Reviews for Not so Invisible Scars
Hellbreaker chapter 2 . 2/20/2012
Role: Mr. Evil

Name: Brandon Demouy

Nickname: Colonel

Personality: At times strict and serious, other times friendly and silly, but it is an act to catch people off guard.

Appearance: Roughly six foot two, broad built, white, shaved head, wears a white suit with a labcoat over it.

History: Former military Colonel before being transferred. Had a record of unsavory actions, but all traces were deleted.

Gender: Male

Dream: Create an army of perfect living weapons

Role: Test Subject

Name: Eric Rovers

Code Name: Ravage

Personality: Vicious and cold-blooded in battle, attacks with animal like fury, tempered with amazing close quarters combat skills. However he considers Danny as a friend.

Appearance: Roughly six foot tall, dark hair, red eyes due to experiments, lean built, wears a black T-shirt, camo cargo pants, military ABU combat boots.

History: Was taken away by a secret organization as a child. Put through inhumane experiments to create a fast, merciless living weapon by introducing DNA sample from several animals in order to increase combat potential in nearly all possible combat areas. Met Danny after he was captured, the two of them did what they could to help each other survive. He later on helped Danny escape but was captured. His fate is still undetermined.

Gender: Male

Dream: Freedom from his captors

Crush: Has a slight crush on a female researcher who tended to his wounds.

Other: Skilled in martial arts, wrestling, and kickboxing

Now on to my request, I have several from my batch that I've posted a while ago, but here is one.

King of Fighting Games

Plot: Danny has beaten Sam in Mortal Kombat 2011 268 to 0 and Tucker 842 to 0. Sam has suffered 67 Babalities and 79 Fatalities. Tucker has suffered over 340 Babalities and 421 Fatalities. Instead of rubbing it in their faces Danny asked them if they wanted to do something else. However, not wanting admit defeat to her boyfriend, Sam challenges Danny to other fighting games. Danny on the other hand doesn't want to, but decides to humor his girlfriend. Who knew Sam had such a competitive streak? Tucker on the other hand was over at a corner crying to his PDA.

Pairing: Obvious DxS, but that's not important.

Rules: This is a challenge to make a sequel to my story Danny beats Dash. Danny, Sam, and Tucker go through many fighting games with Danny constantly wining. Sam get more furious after losing rematch after rematch. Tucker becomes more and more upset after every loss he has suffered. Danny wants to quit, but continues to humor Sam with all of these rematches. You can let Sam win at the end after losing an ungodly number of times to Danny.
InsertUnoriginalPenNameHere chapter 2 . 2/20/2012
YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! WOOHOOO! ;) Alright! I feel happy. Lol! Here are my requests...


Name: Brian Liss

NickName: BriLi (Bree-Lee)

Personality: Goofy at times, clumsy, yet a good leader and can be VERY scary when he wants to be. He shows no sign of kindness. Ever. HUGE threat to Danny.

Appearance: Straight white hair, short, meek red eyes with black bags under them, VERY pale skin, wears a red and black cloak and carry's around a huge knife or machetti.

History: Brian Liss used to be a gang member. When he died, he was held captive with a bullet to the head. His gang name was BriLi. The gang was named after him because he was the leader. Now, his ghost works for whoever kidnapped Danny in this story.

Gender: Male

Dream: to make ALL people in the world worship him. Pretty much take over the world...

Crush: Uhh... Spectra? I dunno... does he HAVE to have a crush?

...Story Request...

Title: Lab Rat (you can re-name it if you want, crappy title.)

Plot: Alternate ending to Phantom Planet. Is Jack and Maddie honestly proud of their son? Are they realy HAPPY that their son is the ghost boy? Or do they just want him as a lab rat? A day after the disasteroid incident, they suddenly keep him captive in their lab. They've betrayed him.

Rules: Story MUST be atleast Rated T or higher (really your choice, i'm use to gore XD) . Danny must be saved from either one of his friends or sister. Heck, you can even make DASH save him! Danny cannot escape on his own.

Pairing: Hmm... DxS! :D I love that pairing. if u wanna change it, u can if u want.

can you give me credit if you do write it? :P

Anyway, awesome chapter! Can't wait for chapter 3!
ShadowDragon357 chapter 2 . 2/20/2012

Role: High School Student.

Name: Sabrina Davidson

NickName: Sabs

Personality: Quiet around strangers, but is fun and open with her friends. If you and her share and interest she will babble on and on about it with you.

Appearance: She has hazel eyes. Short brown hair in a pixie cut. 5"2'.

History: Is the same age as Sam or Tucker, birthday is August 28. She has a younger sister. Parents are divorced and she lives with her mother, as does her sister. Her relationship with he dad is non existent.

Gender: Female

Dream: To be a successful Artist/Writer.

Crush: She doesn't like any of the guys in the high school, she likes older guys. So no crush.

Other: She is a complete Geek.(but you wouldn't know by her appearance), she loves video games, anime, starwars,comics, etc, but not to the point where it consumes her life. She loves to read. Her true personality doesn't come out unless she is with her friends.

Just tell me if you want to know anything else.

As for my request...a one shot, go listen to the song "Goodbye" by Secondhand Serenade. I think that song could describe Sam's feelings/relationship with her parents, so I want you to write a fic about Sam and her parents based on that song. (don't make Sam sing it, though. Since it's just based on the song, the song itself doesn't actually have to be in the story, but it can if you want it to be.) The person singing would be like Sam's POV.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more.
ChopSuzi chapter 2 . 2/20/2012
That was... cryptic.
ShadowDragon357 chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
1: Danny was off training, practicing his powers and becoming a better halfa, maybe something huge is going to happen that Clockwork informed him about and that is the reason he went off to train. I also think he may have done something, and that is the reason for his disguise, perhaps he killed some one.

2: Since he was training. I think he'll tell same that much, but nothing else.

3: Well, romance isn't in the categories about what this is about SO I don't think them finding love will be a main thing, it'll be more about the comfort that Danny brings(especially to Sam) by returning, but I do think they'll find love.

4: Clockwork...will do what he can, but it'll be up to Danny to make things right.

5: He will learn to deal and cope with the tragedy he dealt with, but he will always remember it. The scars will fade, but they will always remain.

This seems pretty interesting. I am looking forward to more.
PhantomGurl12344 chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
Hey! I love this story, and I wanna answer the questions at the end! So number..

1. Danny was... uh, this is hard. Captured by... the GIW? Yeah, them. The tragedy was he was... dissected every night for three years..?

2. (this is what i have in mind, like an idea for you, btw) Danny obviously doesn't tell Tucker and Sam what happened YET, but Sam finds out on her own and finds Danny crying in his room.. thats when he tells her. Then, Sam tells Tucker, and Tucker tells Danny he knows.


doesn't redo what happened to Danny... so I guess no clockwork does not fix things.

5. Danny won't be able to forget what happened to him, but with the help of his friends, he will be able to move on. Not forget, though. thats completely diffrent. :)
DeliciousKrabKakes chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
hmmm... He was at the GiW headquarters... It will take time but eventually he will tell Sam and Tucker... Yes, Sam and Danny will find love (although, I'm not a big fan of Amythest Ocean, so I hope that they don't find love in eachother... -_-)... I think that Clockwork will end up giving someone a cryptic clue in the right direction to help Danny... I don't think Danny will forget what happened, as something so tragic can only be surpressed, and even then, only for a limited amount of time,(I would know...) therefore, I think that, with time, Danny will be able to get through the tragedy, but not exactly forget it. He will need to lean on his friends for support and there will be the struggle of hallucinations of being back there (whether it be in nightmares or he encounters a 'trigger' that would plunge him back into that tragic moment... Oh crap.

I'm rambling, yet again...


Can't wait to see more! ;3

DontBlink71167 chapter 1 . 2/18/2012
This story is so great! Your an awesome writer! Keep it up! :D

PRETEST! (wow...feel like I'm in school again lol)

1. Where was Danny?

Kidnapped by vlad masters

2. What will he tell Tucker and Sam?

Some of the truth, he won't tell them every thing because he doesn't want them to worry.

3. Sam and Danny find love?

Yes! Because they must they are Sanny! (aww DxS couple name!)

4. Clockwork fix things?

No, what's happened has already been done.

5. Danny be able to forget the tragedy that he went through for 3 years?

He won't forget but he'll heal and go back to his normal self.
Hellbreaker chapter 1 . 2/18/2012
This seems interesting to read. I like how you set up the story with Sam's point of view.

My answers for the pretest.

1. He was captured by the Guys in White.

2. He won't tell Sam and Tucker the truth, instead he'll talk his way around the subject.

3. Yes, Danny and Sam will find love.

4. Clockwork won't fix things to where none of this ever happened.

5. Danny won't forget what happened to him for three years.

Those are my answers for this chapter. Hope to see more soon.