Reviews for Portalborn
speedster101 chapter 5 . 4/5
This story just got akward quickly
pedrofaria339 chapter 40 . 4/3
Yes, my favorite is Pathrunax
Tanicus Caesareth chapter 1 . 3/12
Wow! This is really, really good! Very well written indeed. An interesting idea too! It's getting a little late, so I only had time to read the first chapter, but I can't wait to read the others!
Shieldage chapter 28 . 3/11
You made GlaDOS human? Sweet. Very early on in the story I wanted her to become the Dark Brotherhood's new Listener because it'd be interesting to see how she'd interact with the Night Mother, especially considering how nanobots could improve the upkeep, but I realized it'd be much too easy for her to fake everything considering she was already a quasi-daedra. She's human now, without a purpose, so fairly open for calling. Be nice to see what Cicero makes of her.

Anyway, awesome story. Been enjoying it so far. Good to start it after the main quest line was completed, with the dragon born having free access to the graybeards.
Lilac chapter 37 . 2/27
Can I say Cat-Fight? XD
Oh and Karliah is going to be in this fic? It'd be cool with the Nightingales involved. Congrats on the two years btw.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/30/2013
Holo chapter 1 . 10/1/2013
Crap, I always forget to leave a review behind so now I don't remember where I left off. I'll just leave these until I find the spot I was, then I'll give a legitimate review. Kay, here goes.
pedrofaria339 chapter 31 . 9/22/2013
Oh, this is getting too intense for me, but damned it all, i won't stop reading this story, so full of passion, mystery, action, adventure, sadness, tradegy, this story have everything, sufficient to even make a mod or a DLC for Skyrim
pedrofaria339 chapter 27 . 9/21/2013
What happened to the Space core? and the other cores that were in the game?
patrick the almighty observer chapter 31 . 8/31/2013
well this isn't good, not good at all. they are in some serious shit. have to say though it will be exciting to see how they get themselves out of this mess.
ivan the terrable chapter 30 . 7/20/2013
What happened to the singularity? The one that powers the portal gun?
Lilac chapter 30 . 7/16/2013
15 dragons. Dayum, I doubt can you even render that much in the games.
Damn you Jordis for cockblocking lol. And Caroline! GLaDOS has got to be up to something sinister.
And R.I.P Portal Gun.
patrick the almighty observer chapter 30 . 7/15/2013
so the portal gun is destroyed, well that sucks. have to say this was a pretty kick ass chapter, can't wait for the next one. I wonder whats going on with the companion cube.

we till the next chapter i wish you luck in all your endeavors. :)
shtoops chapter 30 . 7/13/2013
Are Chell and GLaDOS finally going to "meet". I've been waiting for a 'Caroline'/Chell thing for a bit. I really hope you add a ChellDOS relationship is this story. I mean I really hope for it.
Guest chapter 29 . 7/1/2013
Maybe Doug can invent Jarate lol
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