Reviews for One day at a time
DeathRiders chapter 48 . 3/14
Oh how I long for an update... I need to see this through to the end, I am far too invested now.
neecy4life chapter 48 . 3/12
Really great can't wait for more
sicefield chapter 48 . 2/21
I found this story a few months ago but was disappointed when I saw it was incomplete and had not been updated in a very long time. Even So I bookmarked it and came back to it a few days ago. I was elated when I saw it had been updayed. Really enjoying the plot and character development. Thank you for your time, effort, but most especially for you create mind.
celticwitch77 chapter 48 . 2/21
I love it.
GeezerWench chapter 48 . 2/18
Good to see ya!

You kind of switched points of view in there.

Jasper is closer and closer.

Good for Bella to have pictures of faces to go with the names.
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 48 . 2/16
When will we get another post?
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 47 . 2/16
So who is Demi's mate? Did they say and i just forgot or missed it?
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 42 . 2/15
This chapter is so confusing and I am totally lost as to how they will relate but I am sure that is to come.
Obsidian Stained Roses chapter 48 . 2/15
So excited for the update!
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 41 . 2/14
Ok, I am a little lost on the Jane and Alec Hong Kong trip... Is this a memory or current event? It is all very james bond spy like... Looking forward to see how this all relates.
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 40 . 2/13
So happy that Alice finally got to meet her mate. I had my suspicion that it was Felix but I was waiting for the confirmation. So who's bound will be broken? Jasper's or Marcus?
73066Twilight chapter 48 . 2/13
Wow i am loving this this story great writing cant wait to read more
TiffaniW chapter 48 . 2/13
So glad this is being continued. It’s been a frustrating 48 chapters. When it was left I couldn’t understand how 2 highly initiative beings, so in tune with one another could be so completely obtuse. 48 chapters of cluelessness. I never saw Kasper struggle with losing Alice so it doesn’t gel with me. BUT I look forward to seeing them get their sh*t together in the coming chapters. I pray it’s not 48 more. Make no mistake I’m enjoying the story overall. It’s just too much to me to get to mates.
MiccaF chapter 48 . 2/13
Awesome chapter! Very excited to see an update! Hope to see more soon, but will love it whenever it comes!
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 30 . 2/12
Hmmm, so Jay has not been feeling the mating pull when Bella is under Edward's control. I guess that is also why Bella has not been able to break with Edward as every time she probably wants to he just takes control of her again.
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