Reviews for The 'Correspondence' Affair
MLaw chapter 133 . 3/18
Sigh... :D
laurose chapter 133 . 3/18
Thank you for this enjoyable and well thought fic. Love that about switching languages; and I'm sure he does it well, too.
MLaw chapter 132 . 2/18
Excellent historical reference! Time is ticking away...
MLaw chapter 131 . 2/18
This is so sweet, him pouring out his nervousness to her that she'll read after the fact. So romantic. sigh...
MLaw chapter 130 . 2/17
The suspense is building. Trés bien!
MLaw chapter 129 . 2/17
It good to let him know he's wanted, even if he can't make it. He was a bit busy only December 9th, jointing Allenby’s forces as they entered Jerusalem.
MLaw chapter 128 . 2/16
It's hard to believe this series is coming to an end soon, but as previous letter were unfolding with Alexander's recover and wedding plans coming to fruition the end is inevitable. Looking forward to more in the series until the end, and then more MFU stories from your deft and talented hand.
MLaw chapter 127 . 2/15
Another excellent chapter with more light at the end of the tunnel. Departing Boxing Day! That's a good day after Christmas, Christmas gift.
MLaw chapter 126 . 2/14
Life goes on in the middle of the war. Looking forward to Alexander's arrival.
MLaw chapter 125 . 2/14
Absolutely moving chapter. Nice to hear of his recovery, and regaining his independence.
lilidelafield chapter 125 . 2/13
Wow. I am loving this. This is so well thought out and so well written.
MLaw chapter 124 . 2/12
Quite a reality check and a reminder that there is a war going on around Millicent's world. Good chapter!
MLaw chapter 123 . 1/26
She certainly has a calm head on her shoulders, dealing with the news about her instructions on top of all the preparations yet to be made. Excellent chapter.
MLaw chapter 122 . 1/25
Such love and devotion! You paint it so beautifully. And famous last words.."carry on." Love it.
MLaw chapter 121 . 1/24
Hope the next chapter is coming soon. Questions to be answered...a gentle cliffie.
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