Reviews for Broken Edge: Sokka's Resolve
I-dont-like-pen-names chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
Sokka's rival should be Link. They'll rival over boomerang and explosions and being the short, badass character of the series. Or if that doesn't fly, how about Sophia? She's a woman, she bests him several times, and she doesn't belittle him for it. And it pisses him off, so, so much.

That being said, I'm looking foward to the next chapter and, after that, the rest of the story.
babaga he who laughs at anime chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
It seems I accidently went anonymous when posting my review, sorry for that.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
My actual review for this chapter is that it is so-so. I cannot find any grammatical errors or spelling errors, so that's all I can really say for a review.

Suggesting people to stick around with Sokka is really difficult when you're using characters as fleshed out as in Soul Calibur. Add in that they're also going to be hanging around with Talim as well does help narrow the list in that the other companion(s) cannot openly show want-of-ownership for Soul Edge (Talim is one of the ones seeking to destroy it, right?), able to tolerate a seemingly utterly naive girl who follows the wind (I could be wrong in that description because I didn't pay attention to her in the game), tolerate Sokka, and not suddenly decide the other two are weighing them down in their goals.

Ones that come to mind that may be able to do this are Seung Mina, Kilik, Xiang-Hua, Ivy, Cassandra, Olcadan, Lizardman, AND REALLY BIG MAYBE for Hildegard, Mitsurugi, Link, or Kamikirimusa. Mina, Hua, Ivy, and Cassandra are seeking Soul Edge because they are looking for people who look for it, so they maybe more open to having some others help them. Kilik seeks to destroy it, but without putting Xiang-Hua at risk (I think). Olcadan is just looking for worthy enough battle (and could still be on the train someone to be the opponent for it). Lizardman is seeking the Soul Edge, but it hard to be open about your desires when you don't speak a language recognized by humans. Hildegard wishes to take back Ostrheinburg (I think). Mitsurugi seeks the blade as trophy that he is the greatest warrior of his time (I think, but I also think he would give up the sword to be known as the warrior who finally ended the sword). Link and Kamikirimusa because you might not consider them 'real' Soul Calibur characters (Also because Kamikirimusa is a demon, trying to get better I think, but still has violent urges).

These are my suggestions and a brief comment on why I think they would be the ones who could fill the spot(s).
Marc Ello chapter 1 . 2/23/2012
Well i wish PoH is done but oh well. great fic! Hmm... If talim is already a companion then maybe lizardman? Plz his character isn't evil he just wants his body back. Or maybe Occland (I think thats how you spell it) The hero trainer owlman. well up to you. keep the chaps flowing!