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ebonzekken chapter 3 . 11/9/2013
please don't tell me this is incestuous yuri. if it is literally don't tell me.
PML7 chapter 3 . 9/16/2012
Well this is interesting. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
Black Gekikara chapter 3 . 5/22/2012
Aww man,

Rin/Rider vibes? and Sakura already snogging Shirou?

Damn...I was hoping for some Rin/Sakura.

I still do too. Who knows, maybe they will come around eventually.

Thank you guys
Skwrl chapter 3 . 4/25/2012
Hmm hmm, veeery interesting. I can't wait to see how this will continue!

Please keep up the great work!
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 3 . 4/3/2012
Well, looks like they got out of that somewhat okay. Good job with this chapter. I look forward to reading the next.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 3 . 4/2/2012
My guess is someone is doing a research on controlled vampirism and is in need to test subjects, which the obviously normal underground elements are providing...
DezoPenguin chapter 3 . 4/1/2012
And the flow of genius returns!

I note that the fight played out pretty much as I expected it to, with Rin leading them to run away from the humans (worried about the Masquerade getting broken), whereas once the vampire showed up, the girls started bringing the serious firepower. The best part was watching the sisters each come to the defense of one another, marking the point where each threw good sense out the window and cut loose to protect the other girl.

Sakura's phone call was funny, too. _ (You know, if you think about it, it almost makes sense that she'd stay talking to Shirou. She loves him deeply, so his calls are important, especially since they're being separated since the first time since their relationship started, and with her background, a couple of thugs with guns just don't really seem as important as they ought to. It's a goofy, funny scene, but it also kind of highlights how skewed her perceptions are.)

Meanwhile, we get a little more information about how "Bloodlust" works. Significantly, it gives vampire speed, strength, and the desire to attack and drink blood, but it doesn't offer the power of physical transformation: no fangs, and more importantly, while it negated the effect of wounds while it was working, it didn't actually heal those wounds so when the addict reverted to mortal, he died from the bullet wounds. And since he conveniently killed off the two dealers, they won't be telling anyone about what Sakura did to them.

The only complaint I have about this chapter was that it was entirely devoted to the three-sided fight between Rin and Sakura, the dealers, and the Bloodlust addict. An additional scene (whether humorous or of the villains or so on) would have kept the plot moving a little better, though if badly handled it could have disrupted the excitement of the fight scenes, so adding it could have cut both ways, but I do kind of feel like we waited a month and didn't really get anywhere. Otherwise, though, a good dose of humor and action to brighten up April Fools' Day morning!
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 2 . 3/8/2012
Oho, a new work from you two, huh? This looks like it'll be amusing. Can't wait to see where your "flow of genius" leads you this time :P
ByLanternLight chapter 2 . 3/7/2012
Iiiinteresting. 4/5.
1WiththeButterfly chapter 2 . 3/4/2012
Oh man, this is just excellent. The quirkiness of it all is just great and the character interaction is fun. The simple acceptance of all the weirdness from Rin and Sakura is comical enough in its own right, especially since Sakura has gotten her hands on such a bubbly and happy personality.

I really need to play through Heaven's Feel one of these days, because just knowing what happens is not nearly as good as actually seeing it all...

Anyway, I can't wait till the next chapter.

Till Next Time
Sovereign Beta chapter 2 . 3/3/2012
It happens every time. Every time. The heroes eavesdrop on the bad guys and a cellphone rings.

Every. Time.
makuroi chapter 1 . 3/2/2012
oh dear..

of all the people in england he could've robbed, it just had to be them. *pats the poor guy on the back* and on your first time too. oh well. karma's a b*tch. plus the plot calls for it ;)

good job so far on the story~!
Phalanxx chapter 2 . 2/29/2012
I am really liking this story so far! Keep it up.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 2 . 2/28/2012
OH! And I mean Oooooooooohahahahahaha. Rin you naughty you.

I don't like slash (mostly because most authors force their own fantasies, no matter how improbable or out-of-character, on characters and still call it a fanfic and do't even admit it is OC/OOC) but since I DID play the fate route and DID see for myself how Rin went and went on Rider being gorgeous and inhumanly beautiful at True Ending of Heaven's Feel, I'm only having fun at Rin's discomfort.

So who rejected who? Or they were just awkward about it?

And are these Vampires real or they are manufactored by mystical drugs?
DezoPenguin chapter 2 . 2/28/2012
Well, well! This was fast. _

So, the oblique hints dropped in the prologue that the vampire had been transformed by a drug being sold by the villainous duo are now confirmed. I didn't immediately want to jump on that bandwagon just in case you were leading us down the slippery slope, but now we have confirmation. So. Plot. And Rin and Sakura have chased the pathetic addict right into the middle of it. Karma's like that, apparently, because he seriously could not have picked a worse pair of people to rob. Not only magi, but magi who, completely out of character for the species, will be more than happy to kick evil's butt for its own sake (I'll be interested in hearing what clearly transparent excuses Rin comes up with for Doing The Right Thing this time!)...

...assuming, of course, they escape this initial encounter intact. Perhaps ironically, I suspect they're more at risk if the thugs are (or present themselves) as being purely mundanes, since if the bad guys start breaking out the supernatural power, then it's rather an invitation for the ladies to break out cans of magical whoop-ass, in which I am quite certain they are superior to street-level dealers. If they're forced to think about maintaining the Nasuverse's version of the Masquerade, they may be in much more trouble since they're unarmed and I'm not sure that Sakura actually knows how to fight. Ah, well, I expect plenty of excitement given who the authors are. Or maybe just an anticlimactic scene of them standing over several unconscious and groaning bodies...

I'm intrigued that the Rider/Rin incident referred to in the prologue appears to be more than a mere Noodle Incident but actually relationship-relevant. Or possibly Sakura is just mistaking it for something relationship-relevant and it was only terribly embarrassing and funny. I'm sure we'll find way or another. _-

As for the lighter scenes, I find that they work and they don't. On the good side, they're funny and/or cute (Sakura's shirt! "You wear pants?" Rin and black pudding(cute gag in and of itself in a vampire story...meta-humor!), Rin with glasses...), and the banter has a nice sisterly feel (friendly, but with an edge to it that people who don't have some underlying security in their relationship can't really maintain). On the bad side, Sakura feels...kind of seriously OOC, when she's being giddy and bouncy and snapping off zingers left and right. On the other hand of the bad side, since it's not like Sakura's ever been seen when she's been happy for a relatively long time (unless you're drawing on Fate/hollow ataraxia or on Carnival Phantasm for characterization, neither of which I've seen, which would negate the whole "OOC" question), so maybe she's just a zinger-tossing goof by nature?

Bonus points for the chapter being longer! Looking forward to more!
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