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Taliax chapter 100 . 10/17
Okay, I don't want to be the obnoxious reviewer who demands updates, but I really really hope you write the sequel. First of all really the most people preferred Aqua/Leon? I'm very surprised by that, but then again, I hardcore ship Vanitas/Aqua most of the time so I guess I can't say anything about other people's shipping choices... In this story I think I prefer Terra/Aqua the most though after everything they've been through together. That said I think that this chapter gives off a Vanitas vibe the most, but that might just be my wishful thinking :P
Anyway, I probably should have been studying today, but instead I bingeread this and I don't really regret it haha. Congrats on finishing this after all this time and good look in your future endeavors!
Taliax chapter 96 . 10/17

So Van WAS with the shady Organization! I'd guessed about that earlier but then I really liked him so I didn't want to believe it ;; *is more gullible than Aqua*
Taliax chapter 87 . 10/17
OKAY, SO it's been like how long since I read this? 3 years? Anyway, I remember so wanting you to continue it, but apparently I was dumb and didn't follow it because I never knew you were still working on this! I only happened to find it because I was looking for a Vanitas/Aqua story and I was like ASDFJK;L YOU ACTUALLY FINISHED THIS? 8D 8D Anyway I was going to wait until the end to review but I just love Vanitas and so I had to stop to ramble about how conflicted I am because I love him but I also love post-amnesia Terra (didn't really like him as much pre-amnesia, mostly because what the heck, why did he start dating Kairi and never really think about dating Aqua?) Anyway love this chapter and like all of them actually. Okay back to reading ;;
Killya008 chapter 100 . 8/21
Good story, but dissapointing end. Sorry... Cant wait for the sequel though! I'll keep an eye on my email account.
ZalelTribal chapter 100 . 8/21

Bruuuuuh the sequel bait is too much zomg. Is the hubby Vanitas? It totally sounds like him. I have a dumbbutt feeling that it issssss (even though I root for Leon so hard now.. you completely confuddled my brain with the ship.)

When. Is. The. Sequel. Gonna. Be. Posted?! I need to know! I will be the first to review dammit! Gaaaaaaaaaaah I can't wait!
Killya008 chapter 99 . 8/21
Assassino! OoO"
ZalelTribal chapter 99 . 8/21
I see desperation makes people do crazy shit just for one man. dun dun DUUUUUUN
Jiosio chapter 99 . 8/21
Wowowow, things ARE happening quite fast. Let's see how Leon handles this situation, but for some reason I see a bittersweet ending ;_;
Didn't think I'd see Nida doing anything like working for an underground organization, that was unexpected! Such a turn with his character :D
Waiting-waiting for what happens next!
Anonblue chapter 98 . 8/20
Geez Aqua, all of the men you've had romantic interest in seen to have their problems, don't they? I feel kinda bad about it actually. Legit though this is the only fic where I've ever actually considered Leon x aqua to be good this is rare pair hell if I've ever seen one thank you anyway. Just what has this woman indirectly involved herself in and why do they, assuming I'm reading that preview right, want her dead? And why was terra purposefully targeted as revealed a few chapters earlier? What is going onnn?
Killya008 chapter 98 . 8/20
ZalelTribal chapter 98 . 8/20
Fjajfbsjfbfjfhrbsjdbfsisbdifbrifbr THEY KISSED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

They probably gonna come home, then Aqua gonna get jumped or attacked or kidnapped something only to have Leon and/or Terra save her. And maybe Laguna will pop up to Leon's anyway since he won't listen

ZalelTribal chapter 97 . 8/19
Lagunaaaaaa you keep bringing in all my hubbies yassssss...

Ooooh how's this sequel gonna happen liiiike Squall and his daddy probs or something? :3
Killya008 chapter 97 . 8/19
Killya008 chapter 96 . 8/19
Now that's a good plot twist. Even though, it wasn't too effected by it. Sorry to say, I wasn't surprised. But anyways. Way to chain things together. Don't leave any loose ends, before you leave.
ZalelTribal chapter 96 . 8/19
Oooooohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiit AXEL MY BABY IS A BADDIE GAAAAAAH...

Hmm changed his name? Obviously Squall, Leon.. whatever lmao
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