Reviews for Attend the Tale of Mr Gold
quackyMcquackquack chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
first off i'd like to say that i'm very touched by the shout-out, it put a big ol' smile on my face!

ok now on to the wow WOW! i never really thought about there being any similarities between ouat and sweeney todd, but after reading this chapter i feel like smacking myself with how obvious some of it is, there are differences but yeah, there's a lot in common too-obviously we don't know the true relationship and history between regina/evil queen and mr. gold/rumpelstiltskin on the show, but someone wrote on a blog or something that they fought like exs and i totally agree so the fact that they fight like former lovers on the show and them loosly playing the parts of sweeney todd and mrs. lovett works brilliantly

while i haven't read any stories with mr. gold/rumpels and regina/e.q. (evil queen-i'm getting a little lazy about typing that over and over, lol) as a couple i think i might have to search for some after reading this because the idea that the e.q. is totally pining for rumpels and it's an unrequited love just adds depth to her already complex character (even if that's not how it actually is on the show it just seems to fit well) and i love that she's multilayered, she loves, she feels envy, she's evil and manipulative- all in all i love how she's not just bad-having read many a ouat fanfic i've noticed that many authors just make her evil for the sake of being the bad guy and while we don't know her entire backstory, there's more to it that her just being bad, so i love how you've given us part of what makes her tick

i'm liking your oc will/jack and his curious nature-love him being sneaky and yet using his head and plan things out to discover regina's secret, i like that while he's curious he's not dumb, he's got good 'street smarts' even if that sort of fails him in the end (hey, e.q. is truely manipulative and smart, she knows she's got to shut him up and that she can't trust him to be quiet on his own, since she knows that in fairy tale land he wasn't gonna leave belle's side without some 'assistance', so sadly, i don't feel like he stood a chance against her in this instance, if that makes sense, because she's determined to keep belle a secret and obviously will go to any lengths to do so!

my overall assesment of this story/chapter is I LOVE IT! i can't wait to see more, i'm very excited by how fresh this feels in a sea of fluffy rumpelle stories that all end with all the good guys getting their happily ever afters-not that i mind those but as i mentioned before, they can feel repetitive. keep up the great work!