Reviews for rivers to the sea
Abbi4Raie chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
What a nice story. I love the way you wrote this version of them
JasmineBelle7 chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
AHHHHHHHH! This is fantastic! I loved the AU premise!

This was sweet, romantic, funny! Just LOVE! Plus Jake in a Tux.

This line: "she sips (because she's a girl) and he tosses back (because he's Jake)." Tooo funny. I totally cracked up.
leogal063 chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
I love this. Like, really love this. Like, if it were allowed I would marry this and lock it away in a room forever to preserve it's brilliance (and yes, I realize that that is a little creepy but hey, it's that good).

The idea of Jake and Leslie being criminals is so strange since they're both such moral do-gooders, but yet makes so much sense. The last episode just proves how badass they can be together, and they would make awesome criminals (and I love the rule that no one gets hurt, b/c that is so like them, and also bleeds so well into their feelings for each other, that they don't tell each other so neither of them get hurt). And I love the little inclusion of Christian, since he would be more likely in canon to be in something like this. (And on that note, I so want to know what's going on with everyone else, if Mal's at home unaware of what his son is up too or if he's washed his hands of the situation, and Rose, and Des and Tinny, and oh! I want more).

And oh, where do I start with the feelings? It's like you wrote a story for canon and simply changed some things. The fact that he's always sort of checking her out and doing really dorky things like waiting for her to leave the shower so he can catch a glimpse of her in a towel is such a Jake move that this FEELS like canon even though it isnt. I love this,

"But Jake gets antsy pretty quick. His patience is short, and his attention span is shorter. He does his job, but there comes a point in every date night (he would say most, or some, but that would be a lie) where his conversation comes to a natural end and Leslie happens to be standing near (ish) to a nook or alcove or hallway or anything, really, and Jake will stride over with purpose, come up behind her and put a hand on her waist and smile his charming smile and say, "Can I steal my wife away for a second?"

Tonight is just like every other; Jake tugs Leslie around the corner, she following as innocently as if they have a matter as pressing as next Tuesday's dinner to discuss, and then he presses her up against the wall and kisses the breath out of her. She responds hungrily, every time, tugging his hips into hers and digging her fingers into his hair, kissing him like she's never tasted anything so good. But at what feels like same minute, every time, she pushes at his chest and gasps "Jake" against his mouth and turns her face away."

just b/c it feels so much like them, with Jake's patience and willpower to resist Leslie being nil, and Leslie being the one to stop them from going too far. (Though the fact that criminal Jake and Leslie are able to make things work better than canon is a little funny/sad. I understand why Leslie would be wary to start anything with him, but the man will literally follow her to the ends of the earth just to make sure she's safe. If this season doesn't end with them moving even a little forward I may hurt someone).

This? "And he's bad, so bad at pushing her away actually, just incapable." is so canon. He's always chasing after her, even when she sometimes acts a little like a b&% towards him. I always think of the scene when he was standing behind her when she arrested the mayor, even though she was snippy to him the whole day, just letting her know that he was there for her. Just gah! You wrote perfection.

And I floved their makeup scene in the bed, that she's perfectly comfortable crawling into his bed and the only way he can make her see is to kiss her, and then guh. Floved. And then they gave up their criminal ways for a chance at a real life together. Seriously, I want to marry this story. Perfect.

So, uh, right more. Like now. RoD needs more great stories this this! And, b/c it's required of every RoD fan, Oh Yeah! Loved it.