Reviews for Chemistry & Timing
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2
I know it’s many years later, but I hope you still read these comments. This is a masterpiece, truly. You so delicately wove the story together, every small detail throughout their time both past, present, and future. I cried so many times while reading this.

You are a gifted writer- I haven’t looked to see if you have other work yet, but I hope you are still writing today. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Myst867 chapter 20 . 12/30/2023
Honestly, I've read so many time travels and the ones that try to do the Loops are either bad or really really good.

AND YOURS IS AMAZING HAHA! Really loving how your weaving all this together and putting future with past scenes etc. So well done.
Catherine Teagues chapter 64 . 9/10/2023
I have loved this story more than ever. But at the mention of Hermione and Ron's engagement, like with Remus and Tonks marrying, my milk duds are threatening to come back to my vision.
Catherine Teagues chapter 39 . 9/8/2023
This story is so good! But unfortunately the very last sentence of this chapter is where the contents of my stomach threaten to come back.
hpfreak24 chapter 75 . 6/21/2023
Oh my god, this was just beautiful! I loved this story!Can’t believe I just found it after so many years reading HP fanfiction.
I love how you intertwined your story with the canon and everything fit so perfectly! Congratulations for that.
It was fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing
ra1nf1re chapter 75 . 6/12/2023
Just reread this story. I love all the time travel aspects you have in here. They are very thought out and really fit in well! The plot and your overall writing style were a pleasure to read! I hope you’re doing well and still seeing these reviews!
Irisgogogo chapter 75 . 4/28/2023
Definitely gorgeous story!
Amerise Rei chapter 42 . 1/21/2023
This is my second read through of your story and chapters like these take my breath away. The struggle and emotionsjust as Hermione faced when she had to keep secrets from Remus in Part I and knowing how badly she hurt himare palpable. When I read it, my gut twists for these characters that you’ve brought to life.
I just want to say excellent work and the turmoil in this chapter is exquisite.
Elfwynne chapter 32 . 12/21/2022
Damn... We have a lifetime ahead of us... bittersweet moment
Fancy Et All chapter 40 . 12/7/2022
I've been binge reading for the past couple days but I wanted to stop and let you know how much I love you're technique of weaving in the new with the canon.
Guest chapter 75 . 11/6/2022
I started reading this story at its very beginning, years ago, and was obsessed with it! I grew out of my Harry Potter phase around the time part 2 started and so never read beyond it. Now it’s like a decade later? Maybe less… and two weeks ago I found myself in a Harry Potter mood again and wanted to go back to my favorite fanfics from the time and I picked his one up. I’d never stopped thinking about it it’s one of those that had made SUCH an impact on me I’d often catch myself thinking back on it and wondering how it had finished. I started reading it again and I was as hooked as all those years ago, and felt the same emotions I did then! Crying and laughing. Im so happy to have discovered part 2 and part 3 and the epilogue. This reunion scene was even more perfect than I’d imagined it all these times over and over again. Thank you for writing and sharing I’m so grateful!
carissamarie11 chapter 75 . 10/1/2022
This story was beautiful. Thank you for writing it and sharing your work with us.
BunnieElyse9 chapter 9 . 9/27/2022
I am just
BunniElyse chapter 9 . 9/27/2022
(please disregard my last review, I got cut off)
Just wanted to say that I'm reading this WAY after you've finished (Sept. 2022) and I absolutely adore this work! Fantastic job! I've never even considered a HermionexRemus relationship and you've definitely hooked me. I just finished re-reading (for the umpteenth time) POA and am so happy I found your fic to fill in my new head cannon of his POV during POA. I'm excited to continue! xoxo
she is brighter chapter 75 . 8/4/2022
I loved this so much! Such a wonderful take on time travel and though the years Remus had to wait for her grew so long I can only admire him for doing it but in real time.
My hats off to you!
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