Reviews for The 'Correspondence' Affair
MLaw chapter 108 . 7/19
Great personal/historical references here. I love how you weave it in.
MLaw chapter 107 . 7/17
Poor Ermengarde all on her own. Luckily there's no one left to torment her...right?
MLaw chapter 106 . 7/17
Excellent update!
pfrye chapter 106 . 7/16
I have truly enjoyed these. Glad to see them return.
lilidelafield chapter 106 . 7/16
Beautiful! I am still loving this!
pfrye chapter 105 . 7/6
Glad to see this continuing...thank you for your writing.
MLaw chapter 105 . 7/6
Glad another letter arrived at last! And good news to boot. Am losing it though. Did I miss his proposal?
MLaw chapter 104 . 2/13
Tough subject for a letter. The camel picture was nice light comic relief.
MLaw chapter 103 . 2/10
At last!
MLaw chapter 102 . 2/10
Man, don't mess with Millicent. Smart girl knows when to call in a favor, doesn't she?
pfrye chapter 102 . 2/10
I have skipped over this series time and time again...but began reading it this morning and couldn't stop. So very well done...I'm captivated.
MLaw chapter 101 . 2/9
In typical fashion the nurses know more than the doctors. Excellent reference to Allenby, if it's the same who eventually became Lawrence's commanding officer?

And wow, Alexander in Palestine and not France, there's quite a twist too!
lilidelafield chapter 100 . 2/8
I started reading, wondering how interested I could be in a series of letters based on Alexander Waverly's young days, but after the first two pages I have been completely hooked.

You have done an astonishing job so far, and I will run out of space if I try and list all the things I admire about this work of yours. Suffice it to say I am now following this story, and I am panting to read on...

Thank you for posting thus far, and please keep going!
MLaw chapter 100 . 2/8
Well will breathe a little, but still holding my breath until she gets to see Alexander. This was a fabulous chapter, and thanks for not making us wait, or take a prolonged trip with her to reach England.
MLaw chapter 97 . 2/7
Ooooooh noooo!
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