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zombiegirl22 chapter 7 . 5/14
here is the second part that was once again cut off for my review of chapter 77

She could recognize Aizen (cinnamon) and Gin (bloody) by how they smelled, so I wonder if she is in tuned to an other sense that others might not so easily recognize.

I almost feel bad for Lagrima. Her previous treatment at the hands Barragan is slightly similar to Unohana's treatment at the hands of Yamamato.

Quite sad for Lagrima. To become free and not even getting a day to enjoy her freedom to where she is injured and left for dead and then eaten. Kind of like Unohana. The same day Yamamato is killed, Unohana is injured and locked in Nirvana.

I wonder what Grimmjow needed the Vasto Lorde essense for. Lagrima mentioned him being grey. Perhaps Grimmjow will get his own power up in terms of becoming a Vasto Lorde himself.
zombiegirl22 chapter 7 . 5/14
I have to admit that I didn't know about Izanagi or the myths surrounding them, but I am sure it will be important later on. Especially since Ginrei's own mention of the tiamat was in his own way trying to hint at Unohana being the mastermind. I need to go read more about Izanagi to see if I can find any hints to what his mention in this chapter might hint at.

Kuneida has an interesting ability. I have to further confess that I didn't pay much attention to her or any of the other non powered Karakura kid parts in hammered won. So It looks like I will have to go back and reread certain chapters to remember exactly what went on when Kuneida made an appearance in HD.

I have to wonder if Rukia would have got better results from her interrogations had she chosen Gin's ways of finding out information.

"the boy had a bad habit of running headlong into danger as a result of, well, arrogance. Perhaps there was no helping that and it was just a family trait."

Definitely gets it from his dad.

I can't wait until the two meet. Maybe Byakuya will loosen up a bit more after interactin with his son.

I keep trying to imagine how Byakuya will react once he comes ton know that he has a son and that Yoruichi hid it from him.

I can see him being quite upset with both Yoruichi and Rukia. But more so with Yoruichi since she has kept the secret of his son from him for over 100 yrs. Byakuya is a very protective person, to know that his son was out from under his protection for a hundred years will make him quite upset.

I am once again reminded of his conversation with Aizen about their "sons" and a part of me thinks that maybe Byakuya might have known he had a son, but then I remembered that he was going to commit Seppuku after rukia's and he wouldn't have had he known he had a son. Also his reunion with Yoruichi shows that he never believed that Yoruichi would have returned to him, so now I'm sure that he didn't know about Noboru.

Also as much as I can see him wishing that Yoruichi had never left, because then they could have had his own family, I don't think he would ever regret meeting Hisana and in turn Rukia.

So yeah I think he will of course forgive Yoruichi eventually. He might even be relieved that Yoruichi kept their son a secret. If Byakuya didn't know he had a son, there there is a strong possibility that his enemies didn't know about his son either.

Also I have to wonder whether or not Byakuya told Yoruichi about his grandfather's prophecies/visions.

But I'm getting off topic.

It's nice to see Toshiro getting in front of Rukia. Not because I lack faith in her or her abilities (she did take down Gin and Yamamato) but because I just like seeing others stepping up to protect her. So long was she made to feel alone, with no one by her side, no one standing up for her, it's nice to see other Shinigami being there for her, especially since her most ardent champion is dead (though again I'm hoping that Yumichika comes back to life somehow).

And it almost seems as though Tia and Rukia are just as interconnected as Gin and Rukia are. The two keep coming across each other, though their second meeting, Rukia was unaware due to being unconscious at the time.

Having reread Ginrei's letter, I have no idea why I thought that the bottomless pit was Momo when I left my review for chapter 36. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part because I had wanted Momo to be regretful (weep)of her past actions.

Remembering Nel's earlier words of how vasto lorde don't need to eat unless they want to, yet Tia eats whenever she wants to so now I see how Ginrei's words had meant her.

I just can't even think of who Tia can consume that would make her weep.

I love how Rukia doesn't back down from Toshiro's harsh statement. And she has a long way to go if he thinks he can reach Byakuya's level.

"Don't fret, girl. I was only teasing you. Like this, there's no satisfaction to be gained from consuming you in the slightest. A waste of a long anticipated meal, I should think."

Those words remind me of Gin and Rukia's relationship in HD, and how Gin liked to prolong their games, even putting aside taking the Key, so he could have spent more time "playing" with Rukia.

With Tia's words (how can it not be tia, when Rukia recognized the same feeling the first time she went to the human world), I'm hoping for more interactions between Tia and Rukia. Maybe Tia will end up taking Gin's position of tormentor that he had in HD.

"I admit I'll miss the opportunity to find out how you taste, snowdrop. But Aizen made his wishes regarding you very clear."

Another hint that this was Tia and not Barragan. Lagrima's musings in the other chapter showed how Barragan wouldn't do something that would benefit Aizen.

Lagrima had stated that Barragan wished to whip the jackal and feed whatever was left to the hollows, so if Barragan knew that Toshiro was a potential threat to Aizen, then he wouldn't kill Toshiro because Toshiro could bring down Aizen.

Also if Aizen is the one ordering Tia around, if Aizen still thinks of Rukia as his like he did in HD, when he called her "My Rukia" when addressing the council, or when Byakuya described Aizen as Rukia being a prize for whichever man came out on top, I can see Tia being told not to kill Rukia.

"Rukia made her choice in spite of their shared opinion as to her worth".

I have absolute faith in Tomas, that before the end of the story, Rukia will open quite a few characters' eyes about her true worth.

If only Kubo gave Rukia the screentime and character development Tomas does.
I wish to know more about Berrinholtz .He seems kind of interesting, not even a decapitation killed him. I'm curious to know his story.

I never liked Loly and Menoly. I hope the two don't survive. I kind of wish that Noboru would have followed Matsumoto's orders and killed them.

Gin really screwed with Lagrima's head. Just by Matsumoto mentioning him, and she starts spilling everything. Which means that Gin must have told Matsumoto quite a bit about the things he has done. I guess he fulfilled his promise of explaining everything like he had told her in HD after his fight with Rukia.

I wonder what Matsumoto had planned to do with the Vasto Lorde juice. Was it just to make sure that the individual Lagrima was trying to heal wasn't healed, or was it because she and Gin know someone who could use the juice?

I am mad at whoever (loly or menoly) pushed Lagrima before she gave the identity of the individual who sent the Hunt to earth.

"A former member" could be anybody.

By Ichigo's words it wasn't grimmhow. Gin's and matsumoto's conversations in earlier chapters also means it wasn't them.

Yet it is someone that Loly and Menoly are trying to protect/cover up for. Someone that they are quite afraid of.

I feel bad for Tatsuki. I can understand why he wanted to kill the vampire, but I am also glad that kon put a stop to it.

"Don't you ever tell me to kill anybody, got it?! Especially not someone who's... helpless and can't fight back!"

A lot of emotion in Kon's words and I can't help but respect him for taking a stand.

I don't know why I find a similarity between Kon and Kenpachi. Maybe its because I remember Kenpachi's statement of "put a sword in their hand" in regards to Hisagi and izuru that makes me think that Kenpachi isn't someone who would fight defenseless individuals.
Amazing to see Toshiro in action. For a minute there I was afraid he was going to die.

Good advice from the Kurosaki twins. I think Rukia would be a good video game player. I also like the idea of the twins spending time with Rukia.
Tia's words of "some of my essense now resides within you anyway" makes me wonder just how did Ulquiorra get some of her essense any way. I feel like I missed something else in HD.

It's funny how Ichigo's hollow is feeling the exact same thing Ulquiorra felt when Ulquiorra found out that Ichigo was still alive.

"Can't do that. This isn't over. And Rukia's down here. I can tell; she needs my help."

I'm curious about how Kon can sense Rukia. Is it because of his special gigai or as a result of a deeper connection between the two? I'm leaning towards the latter, because Kon couldn't sense the school mates that were take or Noboru.

"Strenght surged through his body as the soul cutter forged a connection the only way they could; through ice. "

I'm hoping that Toshiro and Rukia get to fight alongside each other more often.

It was nice to see Ulquiorra. Gives me hope that Yumichika might make an appearance.

"Her face was fierce enough to scare away anything short of Death itself."

Yumichika would be proud. I love the way you write Rukia. And I love seeing aunt and nephew being quite protective of one another.

"Rukia and the captain stood side by side, sweat freezing on their faces and swords extended with tips touching to for a sphere of white energy that grew bigger with every heartbeat."

I wonder what Yumichika would have said at being presented with such a beautiful picture. Though I can imagine him being quite jealous that it was Toshiro at her side and not Yumichika.

Keigo's idea about the sand worked and it's a good thing Noboru heard him before Keigo passed out. However their actions probably caused Ulquiorra to go back to his almost dead state. Which means that he and Ichigo's hollow didn't get to fight for long.

And Mizuiro burned Matsumoto's scarf. I wonder if that was a gift from Gin. Gift or not, Gin won't be happy that Mizuiro's actions impeded Matsumoto's escape.

Speaking of Gin, I'm surprised that he hasn't made an appearance yet. But of course that could mean he is already in Hueco Mundo, hiding in one of the shadow's of either one of the shinigami or someone else, waiting until they all meet up so he can see Matsumoto.

Rukia's words of "I can no longer sense any particularly malevolent presense in this vicinity." makes me wonder if Rukia has another ability.

She could re
zombiegirl22 chapter 6 . 5/14
here is the second part of my review that was cut off.

I have to say that I'm excited to see Toshiro and Rukia fighting side by side. Toshiro should have know better. Like Rukia is one to follow orders when it concerns people she cares about. he should have known when Rukia didn't extract herself from that meeting when discussing Hisagi's and Izuru's orders, like SoiFon told her to.

The ending left me a bit confused. But I'm sure it will be explained in the next chapter.

I don't think I mentioned this in the last chapter, but thank you for continuing to write and update.
zombiegirl22 chapter 6 . 5/14
This is another long and wordy review. It might get split up again.

It is nice to see Ukitake enjoying his afterlife. Though he was not perfect in HD, he did try to help those he could like Rukia and Renji. I'm not sure who he could start a family with. I'm surprised that his two former third seats aren't mentioned. I almost expected them to follow Ukitake into retirement as well. I'm a bit suspicious. If I am not mistaken didn't Kiyone know how to make kido drinks. And her sister's captain former captain was Unohana. Even if Unohana never cast Cloud over Moon over Isane, that doesn't mean she couldn't use her former vice captain's sister for her own purposes. Sorry. Going off topic trying to figure out who killed the Vizared. Nobody can be above suspicion.

I hope yamamato never dies. He doesn't deserve forgiveness in my opinion. Not after what he did to Unohana, as well as what he did to Rukia.

And Kyoraku never changes does he. Lucky for him that it was Ukitake and not his former vice captain that walked in on him being "friendly" with a maid servant. If Nanao had caught him, perhaps she would have Ichigo used Kyoraku as target practice in practicing Ichigo's kido.

Saijiin's revelation at being Cernunnos was surprising and confusing at the same time. I guess I just have to wait and see for more information towards saijiin's past.

I love the nod to Yumichika even if it was a part of Maki-Maki's musings- "Makizo remembered seeing colorful feathers twitch ever so slightly and a voice proclaimed 'Your're offending my nose ugly.'"

I was confused seing Toshiro and Byakuya in the same room meditating . However when I had gone back to read Ginrei's letter, I saw the instructions his grandfather left for Byakuya about taking Toshiro under his protection. I should have known that Byakuya would have taken those instructions seriously.

But this makes me a bit sad, because then that means that Toshiro will defeat Aizen, and I can only hope that Aizen doesn't die.

I'm still trying to figure out how Yoruichi and Rukia convinced Byakuya to go to the living world, especially after yumichika's slip about Rukia's boyfriend. Though I know Byakuya has absolute faith in Rukia, I can still see him being overprotective of his sister.

I'm not sure what Ichigo or Byakuya would have thought about Toshiro's own line of thught-"Toshiro could have hugged the messenger and kissed their precious lady Rukia." I can't imagine either Byakuya or Ichigo would have looked upon it favorably.

There was not much interaction between Toshiro or Rukia in HD, other than the one time where they were discussing the fate of Hisagi and Izuru, so it's nice to see them interacting.

The scene of servants bringing in refreshments and Toshiro's awkwardness reminds me of the first time Rukia met Urahara. Toshiro should be happy that Rukia's invitation for tea wasn't anything like Urahara's dancing or Tessai's singing.

Now I have the mental picture of Rukia and Urahara dancing.

But back to my review.

"Surely with so many people forewarned and foreamred, there was little chance of anything suspicious being over looked."

This is yet another time the phrase "forewarned and forearmed" has been used.

Now this tells me that no much warning they have, nor the vast amount of preparation or caution the have taken, it won't be enough for when the crap hits the fan. They are trying so hard to be careful, everyone is trying to do their part to try to get stronger, but it won't be enough.

Kubo's thoughts of Rukia being trained as Aizen's assassin gives me hope that Aizen and Rukia will meet again.

It also makes me wonder if there have been any cracks in terms of sealed off memories. In Hammered Down, Rukia would often remember conversations with Aizen and Gin, that she shouldn't have been able to remember since they were sealed off. Such as when she had gone to Aizen for her help regarding Renji, and repeating his own words back to them, when she had been fighting with Izuru and saw the blood and remembered Gin's/Aizen's words, when she was drunk that one time when she and yumichika first met, along with other times.

Not sure about Renji, Izuru or Hisagi ever having the same issue, so it could have been unique only to Rukia.

I have no doubt that the spell will be lifted, causing Rukia to remember, it is just a matter of when Tomas decides for that to happen, but I feel it won't be any time soon.

Though, like I said before it makes me wonder if there have been any cracks in her sealed memories, making her remember things that should have been sealed.

I am glad that even though Toshiro is uncomfortable around Rukia, it is not because he views her as a traitor like SoiFon does, but because he doesn't want to slip up and reveal something that Rukia should not know.

"And as much as he might have wanted to speak to her, to learn whatever secrets about Aizen and their history together only she could reasonably supply, he was honor-bound to respect the tremendous sacrifice this strong-willed woman shouldered."

It's nice to know that people still think the best of Rukia. There are others who would condemn her for her actions and hold her to blame even though she was manipulated, mentally tortured and pushed to do so. They would blame her for Yamamato losing his powers, but had he not been such an abusive tyrant, thinking he was above it all, then Rukia and Unohana would have never done so to begin with. It was yamamato's own fault, and his own actions that caused his own loss of powers. People think Yamamato is so great, but to paraphrase Gin, he was just another bully.

I also love how Rukia gushes about her Nii-sama. She is so cute when she does it. And again I love how far the two have come in their sibling relationshio.

My favorite part was "Hitsugaya was honestly surprised. He had never heard anyone speak so highly of Byakuya before. At least with no trace of jealousy or underlying rancor. To his even greater surprise he found himself somewhat interested in reading that treatise himelf."

Even Rukia manages to get Toshiro interested in something that is more than likely boring.

I wonder what Byakuya is going to think once he returns and doesn't find Toshiro present.

And I wonder what Matsumoto could have said to Rukia to get her to move, seeing as she was still waiting for the results from the R & D deparment.

It's nice to see Kon being a big brother to Karin, seeing as her own brother has more pressing issues going on. I am happy that he has his own type of family, seeing as his own creator out those others like him to death.

Karin's admission of Kon being Ichigo's best is a bit of surpise but now that I think about it, it does make a bit of sense.

Karin is right when she says that Kon is the one who gets Ichigo best.

They both know what if feels like to be helpless/powerless while at the same time wanting to protect those they can. Now that I think about it, Ichigo is a bit more open when talking about his feelings with Kon. I am remembering the scene in HD, where kon siad that Ichigo should have brought Rukia back, and ichigo sort of went off on Kon. Sure it was an outburst, but it did help Ichigo vent a little.

It's also nice to know that Matsumoto isn't a villain which leads me to think that Gin is still on the side of good. For the moment at least. Now I am thinking that Urahara might have not been quite truthful concerning Gin. He probably didn't lie when he told Isshin, Shinji and Nanao that he didn't know Gin's whereabouts, but he probably does see Gin from time to time. How else would Gin have gotten his hands on a gigai for Matsumoto. After rereading the other chapters of lifted up to refresh my memory after not reading this fic for a long time so that I wouldn't be lost when I read chapter 5, I noticed Urahara mentioning his Balasco watch. I went to look up Balasco and saw (according to wikipedia) that David Balasco was the one who adapted the short story "Madame Butterfly" to theater. Gin Had told Denei that Madame Butterfly was his play. This isn't just a coincidence. Urahara and gin have to be helping each other out.

And it is just like Rukia to sew a bunny into Noboru's clothes. She kind of reminds me of Ishida and how he would sew the Quincy cross on kon and other things. I wonder if she sewed the bunny herself, or if Ishida had done that for her. Maybe as thanks for coming back to the world of the living to lift up Ichigo out of his gloom.

Does the fact that Rangiku notify Rukia about her nephew's and school mates' whereabouts mean that Rangiku doesn't hold a grudge against Rukia for nearly killing Gin in HD?

I'm sure that Rangiku is jsut as protective as Gin is.

I wonder if Rangiku knew of the "games" Gin would play with Rukia. She must have known, so it isn't as if Rangiku can blame Rukia for her actions. Well at least Rukia left Gin alive. Maybe thats why Rangiku does Rukia this courtesy.

Now I am thinking about what sort of conversation Gin and Noboru would have should the two ever meet.

Renji never changes. Recommending such an outfit to Nel. I can't really blame him seeing as how he has no chance with the girl he loves.

Something just popped in my head. There was much of Ikkaku shown in HD. And I can't help but wonder how he took the new of Yumichika's death. The two were quite close and even if Yumichika never did spill his secret of being in love with Rukia, I can't help but think that Ikkaku being his close, if not best friend, figured it out. It also makes me wonder if Ikkaku and Rukia ever had a conversation about Yumichika after his death. It would be interesting to see if a friendship between the two would have been possible.

It would have been nice to see Nel and Rukia fighting side by side. Though I am remembering Yoruichi's, Tessai's and Urahara's conversation about Rukia being more at home with boys do to a brother or male figure raising her.

I have to say that I'm excit
zombiegirl22 chapter 5 . 5/14
I had been hoping that my review hadn't been cut off. But it was so I had to log out to finish writing my review.

Here's the part that got cut off.

Since Ginrei did foresee that someone from the House of Kuchiki being the one to bring down the witch, I can see one of her minions sending the Hunt after Noboru. When i first read ch. 36 I had originally thought that Rukia would be the one, but now I realize that he was talking about Noboru.

Of course if it is Unohana's puppet pulling the strings, then that would mean someone had known that Yoruichi had a child. And I think I'm going to give myself a headache trying to play detective. So I'll just wait until Tomas decides to reveal who the identity of the person who killed the Vizared.

Noboru has quite the stubborn streak, being confident that he can take care of things himself. I can't say I'm surprised since his father is the same way.

It is nice to see more of Gin. I'm just hoping that he and Rukia cross paths in the future. I am curious as to why Matsumoto didn't try to kill Rukia or Renji. And I am curious as to whether she two of the people she killed were Hisagi or Izuru.

Barragan being alive gives me goosebumps. Now I am even more curious as to what happened in Nirvana because the way you worded his final moments in HD "Barragan Luisenbarn, King of Hueco Mundo finally met his end." So I really did believe him to be dead. It could be one of Aizen's illusions. But I guess I will have to wait and see.

I'm curious as to Chad's absence so far. I wonder what is going on with him. And of course I am still curious as to who Aizen's flunky is. Renji remains my top suspect, but I am probably wrong about that.

Ichigo's hollows using the word head cheese once again reminded me of the texas chainsaw massacre. Also of resident evil 4 because one of the villains was named the big cheese.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate character limits for reviews. When I leave comments/reviews on AO3, I often have to split up the reviews to fit.
zombiegirl22 chapter 5 . 5/14
I've been neglecting this story. Not because I lost interest in your writing or this story, but because I lost interest in the series itself. I haven't even read bleach in more than a year. I've just seen the occasional panels on my dash on tumblr. I had no excuse, really, to neglect one of my favorite stories on this site, with wonderful in character development for my favorite character, Rukia. Sorry about that Tomas.

Seeing a panel on tumblr where Aizen congratulated Rukia on her promotion, made me remember my love for the Aizen/Rukia pairing and made me think of hammered down and all the amazingly written interactions between.

It was the kick in the behind I needed to push me to catch up on Lifted Up.

Though Inoue has never been a character of mine, thanks to your writing I did feel a bit sorry for her. I blame Kubo me not being fond of her. There was potential for character development for her in the series but she never got. Kubo put to much emphasis on her crush, rather than Inoue's character outside of Ichigo. Tatsuki being pushed aside by Inoue in the series is also something I didn't like. I guess I expected more out of their friendship but Kubo just didn't deliver.

Which is why I like your writing. You give Tatsuki more development/agency than Kubo ever thought to give her or her friendship with Inoue. Even in dreams, Tatsuki will come to Inoue's aid.

Ichigo's and Tatsuki's friendship in the series is another thing Kubo has neglected. Not sure if Kubo did so intentionally, to show that Ichigo being the son of a shinigami, Ichigo would develop faster friendships with those of a supernatural element than those in the living world.

But I'm getting off topic, so back to your story.

Tatsuki's words are interesting, her words about not being the first time she is in Inoue's dreams.
I remembered something about Ginrei mentioning something about dreams so I went back to read ch. 36 of HD. I'm not sure if Ginrei's words "there are people of children you trust who will walk in dreams" were referring to Tatsuki.

Rereading Ginrei's letter again gave me hope that perhaps Yumichika might return again. But perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part.

"One fallen soul shall return from the dead to reclaim his heart and rescue innocents from a Cobra's shadow."

Ginrei's words could be refering to Kaien since Kaien did make a speech about the heart, but I'm hoping more for Yumichika (you tore my heart in two with his death in HD). Yumichika did threaten both Byakuya and Renji in his letters to them that if they didn't heed his advice he would come back to the dead and kill them.

And Yumichika is someone who didn't make promises just to break them. So if he made such a promise, then there had to have been a way for Yumichika to carry out those promises. Gin has a way of surviving even fatal situations, so I'm hoping Yumichika picked up something from him too.

Also rereading the previous chapter, Rukia's thoughts on Yumichika gave me hope as well- "As if the heart that Kaien had spoken upon passed into her immediately with Yumichika so that she need not suffer even a moment of desolation. He had shared his heart with her so thoroughly and unreservedly."

If I have learned anything while reading HD it's that anything can serve as a hint. Tomas doesn't use words to just so it fills in space on a page, they can serve a purpose or as a clue for futrue events. So I'm hoping that this isn't wishful thinking on my part, but that Yumichika will make an appearance as well.

Also if I am not mistaken, I'm pretty sure that Rukia still owes Yumichika a kiss (I had to go search for the chapter where she and Gin fought)-'That vainglorious narcissist. Thank you so much. When I get back, I'm going to wrap my arms around him and kiss him right on his shiny lips' (chapter 25).

And then her musings in ch.4 of LU-'All of them died before she could adequately express her appreciation for them. For some it would have taken years to properly convey that appreciation. Or maybe seconds. A hug. A kiss . A word."

Again I'm hoping for that kiss. My own musings and hopefullness makes me realize I will never be over Yumichika's death. Hammered Down really left its mark on me.

But back to my review, because i can go on and on about how much I loved the way you developed the friendship/bond between Rukia and Yumichika.

"a rope of lightening was clenched in one fist, the other end serving to collar her disobediant student."

This line has me picturing Nanao as wonder woman with her golden lasso. Come to think of it, Nanao looks like Wonder Woman, when she is in her civilian disguise.

I like how Ichigo thanks Nanao. Nanao is another character that isn't given her due by Kubo. I'm once again reminded how much I prefer the character development in your stories when compared to the actual series.

"Now demon magic was a twelve book novel set: multiple story lines encompassing a host of primary and supporting characters who achieve a variety of setbacks and triumphs while experiencing a broad array of emotions that resolve in ways which can inflame or infuriate the reader."

This sounds alot like your writings. And I agree with the lasts words seeing as how your writing has indeed touched me and anyone else who enjoyed HD. Many times while reading HD, I was literally glued to my computer screen as I tried to read as many chapters as I could before I succumbed to sleep. Your fic ruined me for other Bleach fics.

I find it funny how Ichigo bribes Rukia so that Renji will never know how bad Ichigo is at Kido. Ichigo can't be a fast learner at everything.

"Despite having admitted that he was once the captain for the reclusive Kido Corps in Soul Society, Kurosaki Isshin did not come to teaching naturally. The two of them wound up shouting at each other more often than not."

I can just picture Isshin trying to teach Ichigo kido, and I'm surprised that things didn't escalate beyond shouting at each other.

Nanao's insights to Ichigo's personal life serves as a reminder as to the observant person Nanao is.

It is not surpise that Rukia is my favorite character, so I am always happy on whenever Ichigo thinks of her, even if it a reminder of their first meeting- "For just an instant the memory of Fishbone-D charging at him while he stood weaponless so long ago returned, along with an image of Rukia flinging herself between them. Her instinct had been to defend. And his was to...". Protect being left unsaid.

The two really do compliment each other.

I do wonder why Nanao and not Rukia had been in charge of his Kido training.

Not to push aside nanao's teaching or talent at Kido, because she does get results. But perhaps having Rukia being his mentor/teacher once more, maybe Ichigo would have advanced a bit faster. But I know better than to think that there isn't a reason as to why Tomas wrote it this way. i just have to be patient and see what the answer lies. nanao will most likely surprise me.

I'm glad that Ichigo was able to come clean to Nanao about his hollow. Her words of encouragement seem to have given him hope. It's nice to see others giving their support to Ichigo.
And thank you for the picture of Yachiru learning kido. If I had any artistic talent, I would be tempted to draw her. Sadly I don't. I'm not surprised that she would be good at it. I'm just surprised that being a member of the 11th division that she would want to learn Kido.

I love the fact that Rukia is spending time with her nephew. Just like i like anytime where Rukia spends time with her brother. It is nice to see her with family.

I was looking forward to the chapter where Rukia introduces Ichigo to Noboru. I'm curious as to whether the two will get along or not. I hope it will be shown in a flashback or in a future chapter.

Tatsuki calling Ichigo's hollow Freddy Krueger was interesting. I didn't make the connection in the beginning of the chapter when the hollow tries to convince Inoue to jump, but now that Tatsuki mentioned it, it does fit.

Tatsuki seems a bit unnerved by the calmess in Rukia. Tatsuki no doubt finds her childhood friend's hollow terrifying, but Rukia has had to face more terrifying people like Gin Ichimaru.

I have to wonder though if the hollow i really evil. Perhaps his action are just in a way to prepare Inoue and Tatsuki for when they face even more terrifying individuals. It is Ichigo's hollow like Rukia said, so maybe perhaps it is not all bad.

I'm glad that Rukia wants to tell Ichigo what is happening.

Rukia, having been a person who was manipulated and lied to, (for her own protection in Byakuya's case), so I doubt she would lie to someone she cares about especially when it concerns their own soul.

"Forewarned is forearmed." I had seen that phrase before in HD and knew that it was Yoruichi who said it so I went back and found it in chapter 35- " Unfortunately, doing so necessitates you reveal what you're doing, which means the other spellcaster is now potentially forewarned about you and therefore forearmed."

It makes me wonder if the enemy also took this phrase to heart. Did Unohana put more than one spell her seeds as a backup plan just in case things didn't go as plab. Her seeds could have been people even older than Aizen, people who we would never suspect because they might not even be in SS anymore.

If Urahara was able to make modifications/alterations to the Hogyoku, then perhaps Unohana made her own alterations to her own spells including cloud over moon. Renji was someone who was influenced greatly by Unohana. She was the one who stabilized his hollow. Who's to say that she didn't put her own sleeping kido in him should anyone ever attempt to try to cast cloud over moon on him again?

Since Ginrei did foresee that someone from the House of Kuchiki being the one to bring down the witch, I can see one of her minions sending the Hunt after Noboru. When i first read ch. 36 I had origin
AlienAgainstTheWorld chapter 7 . 1/31
*dies with happiness*
I am so glad to finally have something good to read! I'm sorry for reviewing after so long (I'll explain it all in a PM), but I just had to reread the whole story again in order to make sense of it all.
Barragan is dead? Now that's a surprise. Also, the reformed corpse/vampire is Ulquiorra, right? He was the only one of the vasto lorde who didn't go to Nirvana in Hammered Down. What new trick is Aizen playing this time? Or is this even Aizen's game anymore? Given how strong he was, I find it highly difficult to believe that anyone except for Unohana could ever beat him, and given their relationship, I don't think they would fight. Plus, Unohana did leave her sword in Soul Society, and I'm sure you're going to use that aspect somehow.
Ahhhh, Tomas-san, I can't tell you how much I appreciated this update. It was FANTASTIC. I do have one pressing question, however: the mysterious Vizard in charge of the Wild Hunt, is it a new character that you've created (like Noboru Kouki, whom I quite like, to be honest), or is it someone from the Bleach universe itself?
I loved the Hitsugaya-Rukia cooperation in this chapter. I also love the Gin in your story. He's still as slimy and self-interested as ever, and I'm dying to know what he'll do next and what his overall motivations are. Gin, as you know, is my favourite character by far, and all because of you, Tomas-san. I'm also glad that Matsumoto isn't just a random murderer.
It's kinda hard to keep track of all the new squads, though. And I'm rather sad about the Byakuya-lessness of it all. But it's still an amazing story! I can't wait to read the next installment. :)
Sailor Pandabear chapter 7 . 1/14
dispair17 chapter 7 . 1/10
Marvelous. I had gotten quite concerned that this might have been discontinued. I'm happy to see that you're just as good as ever.
el.paradox chapter 7 . 1/10
Yay, Toshiro and Rukia form a bond! And everyone was recovered alive! Some injured and traumatised, maybe, but those can be healed, with time and with care. I do hope Matsumoto explains what she did, it was an outburst of emotion, that was justified even if not condoned.

Thank you as always for the wonderful chapter. Hope you had a good new year's! I wait patiently for more :)
reality deviant chapter 7 . 1/8
glad to have this update.
good interesting chapter.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 7 . 1/7
well that was nice. very fun. nice to see, course some peoples issues are interesting like Kons only I remember him actually doing stuff when Uryu did his stupid thing.
so his kill thing and he said specifically KILLER which is what a vast MAJORITY of all the people are... hmm.
anyway you always write well so its a joy to see something else from you!
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I must admit to experiencing an unseemly amount of glee when I saw this had updated. Now, to reread everything...
Sailor Pandabear chapter 6 . 1/1
Keigo is a hollow?

hmm... interesting
Guest chapter 6 . 12/13/2014
Is this story dead? Sad if it is.
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