Reviews for A Wise Seaweed Plan
majemaikai chapter 51 . 8/2
Well, at least there is ANOTHER BITTERSWEET CHAPATER *cri*

Hopefully the Percabeth relationship gets a do-over, and you know... becomes the almighty unstoppable PEEERCAABETTHHH

But this bittersweet ending is nicenicenicenice
Happy Thoughts chapter 51 . 6/26
WHERE WAS PERCABETH ;-; FUCKIN SHIT ANNABETH SHOULDVE ENDED WITH PERCY MOTHERFUCKIGNG BITTTTTCH! With that said, lovely story mate, and amazing plot. Thanks for looking at my pissy offy rant.
PercabethfanNo.1 chapter 51 . 6/17
Please update the bit more that is remaining... love the story
Guest chapter 4 . 3/12
Good job! I have school and it's 11:31 am I am reading this instead of Sleeping.
manuel chapter 51 . 2/12
51 chapters and they didn't even get to be together. it can't end here dude next time you write percabeth they should be together at last but not leaving each other
Guest chapter 51 . 2/1
Is the the end?
TakeBullets4Fwen chapter 36 . 1/4
Fwen Friend
CancersDoomMe chapter 25 . 1/4
If I am to live up to my name, Perchel and Lukabeth must be terminated.
EndPerchel chapter 22 . 1/3
The Cause of Percabeth lovers' Cancer.
PerchelIsCancer chapter 20 . 1/3
And so is Lukabeth.
HotProdigalBaby chapter 15 . 1/3
You made Em kind of a douché in this chapter... and Luke is pissing me off. I want Percabeth.
YourFrazelSon chapter 9 . 1/3
The Battle of Labyrinth, when Percy exploded the volcano; causing Typhon to awake.
ElderSable chapter 1 . 12/14/2016
Hey AAZ are you going to put in more chapters, cause you left me hanging
Susanna chapter 34 . 12/3/2016
I luv this chapter
TheDragonofNeptune chapter 16 . 10/9/2016
I want to kill Annabeth so bad she's not even his real sister and she using him like that I mean come on I don't know about you about you but I wouldn't what to talk about my mistakes I made in the past
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