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Getsunohimesama chapter 44 . 1/21
Finally! Someone is thinking things through! Unsurprisingly, it is isn;t Bakura.
... So some "invisible force" is forcing Mina into the murder room... I can bet this is one of Bakura's more brilliant plans, where practicality and strategic thinking don't quite work together like they should.

D.D still somehow escapes everyone's notice... Seriously, how irrelevant can a person be when he is holding a gun at the male lead's head and still no one notices until the second reread?

XD Kaiba WOULD have that as a contract clause. XD Seriously though, Kisara is adorable. Also, nice call turning her into a voice of reason in the Kaiba manor. XD
"Define terrible" What manner of attrocities have you experienced becaue of Mina, Seto Kaiba, what terrible things have you seen?
Ah, if only Kaiba had gone with Mina instead... I live for the staredown and mocking of E.E's life. XD I can see it, bright as day. XD
I mean, it IS a multi-billion company...
XD xD XD XD Oh Mokuba, you adorable little usurper.
"More suitable for the weather" Dramatic trenchcoat and tight leather pants.

... I am gowing to drown you in a pool of your own blood. And you cannot stop me. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Poor Yugi-pooh... Everyone is out to get him. XD
GaiaLuna chapter 44 . 1/14
interesting thanks for updating and making the chapter long as always until the next chapter.
Getsunohimesama chapter 43 . 1/9
What do you know, the person A.A tortured to insanity sure acts like a crazy person! Boy, is the day full of surprises for ol' A.A!
You would think that watching Mina's turn would elicit something other than effing pride in his "handiwork". Dark crazy immortal is dark and crazy indeed. But aside from that, this is literally one of the best insights in A.A's character and general mentality, including the scene where he eats a hand he just ripped off someone's shoulder. Many of the things we have seen in his POVs previously can be attributed to both his grief as well as a twisted sort of benefit from being raised by E.E. It's very clear right now though that not only is he his own brand of crazy, but that he takes a special kind of satisfaction in breaking the minds of his victims... and that this is most definitely not the first time he has busied himself with such. I should think, besides, that E.E having a hand in turning insane a perosn who was in essence a bystander in all this... Yeah, go to hell you sick son of a fruitbasket.

Seeing Mina like this... Tenebrae's death is gut wrenching, not only because she is a person that is no longer a threat and thus shouldn;t have to die, but also because she is partly right but taking it out on the wring perosn. It's just... Let's just say that the way Mina takes some of her rage out on her as well as A.A's casual disregard for his subordinate and student's life... it's not cool. A.A observing Mina;s transfrmation and concluding that yes, the old Mina is good and gone... that;s like the nail to the coffin.

Apply cold water to the burned area. XD
... It could be me, but are Mina and A.A... comapring... family tragedies? Because it feels a lot like they are comparing family tragedies.
Where is sassy Bakura-kun to respond to A.A dissing his precious Ring? 0/10
Why is Mina getting the Kenshin treatment?
Also, nice touch. Instead of A.A playing along and continuing the sob fest, he reacts almost instictively. It's a great way to show his own underlying emotional space without taking more space than necessary.
And after scarring the senshi of love and beauty, we are back to business.
Ah, I assume that one deal with the devil wasn't enough. Mina is collecting them now.

Okay... you got me... what is the evil Veronica is worried about enough to ally with E.E?
Sweet chocolate cookies, what on Earth does this woman NOT have on her person? WHERE DOES SHE EVEN KEEP ALL THAT STUFF?! HOW LONG ARE HER LEGS?!

Oh right. D.D actually still exists. I had forgotten he did that.

Ah! Yugi and Yami! I did't see those two coming! :D
Aw, sweetie! :')
All kidding aside, this is the first ray of light in a while. In a situation that is getting worse all around, Yugi and Yami (and sooon Kaiba) are like the light at the end of the tunnel- we can see that a hellish night is close to an end finally. Now, not sure about the amount of sunshine Kaiba brings into the mix, but it's maybe sort of a gruff... laser lighty... thing.

And the Sassy Thief King re-emerges. TO be of exactly zero usefulness and provide zero insight we didn;t already have one way or another. Real good job there Bakura-kun. Have a gold star for effort.
Yep, definitely a deathwish hidden somewhere there for Mina. I mean, if we want to be technical about it, it WOULD have been more sound for her toleave some, if not all, the fighting to A.A, who happens to be an actual combat expert. That way she gets one enmy dead and the other at least exhausted. Even if Mina wouldn't have thought of it, couldn't BAKURA do it? Isn't back stabbing and taking advntage of people and situations kind of his thing?
Man, seeing Mina actually planning on backstabbing A.A first, with little to no prompting... dang it.
Gee Sassy Bakura-kun, don;t be too helpful, I'll ru n ut of gold stars.

GaiaLuna chapter 43 . 1/9
interesting thanks for updating and making the chapter long as always until the next chapter.
Getsu-chan chapter 42 . 10/30/2017
"Yeah...a week. We've been here a week, but it seems like we've been here for years."
If I wasn't personally offended by this, I would be proud of you.

Did... Yugi just encourage Joey to go out in a snowstorm and uh, RUN? Do I need to point out everything wrong with this? What will happen when Joey gets frostbite? Because he is absolutely getting frostbite.

Don't you know Mina, never trust the British guy. British guys lull you in a false sense of security with their accent and then they spring the trap! KILL THEM ALL!
... Wow. Mina's just... I really don't have something to say. Her whole section just kinda does that for me...
Is that... who I think it is?

GaiaLuna chapter 42 . 10/29/2017
Interesting I can't wait for more thanks for updating and making the chapters long. Until the next chapter.
Shadow Kick chapter 42 . 10/29/2017
Wow, amazing.
FutureTrunksShinichiFan94 chapter 3 . 10/28/2017
Oh no, he's dying. This is sad. I still think three crossovers is too much and would happily read a yugioh/geass crossover or a sailor moon/geass or sailor moon/yugioh crossover on its own but not three at once, still too confusing and disorienting. I'm actually working on redoing one of my crappy Geass crossovers and adding new chapters to it if you wanna take a look at it, it's with an anime called Detective Conan, mixed in with Code Geass's mythos.
FutureTrunksShinichiFan94 chapter 2 . 10/28/2017
Joey and Mina are so cute and I don't mind the cliffhangers. Your writing has greatly improved here and shows more polish to it.
FutureTrunksShinichiFan94 chapter 1 . 10/28/2017
wtf is mina doing? How come she's killing people? This is a weird place to start.
GaiaLuna chapter 41 . 10/16/2017
Interesting I can't wait for more thanks for updating and making the chapters long I appreciate it. Good luck until the next chapter.
Shadow Kick chapter 41 . 10/13/2017
Woah, what a chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
GaiaLuna chapter 40 . 10/6/2017
Interesting I can't wait for more thanks for updating and making the chapters long I appreciate it. Good luck until the next chapter.
GaiaLuna chapter 39 . 5/7/2017
interesting i can't wait for more thank you for updating and making the chapters long i appreciate it. please update and good luck until chapter 40.
Getsunohimesama chapter 39 . 5/7/2017
Rip awesome throne- another victim to E.E's path of destruction and misery.
Just go lie on a bed you drama queen. -_-

Heh, Ophelia seriously did a number on the despicable little toad, didn't she? GO OPHELIA!
Damn straight you are in no condition to fight you hag! SUFFER! AHAHAHA!

Well, I mean, Bakura is kind of the bringer of the end of days. He doesn't have the right to be commenting on how evil other people are...
On a serious note, his section is so, so messed up. I have a feeling he was perfectly capable of accomapnying Mina, or even doing the job alone, but chose not to in order to "help" her. Creep.

At least those two have a fair warning before she returns shattered and scarred?

Man, watching Mina like this is just... It's just weird. The first person she kills is far from a saint, but it is just painful watching her go through with killing him. Not only because of circumstances that mirror each other to a degree, but also because this is Mina we are talking about and my childhood is ruined.
I am pretty sure Mina cannot control her Geass to the point where she can ignore it?

You know what they say about psychotic, evil spirits of the dead that reside into ancient artifacts, Mina-chan? DON'T LISTEN TO THEM.
Call me paranoid, but I think Bakura knew exactly how the Man-Eater Bug would behave.
Jesus, he sounds borderline voyeristic. His little additions to Mina's chilling thought process are pretty well placed... He knows exactly what he is doing, doesn;t he?
"Don't allow your emotional state to cloud your judgement" says the guy who will actually go through the trouble of stealing a heavy sarcophagus and carrying it all the way to a palace just to step on it for the sake of showing how full of vengeance he is.

Wow, this was just... it's amazingly disturbing. Mina having reached a point such as this, well, it's hard to imagine her coming back from it. Plus, Bakura. Just kill the guy. No one will miss him except his fangirls.

Update soon!
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