Reviews for Skies I Once Knew
Guest chapter 2 . 2/3/2015
What . ...the ... fuck... is... this.. I hate you!
By the way this fanfic is incredibly awesome!
tmwillson3 chapter 2 . 4/14/2014
Oh gosh, it's so sad... I'm glad and sad that it ended this way. As a fluff enthusiast, I am sad that Sherlock did not end up with her. However, I'm also a Sherlolly person (since I have read a little of it), so this works in my mind since that still allows him to end up with Molly. This was a sweet side to Sherlock that needs to be explored *after* the female in question can break down all of his walls, which Felicia was starting to do. More reason for him to stay closed off, I suppose now.
JKiloveyou5 chapter 2 . 1/12/2014
NO, no please no no no no please, please no, please no. PLEASE! NO! BRING HER BACK! Please!
RogueMetamorph chapter 2 . 7/24/2013
Awwww. That was beyond sweet and very lovely. Bravo.
SakuraPheonix13 chapter 2 . 10/12/2012
MY FEEEEEEEEELS! TT-TT Poor Sherlock! Found the love of his life, and then...and then...*goes to emo corner sobbing*
milify-star chapter 2 . 8/21/2012
Oh my goodness, this is amazing! I love it :)
Anon Y. Mous chapter 2 . 8/20/2012
I could tell, as soon as she asked if it was cold up there that she was dying. I was expecting it and still, I started crying at the end. Other than some grammatical errors, it was very well written. Nice job.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/3/2012
Oh lawd. OH LAWD. That was beautiful. I'm not.. crying. Oh who am I kidding? THAT WAS WONDERFUL. YOU'RE KILLING ME.
QueenSword chapter 2 . 3/9/2012
Awwww! This was so touching. I think you wrote it extremely well and, although you didn't write Sherlock completely in character, I think the Sherlock you did write was lovely. The plot was amazing, it was easy enough to follow and I adored the ending :)
Alayna Wood chapter 2 . 3/3/2012
GeekaZoid420 chapter 1 . 2/22/2012