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TLWtlw chapter 39 . 11/9
The chapel sounds lovely. Is it based on a real place?
TLWtlw chapter 32 . 11/9
I was thinking maybe Penny's new assistant could move into 4b.
ReaderNotAWriter85 chapter 65 . 6/1
Amazing and beautiful story. I absolutely loved and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us
Guest chapter 2 . 2/8
Third(or fourth, I’ve lost count!) this absolutely THE most amazing, gripping and addicting story I have ever read... of any kind! KUDOS and HUZZAHS for a well crafted and emotionally gripping story well told! THE. Best 'BBT story ever written! Granted haven’t read them all, but willing to bet they have more of Sheldon in them, so they aren’t eligible! You found a wonderful way to portray yourSheldon, thanks for that, it let me read the Whole story! Again, thanks for the read!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/13/2020
Only word to describe this, epic. There are Lenny stories which are longer in length and covered a longer span of time than the 12 months that were covered in this story. However within that 12 months the author managed to capture how one event can change the course of a persons life. Leonard giving that initial interview and Penny reading it changed not only their lives for the better but had a massively positive impact on the lives of their friends as well. The importance of Leonard to this story mirrors the importance of the character in the actual show. He,not Sheldon, was the nucleus of the group without him none of the people would, in accordance with their character parameters, have met each other. ( apart from Howard and Raj).
In this story Leonard and Penny rekindling their relationship and then subsequent invitation to their marriage helped Sheldon reconnect with his passion for physics. Raj’s invitation to the wedding and his and Priya’s conversation with Leonard allows him to move back to Caltech. This arguably re-engages Raj’s passion for life and also saves his marriage and therefore the family life of his children. Although it is not explicit in the story I don’t think it would be a stretch if it was stated that Leonard and Penny’s resumption of their relationship and subsequent pregnancy might have inspired Howardette to attempt to have a child again. Most importantly the relationship resumption also gave Leonard’s daughter the mother figure that she had never had. I do admit that towards the middle of the story the lack of angst did bother me slightly. However thinking about it subsequently ,even on the show despite some of their differences in the later seasons( especially about having children )it was portrayed that they did manage to resolve their differences in a relatively mature manner. The angst that they had in the earlier seasons was no longer there. Although admittedly the sarcasm that the pairing directed towards each other was not as apparent in your story as it is canon. The sarcasm in canon to be honest didn’t always ring true and was used to try and maintain some interest in the coupling as the writers admitted that they had run out of ideas for the pairing.

This story and the later prequel written by Tensor complement each other. If this story were ever to be updated then the rape by the co-star which both this and Tensor make reference to might have if it had happened in the real world would have either generated headlines and/ or a legal process as a “me to” case or as a Bill Cosby type case. However the subsequent change of culture in Hollywood and society would have been difficult to predict when this story was written over 8 years ago.

The only slight disagreement (criticism is too strong a word ) I have with author is the discussion about Leonard’s intelligence vis a vis Leslie, Sheldon and Amy. The canon Leonard’s IQ was 173, which was higher than Albert Einstein’s so I don’t think his cognitive abilities would be inferior to Leslies or Amy’s. I certainly don’t think these two characters would certainly be any position to denigrate Leonard’s intelligence, which Lesley does in to be fair there is a discussion between Horst and Penny about the nature of genius and how somebody like Leonard who is a bit more of a rounded individual than his friends like Sheldon would be labelled as “gifted” as opposed to “genius”.

The other issue I had was with Raj having a mistress I was resistant to this initially thinking that canon Raj wouldn’t do this but thinking about it more I now think certainly by the later seasons it was within his character parameters.

Finally it has been over 6 years since the author has contributed anything to this site. This is either because they don’t have the time and/ or the inclination to write fanfiction hopefully because they have moved on to bigger and better things. This is evidenced by the authors own website which is indicative of a wider ambition. Very, very good story and maybe at some point in the future the author might post another story, we can only hope.
Mario D Chpt65 chapter 65 . 6/23/2020
WOW This story was amazing. I had finished reading Broken Threads and Tensor had recommended reading this story as his was a prequel to Elliptical Threads. This was the most emotional, heartwarming and endearing story about Penny and Leonard I have ever read. It was so good to read a story about them without the angst, arguments, non-communication or snarkiness that entails many of their stories on the show or in fan fiction. Also, the way you brought them together after so many years and the twist of Leonard being a widower with a little girl and Penny being successful as an actress and the longing they have for each other. I must say that some scenes even had me getting choked up due to the emotion in them. It was beautifully written and once again ...Bravo!
Harakan chapter 30 . 9/12/2019
Well I actually would like to see Priya just to make it story little more spicy.
Harakan chapter 25 . 9/12/2019
Yeah its really to perfect I expected some fights between them to spice the story.
Warriorcreed chapter 65 . 4/4/2019
This story was amazing, I so enjoyed it, you have a real writing talent to produce such a good story. This story really had me from the beginning when Penny showed up at Leonard’s door , her seeking him out in the beginning was a huge attraction for me because is showed a Penny that knew what she wanted and what she wanted was Leonard. It was actually nice to read about them a little more mature and comfortable in their lives, it made it seem more realistic that they could devote so much more time to each other. Also, Leonard already having a daughter really added to the story
000O chapter 6 . 5/29/2018
I'm quite sure someone said it before but I didn't find it yet and I really don't want to read all the comments, so: The German is partially wrong:
Lisel's grandmother doesn't say "merken Sie sich Ihre Manieren" to her granddaughter, "Sie" and "Ihre" is said to adults you don't know very well, almost never to children, relatives and close friends. She would rather say "Merk dir deine Manieren" or just "Benimm dich".
I would translate Horst's "glad you found her" with "Gut, dass du sie gefunden hast", otherwise it would be wrong grammar and kind of wrong tense.
One last criticism: Please stop picking on the Germans (or Swiss people) and their oh so heavy accent! There are Germans who speak English pretty well (not me, but they exist)!
Apart from that, I love your story. It's so sad :/ and beautiful at the same time. I am happy to read all the other chapters.
Buddy0192 chapter 17 . 3/8/2017
Can't help but wonder how many people have
Been telling you that the song is referred to as "Soft Kitty"
Buddy0192 chapter 10 . 3/7/2017
The "Mr Penelope Jensen " line was so great I could hardly stand it.
Buddy0192 chapter 8 . 3/5/2017
Having nevery been in this sitch, I would venture a guess that after 12 happy/sad, bad gruelling years apart, the last thing that comes to mind the first time back together IA oh, gee I gotta go to the store and get condoms. Neither has been sexually active for a while and wouldn't be packing, and if truth be told if they did think about it they probably didn't care. Certain situations you do what you gotta do and deal later.
Platinum Blondie chapter 65 . 1/7/2017
Absolutely brilliant story. I binge read it over the last 12 hours. Great characterisations, funny, emotional, just great
Buddy5647 chapter 1 . 11/18/2016
This is an epic work! I have read it all. I am now reading your first posted to last, as it's becoming tedious to go through the TBBT archive as it is packed with shenny. I don't see the appeal and have yet to make it to the end of any.
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