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Im a guest chapter 9 . 2/10/2016
PLZ least it was a 999sp you know what still they got rest
EzioAngel115 chapter 4 . 9/16/2014
Holy Man! This is the best Persona crossover ever

Chapter 1 - I've thought Otonashi was going to have a Persona but it turns out to be Yurippe instead and the Blue Butterfly it looks like Philemon is watching over Yurippe in a butterfly form (according to the wikia) I wonder the lunch lady might be a cameo from other Persona games or SMT games. chapter 1 quite interesting

Chapter 2 - Good thing Iwasawa didn't disappear and where the teacher holding Hisako hostage is a throwback of Nametame holding Nanako hostage and surprise to see Persona 2‚ 3 and 4 characters due to their deaths and the gigolo teacher oddily familiar so chapter 2 was surprising

Chapter 3 - Awkward but seeing references and cameos like the part where Noda said about Vitamin D reference to Akihiko, Yui calling Saki-Senpai is Yosuke calling her, the beanie hat kid sounds familiar but I'll read on later and hearing Clannad and Air and Jun Maeda is kind of breaking the 4th wall

Chapter 4 - Boo Yeah! Tatsuya is back! since Chapter 3 reading that got me hyped I did he got into the world of afterlife? the blue haired kid...hmm sounds familiar, I've got confused of the groupies thinking they're OCs but not since you don't include them and the Joker enemies is a throwback to Persona 2 anime trailer chapter 3 was awesome

10/10 keep up the good work
ninaseptember21 chapter 8 . 1/14/2014
Man, I'm starting to like this story! Please update soon! I am a big fan of Persona series and dying for their games... Update!
kagemoto chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
the persona sure seemed familiar until you said it was from the phillipines you're are either a filipino or lit freak like me (both)
Flameberger chapter 9 . 4/26/2013
As one of main characters, Otonashi has less screentime than the others. At least give him a persona.
Kuroi Onee-san chapter 9 . 3/1/2013
Okay so... sorry for not being able to review for chapters. I am beary inactive in this site now LOL. Still, full battle chapters next after this? Gonna love it!

Oh yeah, maybe you should balance more for narration and dialogue, well, thinking for change of pace

Parts I love from this chapter is when Yukari met with Otonashi, as well as battle vs Naoi.

That gigolo teacher reminded me about Kandori somehow, well, it must be someone else. And now Maya-nee and Lisa have more competitors in getting Tatchan by the way there's no more P2 characters showed up, kinda missed Akinari and Saki here but I guess that's fine.

Finally that Miki is showing up, I kinda expect that! And Minato battle will be all thrill and crash. I hope Tatsuya and Shinjiro taking part in battle will be there soon, kinda miss their action,


That's all for now, keep writing! xD
Fakety Mcfakename chapter 9 . 2/26/2013
I'm so happy. You just rock so much, i can't, i can't even... sniff...
thanks for the complement, but i'll have to think before i can get myself together enough to think of details
this is a crossover. you manage to integrate two sets of characters seemlessly, not only that, but the two actually interact, bounce off each other, and end up better. You are making original, fantastic content. there's so many characters, and each one is unique. my major issues with online stories is i usually forget all of the characters betwen chapters. you have 3 times the characers, and i haven't forgotten a single one. you are quite excellent at what i call "the weaving of the threads." here you have quite a large threads, or different aspects, mysteries, or conflicts of the story. and in your climaxes, the threads intertwine.
this was a serious chapter, and therefor not as funny. however, the beginning rocked, and the party scene was also really funny. your great at capturing the camadry of the sss. otanashi is definently taking a back seat in this retelling, but that's fine. he's not really a protagonist in many senses of the word, he doesn't fight, he isn't bad ass. but he is a hero, becuase the members of the sss are held captive by their anger, their resentment of pains of their lives. They think lives are cruel. Otanashi shows them what's always been around them, how beautiful it is, that life is gift of love.
i see you're making a whole new concept based of of the npcs. i'm very interested...
dude, i was so happy to actually have kanade in this chapter.
this was an epic ending, good fight micro. honestly, there was so many times reading this that i had to stop, wiggle my hands, and then keep going. thanks for working on this. you should send this to jun meada when you're done, think he might enjoy it.
HellPwnage1337 chapter 9 . 2/22/2013
This story is one of the best Persona crossovers I have read. It would be interesting to see the reunion if the Angel Beats characters and the persons characters come back to life by the end of the story. Also you should add the Devil survivor characters dire to its protagonist looking like Minato and Abel could be his persona.
ralf07 chapter 9 . 2/22/2013
finally an update! i've been waiting for this. but you just have to torture me by giving a cliffhanger like that. i dont know if i can hang on till the next update but i can only hope it will come faster.
anyway... i can feel that this fic is nearing it end. in fact if this was a game then Minato will be something like a last boss from the impression i get from him in this chapter. pre-P4 Yu vs Post-p3 Minato. it was obvious who the stronger one. i wonder how they'll got through this. thank for the chapter and curse you for leaving it hanging like that... well that was a joke... i think.
Slicerness chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
I like the concept, but the writing style really killed my interest pretty fast. Good luck on future chapters.
Axel yamamoto chapter 9 . 2/21/2013
Hey! Its been a while since I last heard you, how've you been?

By the way, its a nice chapter! Good job! I really like the plot in this chapter!

I like how you created Yui and Hinata conversation, it crack my day!

I also like Yuri words of 'Try to molest the Tenshi if you can-' Man... You made my I was Otonashi, maybe I could... But, god know.

Anyway, You have finally show Minato... YESSSS! BANZAIIII! MOSHII-MOSHI! Minato is finally on the house and ready to kick ass! Though he's being controlled by Naoi... damn that hypnotic guy... If Yuri didn't finish him, I might.

However, when its getting to the good parts... You just have to cliff hanger it... Damn you. DAAAMMMNNN YOOOUUUU!

Now, if you just put Hamuko as a brother complex sister it'll be perfect (for me).

Oh, and I like the puzzle of that name, you caught me off guard with the appearance of Miki.

Anyway, good job, and update soon! (Sorry if my review kinda weird, I'm pretty sleepy.)
Guest chapter 5 . 12/23/2012
What happened to Minato?! I'm not a well-informed person about P3, but from what I "researched" about the kid, I thought he was really cool. I can't believe he got himself captured... Is this some foreshadowing between the Minato vs. Yuu fight?

Is the world you're creating supposed to have such a large cast? That's great and all, but I can't help but wonder if EVERYONE will earn their Personas! If it's gonna be selective, please add in ALL of the P4 and P3 to the list of Persona Users. And will the infamous "Fog" be used at all?

On a lighter note, I like those Social Link stories. Heh... To think you didn't forget about Otonashi's amnesia just because Yuri became the main... I'm happy that he's still trying to regain his memories, even using embarrassing methods to do so! Nice job with those unexpected funnies, by the way. Oh and HILARIOUS choices when Yuri talks to her people!
Guest chapter 4 . 12/23/2012
Here's chapter 4's review!

Well, this one has more questions from me than anything else, really. You mentioned people from Persona 2... Will they still have their own Personas or will you make them their own? When do the readers see Minato or Yuu? And if they're part of it, I sincerely hope they're not GOATS and their friends are with them (that's funny... Does that mean I want them all dead? ;3). Was the blue-hair from the woods with a gun (evokers...?!) a reference to the wildcard Minato? I hope the evokers scene would be epic!
Guest chapter 3 . 12/23/2012
And so, I continue my critiquing montage on this epic crossover.

Truth be told, I had no idea who the GOATS people were supposed to be but... I think they're the cast of Persona 3 right? The beanie hat guy with the scary face reminds me of that Persona guy who kills some kids mother... Oh well, my expertise lies in Persona 4 anyway. Big question, are the GOATS members that fight against SSS (and lost their Personas to Yuri) casts of the Persona series, or are they NPCs?

Every time a chapter is turned, the scenes keep getting better and better, clearer and clearer. Nice job! From my last rant, I commented on Otonashi being a side-character - there's nothing BAD about that; it's just that since he's the main perspective in Angel Beats, I thought he'd have a more important role. I see why you made him less of the story's focus now.

Some questions: is the lunch lady supposed to be that nikudon girl from P4? If so, when did all of these youngsters from Persona die?! Oh, and why isn't she serving nikudon? ;3
Guest chapter 2 . 12/22/2012
Hello again, same guest person here who wrote using an iPhone (which I'm still currently using). This is my review of the much better 2nd chapter of the story.
This one was good. Really good. The new characters were surprising, but I like how they shifted the original storyline just for BEING there! Who is the gigolo supposed to reference? And is that Ms. Dojima the mother of Nanako? If so, well played. As a Persona fan, it's nice to see a solid, lively character who was mostly brushed away as unimportant, except for the Nanako parts.
It's great to see the actual scenes getting their fair share of screen times, and the skimming being placed in good places. I'm glad to see the GDM scene with the teachers made much better clarity than the anime actually did for me.
The only con I see here would be Otonashi. Does the story still focus on him? It feels as if he's a side character in this chapter. And he really seems weak. Maybe I just like him too much to see him lesser than the definition of "strong"... I thought he was smart, so why is he so useless?
2nd chapter is good, a vast improvement from the 1st. By the time I've finished the 8th, these reviews would still be useless because no improvement could made by now. But I hope they inspire you to continue writing.
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