Reviews for Contest of Conspiracy
ImpossibleHumanParadise chapter 1 . 9/7/2012
The Mirror's Wish chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Hehehehe... Poor Ed... X3
Levells chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
hehehe, I'm so looking forward to this.

too much milk? gee, I wonder who might think that? o:) angry? this should be interesting.

:o green? oh dear god you don't believe in, Edward Elric, have you no value for your life? enjoy your final moments...

lol. so innocent. "what happened?"

uhm...I don't think it's that simple to change it back. Unless he can alchemically separate the dye from her hair? hmm, this is bringing up some interesting ideas I might be able to use, haha

hehe. there is no stopping the rage of a color-changed automail mechanic.

haha. the wrench is like the plague, body or no body.

:o WITHOUT? b-but that's not energizing and athletic.

lol. I bet he is smiling

a contest? bah, how is this going to be revenge?


oh god. I wouldn't think Al would be the one to do that. Did Ed deny him kittens earlier that day or something? lol

muahahaha. this is going to be good.

lol. way to play dumb. and he is extremely lucky. Al might have saved him some bodily harm. assuming, of course, that no physical injuries happen at the contest

oh god. you're asking for it Ed!

lol. not everything requires the attention of the Elric bros.

lmao. taunting him. and trying to not laugh xD


10 minutes? sheesh

lol. you're not going to be able to get it out of her Ed. Not without further provoking her wrath xD

hehe. surprise! ...*waits for Ed to explode in anger*

lol. of course they're happy Ed, they can't wait to try to shove a white creamy liquid from a cow down your throat. I mean, how can you not love a substance that's described like that?

lmao. such a short sentence/line, but awesome. "Tons of it too." that just helps make this. "Milk." is enough to elicit a response, but that next line made me laugh.

lol. is there going to be a fight amongst the brothers?

lmao. such a cryptic response "I have my reasons." this makes me think maybe it's something similar to what I said, haha

lmao. and the next line is what I said xD

although he said that's not the him? how? oh, by making him taller and less violent/sensitive about his height? makes sense. also means Al would have to restrain him less often.

lol. I really like that one, we all know how small his pile is.

lol. this should be good. you mentioned something in the brainstorming, I said something too. who is it? *scrolls down*'s what you said you wanted to do. kitties! :)

lmfao. big mouth. that, he sure has-oooh, papers. what mysterious, life altering secret do they contain?

lmao. same page, riiiiiiiiiight. lol

lmfao. .You. I mentioned Armstrong and you had the 8D face, but I still didn't know what you were going to do with him in here. I can't even read his lines without cracking up xD

lmao. why would you be horrified, Ed? There's nothing to be scared of...besides Armstrong somehow forcing you to drink it?

omg, hahaahahhaahhaahahaha. the threat of bodily harm by the two scariest females - scratch that, two of the 4 scariest females he knows.

for some reason, the countdown made me think of Ready Steady Go, which is an opening song, I think. But for what anime?...haha, it is FMA. wasn't sure if it was that or Naruto. That's funny.

uh oh, Ed. She means business. I think Winry has the safety off as soon as she picks up her weapon, so you best not delay.

lol. do or die. how fitting. but I don't think he could have squirmed out of it, even if it was just Windy.

lmao. cow juice. nice.

wow. surprising.

lol. but I have a feeling his thought isn't going to be that.

lmao. poison? seriously Edward?

haha. that's what you get. and it's only being hit by a wrench that makes her voice sound scary?

I'm going to be laughing if those notes are junk. Which they probably are. Mustang's going to be satisfied, watching him squirm so much.

lmfao. Of course Armstrong would xD

haha. it was abnormal. but there's no way in Amestris Ed will ever look like you

of course, that's assuming he lives through your crushing hug

yeah, that'd put the fear back in you




haha. I love the caps lock yell

bah, only poor in nutrients :P

this was hilarious :)

so glad I made you think more about it and writeeeeeeee :D