Reviews for Lifted Up
Prosectus chapter 12 . 3/14
Wow this story is amazing. Thank you so much for making it. Squads 12 and 3 are done especially well.
gorkmalork chapter 12 . 3/9
Having checked out some articles regarding Roma peoples like the characters of Michiru's story, I note that apparently they don't like outsiders calling 'em 'gypsies' any more than black people these days appreciate another slang term of note. Since Japan certainly has its ongoing issues with xenophobia, perhaps Michiru could discover this in-story & go on an editing frenzy in the next chapter. I'd certainly like to see her story get completed before Ulquiorra gets around to murdering everyone tangentially connected to Tatsuki or Ichigo.
tanithlipsky chapter 12 . 2/13
very good
zombiegirl22 chapter 10 . 2/8
Part 1

So Rukia and the Shinigami did indeed miss someone. And the clue is that they somehow came across Stark. The only ones I remember coming across Stark was Ochi-Sensei, Uryuu, Ichigo, Karin and Kon. Ochi and Karin had their taint removed so I wonder if the third one is Uryuu.

And it seems that Tatsuki is able to make Ulquiorra react just as he does with Ichigo: wanting to see them both dead.

And he is just as manipulative as his old master, putting on a harmless guise to trick those around him.

I am curious as to Ukitake’s words of “the hard-fought piece we hewed together, the four of us”. Yamamoto and Ukitake were two, and I assume that Shunsui might have been one as well, seeing as something (or should I say someone) didn’t punish him for nearly killing of the Shiba clan. Rukia’s words from “hammered down” of how yamamoto could have defied the Central 46’s orders but did not makes me think that it was only Yamamoto who made sure Shunsui did not suffer any punishment.

So who was the third, Ginrei, Yamamoto’s vice captain, Unohana?

I really feel for Hanatarou, especially having to pick up the slack of the missing third seats who are still stalking Ukitake as if he is still their captain.

And if Nemu’s activities with hanataro doesn’t kill him Ikkaku’s and Jibando’s boys night out will certainly do it.

I’m really glad that they are including Hanataro in their nights out. However now that I think about it the only other people Ikkaku was close to was Yumichika and Renji. With Yumichika being dead and Renji off doing captainy duties, Ikkaku really doesn’t have anyone else.

So does the look that Ikkaku gave the serving girl mean that he is indeed interested in something other than fighting or is he just putting up a show.

And I would have never have expected Hanataro to make such a wager or issue a statement like that.

And I love him all the more for it.

I know that he was someone else who came to care a great deal for Rukia and I can see why he would want Yamamoto to be in hell. I know I do.

That was an interesting story that Jibando told.
The statement of “They were all preoccupied contemplating the vagaries of such a man who could command death depending upon something so simple as a question being put to you”.

It makes me wish Ulquiorra and Yamamoto would have met. Ulquiorra being the embodiment of death and Yamamoto someone who seemed to be able to command death.

I am sure an epic battle would have taken place between the two, and I would have been cheering on Ulquiorra until he separated Yamamoto’s head from his shoulders.

I’m just happy that Aizen was Ulquiorra’s master because I shudder to think how Yamamoto would have had more power if he had Ulquiorra under his command.

And so Uryuu will be making an appearance in Michiru’s story. I look forward to see how Ulric Sterne’s story unfolds.

I have to say I love how Ururu was included in their little meeting and how just here mere presence scares the crap out of Chizuru.

And I must say how I love how that Kon now has the position of bodyguard for Noboru as well as Noboru making the animal crackers ‘anotomically correct’.

Good idea from Noboru to get Rukia to teach them to dance.

And I do wonder who Chad is dating I always thought it was Ryo but now I’m not sure.

I do hope Ichigo beats his hollow. To be honest, I’ve sort of grown attached to his hollow, so I hope he doesn’t kill it.

I can’t tell if Ichigo’s smugness at the thought of Reichi being a hollow is part of his hollow speaking or if that really is a part of Ichigo speaking.

So after Tatsuki’s brief interrogation, I know see that it was Reichi who was the tenth person. I guess it was around that time that Reichi and his men were chasing Kon and had run into Stark.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/5
Part 18

I have to wonder if it was Katsurou himself who held a position of captain before the manor wars or some other relative of his.

I wonder if Shiba’s words will be remembered by Ukitake should his future bride ever become pregnant.

Now I see why Ukitake and Shunsui never got married and had children (but perhaps Shunsui has a illegitimate child no one knows about).

I also wonder if there is a significance for the Kotetsu in choosing Ukitake. Perhaps as punishment for standing by as Unohana to be treated the way she was all those years by Yamamoto.

We know that Isane’s father was loyal to Unohana, even gave his life for her when yamamoto came calling. He went into banishment with her.

Just like he stood by as Shiba killed Manami and her child (killed manami’s other children), he stood by as Unohana was used as a punching bag.

Maybe Unohana had helped in making sure that Ukitake’s condition never recovered. Maybe there was more to Kiyone’s devotion than what is seen all those times where she went to attend to him, perhaps she was poisoning him all the while. Her “utter devotion” to him could be a front so that no one ever suspects her.

Of course I may be over thinking things in trying to piece together that Kiyone is in fact one of Unohana’s or Aizen’s seeds, because Kiyone helped Aizen’s plans long of sending Rukia to the human world, even though that could have been an honest mistake on her part. However no one is above suspicion in my opinion.

“It’s just clan politics” is what makes me think that is a reason why Ukitake was singled out. His clan may feel just as guilty as he does about what has taken place and may have accepted because they might have felt they hadn’t been loyal to the Arashi clan.

So Rania is modeled after Rukia, and Ashen is modeled after Isshin and Inglebert is modeled after Ichigo.

So is Jakov Reinmarch supposed to modeled after Renji or someone else I completely missed.

So was the wolf pack leader Byakuya in disguise and the reason he looked at her was because she resembled someone else. I like how he can shapeshift.

Michiru seems to know Rukia’s story and her fear of Byakuya. And I wonder how she knows so much?

I also love how Totholtz is the german word for deadwood.

Also I cant help but feel that Gaff Totholtz is a combination of Byakuya and Gin and Rukia’s reactions to both men before she knew the truth of her connection to both men.

Especially the many times that Gin touched her and she wished he would stop.

Interesting story, and I’m glad that Michiru’s writing has been recognized.

And I am so happy, that this chapter ended on another good note: Yamamoto Genrysai-Shigekuni is no longer breathing.

Many have reason to rejoice and celebrate.

Others in my household will be watching the superbowl and cheering their team on but I will be toasting that that old fart is dead.

I am so glad I was able to finish reviewing this chapter.

Thank you Tomas for such an amazing chapter. Now I am off to chapter 10.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/5
Part 17

You know I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Isshin is telling the truth even though he implies that he was lying when he says that he descended from the Arashi clan. Perhaps he was lying about being descended and his family name being Isamu, but perhaps he was telling the truth he said “yes actually”.

Thinking about Ginrei’s statement of “I watch as a man with hair like orange flame, the heir to the one-eyed god of war, does battle with madness incarnate in the form of a ravening wolf to avenge his kin and all the multitudes who dies in that beast’s jaws.” And it being shown that Arashi has a stump, makes it makes me wonder if Isshin’s words were true and Isshin is directly related to the clan.

When I read chapter 36 I remember thinking that Ginrei’s statement was alluding to the Shiba being Ichigo’s kin since Kukaku sacrificed her arm for it.

But now I see Ginrei’s prophecy could have been talking about the Arashi clan.

I wonder if perhaps after seeing what happened to his sister, Arashi swore to never allow his to children to be bargaining chips or allow them to be used to threaten him and that was why he never married. But as can be seen by Byakuya’s and Yoruichi’s example, one doesn’t have to be married to have a kid.

Perhaps Katsurou had a secret lover and to keep his son safe from scheming nobles and yamamoto he sent him to be raised by someone else that wasn’t noble. Much like the way Yoruichi sent Noboru to the human world, and Unohana took baby!Sosuke and raised him.

And that son was Isshin. I know that Tomas always chooses the names of characters carefully so I looked up the meaning of the name Katsurou and found that Katsu means victory and rou means son.

And Ichigo being descended from Katsuou (if it is true) and being victorious in his battles is why I think that is a possibility. And without even knowing Ichigo coming in and disrupting the very rules that allowed Manami and her children to be put to death even though they were innocent, may have been the first step in avenging his family.

Or maybe I am just overthinking things as usual.

So was Isshin wearing a jacket and tie because he wanted to impress the Kuchiki? Or was it because he had been on a date with Nanao? I was suspicious when the two walked in together. Or perhaps she may have been helping him pick out something suitable to wear for his meeting with the Kuchiki clan. And speaking of nanao, she discovered the manor wars and aizen’s treachery back in hammered down. As I mentioned in one of my previous reviews I always thought that Shunsui was quite bitter about what the former head of the Shiba did which made me speculate that he was related to Manami. Since he and Katsurou have different surnames, I speculate that the two are most likely quite closely related. Perhaps their mothers were sisters which makes them cousins.

Nanao was his former vice-captain. If he and Katsurou joined together to protect Isshin, maybe Shunsui confided into nanao about Ichigo’s and Isshin’s true roots and that is why she goes to live with them in the human world.

But now I am probably not even making any sense. That is why I am not a fanfiction writer. My mind comes up with different scenarios that are complicated and messy and I would never be able to write anything in a coherent manner.

And I am oh so very curious about Ukitake.

You know I always assumed that lesser clans were always 100% loyal to the families they pledged their service too.

I remember Ukitake being upset at Shunsui for killing most of the members of the Shiba clan. And now reading that his family was in service to the Arashi I began to wonder why Ukitake hadn’t done it himself.

But maybe it is because I am using the Feng clan as a an example. No matter how much she may seem to dislike Noboru, should someone threaten him or try to kill him, she would surely stop it.

Which was why I had to wonder why Ukitake, whose family was in service to the Arashi, allowed such a decree to fall on Manami’s children. Perhaps their compliance was because they didn’t want the same fate to fall on their clan.

I went back to read the chapter, and noticed that Ukitake was indeed quite upset that Shiba killed Manami.

Rereading chapter 28 made me realize that something has gone over my head the first few times I read this chapter and I feel so stupid for not making the connection.

It barely occurred to me (and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before).
First off, I didn’t pay attention to the words and did not realize that Kaien’s dad is younger than Ukitake.

And he is already a captain. And still looks down on his senior captain and dares to talk to him in that way.

And seems to allow emotion to enter his decisions rather than follow orders.

And the way he talks I take it that kaien (and maybe Kukaku) has been born already.

I wonder if there was more to his decision than it just being him putting a parent out of their misery.

He went from telling her that she doesn’t have to die to beheading her while also asking for her forgiveness. I wonder if the two had known each other at one time or another.

But back to my ponderings of what I missed when I first read this chapter:

it is curious to see that there is tension between Ukitake and Shiba, something that I don’t think ever resolved between the two, especially if Ukitake’s clan was in service to the Arashi.

Yet Shiba’s son ended up becoming Ukitake’s vice-captain. Was this because Ukitake wanted to protect the boy in the event that someone tried to finish what Shunsui started? Or was there something sinister to Kaien being placed under Ukitake’s division?

I find it ironic how the babe that Kaien’s dad thought he killed, would in turn be the one responsible for the death of Shiba’s son, Kaien.

Rereading chapter 28 and having read Arashi’s display where he takes out the gold dagger, makes me wonder: is the gold dagger that he takes out the same dagger that was sent to his sister when she was ordered to kill her son?

It would explain the reaction of his retainer’s ashen face that was overlooked by Byakuya. Byakuya and company might have thought it just another dagger, but his family retainer might know the significance of using that dagger. How dare they (those who wish for him to have a heir) come to him with that suggestion when his sister was sent that dagger to kill her own child.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/5
Part 16

I can’t get over how much I love Rukia’s and Noboru’s relationship.

It is interesting how the two were once little urchins but now due to the Kuchiki name and their role in the family the two have to be a bit more dignified.

However I am sure that Rukia’s transition from urchin to Kuchiki, was not done in the same loving manner way that Rukia shows Noboru.

Once again I am glad Noboru has Rukia on his side.

I also love how he values her opinion. For some reason I can see him having a retort for Yoruichi had Yoruichi been the one to make such a statement as “Something more dignified?” she prodded him softly, but it is owing to how much the two have come to know and love one another and how he knows that Rukia has his best interest at heart, that he follows her word without any protest.

Not to say that Yoruichi doesn’t have his best interest at heart. I know she does, she is his mother and all her actions have been for Noboru’s and his father’s benefits.

I love how the two women are open in their love and support for Noboru.

I also love Rukia’s words of “Have faith in your father, Noboru. He is going to be so proud of you!”

I love how fierce Rukia will become in regards to protecting her nephew: “Let them try to intimidate me”.

I love how excited Rukia is that Yoruichi and Byakuya are getting married.

And I love that Ichigo fainted. Did he faint because he never thought that Byakuya would ever get married? Or did he faint because of the thought that he had seen Byakuya’s future wife in the nude? Did he faint because the two couldn’t be a more opposite couple? Or was it a combination of the three?

I am saddened that Noboru and Byakuya didn’t meet, but I just know that Tomas will write an even more splendid scene of the father and son meeting. I am so glad that Rukia is there to comfort her nephew in his time of distress and anxiety.

You know based on Byakuya’s creating of the seaweed character, Noboru’s disgust with Rukia’s art tells me he didn’t inherit Byakuya’s love of bad art. So he must have got it from his mother. Which makes me wonder if Byakuya every illustrated anything for Yoruichi and she reacted in the same way Ichigo and Noboru do to Rukia’s art.

I wonder if there is a significance or symbolism of Rukia drawing Isane as a sunflower and the head of the Arashi clan as a snake.

I wonder if Rukia is aware as to why head of the Arashi clan don’t look at the Kuchiki clan kindly. That the Kuchiki did nothing to save his sister and his nephews and nieces.

I have to wonder if perhaps the Manami’s marriage to Kaito was a way to ensure that the Arashi heeled and obeyed the soul king.

Just like Rukia was used by the central 46 and Yamamoto to keep Byakuya in line, perhaps Manami was in the same position.

Especially if the Arashi were a threat.

I don’t think much of manga!Ichigo. Not sure if told you before but if it wasn’t for Rukia’s character being in bleach I doubt I would have even bother with bleach years ago.

Now I might not think much of manga!Ichigo(cookie cutter male protag that can be found in other mangas), but I really love the way Tomas writes Ichigo.

I can’t help but love him as he tries to keep up with Rukia’s explanation.

I have to wonder when Rukia and noboru began holding hands. I’m sure that there will be no jealousy as he sees Rukia hold another boy’s hand, but maybe he won’t feel that way if the ever were to find out that Noboru threw his own name in potential marriage candidates for Rukia because he didn’t want Rukia to marry ichigo.

I just love how everyone reacts to news that Noboru is Byakuya’s son. First shock & disbelief, yet just one glare from Noboru, the shock is still there but now it is total belief that yes, Byakuya did procreate and create his own minime.

Ichigo is not having a good day.

So based on Noboru’s comment of Rukia having to get engaged, that means that Byakuya had indeed talked to Isshin about a marriage between Ichigo and Rukia.

However I am not sure if perhaps that is what they talked about. Mostly because I am not sure how to interpret Rukia’s look of discomfort at the statement. Part of me hopes that the discomfort Rukia has is because she is afraid of Ichigo’s reaction to marrying her. Not because she doubts his love for her, but because perhaps the two had agreed to take things slow but now things are moving to fast for the two and Ichigo already has to deal with a lot of stuff and she doesn’t want to add another worry to him. Also as much as I love this Ichigo, he isn’t the most mature, so Rukia’s discomfort can be attributed to how Ichigo will react.

But I wonder if her discomfort is because she might have to marry someone else to appease the Arashi/Kotesu. I however dismissed this theory because Byakuya loves his sister, and I doubt he would make her marry someone she doesn’t love. And even if he did try, I doubt Yoruichi would let him.

Poor Noboru. If he thinks that human girls are bad just wait until SS finds out that he is Byakuya’s and Yoruichi’s child. He will have people wanting to marry him in both realms.

I wonder what Byakuya will think once he knows that his fangirl club knew about him having a son before he himself did.

I’m glad that Byakuya doesn’t go to the human world that often, because I can see one of the human girls spilling the secret to him.
zombiegirl22 chapter 9 . 2/4
part 15
Once again Tomas, I apologize for not finishing reading/reviewing this story.
Looking back before life became hectic, I believe I had stopped at that certain part (“In response, Byakuya simply picked up his tea and took another low, thoughtful slip.” Because I saw orhime’s name in the next part. I remember thinking I needed to have energy to deal with her so I had always planned to come back when I wasn’t tired however as my pm to you explains, life didn’t turn out that way.

Although I’m kicking myself for being tired enough that I just read Inoue’s name and decided to stop reading there. Because if I had read just a bit more I would have seen that it was Ichigo’s thoughts on Rukia, and I am always always interested in reading a character’s thoughts on my favorite female character.

Especially when his thoughts turn naughty towards my lovely queen and there are so few stories that write sexual undertones without being too sexual in a such a manner, which is another reason why I am in awe of Tomas’s writing. I can only imagine how Tomas would write a lemon scene.
“Only just the other day, he'd seen Rukia bite a length of thread while sewing a little rabbit patch on a shirt, and the sight was somehow so erotic he'd had to excuse himself and splash cold water on his face until he was more… presentable. Even thinking about it now…”

writers can only wish they had a way with words the way Tomas has.

And by Rukia sewing the rabbit patch herself, makes me wonder if Uryuu and Rukia have been spending time together. Someone had to have shown Rukia how to sew and the Uryuu/Rukia fangirl in me hopes that the two have been spending time together in the human world.

I wonder if Inoue knows that the man she described for Tatsuki’s date is Ichigo. And I wonder if Ichigo even realized his earlier thoughts of how he thought the Kendo club was fun.

I wonder if the wince Ichigo gave was not only because of the Image of Tatsuki and Kenpachi together, but how similar he and Kenpachi are.

And Inoue’s descriptions of the two aren’t helping.

I wonder if Kon’s intense behavior is the fact that he is holding himself back from attacking Byakuya. Sure Kon may recognize that Byakuya’s and Rukia’s relationship has gotten better, but I wonder if Kon still holds a grudge against Byakuya for his actions. I remember Kon being quite angry that Ichigo had left Rukia back in SS, how Kon didn’t trust Byakuya.

I can only imagine Kon holding himself back from attacking Byakuya for Rukia’s sake.

Although if the servant’s words are any indication (Byakuya coming to speak to Ichigo’s father), perhaps Kon believes that Byakuya is here to talk to Isshin about arrangements for Ichigo and Rukia to be married.

So even Chizuru is under Byakuya’s spell. Her statement of “No one’s that gay” made me laugh.

I also love how Ichigo corrected her vehemently, and I must say I am quite curious on what happened the two times that the police were called.

I didn’t know that Ichigo wanted to be drooled on by his female classmates.

I can’t say if his frustration is because they are fawning over Byakuya, because Byakuya is a constant reminder about how Byakuya is upperclass and has always reminded ichigo how uncouth he is or because of his frustration that he and Rukia are taking things slow.

Or perhaps it is the combination of the two along with fear.

The fear that Byakuya will never approve of Ichigo, his status and thus find a way to keep Rukia away from Ichigo.

His statement about kicking his ass back in SS speaks about how he believes Byakuya shouldn’t think of himself as above Ichigo.

However thinking about it now, it was ichigo’s hollow who turned the tide in Ichigo’s favor, and the fact that Ichigo’s words are italised makes me wonder if Ichigo’s hollow is speaking when Ichigo issues the statement of kicking Byakuya’s ass.

I also wonder if Ichigo had a thing for Ryo at one time or another. The way she ignores him and the words “less bearable than usual” is what makes me wonder.

I will stop with my review here.

I am going to dinner with family, but will finish reviewing once I get back.
gorkmalork chapter 12 . 1/25
Another hellacious blend of harrowing combat & even-more-unnerving intrigue. Standout bits for me include (a) the unremitting karmic backlash Urahara's Bankai in 3 Days(C) approach granted him & sundry cohorts; (b) Renji's puppeteer once more working their witchery; and (c) Enfain once more getting shit done under Soul Society's schnozz. Extra points for (a) Cyber-Yamada scoring the turning-point chomp on Grimmy and (b) Michiru's rather compelling snippets of story-within-story.
Anne chapter 11 . 1/4
Awesome chapter like always. You should put lifted up and hammered down also on the site Archive of our own. I think the community there would really appreciate your stories.
gorkmalork chapter 11 . 12/29/2016
Funny how Benihime's damage is the first bit of mayhem Ichigo's Hollow has sustained which directly affected the kid himself. Given your phenomenal dedication to accounting for & expanding upon this universe's spiritual mechanics, there's likely some simple-seeming explanation inbound.

In other news, I also remain stunned by how adroitly this fic thusfar-to say nothing of its predecessor-has juggled a primary & secondary cast of Bleach's size. You well & truly deserve more kudos than the slow decline of its fanbase may provide. Hope I'm not sounding too discouraging, because hot damn am I keen on seeing this epic's conclusion.
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 12/2/2016
ver good
Bhoddisatva chapter 11 . 11/21/2016
Excellent chapter. Looking forward to the next!

So that is what Aizen and friends are planning. I knew our favorite mad scientist had something to do with Hell's sudden appearance and now he has become the McGuffin everybody wants or maybe needs is a better word. Too funny.

Now I am really interested in Stark's fate or for that matter what exactly is going on in Nirvana. A straight up defeat for Stark seems unlikely.
pandora has a gun chapter 7 . 10/9/2016
I must confess I read this chapter the moment it was uploaded yet real life kept me from reviewing at the time. I am now at long last able to rectify that.

As for the other chapters, which I was ever so happy to be notified about, I allowed them to accumulate if only I could have more to read once able to as well as to mitigate the wait between updates. Hoping as always for more from you, greedy reader that I am. But really we need you now more than ever following that atrocious ending to the manga. Save Bleach Tomas, you’re the better part of the fandom’s only hope!

But enough of that and onto some thoughts on this chapter.

Loved seeing Kon be such a hero! Just really loving Kon, period. Cemented as one of my favorite characters for life!

Nice to see Keigo of all people step up and really accomplish something. Who would have thought he’d have such a good head on his shoulders when the time called for it? Unexpected to be sure but wholly believable. It’s like you’re continually discovering new aspects to these characters than simply rewriting them in a different way.

Mizuiro on the other hand being coolly nonchalant as always is the only appropriate response.

Rangiku breaking Lagrima with only the mention of Gin was truly hilarious. Frightening too admittedly (Gin is a bloody madman!) but still oh so amusing.

What I really like emphasised in this chapter is how you keep with established power levels and avoid the nauseating power creep that permeated the manga. Vasto lorde are heralded as destructive beasts and that’s still very much still the case given how much trouble Hitsugaya and Rukia had with Halibel in a mere spectral form (nice imagery of her naked form made entirely of blood btw, it was aptly perverse and awe-inspiring and deadly). And really that’s how it should be. A few months or even a year or two of training should not really be enough for a shinigami to completely overwhelm the premier crop amongst hollows. Not only was the battle intense but showed just how much of a threat these beasts truly are.

Speaking of beasts that simply. won’t. die. Ulquiorra being the one Lagrima was reviving was an interesting surprise. And he’s still as spiteful-yet-stoic-yet-hella-spiteful as ever. Seeing Ichigo’s hollow sperg out over his not!demise was another great moment.

I am intrigued by the real threat posed by Ichigo’s hollow and just how bat shit insane it is. Really curious to see what you have planned for the Strawberry and it. Though given what I’ve read from you I doubt it will be something quite as simple as Ichigo coming to peace with that aspect of himself.

Will be reviewing the other chapters shortly. For now sleep calls.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/24/2016
Hammered down, specifically the first 15 or so chapters before Aizens betrayal is some of my most favorite fanfiction ever. Your handling of Aizen and how you portray him is amazing. I have felt compelled to leave a short review showing my awe for one of your reviewers who writes 30 page essays reviewing each and one of your chapters. That's dedication!
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