Reviews for The runaway boy and lost boy ?
Lostone7 chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
First of all, I'm afraid there're a few mistakes here and there.

If you intend to write a story with all past tenses, you should check your story whether you still have any present tenses or not. For example, on the first paragraph “The red light just KEEP flashing. As I looked at...”, something's not right here, isn't it? Moving to the next one, “I TRIPPES” - letter S and D are so closed that we could easily type wrong, so be careful with that!

Also, don't forget the spelling too, like: “...And your smile that brighten my whole day. But THOE are just memories.”

I point out these mistakes because I think you - as a author - have every right to know what might go wrong in your work, that's why I write them all down here. Not any harsh meaning, really, I just want to lend you a hand in improving one of your stories. Just please don't hate me for doing this T-T

Still, I really LOVE the angst and tragedy atmosphere in this fic. It's somewhat stupid to you but it's somehow good to me. I like it. Thanks for spending time doing stupid stuffs.

Nice day to you, then.
Selinawen chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
OMG ANOTHER FIC ON THIS MV! w (hello, subber of MV here *shot* ) I'm sorry that I failed to see this earlier, I've been stalking fanfiction via my PSP recently and I only saw the recent fanfiction based on this MV x3 But now I've seen this! *w* It's so sentimental and sad... I love this...really ;w; I love how you've wrote this... I have the MV in my mind while reading this... Thank you for writing this, I always love fanfics based on my favourite MVs XDD And it's not stupid at all, I love it TWT
kiku-dii chapter 1 . 2/17/2012
.Remember me? I was the one who reviewed for your first story! *okay,maybe you dont,cause I just read it today*

But anyways, to get it right, Kiku killed hiself? OO It's sad, but I like it