Reviews for The Rose of Remembrance
Guest chapter 1 . 12/13/2017
I love this story. Have read it start to finish 3 to 4 times already. Would love to see more of Edmunds pov from start to finish of this story of you ever decide to do that.
Carlstine508 chapter 7 . 8/13/2016
This chapter had me clutching my throat the whole time!
TJ Jordan chapter 10 . 7/17/2013
Completely sorry about the other 10 to 15 percent of that other message from me being erased. I guess my message was too big to process for the review. But here is the rest of the it. I even added a few new things too. And it might be a little bigger than I planned. ;)

Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier. I think Haydee was a great character to add on to the story. She served such a beautiful role in the novel and we just had to see her in action again. I loved her as a new love interest for Edmond in the novel, but I'm glad that you don't have that again in this story. Don't get me wrong, I actually love the idea of them together, but to do it all over again for this story would ruin everything. In this beautiful version, we see her as a much younger woman, who loves Edmond as a father and a mentor. I love that father-daughter relationship between them. I really wish they had it in the movie. I love that you remain true to her origins. Daughter of a powerful king, sold into slavery along with her mother, and finally rescued by one, "Edmond Dantes". But that isn't all, we finally see Haydee get her own new love interest for this amazing story. And it happens to be none other than... *drums going* ... Albert Mondego! That idea was truly amazing! I never even thought it before! And better yet, they are so perfect and romantic together! Sure, Franz was an okay guy for Haydee to fall in love with in "Redeemer" and Eugénie was okay for Albert too, but lets face the obvious here. Albert is a way better choice for Haydee and Haydee is a way better choice for Albert. Albert is loving, sweet, loyal, kind, and sort of a romantic (which I believe comes from his mothers side ;)). While Haydee is a beautiful, stunning, strong-willed, sweet, awesome girl. They are completely perfect for each other! May they have a long happy marriage with each other. :) You did an amazing job at adding her to the story and I just love your imagination! You rock! ;)

Another great thing about this story is that we see something new inside Edmond Dantes that we didn't see in the movie. We got to see a more realization into just how far Edmond has fallen. Sure, we saw Mercedes confront him and profess her love to him, helping him reclaim his humanity, but we never really got to see him show the darkness within him, just anger and vengeance. In the original novel, the author portrayed a lot of scenes of Edmond showing just how dark and vengeful he was. The movie never goes into much detail about just how much Edmond has fallen. In fact, the movie made it seem like he has become stronger and more determined. Yes, I know, that is how he was in the novel, but the novel also portrayed him as being lost, dark, and very less human. By the end of the novel, we see Haydee (his love interest at that moment in time) confront him and profess her love to him, threatening suicide if she wasn't with him (which seems a little too harsh, but hey, it's a dark story about vengeance ;)), and we saw something just click inside Edmond's heart, helping him reclaim not only his humanity but his will to love as well. In the movie, we don't get to see that, or maybe it is there, but I sure didn't feel it (no offense to those who made the movie, I still loved it ;)). But in this story, we finally see that moment return in a whole new way and whole new take. Suzette and Edmond have a very much similarity romantic moment from the movie and from the novel as well. But we see something happen that we didn't get from the movie. We see Edmond let go of everything he has been holding onto and we see Suzette become the hero that we always saw her as. That moment was so tearful and romantic. Just awesome work. We saw it happen by your awesome writing. It is about time that Edmond got the "touching" moment he deserved. The world has seen his share of suffering and hardship, but the one thing the world wants to see is him finally happy and at peace. Or at least a little less vengeful. ;) Just beautiful work on recreating that awesome, touching moment for your story. :)

But I think the most beautiful work you have managed to create for this wonder story, is the idea of the "rose". At the very beginning of the story, we see a very young Suzette being given a wish by Edmond Dantes for her birthday. And it is none other than a "rose". *smiles* (I cannot help but notice the connection between your nickname and the idea of this story ;)) Now, we don't see this event happen at the right moment. But Edmond is a man of his word, vengeful or not. ;) And finally, nearly sixteen years later, Edmond, now under the alias "The Count of Monte Cristo", gives her that rose that she wished for. That was such a "huge" strong point in the story and it also signified that Suzette had figured out the Count's secret identity. I just love your imagination for this story and I love your ideas! I kind of thought that there was a purpose for that wish from the beginning, but you do such a great job at making us forget that wish all the way through the story. But once the right moment comes, you bring it back and surprise us in a really awesome way! Beautiful work, Rose! ;)

I just love your imagination! The work on this story, "Redeemer", and even "Peter Pan" are just amazing! You use suspense, mystery, and shocking ideas that just make us want more! I just know you will become a famous author one day! With your skills, ideas, and creativity, you will reach for the sky and will never be brought down! You totally rock, Rose! ;)

I cannot wait to read more stories from you soon. I really love Peter Pan and I cannot wait to get to the sequel of that story next. You just amaze me with the awesomeness of your writing and your storytelling. Keep up the amazing work! ;)
TJ Jordan chapter 10 . 7/15/2013
Hey, I thought my last few reviews from earlier weren't so satisfying to me. So, I decided to do another one "last" review for this amazing story. I think it deserves to be recognized with a more bigger review. ;)

Anyway, right to business. This was perhaps one of the greatest fanfiction stories ever created. I could feel the emotion from start to finish. The storyline was familiar and fresh at the same time. It offered something old and new. You provided a story that could accomplish something that was very hard to do. "The Rose of Remembrance" is one of the greatest stories to ever be created in the history of stories. Beautiful work! ;)

I love how close this story remains to the 2002 hit movie, "The Count of Monte Cristo". The movie was great and exciting! It offered a more smaller version of the novel and kept the atmosphere true to the original work, while giving it a more satisfied ending and storyline too. But there was one thing missing from the movie... the "other" characters. In the novel, we are spoiled with tons of amazing characters, both good and bad. But the movie doesn't have the most important ones. Like, for example, Haydée, Albert, Maximilien, Valentine, Franz, and even Giovanni Bertuccio (I could go on ;)). And the awesome thing about your story is that we finally get to see them in action. We get a version of how the movie "could" have went if they had these characters more involved with the movie itself. Not to mention that it might have been known as the greatest adaption of all time. Your creativity and storytelling is just so wonderful and amazing. Your story makes the movie look like an audition. It remains true to the movie and to the novel at the same time. Readers like us don't get to see that a lot anymore. Scriptwriters don't seem to be trying their best anymore, except for Christopher Nolan (but that's just me ;)). If the movie studio were to read this, they would have big huge eyes and say, "Wow! We really need to up our game!". ;) Trust me when I say it, this story is the "perfection" of how much better the movie itself could have done! They could have had so many more characters play a part in the movie and this story proves it! ;)

This new character, Suzette, is an awesome creation for this wonder story. I love how you have her start off as a young child, who is friends with Edmond and has a small crush for him (but we all had our crushes at that age ;)). She is such a sweet and beautiful young girl, and even turns into an even awesome woman by the time the story jumps ahead to the present. I like how you have her a gentle and kind woman, who is strong on the inside and emotional both in and out. In a way, she is the more an alternate version of Crystal (the girl from "Redeemer"), which is an awesome thing. We get a more stronger, fighting style female in "Redeemer" and we also get a more peaceful, loving female in "Rose of Remembrance". But the one thing they have in common, they are beautiful, strong-willed, sweet, and tomboy kind of girls who don't allow themselves to be ruled by the ways of men. I love that about them! :) I love that Suzette is in love with Edmond, even if she doesn't realize it at first when the story begins. It offers an amazing "what-if" scenario and you capitalize on it with your awesome writing skills. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Edmond/Mercedes couple story arc, despite that they don't get back together in the novel, but it just feels nice to see a change in storytelling once in a while. And this new love story is perfect for the tormented Edmond and for the hungry audience as well. It's new and fresh to the world that we love from the original novel. It is just the perfect fit for the story itself. :) I like that she is a sister-figure towards Albert after the death of Mercedes. But the best part yet is that Suzette stands up to Fernand, just like Crystal does, which shows us that she is more stronger and capable than we originally think. ;) Suzette is by far one of the greatest creations ever made for this story! :)

Everybody loves the innocent Albert Mondego. Even in the novel we loved him for who he is. A young man who is born to the beautiful, intoxicating Mercedes and (sadly) to the evil mastermind Fernand. We can't help but feel bad for him as he has to deal with the father who pretty much avoids almost everything to do with him, except planning for his future. But at least he is raised by Mercedes, who has a gentle and kind heart. When the movie came out, we were all in for a big surprise to learn that he is "not" the son of Fernand, but the son of one "Edmond Dantes", who is now going by the famous "Count of Monte Cristo". It was a beautiful twist in the story that we loved from the novel and it satisfied us to our very cores, making us understand the real why Mercedes ran to Fernand in the first place. And then we see that same idea return for this story, but you provide a brand-new way to present this to the readers, by having Mercedes die before it was the right time to tell Albert, which leaves the work of telling him to our newest hero, Suzette. I felt more emotion of Suzette telling Albert the truth about his parentage than the movie did. I could feel his pain and confusion. It offered a more realistic story arc for him as he has to deal with the dark secrets and the hard life that is giving to him since the day of his birth. But we love his character for how strong and nice he is, considering how other rich boys are. :) We get to see Albert play a more larger role in this amazing story than he did in the movie. He is more active and more satisfying than we have ever seen before. Even in "Redeemer" we see more of him. ;) We also see him fall in love with the young and beautiful, Haydee. This was an amazing idea for you to come up with! I just love your creativity! ;)

And finally, my most favorite part! Lets take a look at the "villains"! Despite that everything kind of turns out the same for our fellow triple villains for this amazing story, you still manage to impress us with how you wrote about them and their punishments for what they had done. Danglers gets the same thing as before, but the moment when Edmond reveals his identity to him is still heart-racing and exciting to see happen. It brings me the chills. And for Villefort, well, his punishment is still exciting as it is in the movie. Revealing his own conspiracy to kill his own father and pressured to the point where he accidently sells out Fernand as the murderer, is just amazing work from the Count and from the writing you have provided for us. Even when Edmond reveals his identity to Villefort, my head was going crazy with excitement and my body got goose-bumps. And finally, we see Fernand get stabbed by Edmond and dies the death that he so "deserves". I just love how you manage to keep his punishment and death the same as it once was before in the movie. I like that Edmond saved him for last and decided that he was the one who would die by his hand, instead of justice. And even better, we see Fernand get exposed as a rapist to society, which he really is in a way. Fernand is by far the biggest villain in the universe of the "Count of Monte Cristo". You have done a great job at redoing their characters and their punishment scenes. You manage to keep us interested in them. Just amazing work! ;)

Even though we don't get to see much of the beautiful Mercedes in this amazing story, we do feel her presence from the beginning to the very end. I will say this, it was sad to hear that Mercedes dies before Edmond even escapes from Chateau d'If. But it does set off a chain of events and opens up the door for the romance story arc between Edmond and Suzette. In the original novel and the movie, Mercedes is one of the few who have remained true to Edmond and never gave up on him. Even long after he is believe to be dead she believes and loves him. I have always loved the relationship that Mercedes and Edmond had at the beginning of the novel, movie, and this amazing story as well. They make such a beautiful couple together. I believe that no one else is more perfect for Edmond than Mercedes. Don't get me wrong, I love the other love interests that are presented in front of him. Haydee, Suzette, and even Crystal are all great love interests for Edmond. But Mercedes just has me at heart and I cannot stop loving the idea of her and Edmond together. I was extremely disappointed that they never officially recovered in the novel. But I was cheering at the top of my lungs for the movie when we finally got to see their wounded relationship overcome the evil that has come between them and reclaim their "lost love" for each other. I just love that! :) Anyway, the love between Mercedes and Edmond allows the love between Suzette and Edmond to become more stronger as the story itself moves along. Mercedes death really hits me and the readers at heart, but it also helps us prepare for Suzette, who will take her place as the new love interest for Edmond. Even long after her death, we feel her presence and her love for Edmond, as it helps him realize his own new found love for Suzette. You have done an amazing job at having Mercedes play a large role in this amazing story, even if she only appeared in a flashback sequence from Suzette. I feel bad for everything she has done to protect her son and herself. Mercedes is a true hero and a sacrificing woman who will do anything to protect the ones she loves. I just love how you did her character for this story! :)

Haydee was presented in such an awesome way! I love that you managed to have her in this amazing story of yours! I like that you replace her love for Edmond with a more father-and-daughter kind of relationship. Don't get me wrong, I loved that she fell in love with Edmond in the love, but wouldn't have fit wel
TJ Jordan chapter 10 . 5/30/2013
Whoa! Such a great ending! So romantic! Tearful and beautiful! You know how to make one satisfying ending. I love your story.

Great job on telling the love story between Edmond and Suzette. You know how to make the readers cry tears of joy. This is a masterpiece that will live forever. I love the new love interest, Suzette. She is so beautiful when you write about her.

Keep up the amazing work! I'll check out the Peter Pan story. I cannot wait to read it. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 9 . 5/30/2013
This part was so much better than the movie. It had more emotion. I love how there were more. Characters in this story, like Haydee for example. I love how you control your characters. You should become a writer. I jet know you would be successful. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 8 . 5/30/2013
Such a perfect romantic story. I love it! You do such an incredible job at writing this story. I can feel the love.

I'm overwhelmed by the emotion of this story. It has an amazing storyline. I love the whole Suzette/Edmond love theme. You write terrificly in everything. From the flashback sequences to the present.

I actually like Suzette better than Mercedes. Don't get me wrong I like Mercedes, but Suzette is so much better. I love how her friendship with Emdond turns into everlasting true love. I for Mercedes because of her dying and never seeing Edmond again, but at least a new love has risen from that.

Keep up the amazing writing. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 7 . 5/30/2013
Awww! So romantic! He remembered what she asked for years ago. I love this story so much!
TJ Jordan chapter 6 . 5/30/2013
I really, really, really love this story. You have one heck of an imagination. I love the couple pairs you are bringing up. I mean, Haydee and Albert, that is awesome thinking, even I wouldn't have thought of that. You have an amazing mind.

I cannot wait to see what happens between Suzette and Edmond. They make such a wonderful pair together.
TJ Jordan chapter 5 . 5/30/2013
Another awesome installment. Great job!

I love how you entroduced Haydee. I loved her from the novel.

Cannot wait to see what happens next.
TJ Jordan chapter 4 . 5/30/2013
Wow! So romantic. I love this story so much! Thanks for making it. You have an amazing talent. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 3 . 5/30/2013
This story is getting exciting by every chapter. I really love this story.

I'm a little sad that Mercedes has died. I liked her a lot. But at least a new door has opened for Edmond and Suzette. This new love story should be great. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 2 . 5/30/2013
I love this story already! Great work! I love the idea you have. It really seems to fit right in with the story. Thank you for creating this.
TJ Jordan chapter 1 . 5/29/2013
Now that is awesome writing! I could picture the whole thing happening perfectly. You are a natural born writer.

I love this story already. It's good to see some new creativity. I love the Count of Monte Cristo.

Thank you for creating this story. It is amazing. I love the storyline already! :)
BreakingMyHeartInTwo chapter 10 . 5/21/2013
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