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Lu Bane Na chapter 47 . 8/3
I'm curious as to why Harry wants to prove Malfoy's status as a former death eater? Didn't the guy literally have a shouting match with Mr. Parkingson right in front of them and Dumbledore? How did they get out of that pickle?
excessivelyperky chapter 34 . 7/28
Contraception Charms for the lot the day they hit puberty would be my policy, but I can understand why Snape might wait on a few of them.

And Harry and his friends are planning things out reasonably well, researching information, checking out the diary (seems that Ginny rather likes Tom, and since she's a Weasley could probably conceive out of a Pensieve, so she should be a bit more careful than most).

I do love how Dudley is looking after Luna, though (and she's tougher than people think-that dreamy exterior may someday be someone's last sight).
draco7347 chapter 62 . 6/19
really loved this story cant wait for new chapters
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 62 . 6/17
great update. Like how snape is fair to the two. Also, glad he was honest with them.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 62 . 6/17
Wow, interesting memory lane moments here:-)
Captain James H00K chapter 62 . 6/17
Very nice chapter. I hope that more will be coming soon. I do wonder if he plans on telling them his involvement in trying to save Harry's mum/Dudley's aunt. What of the correspondence with Balalaika? Is it JUST about the boys and their grades? Maybe they both can find happiness and help each other out? Especially if Voldemort rises. What would happen to the gang if Voldemort found out where they all lived and decided to send some Death Munchers? I would LOVE to find out in the chapters to come.
Captain Jas. Hook
Guest chapter 62 . 6/17
Oh, man. That's.. that's not going to end well for Sirius. He's impetuous, and twelves years of dementors screwing with his brain have done nothing for his maturity, and he won't have had time to come to terms with how people have changed.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 61 . 5/21
I'm loving this! And I'm honestly curious if the twins were looked at properly and if Luna and them will hear about it. No offense, but their backstory makes my skin crawl on a primal level of disgust. It's like the movie Hostel, but with kids, being FORCED as the kill-buyers. It's a bad image that doesn't dampen rage.
excessivelyperky chapter 33 . 5/5
Yes, Luna's silvery gaze will make more than just Dudley turn into Melty Brain; one suspects that Pansy is suspicious of someone with more charm than she has.

And Ginny is the right one to get the diary. In canon she was able to slither in and out of the broom shed with the broom she wanted and practice with it (this reminds me of when I would get up super early in the summer and have hours with the bros' toy cars before they dragged themselves out of bed).

But yes, Pansy with a diary with Muggle marks on it is suspicious.

Here's hoping they are all *very* suspicious of Mr. Riddle.
Captain James H00K chapter 61 . 4/2
Oh finally! I was wondering if you were going to update at all. I know everyone here has a personal life, but I honestly thought you were going to give up this story. I'm glad that you updated it and how well it was written for this chapter! I just wonder what's going to happen with Lupin, Sirius, and Petigrew when the time comes. Will all of Slytherin mobilize again or just the few of them in PD Enterprise? It would be interesting to find out! Petigrew though, I wouldn't mind reading ending up full of holes from Harry and Dudley. Also, what about the firearms training from the pair of them? I think that would also go over very well, or I hope so.
Baby Fawn chapter 61 . 3/23
oh wow cant wait to read more. this is getting real good. wonder who is going to be next on the plot list for the fun ride lol
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 3/18
Terrence Higgs is splendid-pumping Binns for info is something nobody in any of the books ever thought about. Terrifying Draco is just fun-but someone should sit down and find out how much access Draco has to the Malfoy library (and wouldn't it be interesting if he found out that his father is hideously upset about a missing diary?). After all, the Malfoys have some *really* interesting stuff there. So Draco could be a possible source.
cko2 chapter 61 . 3/16
Poor seriers, the poor bastard is going to shot by harry for causing kinds of trouble with out meaning to. And the malfoys being on the out...thats different for sure. Then who is pulling connies strings as magic idiot then?
MWkillkenny84 chapter 61 . 3/16
Good chapter and good scenes.

... why do I feel that Draco is going to lose a grandparent in the near future?

Vote: 10
Pyeknu chapter 61 . 3/15
Well, Abraxas was about to die around this time, so why not let it be done Roanapur-style?
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