Reviews for Born Free
Asma20 chapter 65 . 8/30
Lara shouldn't have gone along with heaven's plan. Free will and all that.
Asma20 chapter 66 . 8/30
I'm confused here. Did Sam get Lara pregnant? Please tell me no.
dandy44 chapter 66 . 6/23
amazing chapter I love how everything goes on this story wish to have a new chapter from you soon
bjq chapter 66 . 6/22
Ladysunshine6 chapter 66 . 6/21
Poor Lara! Good ol' Dean, holding her close after her nightmare. More moments like that in the future please. Seeing Dean as a softy is always a refresher.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/19
marysue shit fic
Ladysunshine6 chapter 65 . 6/1
When are they going to find out about Ruby/Jo? I hope to see another update soon.
bjq chapter 65 . 5/26
dandy44 chapter 65 . 5/25
amazing chapter really can't believe you updated thx so much i missed this story and really can't wait for more updates it was really good would love to read more from your stories
Lewlou15 chapter 64 . 2/20
So I just got caught up on this story and I gotta say, WOW!

I loved all the Dean/Lara stuff. I just knew that Dean would be okay to raise a child that's technically not his as his own. And might I just say, hallelujah for them finally getting to consumate their physical relationship. That has been a long time coming.

As for Sam's part, holy crap and whoa! First off poor Jo. I really can't believe that she'd be alright with a demon taking up residence inside her. And Sam. What is he thinking? I smell a very big trap here. I'm wondering now if because Lara is carrying the second coming of Christ, if Sam gets Ruby/Jo pregnant will their child be considered the anti-Christ? Seriously, this raises so many questions. Like how will Dean and Lara (who knows Jo so well) feel when Jo doesn't act like herself but like Ruby? Will Lara's little baby recognize Ruby for the demon she technically is or will it be fooled like Ruby said her spell would fool the angels. I guess if anyone really feels like Jo isn't herself she could explain it away by saying that losing her mother the way she had changed her.

Anyway, eager to read the next installment.
Guest chapter 64 . 2/8
Love it! Can't wait for some more lara and dean moments,)
Oh and dean was really cute in the plane :)
dandy44 chapter 64 . 2/9
Great Chapter Sorry for the late review I'm so happy for the update and can't wait for the next one please post the next chapter soon
writing.ontheImpala chapter 64 . 2/8
this is a really good chapter and i'm hella excited to see where you take this... but OMG i'm internally screaming and dying! i'm digging the whole Ruby thing, but my god! can't Sam just have a break (#1), and almost feel like some major shit is about to go down, and Ruby is gonna be the epicenter for all of it (#2). okay... carry on..

ps. i love how you have multiple storylines going on at once.. very nice very nice

xoxo -L
bjq chapter 64 . 2/8
oh boy awesome it just got better. Ruby really?
firebunny200006 chapter 63 . 1/22
Is there gonna be more I enjoyed it
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