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Daniel chapter 8 . 9/22
I loved Hammered Down, and just found out that this updated since I last checked this. You are awesome! Keep it up!
dispair17 chapter 8 . 8/30
Ah, how satisfying. Gin back in the game, and Ulquiorra about to learn some humanity. I so look forward to seeing what you'll do with this.
Ero-kun chapter 8 . 8/26
Fuc*. Every chapter is filled with so much awesome that I can't even describe the giddiness I feel whenever I receive a notification about an update. Great stuff. The parts about destroying Ichigo's Hollow are deliciously ominous - are you trying to implement in your story the canon plot about him being a part of Ichigo's real Zanpakutou? If so, decimating a part of Kurosaki's soul, like his friends want to, doesn't seem to be a great idea Eagerly waiting for moar!
Cheers ;)
Sailor Pandabear chapter 8 . 8/22
i like this chapter a lot
Guest chapter 8 . 8/18
So glad to see this up updated once more!

Just wanted to help out your proofreading and make your life easier when re-reading this. ;)

-You made Komamura captain of the Eighth Division instead of the Seventh

-"Misato Ochi tutted severely as she assisted Mizuro Honsho up the rockslide and onto the surface." I think this is meant to be "Chizuru Honsho". Here as well "the same for Mizuru, the most rubbery-legged of their party."

-"With the help of Neliel and her shinigami boyfriend" I think you meant Ochi sensei given this later line "Vaguely Tatsuki realized Ochi-sensei and another guy were attempting to drag her and Orihime back"

I think I'm missing something else but I can't place it right now. My own fault for not keeping notes while I read it. But thank you for the update! It was an amazing chapter as always!
laughingspider chapter 8 . 8/18
Your writing is so good! I'm a little bummed that you post so infrequently but it's always worth the wait. :)


el.paradox chapter 8 . 8/18
Aww, Rukia really does know how to reach the hearts of her loved ones. It was so heartwarming to read that scene.

Orihime's resolve is a little frightening - while it is motivated by good intent, does she really understand what she's trying to do? Rejecting someone's existence is the same as killing them, and her tender heart has never been capable of even seriously injuring someone. And if she really is committed to it, she is going to have to practice hard. What she rejected was a piece of paper, an inanimate object of relatively small mass. How much more difficult will it be to reject the existence of a living entity of no insignificant size and power who will fight back with all his might?

It's great to see another chapter! As always, it was well worth the wait. I'm afraid I have nothing more to say than that, so take care till the next time!
JBebe chapter 8 . 8/17
Ahh so glad to see another update! I really love how intricate your worldbuilding, the backstories of all the characters, the connection with Hollows and the Fae Wild Hunt.

And really had a good laugh about Nel eating the informant, and then immediately though unsuccessfully passing the blame to her fraccion. Tatsuki is really playing a dangerous game, and I think pretty unwise. Here's hoping it does not blow up in her face. And I can't even imagine the ramifications of Orihime negation powers. Or what it would mean if she negated Ichigo's hollow. Whoa.

And that moment between Rangiku and Hitsugaya. Jeez bring on the tears. One thing I really liked about her character in the anime was her loyalty and bond to Toshirou. Seeing that strained and stressed due to the mis-perception of her actions is heartwrenching. Btw, I applaud you for giving her more depth and development than in the anime.

Which is probably why I like your Rukia so much as well. All the characters and especially the females ones are well nuanced and well written. And Rukia gets even more coolness points for that scene with Noboru and how she handled Kon.

Looking forward to what happens next!
reality deviant chapter 8 . 8/17
This is...
quite the convulated within plans and too many sides-do you keep a chart?
NieveDrop chapter 5 . 8/16
I do like that Tatsuki went to Rukia for help. It's showing some maturity on Tatsuki's part that she can't go in with guns blazing and fix what is wrong on her own.

Nanao is an "Alice in Wonderland" fan? :D

When did Ryo become Queen Bee at school that the water seems to part for her when she makes a declaration?

Okay, Lagrima is "tear." So she's writing to Baraggan, who was really, really gross-nice description, though. And the Hyena is...Aizen? Gin? UGH - the unknown. I'm thrilled that you keep me guessing, but I hate that I can't put the puzzle pieces together to guess! And who is Berrinholtz-an OC? Does Lagrima not know the Hunt kinda went kaput, or can she just call them up again?

Dream catchers? Wow, that was some unexpected decor!

Grrr...I have such a love/hate relationship with the ambiguity that is Gin & Rangiku.

Kanonji & Carnival - I don't know why I never paired these two concepts before. I wonder if Kanonji & Charlotte could have been BFFs!

So were those bat things the same thing that was caught in the dream catcher that was feeding whatever it is that Lagrima doesn't want to feed?
Guest chapter 8 . 8/16
great to see this updated. :)
Ahaloburnout chapter 8 . 8/16
At last, the fic... she rises again. Nice lengthy chapter. Several points I want to touch on.

1. In the chapter you mention a Captain Ikari. I think you might have typo'ed there. Might wanna recheck.

2. Never thought there would be a time where Ulquiorra surviving might be a good thing.

3. I applaud you for the idea to not only have Tatsuki make a deal with the devil... but have it make complete and utter sense. This will probably bite here in the ass when: A) Everyone finds out. B) She realizes Ulquiorra wants to kill Ichigo entirely. Not just the Hollow.

4. Orihime was off there. Going off like a broken record again. Didn't she learn from the last time this happened. Not that big a problem and it was nice tension.

5. And most awaited. Guesses on the identity of the Vaizard Traitor. Known details are.
* Confirmed Vaizard is a Male.
** Partner is Female but may not be a Vaizard.
* Seems to be a bit of a coward.
* Beat and killed Hachi. (Meaning he was likely a Captain.)

And so there are numerous guesses. If both are Vaizard then its likely a team we have seen before. There are two teams.

* Shinji and Hiyori. (Fits the temperament of the last exchange but is out of character in other ways. Shinji has too much common sense to do this and seems genuinely broken up at Hachi's death)

* Kensei and Mashiro. (Unexpected like other twists. Haven't seen either's response to Hachi.)

Of course this is mute if the girl isn't one of them. Of the lone wolf theory. My money is on.

* Rose. (Don't know much about him. Gut tells me that its somewhat fitting of his personality.)

Please tell me if I got anything right or if you have an answer to a question. See you later.
NieveDrop chapter 3 . 7/13
Poor Hanataro! I...uh...hope he was released.

Sweet Buns! OMG - I was dying. That was so unexpected and so perfect.

Noboru's quite the handful, no? LOL

So is the hunt officially over?
zombiegirl22 chapter 7 . 5/14
here is the second part that was once again cut off for my review of chapter 77

She could recognize Aizen (cinnamon) and Gin (bloody) by how they smelled, so I wonder if she is in tuned to an other sense that others might not so easily recognize.

I almost feel bad for Lagrima. Her previous treatment at the hands Barragan is slightly similar to Unohana's treatment at the hands of Yamamato.

Quite sad for Lagrima. To become free and not even getting a day to enjoy her freedom to where she is injured and left for dead and then eaten. Kind of like Unohana. The same day Yamamato is killed, Unohana is injured and locked in Nirvana.

I wonder what Grimmjow needed the Vasto Lorde essense for. Lagrima mentioned him being grey. Perhaps Grimmjow will get his own power up in terms of becoming a Vasto Lorde himself.
zombiegirl22 chapter 7 . 5/14
I have to admit that I didn't know about Izanagi or the myths surrounding them, but I am sure it will be important later on. Especially since Ginrei's own mention of the tiamat was in his own way trying to hint at Unohana being the mastermind. I need to go read more about Izanagi to see if I can find any hints to what his mention in this chapter might hint at.

Kuneida has an interesting ability. I have to further confess that I didn't pay much attention to her or any of the other non powered Karakura kid parts in hammered won. So It looks like I will have to go back and reread certain chapters to remember exactly what went on when Kuneida made an appearance in HD.

I have to wonder if Rukia would have got better results from her interrogations had she chosen Gin's ways of finding out information.

"the boy had a bad habit of running headlong into danger as a result of, well, arrogance. Perhaps there was no helping that and it was just a family trait."

Definitely gets it from his dad.

I can't wait until the two meet. Maybe Byakuya will loosen up a bit more after interactin with his son.

I keep trying to imagine how Byakuya will react once he comes ton know that he has a son and that Yoruichi hid it from him.

I can see him being quite upset with both Yoruichi and Rukia. But more so with Yoruichi since she has kept the secret of his son from him for over 100 yrs. Byakuya is a very protective person, to know that his son was out from under his protection for a hundred years will make him quite upset.

I am once again reminded of his conversation with Aizen about their "sons" and a part of me thinks that maybe Byakuya might have known he had a son, but then I remembered that he was going to commit Seppuku after rukia's and he wouldn't have had he known he had a son. Also his reunion with Yoruichi shows that he never believed that Yoruichi would have returned to him, so now I'm sure that he didn't know about Noboru.

Also as much as I can see him wishing that Yoruichi had never left, because then they could have had his own family, I don't think he would ever regret meeting Hisana and in turn Rukia.

So yeah I think he will of course forgive Yoruichi eventually. He might even be relieved that Yoruichi kept their son a secret. If Byakuya didn't know he had a son, there there is a strong possibility that his enemies didn't know about his son either.

Also I have to wonder whether or not Byakuya told Yoruichi about his grandfather's prophecies/visions.

But I'm getting off topic.

It's nice to see Toshiro getting in front of Rukia. Not because I lack faith in her or her abilities (she did take down Gin and Yamamato) but because I just like seeing others stepping up to protect her. So long was she made to feel alone, with no one by her side, no one standing up for her, it's nice to see other Shinigami being there for her, especially since her most ardent champion is dead (though again I'm hoping that Yumichika comes back to life somehow).

And it almost seems as though Tia and Rukia are just as interconnected as Gin and Rukia are. The two keep coming across each other, though their second meeting, Rukia was unaware due to being unconscious at the time.

Having reread Ginrei's letter, I have no idea why I thought that the bottomless pit was Momo when I left my review for chapter 36. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part because I had wanted Momo to be regretful (weep)of her past actions.

Remembering Nel's earlier words of how vasto lorde don't need to eat unless they want to, yet Tia eats whenever she wants to so now I see how Ginrei's words had meant her.

I just can't even think of who Tia can consume that would make her weep.

I love how Rukia doesn't back down from Toshiro's harsh statement. And she has a long way to go if he thinks he can reach Byakuya's level.

"Don't fret, girl. I was only teasing you. Like this, there's no satisfaction to be gained from consuming you in the slightest. A waste of a long anticipated meal, I should think."

Those words remind me of Gin and Rukia's relationship in HD, and how Gin liked to prolong their games, even putting aside taking the Key, so he could have spent more time "playing" with Rukia.

With Tia's words (how can it not be tia, when Rukia recognized the same feeling the first time she went to the human world), I'm hoping for more interactions between Tia and Rukia. Maybe Tia will end up taking Gin's position of tormentor that he had in HD.

"I admit I'll miss the opportunity to find out how you taste, snowdrop. But Aizen made his wishes regarding you very clear."

Another hint that this was Tia and not Barragan. Lagrima's musings in the other chapter showed how Barragan wouldn't do something that would benefit Aizen.

Lagrima had stated that Barragan wished to whip the jackal and feed whatever was left to the hollows, so if Barragan knew that Toshiro was a potential threat to Aizen, then he wouldn't kill Toshiro because Toshiro could bring down Aizen.

Also if Aizen is the one ordering Tia around, if Aizen still thinks of Rukia as his like he did in HD, when he called her "My Rukia" when addressing the council, or when Byakuya described Aizen as Rukia being a prize for whichever man came out on top, I can see Tia being told not to kill Rukia.

"Rukia made her choice in spite of their shared opinion as to her worth".

I have absolute faith in Tomas, that before the end of the story, Rukia will open quite a few characters' eyes about her true worth.

If only Kubo gave Rukia the screentime and character development Tomas does.
I wish to know more about Berrinholtz .He seems kind of interesting, not even a decapitation killed him. I'm curious to know his story.

I never liked Loly and Menoly. I hope the two don't survive. I kind of wish that Noboru would have followed Matsumoto's orders and killed them.

Gin really screwed with Lagrima's head. Just by Matsumoto mentioning him, and she starts spilling everything. Which means that Gin must have told Matsumoto quite a bit about the things he has done. I guess he fulfilled his promise of explaining everything like he had told her in HD after his fight with Rukia.

I wonder what Matsumoto had planned to do with the Vasto Lorde juice. Was it just to make sure that the individual Lagrima was trying to heal wasn't healed, or was it because she and Gin know someone who could use the juice?

I am mad at whoever (loly or menoly) pushed Lagrima before she gave the identity of the individual who sent the Hunt to earth.

"A former member" could be anybody.

By Ichigo's words it wasn't grimmhow. Gin's and matsumoto's conversations in earlier chapters also means it wasn't them.

Yet it is someone that Loly and Menoly are trying to protect/cover up for. Someone that they are quite afraid of.

I feel bad for Tatsuki. I can understand why he wanted to kill the vampire, but I am also glad that kon put a stop to it.

"Don't you ever tell me to kill anybody, got it?! Especially not someone who's... helpless and can't fight back!"

A lot of emotion in Kon's words and I can't help but respect him for taking a stand.

I don't know why I find a similarity between Kon and Kenpachi. Maybe its because I remember Kenpachi's statement of "put a sword in their hand" in regards to Hisagi and izuru that makes me think that Kenpachi isn't someone who would fight defenseless individuals.
Amazing to see Toshiro in action. For a minute there I was afraid he was going to die.

Good advice from the Kurosaki twins. I think Rukia would be a good video game player. I also like the idea of the twins spending time with Rukia.
Tia's words of "some of my essense now resides within you anyway" makes me wonder just how did Ulquiorra get some of her essense any way. I feel like I missed something else in HD.

It's funny how Ichigo's hollow is feeling the exact same thing Ulquiorra felt when Ulquiorra found out that Ichigo was still alive.

"Can't do that. This isn't over. And Rukia's down here. I can tell; she needs my help."

I'm curious about how Kon can sense Rukia. Is it because of his special gigai or as a result of a deeper connection between the two? I'm leaning towards the latter, because Kon couldn't sense the school mates that were take or Noboru.

"Strenght surged through his body as the soul cutter forged a connection the only way they could; through ice. "

I'm hoping that Toshiro and Rukia get to fight alongside each other more often.

It was nice to see Ulquiorra. Gives me hope that Yumichika might make an appearance.

"Her face was fierce enough to scare away anything short of Death itself."

Yumichika would be proud. I love the way you write Rukia. And I love seeing aunt and nephew being quite protective of one another.

"Rukia and the captain stood side by side, sweat freezing on their faces and swords extended with tips touching to for a sphere of white energy that grew bigger with every heartbeat."

I wonder what Yumichika would have said at being presented with such a beautiful picture. Though I can imagine him being quite jealous that it was Toshiro at her side and not Yumichika.

Keigo's idea about the sand worked and it's a good thing Noboru heard him before Keigo passed out. However their actions probably caused Ulquiorra to go back to his almost dead state. Which means that he and Ichigo's hollow didn't get to fight for long.

And Mizuiro burned Matsumoto's scarf. I wonder if that was a gift from Gin. Gift or not, Gin won't be happy that Mizuiro's actions impeded Matsumoto's escape.

Speaking of Gin, I'm surprised that he hasn't made an appearance yet. But of course that could mean he is already in Hueco Mundo, hiding in one of the shadow's of either one of the shinigami or someone else, waiting until they all meet up so he can see Matsumoto.

Rukia's words of "I can no longer sense any particularly malevolent presense in this vicinity." makes me wonder if Rukia has another ability.

She could re
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