Reviews for The 'Correspondence' Affair
MLaw chapter 97 . 2h
Ooooooh noooo!
MLaw chapter 96 . 4h
Any news is always welcome, as long as it's not news about the war. He's experiencing that first hand.
MLaw chapter 95 . 2/3
That first line describing the weather was incredible. Millicent is becoming quite the poet, and is well read of course. Another enjoyable bit of correspondence.
MLaw chapter 94 . 2/2
Another good chapter that gives us a hint at the passage of time. Enjoyed the mention of the brooch.
MLaw chapter 93 . 2/2
A very intuitive girl, Millicent. Good chapter!
MLaw chapter 92 . 1/30
Lovely letter and the beginnings of a new friendship, n'est ce pas?
MLaw chapter 91 . 1/27
I doubt she'll end up making that trip to France anytime soon, with the Battle of Verdun lasting to December.
MLaw chapter 90 . 1/25
Great addition to the correspondence!
ravenoak21 chapter 90 . 1/25
Yay! I am so happy that the Lawrence of the ring was Lawrence of Arabia!
MLaw chapter 89 . 1/25
I'm getting since Christoph's rank is Hauptmann that he's on the German side. If so that makes for an interesting twist with the developing friendship of Viveka and her wanting to send her drawings to Alexander that she surely must know is on the British side...or am I wrong in this?

What a relief for Millicent that Lavinia is at last gone!
MLaw chapter 88 . 1/24
Me thinks something awful might await him in the next few months. His thanking her for the letters seems like he might have some premonitions lurking about...even though he's staying positive about attending her graduation, and let's not forget that ring he's keeping safe.
laurose chapter 87 . 1/23
Still following this with pleasure - bravo for Millicent following game rules. And it's a lovely thought, Lawrence sending them a ring. Something something ancient and Assyrian, or at least medieval, I'd guess.
Guest chapter 87 . 1/23
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MLaw chapter 87 . 1/23
Ahhhh, finally. Nice chapter, and by the date I would guess the beginnings of the Arab Revolt.
Pablowis chapter 87 . 1/23
ohhhhhhgawd; he's already considering it... how lovely; and we all know Millicent will certainly be amenable when the time comes. As a mother who has just gone through a very similar scenario with her son, this is beauties.
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