Reviews for Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
yellow 14 chapter 24 . 11/27
Most interesting. Keep updating
Village-Mystic chapter 23 . 11/3
As I think about it, in special effects physical effects "magic" the blood bags that explode when the character is "shot" are called "squibs" but I don't know the origin or the word beyond being a container of liquid or fake blood.
Village-Mystic chapter 22 . 11/3
Your version of Hooch just oozes with (crack) enthusiasm!
Village-Mystic chapter 20 . 11/3
Okay. Here's another tie into to board of governors.
Village-Mystic chapter 19 . 11/3
I like how you point out that the wands are the trophies. The BAU team isn't necessarily in the position to figure out that the wands are missing from the bodies, but they are getting to a point where they individually or collectively will figure that out - and that will help. It seems like Wizarding Salem is like their New York. And I guess Wizarding New York would be more urban but not necessarily bigger than Wizarding Salem which would have been established longer as a town/small city.
Village-Mystic chapter 17 . 11/3
Things are looking "up" but only because there were two more deaths the night before. Enough information to try to find patterns.
Village-Mystic chapter 16 . 11/3
Sounds like Poppy is potentially interested in this doctor.
Village-Mystic chapter 15 . 11/3
A polyjuiced wolf to look like a person? Weird. But also mysterious!
Village-Mystic chapter 13 . 11/3
Body number 3 or is she referring to number 2?
Village-Mystic chapter 12 . 11/3
Good clues. An in the wolf colony trip chapter you also gave us a possible school board political motivation. I think that by the end of this Reid might be able to take a sabatical teaching "muggle studies" or advanced muggle studies in exchange for more library access.
Village-Mystic chapter 10 . 11/3
Yep. Emily is tough but no need to take an unnecessary risk.
Village-Mystic chapter 7 . 11/3
Yes, and they are all very good at seeing through lies - and many of them - not just Reid have read Sherlock Holmes, although Reid is probably the only one there who has seen Tom Baker's Victorian Era Holmes-like episodes. So aliens or ancient civilization preserved high technology might be equally probable to magic.
Village-Mystic chapter 6 . 11/3
Good interplay here.
Village-Mystic chapter 5 . 11/3
Wow. And he got it from the crime scene photo. Very good. Constructively, I would like it if you got into Reid's POV or a little body language to determine if Reid's statement to Rossi was said back with humor, or matter-of-factly, or cluelessly but with some curiosity that he doesn't know why. Is Reid "playing" back to Rossi over Rossi's statement with either of those three mannerism? He does like to be under-estimated but also has a sense of humor, even sometimes self-depreciating humor about himself ("why can't I ever have 'normal' fans!")
Village-Mystic chapter 3 . 11/3
I like how you sent both Rossi and Reid to look at the body. Not only are they good at it but they both have factors in their upbringing that might have kept a special letter from getting to them. Reid moreso than Rossi, but there's a chance that either could see more than just warehouses there. Also, Reid has made a study of tagging since that hobo case (if not earlier).
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