in the Domination and Submission parts of BDSM, when Noboru orders her to strips and Soifon obeys with “As you will, my lord.”.

"Slowly!" he added with haughty malice. "Take your time and enjoy it." - I do wonder which parent Noboru is channeling with those words.

And I am very glad to see that Noboru wasn’t enjoying this humiliation he was putting Soifon through- “At the same time, however, he recognized that he wasn't enjoying this quite as much as he had initially assumed.”

And I am glad that he stopped Soifon from completely stripping. If he hadn’t I am afraid of what the consequences would have been for Noboru.

He would certainly cause Soifon to no think any differently about his character. She would most certainly hate him even more.

But for Noboru’s character as well. He did begin abusing his power as a higher noble, but he stopped before it got any further. I am proud that he did stop her.

I am quite glad he was sick to his stomach, I am glad at his anger at Soifon for just obeying him, and I am glad that Soifon responded “because it was your will.”

With great power comes great responsibility. I know that quote can sound cliché and corny, but it does fit this scene and Noboru as well.

It gives him firsthand experience, how some people will follow orders without thinking for themselves, and gives him first hand experience on how easy it is to abuse one’s power. That Noboru realizes his mistakes, and in turn learns from them and realizes that just because he is in a position of nobility isn’t any excuse to abuse or bully those under him.

I really like the Noboru’s statement “You know what I really hate about you?" he finally demanded. "You don't care about anybody. Not even yourself. All you do care about is carrying out orders. You'd commit murder if my family told you to, wouldn't you!"

Because it shows that Yoruichi certainly raised him well, and gave him the lessons he needed, and how to not just follows orders blindly, and how she didn’t raise him like she was raised.
It is also nice to see that Noboru doesn’t really care about the privileges of Nobility- “You still act you're some kind of peasant who has to please the landowners or they'll kill you!"

But I have to say I like Soifon’s words to Noboru as well- “You think the world is a fundamentally peaceful and civilized place. Perhaps for some it is. But only because there are those who are willing to do things and face challenges others would balk at. That is my way! And it is the way not just of me, but all true shinigami!"

In a way she has a point, the world isn’t a peaceful and civilized place, and Noboru should understand that sometimes events cause for drastic measures to be taken place. And though I agree with Soifon’s other statement of- “But only because there are those who are willing to do things and face challenges others would balk at.”, I feel like Soifon alluding to something I wouldn’t agree with. As if Yamamoto and his necessary evils were in fact necessary.

And knowing she doesn’t count Rukia as a true Shinigami, I don’t agree with her statement. She would have gladly taken the challenge of killing Rukia, if it meant that Soifon was acting for what she thought was the greater good.

And I am glad that Noboru corrected her on that and that Noboru has just as much admiration for his aunt than I do.

I also love how just Rukia’s name was enough to cause Soifon to show emotion in her face.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/25
Part 10-

So they came to discuss marriage proposals for the clans. I shouldn’t be surprised because I do believe Tomas mentioned something marriage in one of Tomas’s replies to me, but I have to say it still caught me by surprised.

And I have to say I am curious as to why Katsurou declined, as well Byakuya’s thoughts concerning how annihilation wouldn’t change the man’s mind.

And I must say Arashi’s actions after the dignitary insisted on him that it must be done, threatening to commit Seppuku should they try to force him, and then the revelation that he is being part of his arm. If I am not mistaken, he and Kukaku are both missing part of their arm, which makes me wonder if he and the Arashi too had to sacrifice themselves for something.

Which makes me wonder what exactly did he sacrifce part of his arm for?

Senbonzakura’s statement of “You considered a similar option not so long ago. I wonder if perhaps you were not influenced by his previous performances?”, makes it almost sound as if Arashi’s behavior had some influence on Byakuya, almost as if perhaps Byakuya might have looked up to the man. But I doubt Byakuya looked up to the man.

“Do not doubt his hated, for I never have.”- What amount of hatred and the reason behind said hatred would be behind the man wanting to end his line?

I am even more curious about the man.

And I can’t believe that Byakuya still hasn’t forgiven her about the kiss she gave him. I can understand it though, since she did practically force the kiss on him. Poor Byakuya.

I have to wonder if Yoruichi’s Zanpakuto was able to eavesdrop on Byakuya’s and Senbonzakura’s conversation and heard Senbonzakura’s reviews on Yoruichi’s and Isane’s kissing skills.

So Isane’s grandfather was the man that Yamamoto killed, someone who willingly followed Unohana into exile. It makes me think that Yuma’s granddaughter might hold that same loyalty towards Unohana, which makes me suspicious of Isane’s loyalty. Also it makes me suspicious of Kiyone, someone I do over look a lot due. Makes me wonder how old she is and what her backstory is as well. I can see why the Kotetsu clan might have held a grudge against Yamamoto and the Soul King. Especially if Yamamoto and the Soul King had anything to do with their father’s and brother’s deaths.


I had to take 5 minutes to process that. Which made me wonder if Katsurou had any more siblings. Who Katsurou himself married? Did Katsurou have any children? If Katsurou knew that Sosuke was his nephew and knew that Sosuke had his sights on Rukia as a potential bride, would that have in any way changed Katsurou’s mind of not wanting a marriage proposal?

How did the Arashi get spared the fate that the Takuiyoku and other lesser clans were not spared? Whether Yamamoto and the Soul King expected the Arashi clan to just accept Manami and her children, who were their blood, to just be executed? Was cutting off his arm a manner of showing their “loyalty” to their King? Something tells the Arashi made it quite clear that they weren’t happy with Manami’s and her children’s deathes, so it makes me wonder how they weren’t targeted by Yamamoto and the Soul King themselves.

It also makes me wonder if Katsurou and his clan ever did anything secretly to begin moving against Yamamoto and the Soul King. Perhaps they were the reasons behind the creation of Hueco Mundo. How old is Hueco Mundo anyway?

Now I see why Isane and Katsurou seem quite close, they both lost family thanks to the Soul King and Yamamoto. If anyone had reason to move against them, it would be them. They had firsthand experience on how just because they are noble does not mean that they are spared from the chopping block, and that their lives are just as easily extinguished as the poor. They know that they on the same level. So if anyone would want to see a change in the politics of SS, it would be both these clans.

I look forward to reading more about Katsurou and what he has been up to.

Not sure if any of my rambling makes sense. It is quite late where I am at, but I wanted to make sure I left at least two more reviews for this wonderful chapter and I figured that this would be a good place to stop reading until tomorrow morning.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/24
part 9

And we finally get to see Byakuya! I am quite happy about that.

Wonderful description on her clothing. I bet she was a sight to behold.

I love the special moment between the two, and how when she asks Byakuya if he is ready for whatever they are about to do, she doesn’t tease him.

And about how Yoruichi asks if he has told Rukia yet.

It is the small things that show how much the Yoruichi does care for Byakuya.

I was quite curious as to the news they have, especially since Yoruichi wants to be there for Ichigo’s reaction.

And it seems by Yoruichi’s smile at Byakuya’s reaction to Ichigo’s name, that Byakuya still isn’t that happy with Rukia’s choice in boyfriend- “Now Yoruichi didn't bother to hide her grin at the cloud of discontent that arose unbidden to her lover's face upon mention of that name.”

And I am very curious about which noble could make Yoruichi become quite guarded.

This Lord Arashi’s reaction to both the nobles has got my interest especially with this statement- “The head of one of Seireitei's Four Great Houses looked like he would have been more pleased to find himself surrounded by brigands in a darkened alley.”, making me wonder what the Yoruichi and Byakuya could have done to make the man, a noble, prefer to be in an alley rather than their presence.

Or is it because Yoruichi helped a former criminal, and Byakuya married a commoner, and then adopted said commoner’s sister into the clan.

And it is quite interesting how Yoruichi addresses him as dono, and the man not glancing at her when she addresses him.

And Senbonzakura’s reaction to Arashi, wanting to strangle the man with his hairdo makes me wonder why Senbonzakura holds such animosity for the man. Was not it not Senbonzakura the one who had admonished Byakuya, when byakuya had been wanting to murder that one noble who had come to ask on his brother’s behalf of a betrothal with Rukia?

However Senbonzakura’s instincts are usually right, so I hope Byakuya does not take their advice lightly.

It would have been interesting to see had Kukaku accepted the offer for reinstatement of the her clan, but I can see why she didn’t. She is probably sick of the politics involved in clan dealings, and wanted no part of it.

Ah Byakuya. Not all people can be perfect and graceful all the time like you- “For some people, regal dignity did not come easily, no matter how long they might live”.

I do wonder what caused Yoruichi’s face to fill with warmth. If I last remember she had been quite upset when Kiyone mentioned Isane’s crush on Byakuya. So I take it Yoruichi doesn’t know about the kiss.

So Isane’s clan’s colors are silver and turquoise. I wonder if there is a significance to those colors being the designated colors.

Isane’s descriptions makes me wonder why a lot of those from the Tiger division were wounded and in need of healing, however I then remembered that they are under Kenpachi and therefore it shouldn’t surprise me to see them injured. Then I wondered about the cleansing ceremony she forgot, and exactly what she does at a cleansing ceremony, and then the most alarming of how her clothes don’t fit her anymore and needed to be refitted.

Which makes me suspect that Isane has lost weight. And if she did lose weight what would have caused her to lose weight. Is she just so busy that she can’t find the time to eat/misses meals? Is she still mourning the loss of her captain? Is there another worry that hasn’t been made known to us readers yet, which is burdening her?

So many things going through my head about the cause of Isane’s weight loss.

Isane staying as a vice-captain rather than becoming a captain of a division herself, makes me forget that she is quite old- “Lady Isane Kotetsu, captain of Heron Company and oldest of the current clan heads, could only manage an abashed shrug in return.”

So maybe I should be calling Isane Mrs. Robinson instead of Yoruichi.

I have to wonder if there were any suspicious causes to Isane’s father’s and brother’s deaths.

Byakuya seems to think that they were caused by grief, but I can’t help but wonder if there was a deeper cause.

I have to wonder if Isane’s clumsy manner is authentic, or if it is just an act so that people don’t suspect her of hiding something or being up to something.

I mean the woman is quite old. Surely she would have mastered not tripping over herself, and walking more gracefully. Especially after she served a graceful captain for many years.

Byakuya himself noted how she seemed more comfortable in her role as doctor rather than as clan head. Maybe that is just an act so that Yamamoto, Central 46, and other clans think that she isn’t one to make a power grab herself.

Those are just my musings anyway, and I can’t help but be just a tiny bit suspicious of Isane.

Also it makes me wonder what caused Arashi to be so respectful towards Isane, when he was the opposite towards Byakuya and Rukia, and why the two seemed quite comfortable talking to each other, when moments before Isane was rambling and unconformable when talking to Byakuya and Yoruichi. .
So to make sure I get this right:
Crimson and Olive- Arashi Clan
Silver and Turquoise- Kotetsu Clan
Orange and Black- Shihoin Clan
Canary Yellow and Grey- Kuchiki Clan

And to make sure I am understanding this statement correctly- “Now as it had been for so many generations, the Four Noble Houses of the Seireitei were met in conclave to discuss matters of the highest repute.”

These four families were the ones who survived unscathed from the manor wars.

I have to wonder if Kotetsu’s retainer purposely made a dig at Hisana- " In the past 300 years, only Lord Kuchiki has taken a wife, and that union ended childless."

Almost like wanting to draw attention to the woman that Byakuya married not able to have kids due her being a commoner and not having any spiritual power, lest any of the other noble clans get it into their head about marrying outside of nobility and marrying for “true love”.

Reminding the clans that their duty is produce heirs to carry on the clans’ names.

“However having watched the near overthrow of our entire world only a year past, we no longer feel it prudent to hesitate. If the clans are to continue, we must be assured of some security in our futures.”

I also wonder if the retainer is also making a dig at Rukia’s influence. I mean sure everyone’s lives, including those of nobility, were in danger during the war, but it was Rukia’s influence which caused many of the poorer folk, who had no spiritual power to survive the war as well.

It was Rukia’s plan to make the lives of the poor and unfortunate in SS better, which could in turn cause a shift from the ruling class of nobility to something like a democracy which of course would lead to a loss in power in the Nobility.

Can’t have the power of the poor become greater than the power of the nobles.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/24
part 8

And I was just about to close my laptop to get ready for work, when I read Benihime’s statement about Urahara “remobilizing the freakshow”.

So I am going to read the rest of the section featuring Urahara and leave a short review that sums my thoughts on it, even though I will mostly likely be late to work. (But I don’t care, because at least I was able to publish some more reviews for Tomas. I keep promising to review, but things keep coming up which makes me have to break that promise).

So Benihime’s statement suspects that Urahara has the skill and brain power to get Mayuri up and running around SS again, but he hasn’t done so yet.

Urahara claims it is because he wants to keep the list of people who want to kill him short.

But something tells me that something will happen, which will cause Urahara or someone else to free Mayuri. Something that is dire enough, that they feel the need for Mayuri’s opinion and help.

And Urahara’s claim of not being motivated by fear, so what is he motivated by?
And I never expected Urahara to tell Benihime- “You're one evil I can live with.”

Which makes my curiosity about Benihime and Urahara’s relationship and Urahara’s Bankai grow even more.

I have never would have expected Urahara to call his Zanpakuto, a part of his soul, evil. Which makes me wonder what Urahara thinks about his own soul and character, and whether he sees a part of himself as evil as well.

Benihime’s statement of “Never address us in such a fashion, boy.” Caused goosebumps to form on arms, as did the description of Urahara- Sitting in his lab, Kisuke Urahara went very still. The only sound was the beating of his heart, and it began to grow. Around his field of vision there came a swarm of angry red creeping in like ice around a pond. He could almost hear the door opening, feel himself falling back into it, maybe never to come out this time.”

I feel for Urahara. His zanpakuto seems to be able to create such fear in him. Which makes my curiosity about the two grow even more.

And I must say my heart broke at Urahara’s words- “I have people who need me. I have friends who care for me. I have allies who do not trust me. I have an enemy I hate. I have a friend whom I must kill. Please let me stay.”

Not only does he have problems with the outside world and people ready to kill him , but should his own Zanpakuto be displeased with him, it seems as though she can imprison him in his own mind as well.

My heart goes out to him even more, because he really can’t trust anybody.

But even though I do feel for him, I couldn’t help but notice his words of “I have a friend whom I must kill.” Who is this friend of his? And why must he kill him? He still refers to him as a friend, so even though he must kill this friend, he must do so out of necessity, and will just bring him pain.

And now I must go. I promise on the love i have for Rukia, that I will continue reviewing the rest of the chapter after work.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/24
part 7

Or perhaps the Kuchiki Princess is the unknown cause of Urahara’s irritation with Mayuri, and Urahara has just figured it out- “The mention of the name Kuchiki had Urahara dismissing the illusionary database and slumping tiredly into a chair of his brightly lit office.”

Reading Mayuri’s notes, Urahara knows about what Mayuri was able to accomplish thanks to Rukia.

Rukia, a person who had told Urahara previously that she trusted Mayuri, an individual who was thought to be insane by almost everybody, and who know sane individual would trust, more than Urahara.

It’s got to be a slap in the face to Urahara, to know someone you had helped trusted an insane scientist more than you.

So to read Mayuri’s notes, and to see the proof of Mayuri’s accomplishment thanks to the Kuchiki Princess giving him a vast amount of funds, I can see if that was why Urahara had been irritated.

It is nice to see that Urahara is able to view and enjoy the scenery, after his long banishment.

And It is nice to see that he hasn’t let his guard down, and knows better than to think that everything is hunky dory now- “Of course, his improved living conditions had not changed his situation. He was still working to comprehend the intentions of his enemies.”

Or perhaps I missed the whole reason for Urahara’s frustration (I blame my UraRuki shipper heart on that), especially since Tomas did clear that my speculations up with the next statement-
“The most frustrating aspect of this endeavor was never knowing just who could be trusted. He even doubted himself.”

It would irritate anyone, not being able to trust anybody even yourself.

I would not want to be Urahara right now. What he is feeling is no doubt a burden to him, and I do hope things turn out great for him.

Also it seems like he perhaps needs someone to talk to, someone who has gone through what he is going through/ what he is feelings.

“Not to mention a woman so steeped in history she had watched his ancestors grow old and die.”

That statement makes me wonder who Urahara’s ancestors could have been and if they were just as brilliant as Urahara. Were some of his ancestors punished by Yamamoto and the Soul King, or were their deaths at the hands of Unohana.

I do wonder who falls under the title of being Urahara’s cherished? Yoruichi, and Tessai, of that there is no doubt. Jinta and Ururu more than likely as well.

Does Urahara know that Yoruichi has a son? If he does, Noboru falls under another person Urahara cares about.

I feel for Urahara not even two years have passed, and he must fall back to that paranoid state of his (though I doubt he ever stopped being paranoid), and because of mechanisms, and not knowing everything, he can’t really enjoy the peace he has now in SS.

It is interesting how Urahara doesn’t even discount his allies being potential enemies in the future- “A Hollow born from Urahara's own efforts in the body of a frustratingly powerful human boy. And potentially, a renegade shinigami captain and his love interest looking to play off both sides to their advantage.”

And least he knows better than to trust Gin, even though Gin was a help in the past.

And I am glad he admitted his own role in the birth of Ichigo’s hollow. It makes my respect for Urahara grow even more.

I like how Benihime calls out Urahara’s BS explanation- “Please. Do not attempt to dissemble to us. You simply want to know if he surpassed you in the time since your departure. Your motives are as transparent as they are tedious.”

Which makes me think that my earlier ramblings might have been partially correct. Urahara wants to see what Mayuri has accomplished and in order to do so, he would need to take into account what Mayuri accomplished thanks to Rukia going to Mayuri and not Urahara, with her piggy bank and her proposals.

She would rather trust and unknown to her Captain, and a captain that most try to avoid, with her thoughts and ideas, rather than go to Urahara, someone she knew a bit better, someone who had helped in the past. She would rather take her chances with with insane Mayuri than Urahara.

Again. I can’t help but feel as though it would be a slap to the face for Urahara, seeing proof of Rukia’s trust in Mayuri. How her words to him the night she apologized weren’t empty words.

And I love how Urahara recognizes his flaws. Again. It speaks to his character, and how he doesn’t lie to himself.

“And I do confess a certain morbid curiosity as to what the maniac accomplished with unlimited funds and unrestricted resources which I sadly lacked for the past 100 years.”

So my earlier speculations of Urahara’s speculations concerning Rukia and Mayuri have been answered here, but also hints subtly at Urahara’s life in the living world.

And makes my respect and love for Urahara grow even more.

Because the magnificent mastermind was still able to accomplish what he accomplished with what he had available to him which wasn’t much to begin with.

He is sort of the Shinigami version of MacGiver, able to do anything with what he has at hand.

He was still able to carry out his plan with limited resources. And his statement makes me understand why he and Yoruichi felt the need to except Gin’s offer of help.

And now I feel like I owe Urahara an apology, for my somewhat harsh statements towards his character in my reviews for “Hammered Down.”
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/24
part 6

You know, I would have thought that his time in the Living World, and his time in the Maggot’s Nest would have made Urahara a bit more patient- “ But at the current time, the captain of Ibis Company was too irritated to do much beyond spitefully destroy the least interesting examples.”

Which makes me wonder if there is more behind Urahara’s irritation than just Mayuri?

And were the samples the least interesting, because Urahara had already thought of the same questions that Mayuri did and therefore Urahara knows the answers?

Or were they the least interesting, because Urahara thinks they are unimportant?

Urahara should be careful it is the latter, lest he become a bit of a Meglomaniac like Aizen.

“I know you are reading this, Kisuke-sa… [DELETED]-“-
Another of my favorite parts. Mostly because it almost seems as though Mayuri had enough faith in his former captain to know
-Urahara would be let back into SS
-Urahara would eventually break his code.

And Urahara’s Zanpakutou finally makes its appearance. Unless I am in correct, Urahara’s Zanpakutou never spoke back in “Hammered Down”.

Which makes me wonder, how Benihime reacted to certain events in “Hammered Down”
-Benihime’s reaction when Urahara was banished to the Human world
-Was she calling for Rukia’s blood when the trio found out that Rukia was under “Cloud Over Moon”, and therefore a sleeper for Aizen.
-How Benihime reacted to Rukia’s statement concerning Rukia trusting Mayuri more than Urahara.
-How Benihime reacted when Rukia and Ichigo went off on their own and hid Unohana’s Zanpakutou.

I loved Urahara’s complex nature in “Hammered Down” and Behihime’s statement concerning his behavior, makes me hope that perhaps in a future chapter, the backstory for Urahara and his Zanpakutou will be shown.

“Wanton destruction of such trivial property bores us. If you continue in this boorish display, we might just invite you inside for a little chat.”

Woah. For a minute there I was thrown back to the chapter in “HD” where Aizen’s Zanpakuto became quite irritated with Gin when they were killing Central 46 and when Gin almost messed up their “art”.

Does Benihime have a sibling and is that sibling’s name, Kyoka Suigetsu.

That similarity between Aizen’s and Urahara’s Zanpakuto make think that that is another thing the two have in common. However, perhaps Aizen’s more serious nature may be why the two seem to get along better than Urahara and Benihime.

It is curious the way Urahara seems to try to assure Benihime of Mayuri having backups, especially since Benihime’s statement concerning Mayuri’s “trivial property” makes it seem as though she doesn’t hold the property as of great importance.

“When we wish for an explanation from you, we will ask. This audience is finished.”

Well I can see now why Benihime has “hime” in the name, she has personality for it.

I must say, from what I can tell from Benihime, she will no doubt become a favorite of mine in this story.
Another of my favorite part- “History had proven it wouldn't be long before she grew bored and… We have returned. Carry on, boy.”

What a very interesting name-“Project Deathly Debutante” and I do have to wonder why Mayuri chose that name.

And who knew that money would certainly motivate Mayuri enough to find a way for the body armor prototype to allowed to be shed? Certainly not the Central 46, who had they just opened their wallets to the 12th division more so that Mayuri can research and find a solution to the previous problem, would have allowed more Shinigami to be alive. But the fools were to close-minded and set in their ways. Again, they deserved their fate. .


I apologize for the caps lock but this statement where Mayuri mentions Rukia in his notes- “I have already informed Kuchiki-ojousama of this side benefit and basked in her trivial but well-warranted praise.” Had me smiling and giggling somewhat.

I love how even though it might seem like a backhanded compliment to Rukia, I think that it just Mayuri’s sin sere way of complimenting someone.

So I thank Tomas for that, especially since I know that even though it has a purpose in the story for future chapters, I am just glad that Tomas was able to throw in a moment between the two.

“Now if we can just overcome the bouts of psychotic dementia that accompany it we… [DELETED].”

I have to wonder who the test subjects Mayuri tested the armor on were, and if it is someone I know? I assume that by the time Yumichika received the body armor from Mayuri, that the psychotic dementia side effect had already been resolved.
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