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gorkmalork chapter 19 . 5/27
Well, *this* chapter's coda wasn't skin-crawling at all. Compelling as Kon's struggle for self-identity, the Wild Hunt's recurring mayhem and those sundry inner-Hollow resolutions were, it's nice to take a breather knowing this tale's most terrifying players (a) have regained a toehold upon the living world and (b) are nowhere near done with Our Protagonists.
tanithlipsky chapter 19 . 5/7
very good.
Photohawk chapter 1 . 3/6
The last two chapters were published while I was visiting my family and for some reason or the other I didn't get to read them until now. Sorry for the late review!
So much happened, especially since there were two chapters, but all I can say is that the hollow resolution wasn't what I expected. It was simply beautiful.
Everything was excellent as always, I'll be patiently waiting for the next arc!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/29
I’ve been a fan of yours since around the end of Hammered down. Thank you for making this shonen battle manga more than the sum of its parts. I went through a rough patch for awhile, and seeing how your take on the bleach cast dealt with adversity gave me more than a little push to keep on going. This has been long overdue, but I feel well deserved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
(PS thank you for giving the background/early characters actually personalities)
Bhoddisatva chapter 19 . 1/29
Rebirth starts out with a bang! Some old storylines get wrapped up and new ones are made! You sure keep the ball rolling! I'm loving it.

As usual there is too much going on for me to comment on but there is one thing that bothered me. It always seemed like you had trouble fitting Orihime into your story. She never quite found her place and never really grew out of the shadow of her manga/anime character (love interest and object to be rescued). She loved Ichigo and would do anything for him seemed to sum up her profile. Her teen love of Ichigo never evolved like Kon's infatuation with Rukia did. Orihime's death felt lesser for that fact, almost like a suicide rather than a last heroic act to save another.

I don't mean to be harsh. Orihime's sacrifice still hit the right emotional buttons but afterward? I found myself thinking about it and realized it didn't have a lasting impact on me. Orihime was always something of a character to respond to other characters rather than be a complete person herself, if that makes sense.

Anyway these two chapters are great and I really enjoyed them whatever my quibbles are. Eagerly looking forward to the next.
Revlid chapter 19 . 1/29
While this obviously isn't the ending, I'm taking it as a natural stopping point to unsubscribe and end the depressing saga of watching a narrative I used to like, waaay back in the day, slide ever-deeper downwards like a drunkard slumping off a couch.

Hammered Down was, for years, my favourite Bleach story by a country mile. It was one I recommended and used as a benchmark. A lot of its ideas still influence how I feel about Bleach's wasted potential and squandered characters, but re-reading it early last year revealed flaws that I'd only dimly registered before, which left me irritated or even uncomfortable. Lifted Up, if anything, proudly hauls those flaws into the spotlight. One possible conclusion, albeit a deeply ironic one, is that the best parts of these stories are those that can use the original Bleach as a framework - as Lifted Up takes place in an entirely original "timeline", there's no canon material to obscure the author's foibles. It has to stand on its own, and does so on crippled legs.

In truth, I stopped caring about any of these people or feeling any investment in their struggles sometime around Arc 2. Re-reading Hammered Down only drove me further toward active dislike, in some cases. I kept reading largely out of morbid brand loyalty, and regarded today's multi-chapter updated with a tinge of resignation, even dread. I might someday find it cathartic to put my thoughts to paper as an actual analysis of what I didn't like and why, and how those elements clawed their way to greater prominence in the narrative... but until then, I'm free.

My first memories of Hammered Down remain good ones, and I will continue to recommend it (just with caveats, now). I really do wish you the best as a writer, going forward.
Bhoddisatva chapter 17 . 12/25/2017
Fantastic chapter! So much is happening and all of it are interesting plots and twists. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Can't say I'm surprised at who the murderer is. He always seemed the most likely. This new twist on the mystery many layers to parse through!

Grimmjow dead? Not a chance. Dimensional vortexes do strange things!

Loly and Menoly's lucky survival streak finally runs out. Couldn't of happened to a nicer couple. Stiill kind of fond of the bumbling wannabes.

No! Not when the whole damned thing with the Arashi could of been settled once and for all! But I kinda figured we weren't going to get a clearcut resolution on this yet. No when you can milk even more drama out of it!
Photohawk chapter 17 . 12/24/2017
What a great Christmas surprise! I was hoping for this from the moment you told me the first part was almost finished, and I'm so happy I was right.

This chapter is my favorite so far. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The action scenes were amazing. And the cliffhangers are killing me... I don't know what I was expecting from the yurei duel but certainly not Ichigo finally confronting his Hollow... And the Wild Hunt coming after Rukia? DAMN!

So many things happened, nothing went to waste in these 35k or so words (can see now why you had to split in it two parts.)

Happy new year Tomas, thanks for the chapter!
Photohawk chapter 1 . 12/16/2017
Knowing that Tomas is still working on this fic makes me so happy. It's seriously one of my all time favorites, and definitely my favorite ongoing one. So that being said, sorry I didn't leave a review earlier. I did get your alert and was going to read it at that very moment but I decided to wait just a little bit since I already had so much to read and to do, and your chapters deserve all my attention.

So anyway, again you amazed us with all the revelations, the tension, the characters! And that meeting between Rukia and Komamura man, at first I was like "the madman actually did it!" and then I was like "can't hold all these feels" lol.

Oh, yes, all the backstory! I love Kaien so it was nice to know more about him.

And Rukia is so sweet, I just want to see her happy but the drama is so good HA! I'm glad Ichigo had his moment too. It was very Ichigo-like.

Thanks again for the awesome chapter, and happy holidays Tomas!
Zephyrus-Prime chapter 16 . 12/5/2017
This story and its prequel are just the best damn things ever! It's positively criminal that you don't have more reviews. I eagerly await the next chapter!
Abaddon953 chapter 16 . 12/2/2017
I'm so confused over the entire story. I read the previous story, and I moved on to this one under the idea it's a RukiaxIchigo story. All I know for sure is that I despise Katsurou, and that I hope to see Ichigo win the duel. As for zombiegirl22 and her reviews, I definitely can't say I agree with her, since her view of it seems quite convoluted.
wolfgang04 chapter 1 . 12/1/2017
Hi! I'm about to read your story but then I saw that this is a sequel to your other story. I am an IR shipper but the tags I saw in Hammered Down are Rukia and Ichimaru. Will I be able to understand this story (Lifted Up) without reading the other one? Also, is this story an IR one? Thank you!
gorkmalork chapter 16 . 11/18/2017
Blown away as I am by zombiegirl's analyses (which nearly match our esteemed author's raw thoroughness), I remain skeptical vis-a-vis the Arashi head's motives in fomenting this allegiance through legal lettering & now expressly against at least one party's desires. Even if his protective intent vis-a-vis Rukia (if any) turns out to be no less resolute than Byakuya or Ichigo's, who says his *methods* will be any less fallible than either of 'em...or any less prone to clashing with Rukia's own drive to see her clanmates safe? Their own dangers aside, gilded cages tend not to last with Tomas at the helm.
Zombiegirl22 chapter 16 . 11/7/2017
Correction for a typo in my last review:

I meant to put 'saying Marvel had better comic book series than DC'.

I know that Marvel and DC are companies and not actual comic books. Felt I needed to make that clear because my typo makes it seem as though I actually think Marvel and DC are actual comic books.
zombiegirl22 chapter 16 . 11/7/2017
"You've killed our pride, my son. My son ... to protect their...pride..."

I feel like there is a double meaning to these words. Yudai seems to be talking about both his son being Yudai's pride and the clan pride.

"you've killed our pride" it is almost as if Yudai without even realizing his words, is saying that Kaien himself has sealed his own fate, and there is only death in the future.

Ah pride is very important. And something in itself that I pride myself on. I don't remember the conversation word for word because I have to admit I had a few drinks, but I remember my former best friend asking how I could be so prideful, (If I remember correctly we were at a party, she tried setting me up with her boyfriend's brother. The brother had made a derogatory remark about the Joker as well as other characters, saying Marvel was a better comic books series than DC. when I tried explaining why I wouldn't date the man "I would never date a Marvel fan!" "Leah, you are a Marvel fan. You love Jean Grey and Wanda Maximoff and Bruce Banner and Magneto remember?!" My response: "I don't care. He is a marvel fan and I won't date him". Now it was being buzzed which caused me to make such a ridiculous statement. And even though even when sober, I realized what a wrong statement that was, I still used it as an excuse not to date the man, because my pride would not allow me to take back that statement.

I remember my friend telling me I was too prideful and my response being "My pride is all I have".

So yeah I can see why Pride would be very important to nobles, and especially Yudai when he has lost so much.

And now that I read it a second time I can't help thinking that Arashi's own comments about Pride weren't mocking at all. Well at least not completely mocking.

"It is simply a matter of pride." Katsurou glanced at Byakuya. "And the loss thereof".

Rukia, Byakuya, Yoruichi and Noboru probably think that Katsurou are talking about the Arashi and Kuchiki pride.

However I think it goes deeper than that.

See. Now that I have read this chapter a second time, I can see that with Yudai's death, Katsurou got his vengeance/justice/revenge. So what ever manipulations he is doing right now has nothing to do with past resentments. Yudai's death ensured that, Aizen killing the Central 46, Rukia taking down yamamoto, ensured that. Sure he might have started this little marriage to take a stab at Byakuya's pride, however I don't think those are his intentions now, and he was clear and honest with Rukia ("And that was something I did not originally foresee.").

I think that now, this entire marriage is because he is trying to keep Rukia, Byakuya's pride safe. Rukia and her child are becoming Arashi's own pride and Katsurou will be doing everything in his power to keep his pride, Rukia, safe.

Which is why I feel like his words of "It is simply a matter of pride"(Katsurou has become very fond of Rukia and will never let anything, even her brother's own ignorance, harm her), "And the loss therof." (Byakuya not being able to be keep propert tabs and protection on Rukia seeing as how the man is busy father, husband and commander). This perceived "threat" (the trap Rin found) that Byakuya failed to notice is proof that Byakuya has become lax. Not just that, it was Byakuya's own past actions that caused Rukia to be at risk.

Katsurou has seen what a precious and amazing and pure Rukia is and he will be doing everything in his power to make sure that she is safe.

So yeah. I'm definitely on Katsurou's side, and I don't think he is the villain that Rukia, Byakuya, Yoruichi, Noboru, and Ichigo see him as.

And I definitely hope he is the victor in the duel. because even though he probably loves Rukia, and marries her, after all threats to her child and Rukia pass I can see him allowing their marriage to be dissolved so that she is free to love Ichigo and marry him. He seems like one of those people who will set someone free because of his love for them, rather than keep them caged. He isn't Yudai afterall.

This isn't a manga, like Unohana told Ichigo once. There are things happening in the background that the characters and us readers don't see.

Even though I'm trying to see Ichigo in a positive light, I still want to punch the immature idiot for for his remark to Katsurou: 'Or did Ganju's dad cut your balls off too.'

Yeah. I really hope Katsurou takes an eye for that comment, but Katsurou is a better person than me and would never lower himself to something like that.

Can you tell that I see Katsurou as the hero in this story? I have to since his nephew isn't around to take that title. Aizen was the real hero in "Hammered Down" along side the heroine, Rukia.

Yeah even though Rukia and her child are a threat, I doubt Aizen would kill Rukia. And after the order to kill him when he was a baby, I doubt Aizen would have those orders carried out on another child.

So Ichigo's hollow is wasting his time and breath.

Well that is all concerning my thoughts for this chapter on things I didn't see when I first read this story two days ago.

And remember Tomas, don't rush the next chapter. You need your sleep.
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