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CrimsonHickory6427 chapter 46 . 9/19
Oh my gosh Hissy you're back! This was great and it really made me think! What if Jasper, Major and Rage can't get out because they aren't trying together? Maybe they are fully healed and just don't realise it? Gosh I have so much to ponder on now! Can't wait for the next update
neecy4life chapter 46 . 9/18
Wow luv this story can't wait for more
Guest chapter 46 . 9/17
So excited about the update! Love this story!
Lovetoread1859 chapter 46 . 9/13
So pleased for an update great chapter can't wait for jasper to heal wonder if Peter will take Bella to him soon
acetwolf94 chapter 46 . 9/13
cathy29jes chapter 46 . 9/13
Jasper is not yet out of the hostel and anyone connected to him will experience it, it's going to be a long and difficult path, but Jasper is strong and he'll be able to get by with a step at a time ,
excellent chapter,
Guest chapter 1 . 9/13
Awesome chapter love reading your work
MiccaF chapter 46 . 9/13
Excellent! Was very excited to see an update!
crazycatlady252 chapter 45 . 9/11
Awesome story I have loved each Chapter hope you will add more soon
dinkadot chapter 45 . 9/7
I am absolutely loving this story. Please tell me you are going to finish it.
Adriana93 chapter 45 . 8/3
I love this story, it is easily my favorite fan fiction I have ever read. Please keep it up, it is AMAZING!
KittenEyez chapter 45 . 7/27
I am ecstatic that you finally updated! I had to go back and reread everything. I think this is probably my favorite story on fanfiction. I really love the dynamic of Peter and Jasper in this one versus so many other fics where Peter seems to do so much for Jasper with Jasper only being a jackass in return. Please post again soon!
Hayley445 chapter 45 . 7/7
I've only just had the chance to catch up with this story, ohh how I have missed it! I have loved this story from the very beginning, can't wait for Jasper and Bella to reunite. I wonder how Jasper/Major/Rage are going to react when they find out she has been dreaming of their life in Maria's army.

Impatiently waiting for the next chapter, brilliant work as always!
SilverontheRose chapter 45 . 6/24
I really love reading this story, it's well plotted and paced and fun to read. Edward's not an ubervillian, just a snotty teen, and the Jasper/Bella portion is coming together slowly but surely; no complicated, tortuous plot twists or rabbit holes being dug. The one piece of concrit I have is for the last chapter. Coyotes are a southern scourge, in Alaska they have wolves.

I do have one flight of fancy though... if all three personalities are to combine, does that mean her nickname will combine too? If you go Rage, Major, then Jay, you'd have his pretty little honeybee. :)
cawo114 chapter 45 . 6/20
wow. what a great story. i havent been able to stop myself till i finish to read all the chapter. i cant wait for the next chapters
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