Reviews for Chemistry & Timing
HelenPotter91 chapter 75 . 8/17
I have to admit, I was expecting this, to be just another time travel story but it was incredible. I loved it
Guest chapter 75 . 8/14
This story was brilliant and complex and beautiful. A story, certainly, for the ages!
Drsquirrel chapter 75 . 8/3
This was definitely a mind bender, but I loved it! Loved the work you put into paralleling their stories, and the eventual happy ending. Great read!
scpotter chapter 75 . 8/1
I loved this story ! I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is ! You were able to keep the story straight with all this jump trough time ! It’s one of the best story I read
Thanks for posting it !
Nrrdgrrl87 chapter 55 . 7/29
Man I really hope he has some redemption arc. Not often I start a fic for certain pairing and then not want it to go that way at all
Nrrdgrrl87 chapter 38 . 7/28
I’m loving this story but I’m just so angry with Remus. He’s treating hermione so unfairly in his thoughts and that one flashback :( I feel so bad for her
tulsa chapter 1 . 7/22
Lost In You
By: Alex swift
She mustn't be seen. It was the oldest rule of time travel yet one of the hardest to follow. Hermione is thrown back to the year 1983. Determined to stick to the rule that she mustn't be seen, she tries her level best but despite her efforts, he sees her and she sees him. And this small thing changes their lives in ways they couldn't even possibly imagine.

so, the similaritys do not end there.. but it is different..

so, if it is yours too, sorry

if not... well

Jenny0406 chapter 75 . 7/1
Thanking every god in creations for finding this story when I did. This story was wonderful, you made me feel all my feels, mad, sad, mad again, happy, and joyful. That epilogue. Ooof, LOVE.
Jenny0406 chapter 72 . 7/1
Summaries are good, they remind me of why o wanted that smack….
Jenny0406 chapter 71 . 7/1
I should be working, but I’m sitting in my cube, with papers stacked to cover up the fact that I’m reading. I cannot stop now!
Jenny0406 chapter 70 . 7/1
Yesyesyes. Fucking chefs kiss this chapter!
Jenny0406 chapter 69 . 7/1
Gurl. I actually had to go back and re-read the last chapter. You didn’t actually say his name. We just assumed… tell me I’m not the only one that assumed! Shit. :sigh: ok, next chapter
Jenny0406 chapter 68 . 6/30
She should’ve just left him. Now the guilt.
Jenny0406 chapter 67 . 6/30
Oh snap.
Jenny0406 chapter 66 . 6/30
The side eye I have is EPIC. This poor girl.
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