Reviews for Amnesia Completa
miano53 chapter 6 . 7/6
Wait, so Kairi's grandmother predicted his amnesia?
Kurenai no Musha chapter 65 . 7/2
Point taken, Aqua. He certainly had make you feel being neglected and it's unfortunate that when now he feel it he has amnesia.
okay dark thought aside, I'm really happy you decide to continue! I thought you're going to abandoned this and for keep this one going, I'm really grateful! Thank you!
WarriorKing849 chapter 65 . 7/1
BelowtheFire chapter 64 . 5/16
Just caught up with the story, and it's really fun to read so good job!
I gotta say, as much as I love TerraxAqua, VanitasxAqua is really really cute in this story and I'm rooting for them with all my heart. I wonder if Kairi will unveil a shifty side to keep Terra with her...Looking forward to what happens next!
Lord Razer chapter 64 . 4/17
well that was scary for a awhile. poor kairi though she's probably stressing the hell out right now.
ZalelTribal chapter 64 . 4/17
*shakes you* Dont ever worry me like that again! I thought that chick was preggo! Owo
WarriorKing849 chapter 63 . 3/18
I really can't decide who I want Aqua to be with. On the one hand, Terraqua is my OTP but on the other hand her and Vanitas are...dare I say it kinda cute. Oh well, we'll just keep reading and see how the chips fall, keep up the good work.
StrawberryDemon chapter 63 . 2/16
awwww x3 such a cute chapter! love this story! can't wait for more!
Kurenai no Musha chapter 63 . 2/15
OMG, I loves this chapter. Vanqua fluff is so... X/D
ZalelTribal chapter 63 . 2/15
Hmm *puts on epic Einstein shades* if you do a chapter with thpusand words each, you might make 100k. And also Van x Aqua. I'm slowly growing into this
Lord Razer chapter 63 . 2/15
very nice, I like what I see.
Lord Razer chapter 62 . 2/14
nice chapter looking forward to see what Aqua will say, she's already clustered isn't she.
ZalelTribal chapter 62 . 2/14
Ahh Terra amnesia or not you ish a bakaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZalelTribal chapter 61 . 2/11
Oooo was that a growl of jealousy or a growl for some cake~
Guest chapter 57 . 1/25
Aqua x Leon noooooooooooo I love them
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