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Guest chapter 51 . 9/17
A chapter 51 . 8/31
I was looking for a nice ending, not needing another dose of Reality of my girlfriend leaving me this end of year; thanks man ... just needed to remind me what is going to happen in a few months.
Icyblast51 chapter 51 . 8/8
Oh, please update. This story brings joy to me. I really hope your, um, relationship with your family gets strong. I hope you know that we will all be the stars. Don't ever think you are less than you are.
Icyblast51, here from the beginning to the end.
MAL-DaughterofChaos chapter 51 . 8/8
Hey can we get an epilogue?
Icyblast51 chapter 47 . 8/7
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. But you need to tell other people or else it's going to overwhelm you. You shouldn't post it all over fanfiction, do it to your closest friends. I really hope you get better.
You are amazing, and there's nothing that could change that. Remember that.
We love you!
Icyblast51 chapter 35 . 8/4
Oh my gosh my prediction was correct! I knew that Percy crashed into Athena!
Icyblast51 chapter 32 . 7/31
Dur their twins. Travis was older, wasn't he? He just acts so much older. Well...
Icyblast51 chapter 30 . 7/30
Who's Hillary Duff?
Icyblast51 chapter 27 . 7/30
Icyblast51 chapter 26 . 7/30
It's probably because as kids we didn't worry as much. Now we worry about everything from our appearance to what we are going to grow up to be. I wish I could be a kid again, because we were so innocent back then. Also, we had high hopes back then, and they almost always came true. Remember Santa? That was our parents. Remember the Tooth Fairy? Parents. Easter Bunny? Parents! They have been fulfilling our chold hood with memories of happiness. That's why life was so much better then. After we grew up a little, we got disappointed, and that's when we lost hope. So, yeah, that's why the best time of life, is probably our childhood. That's why I never want to grow up, never want to lose what was inside of me so many years ago. Never forget that.
Secret of life: Always have hope.
Icyblast51 chapter 24 . 7/30
...Summer homework? Aye aye aye, I feel bad for you. I never get summer homework. Also, I LOVE THIS STORY!
Icyblast51 chapter 15 . 7/29
I think the perfect song for Rachel as of now would be Back To December by
Icyblast51 chapter 9 . 7/28
In SOM, Annabeth kissed Percy on the cheek. I know it's a bit late, but I like answering that kinda stuff
Icyblast51 chapter 4 . 7/28
Same. But I tend to get a little absorbed.
the Oracle of Akemi chapter 51 . 6/18
This story is amazing! I loved reading it!
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