Reviews for Smallville Spider Man 4: Resolve
Blake2020 chapter 30 . 11/17/2013
great beyond words
Blake2020 chapter 29 . 11/17/2013
Blake2020 chapter 28 . 11/17/2013
great chapter
Blake2020 chapter 33 . 11/17/2013
great chapter and looking forward to the sequel
Blake2020 chapter 32 . 11/17/2013
Blake2020 chapter 31 . 11/17/2013
GamingGuy84 chapter 33 . 7/13/2013
OMFG! What an epilogue!

First off, it seemed both the Spidey and Chloe clones survived after all. And they get to live happily ever after...or not. Now we know why Lex cloned Chloe; to kill Spider-Man!

But all she got was the clone, and talk about "bloody murder"! Now she sets off to find the real Spider-Man before she dies...but I have a feeling the healing power she got from the real Chloe will prevent that.

Elsewhere, a certain villain from Smallville's past returns and joins up with several other major villains, all in the invitation of Ra's Al Ghul. Ad when Lex turned up, Doom wanted to murder him for trying to have him killed, but Magneto caught him in time.

The Infinity Gauntlet, huh? That kind of power is too dangerous for ANYONE, even a super villain! Ra's proposes a "contest" to see who live to have all the power. As Doom was about to walk away, Lex reveals that the Fantastic Four are not dead after all. I knew it! I just knew that they couldn't be dead!

And finally we see what exactly has become of them; the Four Horsemen! And they are under the complete control of Apokolipse and Darkseid. They plan to invade Earth...and soon! The JLA will need all the man power they can get to stop them and save the day!

So now we a fifth installment to look forward too. I honestly can't wait for it! Thanks again for continuing the story and I still hope for a happy ending! Later!

thefly168 chapter 33 . 7/13/2013
Damn! When you said the epilogue would be a shocker, I thought i was prepared, but man i so wasn't! Where to begin, the Chloe clone was working for Lex all along? WTF! I feel kinda sad now for Ben Reilly considering how his life had turned out, he really did deserve more than what he ultimately got.

I loved the meeting you held with Ra's Al Ghul and and the others. Now that right there is a proper Legion of Doom! My personal bet is that Ra's Al Ghul and Lex will survive at the end but you never know, the others are more than capable of springing a surprise. That being said, the Infinity Gauntlet! Seriously! That blew my mind! Was not expecting that in this story but damn will that make things interesting. Especially if you add Thanos, that would really be the icing on the cake.

And finally, what you did the fantastic four was bad enough, but damn Darkseid now has the anti-life equation and also has Apocalypse working with him?! Man am i glad Clark decided to expand the league, because he and Pete are going to need the firepower a lot sooner than they thought.

Anyway, great story as always and the best of the series so far, I eagerly look forward to your next installment. Till then take care.
blaker316 chapter 33 . 7/13/2013
awesome ending
GamingGuy84 chapter 32 . 7/7/2013
So the 4th installment of this story finally ends, but it still has that epilogue. Can't wait to read that!

This story has been one unpredictable read from start to finish, and there were things I liked and things I didn't approve of one bit, but I'm glad the story doesn't seem over just yet. I would've been really pissed if this was indeed the end and Clark and Peter didnt get to bring Lex down. Thanks for continuing the story, and looking foward to more!

blaker316 chapter 32 . 7/7/2013
awesome chapter
thefly168 chapter 32 . 7/6/2013
Nice update! So Justice League Unlimited, I like the sound of that! And i am glad that Iron Man will be a part of this expanded roster. Considering how well you've merged the Marvel and DC verse so well, I've gotta say this will probably be the most bad-ass incarnation of the league in recent memory! But i have to ask, if you meant everyone in a costume, does that also include the x-men? I think that would be a good idea, as membership would definitely help their public image. I personally think the senior members can join the league, while the others could form Young Justice/Teen Titans.

I'm also glad that Clark could have a talk with Pete about what Chloe said to him in his dream and help the guy move on, peter really needed to hear that. I also liked the gift Tony had for Clark and I agree with Tony i always did find the idea of a small piece of rock bringing down someone as powerful as superman slightly ridiculous! This should definitely even the playing field when Bizarro and eventually Darkseid show up.

Great story as always and i eagerly look forward to the epilogue, till then take care!
blaker316 chapter 31 . 6/29/2013
thefly168 chapter 31 . 6/29/2013
Well that was intense! So Bullseye's dead, pity I actually liked him despite his attitude, but he learned the hard way that you should never underestimate Dr. Doom a villain just as devious and manipulative as Lex Luthor. Speaking of Lex, i thought when you had him take Clark's DNA, you were planning on Kon-El, but Bizarro works as well. Personally, I've always thought cloning superman in the comics to be extremely far-fetched. After all considering that he is from an advanced civilization that perfected his DNA to ensure his powers worked, I found it well, bizarre that they would not have a fail-safe against him being cloned! Then again perhaps Bizarro is the fail-safe!

I loved Deadpool's line, yes the fans always want to see more Deadpool! And even though i thought you killed the joker, i wouldn't mind seeing them together. Poor Bats won't know what hit him! And it was cool to see Nick Fury again, and he's right something as crazy as the Suicide Squad is something that requires the 'right leadership'! I also loved the ending, cause i'm assuming the deal with the devil involves a certain rock-faced, red eyed supervillain, who's sure to bring about the next apokolips! Nice update as always and i look forward to more from this series. Till then take care.
GamingGuy84 chapter 31 . 6/28/2013
Ho boy! I can't believe the story is almost over!

Well, I knew Bullseye would fail to kill Doom, but instead getting killed himself. And what's left of the Suicide Squad seems to be taken in by Fury.

At long last, we finally learn Lex's master plan: Clone Superman to cure himself. But unfortunately, it was all a massive waste of time since the clone in question was "bizarre".

For a while, I thought Lex going to make Superboy to use to kill Superman. But Bizzaro seems a better idea. And as if things weren't bad enough, Lex has confessed that he doomed the human race! I think it's pretty obvious who he made a deal with.

Anyway, only one more chapter and then the epilogue. Can't wait for them! Two questions. First, do you really plan to do a 7th installment of this story or was it one of Deadpool's jokes? And second, what was the point of cloning Chloe if Lex already had a plan to cure himself? One would think her healing power would have done the trick!
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