Reviews for Severus, Redux
theinvisibilitycloak chapter 33 . 9/30
I normally don't read incomplete fics (there are so many good unfinished ones that are just torture!) but I loved GPB and couldn't resist reading this. Also, something about your writing makes me trust that you're not going to leave us hanging!
You have a wonderful writing style! Its fun, smart, but has a directness that can be humorous, endearing or just hot. Can't wait til next chapter. 3
MarchesaLace chapter 33 . 9/18
Will you be updating more of this story? It's been quite a good read!
Rea chapter 33 . 8/26
Please update! This story is so engaging; I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Ahem27 chapter 33 . 8/17
This story is absolutely amazing! I’m relieved to see that it’s been updated fairly recently, and I’m so hopeful that you continue with it! I’ve read several fics where Hermione goes back, but this is a first for a forward traveling Snape. I really enjoyed the reluctant relationship between Atreus and Hermione’s friends, and how he has his own personality but is still very reminiscent of Professor Snape. Thanks for the great read!
illori leene chapter 33 . 8/3
This is just wonderful. I love your young Severus.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/18
So lovely. I really wish there was more of this wonderful world.
SanneAA chapter 1 . 7/18
Oh this fic is brilliant! i love young Severus and Hermione together. do hope that you pick the fic up again
Aisti chapter 33 . 7/11
Great story! Can't wait to read more! Thank you for writing and sharing!
galaxies in her eyes chapter 33 . 7/7
oh, i do hope you continue soon! this is such an original idea — i’ve never read anything like it before. severus is such an interesting character to read and write about, and you’ve done everything justice here. wonderful.
magical medicine chapter 11 . 7/6
aWWWW they're so cute! i'm really loving this.
Kawisdom chapter 33 . 6/25
I binged this whole story before commenting and it's very good, with a unique take on time travel and an intriguing plot. I like this version of a Snape/Hermione romance (normally I just can't believe in the pairing). The boys' bratty reaction to her relationship was well handled and totally how they'd react, although it might be worse because he is so like the Professor they so despise. It's funny how much more distressed Harry was that she was willingly with Atreus than the idea she'd been manipulated or assaulted!
Hearing Snape's hurt reaction to the other adults' believing such an accusation was also both sad and in character, especially at this point in the story. He wanted their trust and friendship so badly but had to deceive them all (except Dumbledore, who in some ways was crueller than Voldemort).
It looks like you're giving Draco a chance. It's good that, in Atreus, he found someone he could actually listen to. And who'd encourage him to go ahead and hex Potter again, because it's the practical thing and, yeah, don't you feel better? This scene, allowing truth to lead to deception (about the two Snapes' actual relationship), was a reminder that Atreus is indeed the same boy who got sorted into Slytherin to begin with.
The recurring illnesses are concerning. I have a nasty suspicion that it's because the timeline has one too many Snapes and things might get worse. I hope not, because the only way for Atreus to survive would then be Professor Snape's death. I know that it happened in the books but I'd love to see him survive. Maybe he could be removed from normal time by his associates in the Department of Mysteries? You still haven't revealed that connection's significance to the whole plot, so I'm just going to hope, okay?
Stina Leffel chapter 33 . 6/22
Fantastic story! I don't think Professor Snape is as dissapproving as he seems of Hermione. Atreus' illness is worrying - perhaps he is not transported to the future permanently, or perhaps he is feeling an echo of some illness the professor suffers from? I like how you write Draco, Harry and Ron. Events are beginning to deviate from canon a little. Thank you for writing!
Stina Leffel chapter 13 . 6/21
Very good story! Many stories with a teenaged Snape describes him either as an angsty wimp or an evil psychopath. This is much better! Thank you for writing!
FoxesRun chapter 1 . 5/9
Love this story so much! Will he disappear? Is the older unspeakable Hermione? Does He go back to the past? So many more questions! Thanks for taking time to write and post!
kellogglikethecereal chapter 32 . 4/13
I love how sweet this younger Severus is. It really just shows how much a person can change based off of circumstance. I absolutely love your work!
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