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Person A chapter 10 . 8/23/2016
Contrary to common belief, vocaloids were NOT created in Japan. They were created by the British, improved by the Swedish and made popular by the Japanese.
Kat chapter 16 . 8/8/2013
Hello I have a dare... Und also,...WHY HAS ROMANIA NOT TALKED YET?!... .and also SE AWESOME PRUSSIA IS AWESOME! 7 okay okay anyvays,.. Can I join you guys? As long as you don't turn me into France?...(if kissed can be turned into anyone/ has to do what they say). Okay,.um prussia! Since you are a dog please lick whoever Austria is ins face...and France,... I dare you too...(if you turn into arthur) make everyone turn into there 2p!s for five/20 questions.. Or just make the 2p!s appear that will be all..(so far)
HetaFruitsOuranHp321 chapter 3 . 3/5/2013
Germany: I dare you to ask out someone! *cough cough* preferably Italy *cough cough*

And Italy: Which is better: Pasta or Pizza?
chibinekogirl101 chapter 8 . 11/25/2012
:D love this.
Timeless Wings chapter 18 . 11/24/2012
Farewell, Random ( J )7
5th Dimension chapter 18 . 11/24/2012
Good luck with school. I hope you do well.

Thank you for a great truth, dare, or question thingy.
Know your stars chapter 18 . 11/24/2012
Know your stars...
Know your stars...
Know your stars...
Romano secretly wants Germany to himself...
Yes you do
Do too!
Yes you do! To prove it Romano is wearing is wearing potato boxers right now...
Romano is also having a affair with Edward Cullen...
U mad bro?
Now all know Romano who is having affair with Edward Cullen while secretly wanting Germany as he wears potato boxers to show his love for him...
Know your stars...
Know your stars...
Know your stars...
Ayumi Kudou chapter 18 . 11/24/2012
I understand how you feel.
Here's some dares when come back.
FACE: Dress up as the Scooby Gang. France as Daphne, America as Shaggy, Canada as Velma and England as Fred.
thefriendlystake chapter 3 . 11/18/2012
Hi everyone
just want to give England and France a dare *snickers*
anyway i want you both do a play in "Catherine Tate Show:Lauren's French exam"
Iggy's going to play Lauren and Frog's going to play the French teacher.
P.S i love your show!
winged wolf 2 chapter 17 . 11/10/2012
ahahahahahahaha I do believe I have just died!
Anyway, Random, don't worry, no punishments are to be handed out BUT! I'm in another random mood(oh the irony in that statement...) so more strange tortures for our lovely nations
Prussia- I'm sorry, I do love you, you are awesome I was just being mean. So have some beer*hands case of beer*
America and England- My otp is USUK. Live with it. I would love for you to go to a closet and... get it on ;) (If you can't do this, Random, making out again will suffice)
Canada- Saving the best for last You are awesome have maple syrup *hands large bottle of syrup* now, you will go to the nearest mall, skip around in a sparkaly pink dress, singing as loud as you can "Canadian Please"
enjoy the strange looks
Wing, out
XAka-kitsune-toriX chapter 17 . 11/9/2012
Hi. Ok first off...

England: How long have you been able to see your magical friends? Also, how long have you been able to use black magic?

Russia: Why do you carry around a water faucet? And why is your sister so obsessed with getting you to marry her?

China: I really don't know why people think that you are a girl. Sure probably because of your long hair, but even I knew that you were a boy before I even started to watch Hetalia.

Canada: I don't know how people can mistake you for America. If people mistake you for him and beat you up then you can tell me and I'll take care of them for you.

America: Do you get scared by ghosts easily? If you do, you should visit my school at night, it's infested with spirits but mainly Nuns. I'm surprised that I didn't see any in the gym when I slept there.

Japan: How many pets do you have? My friend says you have a lot.

Italy: YOU ARE SO ADORIBALI! Can I hug you?

Ok. Bye.
WOW chapter 17 . 11/6/2012
AI want give some things to you guys.
Sweden: (Gives Voodoo doll of Denmark) Torture him as you like.
Canada: (Gives Voodoo doll of America) Feel free to get back at him when he pisses you off.
Hungary: (Gives Voodoo doll of Prussia) Feel free to torture him.
Seychelles: (Gives Voodoo doll of France) Feel to torture him.
Sealand: (Gives Voodoo doll of England) Torture him ad long as you like. You, Wy, and all of the other Micronations will be nations some day.
Liechtenstein: Did you know that your one of the last remains of Holy Roman Empire? Did you ever met him?
haccat chapter 17 . 11/2/2012
Continuation of first review i did.(i wasn't logged in)

Okay, so once, England glared at Japan for acknowledging Sealand's existence. Overprotective much? (They are brothers, right?)

Sealand: Optional (can do but don't have to) dare: Go to Scottland's house, and find an embarrasing baby picture of England. Make copies and hand them out a G8 meeting or world meeting, or POST IT ON THE INTERNET! save atleast one copy for future refference or something.

ItaLiech lover chapter 17 . 10/25/2012
Me: Ciao! It's my first time doing this.
Here are dares.
Allies: Dance and Sing to 'Panda Hero'. That includes wearing the Panda outfits.
Hetalia girls: Watch (AP Hetalia Girls) Matryoshka (MMD) (Miduki)
Then I want you girls to do the same thing on the video. Here the outfits from the videos *summons the outfits from the video*.
Everyone, especially the boys: What do you think of the girls? Amazing aren't they?
Switzerland: *ties him to a chair with a blindfold and all of his guns hidden somewhere in the sea* One violent complain out of you or I will sick my chainsaw on you (brings out chainsaw) or worse I will put on cleavage on you.
Here's my reason why I did that to Switzerland.
Italy and Liechtenstein: Kiss for one minute and make passionate. You guys are my OTP.
Anyone who opposes to this: SHUT UP! I'm just 15 year old BOY who enjoys his own favorite pairing from his manga series, who rarely has any male fans. So don't give me the "Liechtenstein's just a child and you are monster" or "Yada yada GerIta is canon yada yada Liechtenstein should ONLY paired with Switzerland yada yada". I get that you like your ships, but don't expect EVERYONE to like that, because it's canon.
To the Hetalia cast: Sorry if you guys have to listen to that. Your fandom drives me crazy at times.
To Miss Random and friends: Yes, I'm a boy.
Taiwan: Why do you hate China?
Vietnam: Beat America and France with your paddle.
France: Is true that none of your women shave their pits?
Seychelles: What's you biggest secret?
All the MircoNations: Your are all awesome.
Sealand: Yell out "When I get older I'm going to invade your 'Vital Regions'" at England.
England: You mad bro? *puts on troll face*
Belgium, Canada, and France: Sing the 'Waffle song'.
That's all of my dares.
P.S. Liechtenstein I do see you as an adult and not a child.
haccat chapter 17 . 10/25/2012
Random fact: I'm English, Irish, Scottish, and possible native amercian (not sure about the last one), but mostly English.
okay so, let's start,
England:Do you deny the fact that Sealand is a Micronation because your afraid of him growing up to fast?
Any one: If i were to punch a nation, would it cause an earthquake? (I'm curious)
Sealand: for the next... 3 chapters, randomly hug England.
America & Sealand: watch a scary movie, in the dark.
Everyone: those of you who say England's cooking is bad has never tried his deserts. So try some trifle *said desert appears*.
France: go anger a dangerous wild animal.
England: When France gets back, turn him into a frog and drop him in a piranha tank.
you may want to get some umbrellas...
America: pull this random robe!* rope appears* (when pulled, Skettles rain from the ceiling)
i think that's enough for now. I'm strange. Have a good (insert november holiday) to you! Bye!
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